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RIF The Raff

The Diplomad: Thoughts On A Reduction In Force

Aesop: The “Who Cares?” Shutdown

New Woodpile’s Here!


Cold Steel E-Tool

Reviewed by one of the pros at American Partisan.

Yes, Virginia, you will need an E-tool.

One that works.

TACB: Apocalypse Yesterday

Offensive and hurtful.

To the benumbed and their pushers.

Another Word For What We Do Together

Via Gab.

Leftists unironically try to shut down film “Killing Free Speech”

Watch it here.

Buppert: The Quality Of Refusal

No way out but through.

Better do what you must to win.

The Bad People will.

Z Blog: The Radical End

A continental-sized girls’ college campus controlled by psychotics and wannabe murderers.

There will be conflict.

Normal Posting Later Today

Until then…

(Via Gab.)

Open thread.

TL Davis: A Better Understanding Of Evil

His latest.

Don’t lose the upcoming war.

You won’t like what the Bad People have planned.

How Gun Control Became an Instrument of Tyranny in Venezuela

The usual way.

Never give up your guns.

Kill everyone who tries to take them.

Hard truths.

Barr & Ruby Ridge


144.1 Sends

Get yours today.


History For Moderns

Via Gab.

Never underestimate the lift necessary to deprog all of the normies who have no intentional culpability in the Big Con.

And without deprog, they remain a stay-behind element because of their maleducation, even if every Overlord and wannabe gets a one-way flying lesson.

It is a serious damned problem.

Coastal Elites: “Impeach Trump Now”

Your Betters have spoken.

So be it.

Hardening Places Of Worship Gibs

MD Gov Signs Bill To Fund ‘Place Of Worship’ Security

I am sure this money will benefit trad Marylanders.


How To Talk to Someone Who Wants To Put You In A Gulag

Perhaps across the sightline of a high-powered rifle?

Just a suggestion.

Z Blog: The Post-Citizen World

You are not a citizen to the G.

You are a resident.

Big diff.

If you ain’t with people who think like you do (not 100%, but > 50%), you are in deep doo come the full-blown rise of tribal politics.

Intelligence vs. Information

An essential concept, via American Partisan.


Via Gab.