K Blog: You Gonna Eat That Corn?

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Yes, third-world pols are stupid enough to kill the golden goose.

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  1. Practical Man

    The corporate raider analogy is perfect for what the Reds have planned. It’s exactly what the South American communists have done.

    Promise free stuff to local gibs. Deliver it as long as there is enough “other people’s money”

    Devalue currency to disrupt trade and economic power centers.

    Expropriate assets from newly bankrupted owners (thanks to hyperinflation and currency debasement)

    Blame former owners for economic hardship. Promise to fix problems “soon”.

    Export hard assets to stable third country and prepare to move family when the pitchforks come out. Retire in luxury.

    Their general plan is obvious. It cannot be stopped without disrupting their access to power. Voting might not be sufficient to avert disaster.

    • “Voting might not be sufficient to avert disaster.”



    • Their general plan is obvious. It cannot be stopped without disrupting their access to power. Voting might not be sufficient to avert disaster.
      Not enough pain yet Brother to motivate people to disrupt their access to power…

  2. Latest Woodpile Report had a short video of a chimpout in the Ugandan Parliament. I figure we’ll be there shortly.

    • NorthGunner


      I thought that was a Detroit city council meeting….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Taiwanese are pretty civilized, and their government has bench clearing brawls with some regularity.


    It will keep on keeping on as long as the debt bucks are able to prop it all up. When the props collapse, the pols and their minions will then have to think fast or GOOD. Stay vigilant and use time wisely.

  4. NorthGunner

    Yes, the shitholeans ARE that stupid/retarded!!

    As for AOC, she’s living proof that the traitorous marano’s
    sexually abused chihuahua’s when they settled in me’hico.


    Time to send BOTH back to shitholia!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Imsee the resemblance. That’s funny! Thanks for the laugh. Bithc has some huge teeth and gums. All the better to eat a nation with, I suppose. I know one thing. She came after my junk with that mouth, I’d shoot her in the face. Call me frigid…

      • …..but what if she took out her dentures ? ;}

        • Old Gray Wolf

          Not a chance in hell. That kind of ugly could leave one wih PTSD.

          • NorthGunner

            “Countess Gumula rises from her crypt to….”
            There wouldn’t be enough Holy Water to
            dispense that evil bitch with!
            Now imagine if she brings Amy Shumer along for fun…..
            Boooo Scaaaary!!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Let’s say that these two new bug-eyed demo-socs were helped in getting elected by the opposition ? Perhaps to be a thorn in the side of the left statis-quo ? Are they on the same sheet of music or whisting dixie in the dark ?
    Perhaps to become an embarrassment and have the main-liners expend their resources on damage control ?

    I am noticing the dawn of a trend here among the leftists. They can’t agree amongst themselves and may end up pulling themselves apart. As much as the main-stream dems would like to stick to an agenda, I foresee that they may implode from their own hubris. Very much the state of our countries current state of affairs.

    Now to feed into their fears and hysteria and whip them into a frenzy? What would our MO be? Perhaps we should develop a PSYOP based on this premise. I know there are a few guys who frequent this blog who are much smarter than I to put this together. Just an idea.

    The deep state can work both ways. Lets get it to work in our favor. The left has been doing it for a while and it’s time to beat them at their own game. There are signs that as a whole they are not coherent in their plan(?). Let’s discover and exploit the weaknesses. Should be great fun, n’est pas ?

    Especially when they end up eating their own and all we have to do is watch and not have to fire a shot.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      This is some thinking our side needs, to be sure. I hope some others can chime in on this. I am not the one to go to for it. My mind does not work that way. As a good friend of mine who is well acquainted with the intelligence world has told me, I have not the mind or personality for psyops and intelligence work. He told me I am too much of a black and white, it either is or isn’t, right vs. wrong kind of person. Told me I am the guy you want when the diplomacy isn’t working anymore, and its time to shoot folks in the lips. That is my default solution, always has been. Usually settled for punching someone in the mouth, but you get the drift. We need more of this thinking, from people with the minds for it. Be pretty nice if they could make it work so the knuckle draggers can stay home and keep up the illusion of being civilized men. Better for everyone that way.

      As far as how to put the left into a frenzy, I can do that. Engage them in conversation and then dump some cold hard truth on them. Like when they ask why I need guns. Hell with mewing about muh hunting and muh self defense. I tell them I need guns so I can kill them when they start trying to put their ideas into action. Gut punch of reality right there. We need to, as a sector of society, just drop the nice guy act. Punch them in the mouth, either figuratively or literally, whichever is called for. Regain the side of us that they fear so much, the one that first subdued this world, then built it. They want to disarm and replace us because they know we can kill them dead if we get tired enough of their shit. Treat them like the bitches and beta males that they are, put them on the defensive, then push them off the cliff. See how I think? Told you I am not the guy for this…

  6. You want to see it in action? Pay attention to New Mexico this year. It is a fairly free state, but it won’t be by the end of the year. Our gun laws make Texas look like Kalifornia. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, they will be a lot worse.

    Then look at our oil and gas industry. New Mexico is second in the country behind Texas for oil and gas production. The new commies in charge are already setting out to shut it down. Sad thing is that it is the petroleum industry that is financing state government. So, where will they get that money?? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.

  7. Talk about lipstick on a pig…