Doom Purveyors

Each with more than a dollop of probability:

Kunstler: Margin Call USA

Denninger: 2019 – The Crack-Up Begins

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  1. lastmanstanding

    Kunstler finally is wide awake. That is all I’ll say about him.

    I’ve been going “Denninger” on those that need it for years.

  2. does anyone really give a shit about the moron who created a ‘family’ and can’t afford to support it?

    i sure as fuck do not.

    they can eat their dog, then roast the little one…

    • Well, that’s the plan tfA-t.

    • You use to amuse me, then I realized your truly a fucking parasite. You represent literally everything bad/evil in this world.

      What a lonely man you must be. When you worship cash, your already on the train to hell.

      Dirk Williams

  3. Yep, a major Canadian AF fuck up.

    • I think he lost an engine on low speed high angle pass. Happened the Russians in Paris from a bird strike.

    • 10/12 years ago, a Canadian AF-18 super Hornet, lost a motor rotating out here at the AF base. Cash landed in a friend’s field, the field was full of hundreds of head of cattle. Right in the middle.

      Somehow the 18 missed all of em. This 18 eat a goose, for the flame out.

      FOD, is rough on jet motors.


  4. Derringer paints the reality of Americans view of reaity. We have lost control so why should we give a shit?

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. since the entire (((system))) is propped up by the debtbuck,

    no systemic collapse can occur until the dollar dies.

    which won’t happen in 2019.

    2020? Likely, with a pre-election confluence of cultural, political, economic,

    and military crises. Look for Trumpenthal to attack Iran during the run-in to the election in an effort to get a 2nd term. If that war goes badly, and it may well, Jewbuck collapse and system collapse will follow directly.

    • Northgunner

      “..If that war goes badly, and it may well, Jewbuck collapse and system collapse will follow directly.”

      If that happens, expect the Rothschild’s/israel to drain America of value asap and then for israel to engage it’s messianic/escatological (pun intendef) ‘Sampson Option’…can’t have those “chosenites” thinking that their faith in the talmud, zohar and kaballah was all for nothing….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. The Kunstler article does a good job of identifying the major trends in politics and the economy today, but I can tell you right now that his timetable for “The Long Emergency” is way too aggressive. Instead of thinking 12 months, think 12 years.

  8. Kunstler got well known writing doom and gloom about Peak Oil. Oh, yeah, he really really had religion on that one. We were all going to be using horses again soon, per Kunstler circa 2000.

    Denninger has been predicting total economic collapse any day now for a long time, again I think around 2000 as far as I can remember.

    So: they lost 20 years expecting something that didn’t come. Will the waste the years between 2019 and 2040 too? Will we?

    Anybody else remember Mel Tappen? He has a wikipedia bio page:

    “Mel Tappan was quoted in 1981 by then AP correspondent Peter Arnett that: “The concept most fundamental to long term disaster preparedness, in retreating, is having a safe place to go to avoid the concentrated violence destined to erupt in the cities. When you have a growing apprehensive awareness that the time grows short for you to relocate away from areas of greatest danger, then choose [where you will live] carefully.”[6]

    Tappan died in 1980 at age 43 from congestive heart failure. Sadly, his own personal survivalist plan needed more high-tech medical appointments and less time worrying about the zombie apocalypse. He moved to rural Southern Oregon as part of his preps. Not a lot of good docs down there.

    • Ding ding ding we have a winner… So many people forget to live because they are so worried about doomsday…Sad That…

    • Ha ha , well said. I am still here in the booming Big Apple , with weekends in an uber-red county 3hrs from the city place. Plenty salt of the earth people in both locales. There is no running from this beast anyway. Happy New Year.

    • Tappon chose Grants Pass Oregon , in the 80’s a great choice to hole up. Now it’s full of scumbags, all the social ills introduced into most locations which have one common flaw.

      A major interstate running thru them. It’s not enough to move from the cities, one must get away from the major highways, aswell.


  9. 3 months, we’re going to know 2019 is going to be like within 3 months. in that time there will either be a trade deal or war with china, the house democrats will show if they’re all out for trump for the rest of his term and will have had one more fed meeting for the fed to backoff it’s tightening or confirm it’s going to see it thru despite growing economic weakening.

  10. wendystringer48088

    I looked up Mel Tappan thinking he was one of those people who died of CHF who was a smoker and overweight for many years before he finally kicked the bucket. I was wrong.

    “Tappan was born with a tumor on his spine and spent his life in braces, on crutches and finally in a wheelchair. He was an example of someone who accomplished much in spite of disabilities. He died in 1980.”
    “Tappan’s writings are still popular and influential in survivalist circles, nearly three decades after his death.”

    So will give credit to Mel Tappan for beating the odds and through his writings informing others and living his life as he wanted to live it in spite of the disabilities he was born with.

    On another note, former beloved WRSA poster WeaponsMan (Kevin O’Brien), who was former Special Forces, died in April 2017 at the age of 61 of a massive heart attack.

    Him and I were born a year apart, and to be honest his middle body with the “spare tire” around his waist looks a lot like mine. And I was never anywhere near the fitness level of someone who was in Special Forces.

    Sometimes our greatest threats are closer to us than we imagine, and we have the greatest opportunity to do something about it but don’t.

    All I or anyone else can do is to resolve to do better in the future, and take steps to get serious about it to make it happen.

    May 2019 be a year of self improvement and increased abilities for all of us.

  11. I’m not waiting for a collapse, but rather viewing the ongoing one in front of me. Death by a thousand cuts is still death.

  12. wendystringer48088

    Seems to be a slightly different story of Mel Tappan here:

    “Tappan spent the last years of his own life using a wheelchair, after initially incurring a severe foot laceration from a broken drinking glass in his swimming pool and then developing debilitating leg failure, due in part to the obesity developed during his convalescence from the laceration. This eventually led to congestive heart failure.”


    “The more recent survivalist author James Wesley Rawles credits Personal Survival Letter and Tappan’s books as the primary influences in the development of his survivalist philosophy as well as the impetus for launching


    These broken clocks(Kunstler&Denninger) may be right twice a day, but NO ONE has the crystal ball lock-up on when and where the Black Swan will appear. And there are many very powerful and influential people world-wide who have a very personal interest in making sure the can continues to get kicked down the road. Just stay vigilant and prepped. And, take time to enjoy your day.

    • ^
      Deninger, AFAIK, has been predicting imminent doom two-three times annually for something like the last decade or so, at least.
      Anybody can roll a “7” with an infinite number of tries.

      I expect something bad will happen, and could any day.
      For people paying attention, warnings are months and years early.
      For people walking around HUTA-clueless, warnings are always five seconds too late.

      People telling you “it’s starting” are superfluous.
      When “it” happens, it’s going to be as subtle as the LZ Hindenburg coming into moor at Lakehurst that last time.

      Useful information is telling people what to do and how to prepare, not trying to Chicken Little prognosticate when. When things go sideways, no one will care about “I told you so”. Their only concern will be what to do next.

      And as with most dumb livestock, not getting between the panicky stupid ones and exits or solid objects at that point is always in vogue.

      Remus: Stay Away From Crowds.
      Commander Zero: Be Somewhere Else.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’m asking this in all seriousness, then WHY in the fuck are you still in SoCal when you know better?
        Your job can’t be that important.

        I still remember the Cuban missile crisis when we lived in Van Nuys. My parents had the van packed to zoom up to Mammoth where my uncle lived. Folks figured out later the chances of getting out alive were ziltch point shit. FedGov was going to set up road blocks everywhere, in and out.

        • In all seriousness:
          Way ahead of ya.
          Because I’m paying for the note on property that’s not in SoCal.
          Should have the deed clear and free before the end of this year.
          If things drag on to retirement without The Sportiness kicking off, it’ll be turn-key the day I leave town for good.
          If things happen before that day, but anytime after it’s all mine, it’s close enough to scamper to, and far enough off the beaten paths to avoid most of the problems with any sort of crowds, and with the improvements I’ll have made to it to that point.
          Including having ready water, plenty of wood, and clear fields of fire out several hundred yards.

          I’m also working on transitioning the job, which is tres portable, to equal time in central state; there are just as many knife & gun club ERs up I-5 and 99, and they’re 200 miles closer to where I’ll be landing on the day, with similar pay to what’s a slow-but-still-purpling version of Sh*tholia, here behind the Orange Curtain.

          BTW, roadblocks only work on people confined to roads. 😉

          I’ve looked elsewhere, including out of state. Nothing else appeals to me or meets basic requirements, or it costs more than I’m paying for my patch. (Unless the random Powerball ticket pays off, in which case one of those old Atlas silos on the plains ought to work.)
          And if shit goes down early, well, my thoughts from Monday apply:

      • Aesop, your point about these guys, can be said about the majority.

        Men like that can and do say whatever they want, without evidence in support of, and most who read their blogs, simply swallow their blind statements without question.

        Which is why I don’t even bother reading half the blow hards published. I recognize the worlds situation, I have zero need for any of there, I put.

        When I write I’ve been getting ready for thirty years, your point is exactly why I don’t listen much anymore. These guys or their minions were spouting this sky is falling shit, even back then.

        My attitude of I’ll deal with it, when it arrives is a direct reflection of refusing to follow blindly any of these ” sages” wisdom, it’s all a guess.

        Trust me. When shits breaking bad, we will all know.


  14. 2019 is going to be my banner year-working hard at it. Now can do 2-1/2 miles on the bike in 10 minutes. With 2 knee replacements-one 75 days ago, not a bad start. Threw all of the Christmas cookies, candies, and other goodies out. I feel sick when I see so many people, of all “diversities”, with a full truck tire around the middle. I don’t mean a large belly. I have seen women at 20 who weighed approximately 400 pounds. At 20, I was obsessed with my looks and if I had been larger than a size 7, I would’ve upped my daily run another 2 miles. We have done womenhood so many disservices.
    So, get your bodies and minds in shape for the coming unpleasantness.

    • lastmanstanding

      You go girl.

      Saw a young woman (under 30 easy) a couple weeks ago with 2 small kids. She was pushing 400. In a wheelchair (nfw she could stand up or walk) eating popcorn and slurping one of those cheap 32 oz. capps from a 7/11.

      Guaranteed she was getting everything for free. Now it’s Jan. and she and the rest will be getting their earned income tax refunds for all their hard work last year.