The Execution Of Franz Kutschera

Whacking the OpFor leadership.

Food for thought and planning.



Cached weapons and ammo.


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  1. 12 brave men. But that was then this is now. Cameras everywhere and frankly, I don’t see 12 gathering today without at least one being a plant.
    Maybe further down the road as events unfold but for now any action would be limited to a LW or max of a 3 man FT. JMO.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Right you are. I have two trusted friends. Two. After multiple decades of working at this. Two. So our three man team is what we have. This damn society is so full of agents and rats, I do not place serious trust in anyone I have not already known for at least ten years, and well enough that we have helped one another through a tough time or two. Gonna be a lot of folks who never even get started when this thing kicks off, because their best bud is a cop. Or a snitch. Still more will be stabbed in the back during the unpleasantness because they trusted the wrong person or group. All by design. The sonsabitches working to replace us have worked really hard at dividing us over a basket full of issues and filling our ranks with feds and snitches, and they have it to where anyone with a brain is damn careful about wven meeting anyone who seems to share the same ideas. Genius on their part. We gotta figure out a way to build trust amongst those of us who think alike that won’t get us infiltrated or worse, I’ve been thinking about it for anwhile, and I am no closer to a solution than when I started.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Real talk here.

      • Do note that they have effectively unlimited funds to corrupt, and THEY make the “official” credentials for everyone. Furthermore, one need only look at Mueller and Malheur and Bundy ranch and Hutaree militia and Four
        Grandpas in a Waffle House and Whitey Bulger and Senator Stevens prosecution and many more to understand how God damned corrupt and treasonous this country’s “Law Enforcement” and its “Legal” system truly is, and how they will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who refuses to cooperate. God damn every “Law Enforcement” officer in this country straight to hell for their treason. God damn every member of this country’s “Legal” system along with them. And God damn their families as well.

      • and if those 2 you speak of have a family…

        they will fuck you in a heartbeat to protect their wife or child.

        the only ones that can trust each other are single males who are .mil trained with no dependents. anyone else, either doesn’t posses the discipline to put your life in their hands or can be easily persuaded to betray you. if they have a wife and kids- forget about them. they WILL throw you under the bus.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          They neither have a family. Part of why they are completely trustworthy. One is estranged from his living family, the other, after years of pariah status at family gatherings, swore it all off. I am their family. And they are mine. Small tribe, but skilled and ruthless all. Whoever crosses us will feel the pain. Guaranteed.

      • If you’ve got 2 you’re 1 up on me. Enjoy your commentary OGW. You, NG, Aesop and a few others are why I hang around. I tend to fuck around a little too much with my comments but WTH, I always did like goin’ to the zoo and watchin’ the monkeys throw shit at each other.

      • Before Clinton did Oklahoma City to destroy the growing Militia movement in the USA, I was a member of a said group in a city somewhere in ‘Merica. We had two FBI stooges in the group of twenty. I suspected both of them and verified the truth of it by accidentally running into one of them 7 years later. With all the Federals running around out there it is little wonder our nation is bankrupt. And yes you live in a police state worse by far than Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.
        You cannot trust anyone young who has no attachment to the area and no family in you AO. Especially if they claim to be ex-SF or Rangers or MARSOC. Both of these guys let their hair grow a little and were slightly overweight, young and unattached to the area. The one I ran into 7 years later looked like an SS Gruppenfuhrer when I ran into him by accident. He was buff and sported a black eye from Karate practice. Funny too because he didn’t recognize me yet even with his crewcut hair and muscular build I spotted him. Also when I called his name he did not respond until I walked right up to him. He asked me “how do you know me by that name?”. When I confronted him he never fully confessed, but implied enough, no? We talked for a few minutes then he gave me his card. Enough said.

    • This event was further down the road. Germany had already invaded Poland and France and Russia by 1943. In war people kinda sort themselves out.

  2. Excellent tale. Practicality must be done on ground by those who can weigh the risk. But a nice palette from which to draw inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing that link.

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    May I have this Symbol?

  4. Johnny Paratrooper

    The casualty reports lend credence to the concept of soft armor or concealable armor.

    Practically ending the debate really.

    • Good take-away.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Especially when you consider that the casualty rate without good medical care would have been higher. We won’t likely have a hospital to be taken to. Get punctured, you may well die. Given that, and the availability of good armor, it is definitely a needed item for anyone engaged in activities that may involved a two-way range. Given the plethora of rifle-armed agents of the State, hard plates are indicated, as well as helmets and whatever other armor can be effectively employed. Remember the wailing and knashing of teeth when the cops discovered the flunkies robbing the bank in California were wearing armor? Why, that was at least as bad as shooting at cops! Totally unfair to shoot at cops( who showed up wearing soft armor if any at all to a bank robbery with rifle-wielding suspects), and wear armor to make their return fire less effective! Not nice at all. If you are out in the street employing a rifle, you should be armored to defeat rounds from at least equal firepower if possible. Duh…

      Shooting it out with the State is not a good day out. If one is going to that party, one should at least dress for the occasion. Hard plates over soft armor, a good helmet, and a 6.5 mm or larger rifle seem appropriate. Proper etiquette for such a party would indicate an above average use of cover, and bringing friends with whom you have perfected the party game of shoot, move and communicate. So as to have a good chance of being the life of the party, and getting to the after-party party, of course.