It’s Not Over

Vox Day on the continuing protests in France.

See also Yellow Vests Attempt To Storm Macron’s Castle.

Plus, from Claire Wolfe, Something you didn’t know about the Gilets Jaunes.

Count on the Globalists to double-down.

Here’s why.

18 responses to “It’s Not Over

  1. To quote a line used many times in movies right before things get hot,”It’s Beginning”.

    I love the attacks on speed cameras across the country,ramp that kind of action up,violence on the tools of govt. thievery while for most part no violence on fellow citizens,attacks on the media,this is getting good though may for short term end very badly.

  2. How strategic of the yellow vests to blind the government prior to protests in taking down surveillance devices. Be sure to take notes, that will definitely be on the final.

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    They may have to kill some folks before this ends, but they are doing everything else first. Somebody is thinking…

  4. 0321, read and reread your response. Thank you for your Frank honesty, I appreciate it. First, my apologies, after rereading my posts I recognize what your saying.

    I was trying to use myself as a model, my life as a model. I made it, so can everybody here. Bragging, isn’t exceptable, again I humbly apologize.

    But, theirs always a ” but” I feel the need to clarify my words. I live in a modest home 2000ft, nothing fancy, a well built comfortable home. We live just like you. Day to day.

    We both drive older car and trucks, mines a 06 dodge hers is an 08 ford SUV. We take care of equipment. We’re savers. We save money. My police retirement pays very little collectively. 1/4 of my income.

    All my motorcycles I bought were Junkers and I rebuilt them, I’ve got twenty vintage motocross bikes. These are bikes I found in dumps, behind fences shit lke that. I raced as a kid, started again in my forties. I just enjoy racing these old bikes. I enjoy the people, I enjoy smelling the bean oil mixed gas exhausts, I just like sixty and seventies vehicles and bikes.

    My long guns, I saved years for each of them. My collection started in the 70s to present. I see quality vintage guns as an investment, and I enjoy ringing steel at 1000k or more.

    Did I mention we are people who save money. We realized we would eventually get old. We are both retired public employees. 0321, I’ve been in some kind of uniform since I was four years old, scouts, military reserves, law enforcement. I LOVE my country, fly my flag everyday.

    I don’t apologize for going into law enforcement. While I did that job, my problem was never the People on the streets, I worked well with them. It was the chickenshit corrupt admin, whom were my enemy. I never took a promotional exam, I knew I wasn’t like them, I wanted to stay on the street with the people.

    we bought our boat and our trailer used, we have purchased used equipment our entire lives. We camp, not motel it. Again we take care of our gear.

    I’m 62 now, my life is changing, I’m slowing down. I no longer climb, so I gave all my climbing gear to a young couple who are aspiring climbers. We have given our toys away, not sold them to young men and women, who are just starting out, are working hard just to keep a roof over their heads, feed themselves. The point is not our gift, but their hard work, their never quitting.

    I suffer from chronic lower back pain, have for roughly 12 years. Gets worse every year. I’m 275 pounds these days, and I’m disgusted. I have a back procedure the 23 of Jan, the Dr’s are telling me this will rid me of 90% of the pain.

    Thanksgiving week we spent camping at the Oregon coast. I couldn’t even get out of bed my pain was so severe. The following Monday I was transported by ambulance to the hospital where my extreme pain was controlled with morphine for a couple days.

    In that time the civilian Dr’s identified the back issue, something the VA has failed to do for the past ten years. I live on oxy, I use it as prescribed, and I hate it. Dr’s tell me after the 23 I shouldn’t need the heavy scripts. I can’t wait.

    So sadly I’m not real active now. Again I’m planning on that changing.

    When you talked of hiking the high mountains of Wy, often or the high valleys, the weather I’m jealous, you see you have what I can’t have.

    I would trade you all this “Stuff” for that. Your life your mountains represent freedom, a freedom I haven’t experienced in a few years. I desperately need that freedom, not all of this stuff.

    Anybody here is welcome at our home. I don’t see disagreement as bad, I see it as an oppertunity to learn, to share views, what each of us has learned in our lives.

    You don’t like cops, fine with me. I often don’t like cops. A couple of friends from this site have visited, we toured my area, I showed them, my basic area, we talked, mostly I learned about what they wanted to share and teach. Some have stayed a day or two, met my wife my children.

    We eat great food we learned about each other’s views, opinions, pro and con.

    have a world class long range course here, come on out, spend sometime, shoot, sail raft, fish while this isn’t Wyoming it’s not a bad place to be. Off the beaten path, folks here just live the prepper life style, it’s a matter of being responsible here.

    While the glass is always half full, I recognize we will not see a CWII, things will get sporty, in specific regions cities, not here, never the less I’ve been hedging that bet,,for thirty years.

    Ain’t no boogy man coming, I can’t let it run my life. We will address it when whatever it is happens.

    Our being here was no accident, we studied all of the relavent data back in the late 80s, FEMA, nuke strike locations prevailing wind patterns, everything we thought important. We identified southern Oregon as an ideal location so we moved her on a hope and a prayer.

    One of my choices was Wyoming, down around Baggs, we have history their. But a FEMA map review changed my views.

    For US, Wy just wasn’t in the cards. I love it their.

    So I put it all out their. Like our friend asked why would anyone do that. My answer is, our valleys all look like what I described. Their are 100 valleys similar, my stuff, gold silver cash are not here.

    I have old folks on both side of my home, and across the street. Their better then guard dogs, geese, their cranky folk when it comes to shitbags on our street. These old men, don’t call 911. Great neighbors.

    I hope my openness explains us. Were no different then anybody here. We share your concerns, are amused by most of it, it’s entertaining. And an oppertunity to learn, and perhaps teach, sometimes.


    • Based on FTF interaction, Dirk and fam are fine hosts and good people.

      Folks, there’s not much time left before the big Red push. Given that there is insufficient (no?) meaningful opposition, once they fully commit, the Reds are going to win – at least for a while.

      Read that sentence again:

      Once they fully commit, the Reds are going to win – at least for a while.

      We have just a tink over two calendar years before Team Marx openly takes the reins.

      Meatspace matters – a lot.

      If you don’t have what you need, use that 2 year/24 month period as a planning horizon.

      Build relationships.

      Harden your hearts.

      Toughen your bodies.

      Clarify your thinking.

      Keep building and provisioning your caches.

      It’s going to be a long war.

      Let’s win.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Thanks for the replies.
        As I’ve stated many times, most of us would probably all get along just fine sitting around a campfire and sharing some Scotch and mental masturbation.
        Most of us are here for the same basic reasons, and get sidetracked over our own small idiosyncrasies and semantics. But the quest for freedom still doesn’t change. That’s our common baseline.

        Dirk, I raced dirt bikes (KTM 400EXC) until about 7 yrs ago , still backpack and kayak all summer, and also suffer from lower back pain (horse wreck 6 yrs ago) so we aren’t all that different in our pursuits and hobbies either. Maybe we’ll meet up somewhere soon thru our host. Looking forward to it actually. Sig

        • lastmanstanding

          I’m hoping to be able to attend the “don’t drone us big bro” event myself should it come off.

          The biggest problem I see here is that were all too far apart in the physical world but at least we can converse, agree/disagree and ally here. It wasn’t all that long ago that none of us would have even known that the other existed.

          My son and his wife were just here for a day. They live far enough away that we only see them once, twice a year. Just the way it is. Who knows how it will all shake out. Our hope is that when spouse and I are gone, they will be in a place to receive our homestead legacy.

          One item that really bothers me here is the younger guys blaming those of us who are older for fusa’s loss of op. Fuck, I never ever even looked at it that way. Wife and I clawed our way to where we are and still are uncertain of what lies ahead. We are self-employed, have no healthcare, no pension but we have put things in perspective and failure is and has never been an option.

          I value everything that is said on this blog regardless of who says it.

          Best wishes, strength and unity to all of you in the coming new year. I think were going to need it. lms

          • SemperFi, 0321

            We’ve ALL been brainwashed our entire lives, and the youth maybe even more. It pisses me off immensely to listen to these privileged little pricks dump all their venom and problems on our shoulders, but the way I see it, they’re going to get it full blast in the face soon enough. Reality will be a muthrfukr. Then they’ll have something to bitch about, like their own lazy ways and ignorance that kept them at the bottom of the gene pool. But right now, they know everything better, don’t spoil it for them.

            I too hope we can work something out on a ‘re-union’ somewhere, but I also don’t like to travel far from my AO, for many reasons. Besides, I live in the center of the universe here. 🙂

            • Your AO is in the top running. More after New Year.

            • lastmanstanding

              I’m with you on leaving home. However, if like CA says below, your AO is in range. Been 20 years since I’ve seen the Wind River range. One of the most beautiful spots I have ever been.

              I know JH has changed tremendously. When the fed comes to town for meetings, you know evil ain’t far away.

              Since the earth is so damn big, my place is well within what you call the center of the U. We’re both pretty lucky. 😉

    • Dirk,was a dirt biker as a kid in the 70’s,had husky/maicos/panteras/bultacos/can ams,but,me favorite,a hercules gs 250 with a 7 speed gear box!I hope you are still able to get on the little beasts for a run now and then!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        When I moved here to Wyoming, a Marine friend collected old bikes, mainly English trials bikes from the 50-60’s which were a hoot to ride.
        And then a newer riding buddy (who’s still racing Enduros at 76!) had a few Huskies from the 80’s. A 250 and a 380, that 380 was the most amazing bike I ever rode as it had all the qualities of both a 2 stroke and 4 stroke. I wish I had that motor today on a modern suspension frame, a Husky 3 stroke!

      • James, I’ve got a 250 a 360 and a 400 1971 square barrel Maico, several bultacos, one ome runner, 1 1984 125 Husqvarna. No canals no Pentons.

        Well I have two 250 Penton projects, but their trashed. I sold all my 71 thru 76 Husqvarna’s, about 10 years ago. I had found 36 old huskies here in southern Oregon. Have to assu,e their was a dealer around.

        Last summer I between working on rebuilding a sailboat, I built four CZs, 2 1971 250s, and 2 73 380s, I’ve been racing these,

        I also sold my Monark 125 collection. A Sachs motored ripper. I chased those. Had six at one time. Sold them all to a collector, had three of the GS Pro, stuffed crank models.

        My friend Bill has a vintage dirt bike collection.

        Pelican Guano worth a look, his collections outstanding. He’s got pics and history up for each bike. He’s here in Klamath Falls. The bikes are all for sale. But expensive. I don’t have anywhere close to the amount of money of each of my bikes.,


    • wendystringer48088


      Sorry for your pain and frustration.

      You did a good job. Apparently you were one of the good ones. You deserve your retirement.
      I think people should direct their hate and disgust towards those who did nothing but party and make babies for their government benefits.

      Hoping and praying for you that everything goes as the doctors say for your operation the 23rd of January and your subsequent full recovery.
      Then once you are mostly pain free and able to move better getting back to a weight and level of fitness that will be better for you in case things do get crazy and it spills over to your area.

      I am in the same age range and at 216 lbs and 5’9″ need to lose 47 lbs to get down to a normal (non-overweight) BMI of 25.
      I get winded far too easily doing anything requiring cario endurance these days. Not gonna be good in a real fight against real opponents who are really try to kill me.

      Two years into Trump’s first (and maybe only) term with the other side waiting to get back at us once he is gone and I have not done nearly as much getting myself up to speed as I should have by this point. Disappointed looking at myself. Can only plan to commit to doing better here on out.

      To quote CA in his response below, “If you don’t have what you need, use that 2 year / 24 month period as a planning horizon.”


    • Please listen.

      For 12 years western oriented medicine has not been your friend.
      Why are you now expecting something different?

      I know many who have had back surgery.
      Not a Single One has been improved, in fact Every Single One has experienced more pain, greater diminishment of mobility.
      Your case is likely no different.
      Your new docs likely know only surgery.

      If you are 275#+, you have likely identified your #1 problem source, lose 50-75lbs & work on back strengthening exercises, which Are Not the same as lifting weights.

      Really. Try it.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Pete thank you for the kind words. Agree two years. Although the I believe “at this time in space that Trump will be reelected.

    I could be wrong. Never the less we continue to stack, for that coming rainy day

    Guys we are all alike. And I love my old bikes. I’m working on a 1974 Rickman Framed, Zundapp125. Maybe fifty in the world. I’m having to,source parts in Germany. None here.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      My dad went thru Motorsportschule before the war, possibly when he was HJ, and always talked of the Zundapp they rode. Most likely 250-500cc class bikes.
      Later, he was captured near LeMans FR by Pattons 3rd Army, riding a Brit Triumph.