The Liberal’s Rational Case

Inside the hive mind.

There is no reasoning with those people.

Just an existential conflict.

Ever closer every day.

15 responses to “The Liberal’s Rational Case

  1. it’s not just liberals. so-called conservatives are just as bad. both are dumber than a box of shit. just try to talk sense to either one of them. the brainwash was set on heavy-duty cycle.

    muh vote.
    muh flag.
    muh freedumb.

  2. Their primary weakness is their disproportionate emotionalism. They can be pushed over the cliff with a word. Use it to advantage.


    I thought there was agreement on this site that we are beyond talking and debating with “the other side”. From a tactical standpoint, time should be used to prepare for when you have to think the unthinkable and do what must be done to defend your family or tribe and your belongings.
    For those of you who still are unfortunate enough to have to interact with family members who deserve severe physical chastisement, I would rehearse snappy, witty comebacks. Boston T. Party has some, vis-à-vis anti-firearm barbs. I am sure you folks here can think up several. Most of these Cosmic Socialists show up for a battle of wits unarmed. Exploit that.

    • “Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domine. Qui fecit caelum et terram.”

      Book? …or bells?


    • You obviously haven’t read a 3% book today.

      Rectify that.

    • wendystringer48088

      The point is they cannot be reasoned with, and knowing this you can get on with spending your time and energies on doing other things, like you said, “time should be used to prepare for when you have to think the unthinkable and do what must be done”.

    • Here’s one that stumped my brainwashed sister, to no avail in the end, but it at least shut her up because she realized she wasn’t debating, she was lecturing. The topic was whether Aboriginals were simply genetically dumber.

      I asked her “purely hypothetically if by a grand miracle God himself in all his glory descended from Heaven here to your living room and told you that you were wrong would you accept his divine word?”

      Incredibly, she actually paused and could not bring herself to answer the question. She literally could not bring herself to contend that she would even humble herself before The Almighty. I burst out laughing, imagining her telling God Himself “well… that’s just… like.. your opinion.”

      I told her “what a waste of my time it would be to debate with someone who wouldn’t even take God’s word delivered face to face”.

      It shut her up instantly.

  4. wendystringer48088

    I would also add people (including unfortunately family members also) who have made bad life choices and are now suffering the consequences and are extremely jealous of those who are better off (because we studied while they partied, because we worked while they sat on their ass, because we saved while they spent and racked up debt) to the point of hating you for being better off and now wanting you to / demanding that you “share”.

    I have found that avoiding and keeping these people at a distance is the best course of action.

    One of the few advantages of getting older that I have found is that it has become a lot easier for me to tell worthless people asking me for something to “Go to Hell” and mean it and not be bothered by any guilt or any self doubt.

    • The supply of give a fucks left in the 70’s when I spent way too much time in funeral homes. With an extremely limited supply of give a fucks,I must be very selective in their use.
      The greatest enemy is toxic family members,shit-box neighbors and the boys in blue.
      All the stupid bastards had to do was take five more years. The majority of the remaining” toxic white males” will be neutered with amphetamine aspartates ,public education,soy and public ridicule.
      No one is coming to save you or your sons. Do your fucking job. Raise men.

  5. Oh noes, now Charlottesville has begun to whine. No cops want to work there. Their pay is shitty, plus Jews and niggers rule.

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    Interesting, the momentum is beginning to pick up, and a few are actually pushing for freedom, not socialist slavery. But the bugs will have to be completely smashed, or they’ll be back again.
    2019 may be very promising for our side.