Cody, Wyoming
Weekend after Independence Day 2019
July 12-14, 2019





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  1. It all depends if there is an available place there or not to have it on or is it in a venue that isn’t controlled by anyone you trust…If it’s just going to be in a hotel I would say I can do better…

  2. Steve McLaughlin

    I’m in

  3. wendystringer48088

    Cody, WY looks to be near Yellowstone National Park, so would be concerned with tourist traffic and tourist prices on everything in the area.
    If someone owns a guest ranch or other place that they could let us stay at for a reasonable fee and reasonably priced places to meet and eat in the area, that would be good. Or if someone owns property that we could camp out on and a place to shoot (handguns and rifles) that would be good.
    Maybe people could give seminars on what they know (medical, communications, shooting, tactics, etc.)
    I would think it has to make the trip (a 3 day drive each way for me) worthwhile. .

    • Happy to take input.

      Check out the lodging link, which includes campgrounds.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Cody isn’t cheap, it’s a tourist town. But there’s so much to do and you can camp out and pinch pennies in other ways, I’m frugal as hell too. Plan on going thru the Buffalo Bill Museum, go to Yellowstone NP ($35/week I think, or get a lifetime senior pass ($80, it’s worth every penny)) They will charge you again to go thru Grand Teton NP. If you’ve never been here, I cannot emphasize enough it’s worth the trip.

      I have friends there, will most likely crash with one of them, if not, I’m camping out in my tent too.
      Worked north of town in Clark a few yrs ago, finished up some archaeology work on the Nez Perce War of 1877. Lots of desert, lots of mtn’s, a little of everything, and wildlife out the wazoo. Days are hot, nights can still be very cold, we had frost the last 2 nights in July on a backpacking trip in the SE corner of the park.

      Haxo, I’ve been here 25 yrs, it rumbles less here than SoCal.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        You are correct…. Cody is not an inexpensive place to lodge.

        ALL of the towns surrounding Yellowstone gouge on their prices…. especially Jackson Hole (the worst of the worst). And reserving any kind of camping spot surrounding Yellowstone (including Cody) is nearly impossible to do without reservations months and months in advance and the private camps also gouge.

        What you have coming though Cody in the middle of summer are eastern tourists and their RV’s. Flooding into the east entrance of Yellowstone. The town is filled to capacity hotel wise (all the surrounding towns of Yellowstone are) in the summer months.

        I was there this summer and saw it all first hand.

        Reserving some sorta’ hotel convention space will be nearly impossible and if something is found–it will be extremely expensive and limited in size and scope.

        I suggest a venue further south in Wyoming–say Cheyene which is located on the interstate and is more central north and south wise.

        Also if you want to have a “rendezvous” –then make is a real rendezvous in a open, public area in the country side where people can pull up with campers or pitch a tent. You can have your speakers and BBQ’s.and so forth. Even make it a little further west in the Wyoming mountains would be a good place.

        • Well I offered my place 54 acres in the mountains but I guess it was too far off the beaten path which I understand completely… Trying to get in touch with someone who lives around the Riverton area who has a Appaloosa Ranch but no luck as of yet…

  4. way, way

    too close to the great caldera.

    See where they tucked the state capital?

    there’s a reason…

    • Actually, I was hoping you’d consider the trip.


    • lastmanstanding

      That mean old bitch rumbles all the time. No way she’d ruin a bunch of salt of the earth patriots weekend.

      Stretching my radius from home via 4 wheel transport but I’d like to meet you all. Some things are important.

    • wendystringer48088

      Ash fallout from the Yellowstone Caldera exploding would cover most of the Continental United States. In most scenarios pretty much the U.S. would be finished as a nation.
      You’re more likely statistically to die in an auto accident driving there (or to/from the airport) than from the Yellowstone Super-volcano picking that time to erupt.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Cody sounds great. I’m in.
    And the week after July 4th should leave lots of places open, since everyone shot their wad on the 4th.

    Allow yourselves at least 1 entire day to tour the Center of the West, amazing place.

    • lastmanstanding

      If you don’t mind me asking, are you on the east or west side of the Winds?

      Just ignore me if I’m out of bounds.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        East side, funny thing is Cody’s only 75 miles over the hill, but 5 hrs by car.
        And I’m assuming you’re N. Id? I’d come down thru Ennis/W. Yellowstone and thru the park to Cody.
        I used to drive to Sandpoint to visit my sister, easiest route was Jackson-Driggs-Ennis-Butte-Missoula-CdA. About 11.5 hrs.

        • lastmanstanding

          That’s the only bitch about those big humps that separate places that we’d like to go more often. We have an over land route across the divide but only accessable in the summer and it is a bumpy sob. If you have any neck or back issues, even little ones, you’ll pay dearly. They improve it with lots of $ and mother nature just repels it. So we just enjoy the ride…less often.

          Any way, Lineman and I are same place. (Wife and I been here for decades). We met in a little joint he when he first showed up. He tore off a piece of the local liberal rag and wrote, http://www.westernrifleshooters@wordpress.com on it. I laughed and told him I was already here lol! That was, jeez, 4 or so years ago. I think I been coming here since 2012, maybe longer.

          I have a great friend in Sandpoint. A beautiful place in the summer. My bud is about ready to bail. He loves it but the progs are destroying everything about the town.

          I was hoping you weren’t near JH. They’ve destroyed that place. I used to come over Teton Pass and head south toward Pinedale. Used to do it often but that’s now been nearly 20 years. I’m sure its a lot different.

          I hope we are able to pull this off. Thanks for your reply.

  6. Any kind of itinerary, or are we going as tourists?

    • TBD

      2 group meals, one a bbq outside

      limited speakers; more about personal meatspace interaction

      Hopefully, a local campground can serve as a base

      • Why Cody if I may ask if someone doesn’t live there and has offered their property???

        • Relative centrality. Lotsa infrastructure. Lets folks plan a vaca in Grand Tetons/Yellowstone.

          • Sheridan would be a good choice also if Cody doesn’t work and maybe we could rent out Buffalo Bill Cody’s Old Hotel…Also maybe wouldn’t be so crowded with tourist… Quietus probably could tell you more about the area…

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Cody has a LOT more to offer than Sheridan. And CA is right, YNP/GTNP are so close.
              As is the Buffalo Bill firearms museum. You’ll walk around with your mouth hanging open for a few hours.
              I had the opportunity about 7 yrs ago to spend 2 days in the basement vaults, being tutored in firearms curating, and can’t even begin to explain all the rare prototype weapons from WW2 I saw, along with a rack of at least half a dozen BAR’s that looked like they came out of the parkerizing tanks an hour ago.
              And a dozen AR-15 prototypes from the very beginning, including green and brown bakelite stocked skinny barreled models with the small early flash suppressors.
              But yes, Sheridan would be a good 2nd choice. I go there to visit the VA Hospital once or twice a year.

              • lastmanstanding

                A friend told me it is a bucket list item if you have any appreciation for firearms.

              • We used to go to Cody every year for vacation so been in that museum a few times and yes it is awe inspiring…Have many friends all over Northwest Wyoming because we spent quite a bit of time there…Look forward to meeting you Brother and will bring a bottle of Laphroaig which I think is your bottle of choice…

      • lastmanstanding

        This may be premature but have you given any idea to a head count? I’d be happy to supply a hog or big ass chunk o beef and sides for the
        Q if it comes off. We like to cook for groups and with some “help in the kitchen” prepare a bomber meal.

        PS…WE ain’t washing no damn dishes but our own. 😉

        • Not premature.

          Will likely take you up on the offer.

          Let’s get the area confirmed, then we can worry about the chow. Appreciate your post.

        • LMS,
          RIP here,
          fastest dishwasher west of the MS.
          Without a scratch I can wash 35 peoples dishes in under 30 minutes.

          I’ll be your Huckleberry.
          Let me at em.

          *hope this pans out cause I am aware of the clouds brewing.



  7. Johnny Paratrooper

    I am 100% down.

    I have lots of roots in Cody, WY.

  8. Johnny Paratrooper

    The firearms museum is worth the trip.

  9. Johnny Paratrooper

    If you guys are interested, there is a Dude Ranch I know of that has more than enough space to put up 30 people and feed them for a flat rate plus a 15 percent mandatory tip.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      One week is about $2300.

      There is plenty of parking and you are on private property.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        It includes food, beds, tip, horse, tack, saddle, rodeo, museum tour, Yellowstone trip, rainbow trout fishing and all the hiking you want. Plus a pool.

      • How many bodies does that cover, JP?

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          That is per adult I believe.

          Although you do not have to pay for a horse. If you wanted to rent a cabin and fish in the Shoshone you can.

          Best Rainbow Trout fishing on Earth.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          You could probably fit 40 for a week(6-7 days)

          Its really a great place. I swear you won’t be disappointed.

          Could cost total 70-80

          Everything is taken car of except booze and ammo(if we shoot)

        • CA and Co,

          RIP here and I am all in for this. Currently stuck in soCal but eyeing my escape (my son and his mother successfully now in KY).

          To much happening around me at breakneck speed to not.

          Please keep me in the loop,


      • wendystringer48088

        Is that $2300 per person?

      • I already have a $2300 hotel room “on private property”… it’s called a ‘Van’.

  10. Johnny Paratrooper

    “America was radically and permanently changed, against the will of its own population, by the people who run the country.” – Tucker Carlson

    Carlson is going to go full on anti-commie before they fire him.

    I doubt he would surrender his daughters and sons to communism and islam.

    • lastmanstanding

      Were going to get a glimpse of how deep the dis info runs during the World Economic Forum in Davos here soon. All those scumbags in one place at the same time.

      FWIW, Greg Hunter @ usawatchdog.com interviewed Dave Janda last week. It is a 2 hour interview and damn entertaining/interesting.

      Truthfully, I know what the outcome will be. We discuss it everyday. How and when?… your guess is as good as mine. Doing my best to enjoy what the earth is providing for me and share it with others.

      All we have is each other.

  11. Cody isn’t bad, but touristy. If you’re gonna do a venue there , you might as well just do the Erma. Their buffet is very good. Problem with Cody is that it really is in the middle of nowhere, and summer is tourista season.

    Cheyenne is on the intersection of two Interstates. Easier to discreetly access. Only a 2 hour drive from DIA. I used Denver for my last class out West, and it didn’t suck. Billings and SLC would also good choices.

    Sparks31 sends…

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      Or, We could stay in the North Fork.

      40 minutes outside the East Gate for Yellow Stone, and 40 minutes from Cody.

      Just one man’s opinion based on spending 8-9 months there.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        My uncle also has a cabin across the street, so we can also put 10 in there. With sleeping bags and cots.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          That also costs money.

          I believe like 2 grand. Food and horse not include.

          But the place is SICK.

          Very White Collar Meets Blue.

          His friends are all lawyers, and cowboys, and farmers and stuff.

  12. I’m happy to head down to Cody. Always nice driving the Beartooth Highway in the summer.

  13. Will you ask Boston to swing by?

  14. There is no shortage of publick land in the Cody area. Lots of places to get lost. Not sure you really need a private campground. Even if you need the amenities, there are a lot of public facilities on BLM or Forest Circus land. There is a substantial bear problem. No, seriously. Those bears suck. Lots of Cody people drive a hundred miles east to recreate without so much danger of having their faces chewed off. That would be my suggestion. On the plus side, groups traveling with big-bore levers, handguns, and shotguns are quite normal in the hinterlands, due to the bear problems. The Cody Firearms Museum is not to be missed. Lots of other attractions.

  15. Just an FYI, if I recall correctly, there usually is something on the order of 2-4 million tourists that go thru Yellowstone every summer. Cody is pretty much the only way in from the east side. There will likely be a fair amount of activity regarding tourists passing thru on their way to Yellowstone regardless of what summer weekend. If you are heading there to take in the local sites that’s great. If you want something a bit more private some of the smaller towns in the surrounding area have adequate lodging and usually some camping. Cody has a pretty good range but arrangements would have to be made to get in there.

    The Medicine Lodge campground over by Hyattville between Worland and Basin is very quiet and private and sits on the west slope of the Big Horns. I don’t know if reservations are needed (probably) but it is a state run campsite. There are no hotels closer than an a half hour that I know of though. There is fishing and petroglyphs there.

    Worland has a fair number of hotels and one of the best ranges in the state and one of the few that go out to 1000 yards with a modest set of pistol bays and a premier shotgun layout.

    Thermopolis has a small 300yd range, some camping, plenty of hotels, another state park and the hot springs for those inclined to hit the pools. It also has a white water rafting in the canyon and premier fishing. The Hot Springs state park has a large grassy area where reunions etc are held as well as something of an open air ampitheater with a stage. Days Inn has a conference room and the Safari Club where there are displays of firearms and big game mounts taken from all around the world.

    South of Thermop 20-25 minutes, Shoshoni has a range and Boysen state park (between Thermop and Shoshoni) which surrounds Boysen reservoir with lots of boating and fishing with plenty of camping and one small hotel. Riverton to the south another 15-20 minutes from Shoshoni has all kinds of hotels

    Headed NW from Thermop about 45 minutes and halfway to Cody Meeteetse has one or two hotels and I think some camping and a small public range and the saloon where the Hole in the Wall gang used to hang out. Fishing on the Greybull River. Basin and Greybull are probably about the same.

    All of these locations are within an hour to and hour and half of Cody. Hope that helps give some insight to the Big Horn Basin

    • Dave, what you’ve written makes good sense.

      Cody wouldn’t be a first choice for me due to crowds.

      Thermop is pretty nice for a small town. Gotta love those hot springs (free, if using the State concession.). I haven’t shot on the range there.

      Worland is less scenic but you’re right about the KD range. Problem with it, is the local members of the shooting club, who in my experience have some proven history of not liking it when their range has been reserved by an outside group. On the good side, there’s a huge amount of BLM that starts at about the city limits- easy for free camping and shooting.

      Guernsey is an easy place to get to for Denver air travelers. There’s a State Park on the North Platte with a big dammed lake. Camp Guernsey has some history of renting out their 400m pop-up range and an NCO to run it, maybe they still do.

      But I’m good enough with Cody.

    • I think the entire upper end of the Medicine Lodge State Park is a group reservation area. There whole west side of the Bighorns is mostly chock full nobody. Lots of places are nice. Some places are more accessible and convenient than others. Did I mention “no grizzly bears”? 🙂

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Actually, Its pretty much a Zoo for the 4th.

      And the dies down quick.

      All the white riff riff goes to Sturgis and spends all their money.

      Keeps the Cody area 9/10 family oriented. And retired people.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Worland and Hyattville are too far out and hot by then. But very good description of the Basin area.
      Several of us have shot at Worland before, too hot and windy for my liking in mid July.
      I do archaeology work out of Hyattville in the spring before the rattlesnakes come out and the heat gets unbearable, just a few miles NW from the campground, lots of rock art research there. I believe it’s now down to reservation only camping.
      Here in Wyoming you get your choice of rattlesnakes or grizzly bears. I prefer the bears.

  16. Cody is a cool town it’s not a long ride to metetesee for secondary lodging also a short ride up beartooth for a amazing view. The people are more than on our side and try their dangdest to keep out the rifraff .id be back out there in a heartbeat given half a chance.

    • Err meant thermopolis but metetesee is in between . It’s a good spot .And I would like to try to make that one

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Cody is a nice place.

      I love the North Fork.

      It is so pretty.

      Probably in the worlds top ten.

      I have been to Saint Bart’s, Grand Cayman, St. Martin, St. John, Saint Thomas.

      And my parents made me in Jamaica.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Trust me. It’s amazing.

      • lastmanstanding

        As I scroll down the comments, I have to stop here, I can’t take it anymore!

        Your gonna need way more than a 100k a year to support yourself (and a family) in the lifestyle your accustom to.

        Love you young man and your contributions but ffs…We may be your last chance of straightening your ass out. 😉

        On the back of the #DroneStrikeRendezvous T-shirt at the bottom could read “a boomer attempt to unfuck jp’s noggin 2019”

        • Having broken bread w JP, I will ask folks to reserve judgment until facetime.

          Text is a cold medium, and does not give a good read on who somebody actually is.

          • lastmanstanding

            Has never been a problem sir. I have been sincere in all my postings to him here. I had been hoping to connect with him last summer on his visit here but it didn’t happen.

            So here is another chance. I will welcome it and understand what you say.

            I just come from the old school of “tough love”. Sometimes is gets me on the shit list.

            Just ask my wife.

  17. There are lots of campgrounds in the area, and on public land, you can usually stay for a couple of weeks for nothing.
    Look at the BLM land and National forests.

  18. I’m in, remember when Robert K. Brown Lt. Col. (Ret.) held Soldier of Fortune Conferences, Conventions? Missed out on every one of them, really want to make this meeting.

  19. NorthGunner

    Possible coordination with Ken Royce/BTP and
    some of the FSW folks that are already in residence
    there? Could help with networking as well as event

    Just saying, fwiw.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense?

    • I do not believe that there is any love lost between Boston and this site but am willing to stand corrected. As I recall events from eleven years ago, there was a hard try by Boston to destroy our current host, personnaly. Lines got drawn and people don’t forget. I won’t.

      Most of the FSW people seemed to drift in to the northeast counties here. A good thing for all involved. IIRC, one relocator was able to head off and shut down a zoning proposal in Crook County about ten years ago. I’ve met a few others and they are pretty decent folks and a benefit to this state.

      • NorthGunner

        “I do not believe that there is any love lost between Boston and this site but am willing to stand corrected. As I recall events from eleven years ago, there was a hard try by Boston to destroy our current host, personnaly. Lines got drawn and people don’t forget. I won’t. ”

        I had no idea that such had happened, nor had I heard about
        that until now. I’m not discounting what you’ve said; it just
        seems so out of character of the man that I met during the
        Worland area Jam in 2007.

        That’s several months away, will see what I can do to
        save up traveling funds and see if I can convince a
        friend or two to make the trek with me. Definitely
        loved what I saw of Wyoming and genuinely appreciated
        the folks that I met there.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • I urge no one take their sterling silver mess kits
      due to possible Vikings!!


  20. I have a few acres about 140 miles south east from Cody (we are pretty much right in the middle of Wyoming), would be willing to put folks up as a stop-over way point. No fancy accommodations, but room for campers, tents, etc.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Two hours away.

      Come on over brother!

      • I have a short distance range (375 yards KD) on the place, and room for a few campers/tents for folks who need a stopping off point either to or from Cody.
        Can get a neighbor to feed dogs & water garden. Sure would like to get the wife out of town for a long weekend. This sounds like a good meatspace vent.
        But …. the $2300 per head per week is what I live on for 2 months – no can do. Will see about a place for the camper.

  21. I like it.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      If we go with my plan, Its gonna be awesome.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Everything is taken care of.

        We can go deep too.

        If you wanted to over night it, All we would have to do is tip the cowboy for rigging the extra horses, tack, saddle, and bags.

        It would make and EXCELLENT training excercise.

        Horsemanship is hard to get.

        40 hours all you can get.

  22. It’ll probably be difficult to unlikely, but I will be there if I can.

    This may be our last chance. I guess any kind of opsec is just fantasy….

  23. If Wy doesn’t work out, I’d offer up ” the ranch” here in southern Oregon
    Cook house, long range,course, 30 AR500 targets out to 1760y.
    carbine range,
    pistol range.
    Camp grounds free,
    covered outdoor classrooms.

    I know it’s not central, but the price is right.

    Every year we put on a vintage motocross racing weekend their. Routinely have 400/600 folks camped their.



  24. Bonaventure

    Question: What’s the over/under on undercover ATF outnumbering legit WRSA attendees?

  25. Johnny Paratrooper

    Ya’ll are gonna have so much fun at my families ranch.

  26. Johnny Paratrooper

    Also, There are 12 cabins available for rent.

    That can fit another 20-30

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      So total we can fit 100.

      We have room for RV’s, but don’t allow them normally because they block the view and look campy.

      We can make an exception for our crew though. A one time deal.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Long Story Short.

        We would get no discount, unless we rented out everything.

        We would also have everything we need and would have to spend zero time cleaning or cooking.

        You would get the family treatment for sure.

  27. I’m in with tribe of 4 in a pickup camper.

  28. Jimmy the Saint

    This will either be a rousing success or turn into the church scene from Kingsmen. Either way, should be interesting.

  29. Northgunner

    Just posted the link for this over at the FSW site since I’m a member.

    Hopefully this will generate some good talk and coordination between like minded folks.

    NorthGunner – The truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  30. Whipoorwill

    I’m very interested. I would love to shake hands, break bread, and exchange ideas.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


    • SemperFi, 0321

      All of us have something to contribute to the group, as long as we know to leave the boxing gloves at home.
      Hell, our comments may even be civil again.

      • Why if we brought the gloves then it would definitely be civil…Or does the quote An armed society equals a polite society not apply anymore;););)

  31. Whipoorwill

    Can we get Bracken and Mosby to show up?

  32. Note the dates….the idea is to come after the July 4th weekend crowd has dispersed.

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  34. I’d interested. I live near Driggs, ID which might also be an option. The Teton Valley is a lot less crazy in the summer than Jackson Hole, but is just as scenic with lots of options for lodging and outdoor activities.

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