Capper For 2018

Via FZ.

Trad Americans, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

8 responses to “Capper For 2018

  1. What else is it you think the police enforce, but political policy? You think a big hand came out of the clouds and handed the police stone tablets?

  2. The Walkin' Dude

    “When the police are used to enforce political policy, they* have become valid targets.*”

    ftfy 🙂

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    Always wondered what kind of person it took to be a cop. Particularly a game warden. Walking out into the woods to harass a few guys with guns right after you scare off all the game, all by your big bad self. Takes a special kind of moron. Many street cops suffer similar delusion, operating as if all the perp wants is to get away. Boy, will they be shocked when that dynamic changes. Most are a pretty soft target, rather than the terminators they like to see themselves as. Only thing keeping the delusion alive in most cases is the average person’s respect for law and order and the unwillingness to commit a capital crime. It works, for now.

    • It takes a sociopath that wants to make the bucks and the bennies , and the exhilaration of excercising power over the dirt people. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about “muh pension “.

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  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    The police are always used to enforce political policy.

    American Policy used to be freedom.

    • American Policy used to be freedom.

      Tell that to the Indians, blacks, women, Catholics, Jews, Irish, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, etc.. American policy used to be the more effective suppression of truth.

  6. “It is imperative that we proceed in a swift and stern manner to see that the perpetrator is held accountable for his actions, justice is served, and the public trust restored,” he said.

    these scumbag fuckstain cops actually believe public trust can be restored.

    it’s way too too late piggys

    you’re gonna have to take your medicine 🙂