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NCR Back


Carry on.

RFE: On The Romania Revolution Of 1989

Things can move very fast.

Especially when they have been building for years.

Any Idea?

Via a reader.

Williams: Demonizing White Men

OK, we got it.

Plan accordingly.

And don’t lose.

Ye Shall Be As Gods

Next Stage For Gene Editing [registration needed for full article access]

Related NYT article

What possibly could go wrong?

[H/t WRSA reader]

Homicidal Madness

Infanticide: NY’s Inhumane New Abortion Law

Virginia governor under fire for comments on late-term abortion bill

(Vox Day)

VT Lawmakers Seek Abortion Protections

100 Million “Canadians”: Trudeau Imports A New People

Advance the elites, destroy the middle class, and overwhelm the electoral process with countless dependents.

Sound familiar?

Z Blog: When The Indispensable Nation Goes Mad

Anyone seen Old Yeller?

Related: This dark jibe from a reader.

Via Insty


Fred: The White Man’s Burden – Reflections on the Custodial State

Hatespeech on the insolubility of American social dysfunction.

Enoch Powell was an optimist.

You’re gonna love New South Africa.

GoV: The Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

She seems nice.

Nice and crazy, that is.

The Davoisie want you all silenced, robbed, and culled periodically when the groundling population grows in excess of their child-sodomizing needs.

Never forget that.

Deluding Ourselves To Death

A pre-mortem listing cause of death.

Hey! I like camping.

Maybe living in rubble, trying to keep from crapping myself to death, will be fun!

AmPart: Field Phones

Or were you planning on easily-monitored walkie-talkies for your neighborhood defense positions?

Or more foolish yet – your cellphone?

Tempus fugit.

TACB: The End Of Democracy – Or Its Beginning?


The Bad People are as serious as Stage 4 brain cancer.

Are you?

Uncle Joe Sends

The Future Is Female And FUBAR: Stacey Manatee Returns

H/t to Audacious Epigone via Gab for this piece on Stacey Abrams and her grokking of race politics.

You will see this material again.

Comms Check

Those who have asked what happened to the NC Renegade:

Short answer is hosting fugwittery. Fix is in process, but the key lesson per the site owner is to control your own comms, from send to end.

The enemy of trad Americans is out there, and prevalent in the IT biz.

Z Blog: Rugged Individual Sociopaths

What makes a society different from a group of individuals?

The answer is important.

Two From Mosby

Drill Building For Skill-Building

From The Library


AmPart: Tech For The Listening Post/Observation Post

You will have LP/OPs, right?

The Big Supply Depots are still open.

Buy now or cry later.