K Blog: Profiling The New Year

It’s those damned white people.

Something simply must be done.

And it will be.

6 responses to “K Blog: Profiling The New Year

  1. We must bring in more “Refugees”, especially those of Dutch and British heritage. They are literate, are good farmers and hard workers, and will fill a need in the US economy, unlike the Refusegees” that are coming from Central America and various Hell-holes of the World.

    Obama was building a national version of Chicago. One Chicago is more than enough.

    • Your handle is a punch in the gut. Had a friend named Mike Smo, brown water sailor VN, blew his brains out in ’82. Very eerie way to kick off a new year.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      One would like to help the Boers with a way out, however I recently saw a video of some of them talking about their plight, and in the background were several fat white women playing with their cell phones.
      Perhaps it is time for the Big Cleansing.

  2. A man like Jon Munoz would suck a cock with chancres on it if it would boost the corporate bottom line. A company man, right to the end.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Old Gray Wolf

    From the comments: “Diversity. Because we need at least one of eachbkind of fuckin asshole the earth has to offer.” Maybe. I am unconvinced.