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  1. Crisco…oh yeah, that product from P&G that they
    ‘gifted’ the AMA a million plus bucks if they’d state
    that it was a ‘healthy alternative’ to Grandma and Mom’s
    use of lard, butter and other well known things.
    Of course there was no proof ever offered….
    Crisco..the cooking product first synthesized as
    a machine lubricant….mmmm..mmmmm..good!!

    Granted, it’s been the primary ‘go-to’ for homo’s
    the world over..especially in San Fran.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Grandpa and grandma used that shit almost exclusively as soon as it hit the market. Yum. Biscuits, donuts, pies, cookies, cakes, fired chicken and pork tenderloin. Grandma died at 82. Grandpa is 88 at the moment, nothing wrong with him but his back. I quit eating the shit as a teenager. Nothing but butter and lard, some coconut or olive oil since, unless eating out. I’ll probably be pissing off commies until I am 120, unless I catch a bullet. Or die at 60 from lack of preservation…

  2. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Amazing how they tried to market pure poison as food.

    • Northgunner

      They still do!

      Read “Hell’s Kitchen” by Dr. Joel Wallach.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. From Ol’ Remus: “Diversity itself is the Stockholm Syndrome writ large.”

    That shit rat there is masthead-worthy.

  4. “The very purpose of a Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials, and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly, and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections”

    I’m holding on to this little gem

    The BoR’s were a Ten Commandments of what the government “ shalt not do”. The traitorous elite want as much to do with the BoR as they do the Ten Commandments.

    A nuclear interchange is looking pretty good these days. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in the city, it’ll be over with quickly. If you’re in the country, those mushroom clouds proceeded by a bright flash are the precursor to healing and recovery taking place.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. SemperFi, 0321

    Watching videos and reading banned books will get you prison time? Don’t want the terrorists inside our heads.
    And of course there’s nothing wrong with that, say the brainwashed masses. I don’t read anyway.