Bolsonaro’s Inaugural Speech

H/t to GoV for the vid and the transcript at their site.

Godspeed to the anti-Communist Brazilians.

15 responses to “Bolsonaro’s Inaugural Speech

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    “Oy veyyy! Yes, we had Chris Hansen, but you mere citizens can’t be catching predators! Now you made a successful gay child of Jamaican immigrants hang himself!”

    • So a ex drug dealer with a felony record is catching supposed gay pedo’s…. Personally I don’t like any of it but 5 years age difference isn’t exactly earth shattering. How many 20 y/o males are fucking 15 y/o girls with or without parental consent? Answer…A metric shit ton. 15 y/o kids are doing anal sex these days and having sex parties when parents are away. 5 years difference isn’t even in the ballpark of weird shit kids do today. 20 isn’t exactly old by any standard. They can’t even buy alcohol legally and it’s 2 years past graduating high school. Mature but so immature. I predict the parents will sue and it will cost the guy a ton of money. Nobody wins but the lawyers. Maybe the drug dealer should have been put to death for corrupting our society. Just an idea. Now if it had been a 40 y/o man with a 15 y/o…. cut his shit off and set him on fire.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Maybe look at the hundred and change other people he’s lured with hopes of degenerate dreams coming true. People who have a problem with this are likely pedos themselves, or have pedo friends who got caught like this. I don’t care about drug dealing. Boomers and TardSocs have problems with drugs. What one puts in their body is their choice, and if it leads to their death… play stupid games and all that. What people put in children’s bodies, on the other hand… Pedos deserve the rope.

  2. ‘God’, a word he said 1/2 dozen times in a bit over 5 minutes. Heads are exploding somewhere. I’ll hope he sends some bull snakes down the rat holes to clean them out most rikki-tik. This would ease his going, a lesson he should take from bad orange man’s having neglected to do that.

  3. NorthGunner

    He and other Brazilians want to keep Brazil anti-communist?…..
    They’d better make sure to not allow those who created
    communism to have any sway in Brazil!

    General Patton’s Warning Against Communism

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. ‘This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when first he appears he is a protector.’ – Plato circa 400 B.C.

    Right away, I’m suspicious of any man who venerates Democracy, whilst decrying Socialism. He’s either mis-guided, or else a downright charlatan.
    I would guess that Mr. Bolsonaro is fully aware that the two systems are close bed-fellows.

    I think I see another Trump in the making.

  5. Elected by the people, the jew media calls him an “authoritarian” who is a threat to “our democracy”.

    They have it backwards.

    Jews and women must be controlled.

  6. Johnny Paratrooper

    Women south of the border are pretty low key.

    Except the Latino Commies who are dumb as dirt.

  7. A little FAB video.

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