Also Known As “She Rakes The Litter”

The Rightly-Guided One explains.

9 responses to “Also Known As “She Rakes The Litter”

  1. Let her or Clinton win; it hastens judgement day. Watching Trump twat all day with his dick in his hands is tiresome.

  2. Old Gray Wolf

    Right there with ya, Detroit. For myself. But as long as we have time, we can use it to be more ready, and perhaps enlighten a few minds before there is only killing left.

  3. The killing has been going on for a long time. Most folks turn and look away. Wash their hands like Pontius Pilate. Have another cocktail. Change the channel.
    1.2 million abortions a year. 50 million since 1973.
    What the fuck are you going to fight for? The USA lost it’s moral compass decades ago. A way of life that vanished and was replaced with decadence, perversion and debauchery. No species, besides man , murders it’s most vulnerable in the womb.
    The coming bloodbath must take place. There is no other solution. Abortion is the most sacred of sacraments the evil cocksuckers worship. The war will take place. Good vs evil.
    Organized religion may chew on my hairy nut sack.”Same as it ever was…”
    Winning beats the fuck out of losing. No one is coming to save you.
    I will be busy. Performing my finest impersonation of Vlad Tepes.

  4. POd American

    She’s from the same tribe as the fake indian in the Village People!

  5. When the new & improved House gets settled in it will be obvious to everyone we can’t vote our way out of this.
    It will take a lot of mass funerals.
    We are here.

  6. True sociopath. Utterly oblivious to being caught out in a lie gone viral nationally. But there’s a part of me that says America deserves her.