Best Cover-Up Evah!

And it’s ongoing.

Rule of law has been dead for some time now.

Plan accordingly.

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  1. …an interior shot of a SCIF. A little surprising that such things are open source. Or not, given who was POTUS at that time.

  2. St.Maur1066

    I will be 62 this month. Although eligible to retire, I cannot since I can’t afford health care. But as I continue to work I will be taxed to support a 30 year old immigrant and his 6 beaners with FREE health care, food, housing etc.. That is not Freedom, That is slavery! I plan on dealing with the slave master, with a vengeance.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Been trying for VA disability for over 2 yrs, been shot down both times, yet some illegal can come in a pull down $30-40,000 yr for his big brood on his first visit to the welfare office.
      If that doesn’t wake someone up to the fact the game is rigged, and we don’t count in this country anymore. They are deliberately killing us from within (Wash D.C.), no need to worry about any Muslim or Chinese invaders. Our politicians are the enemy. May they all die soon.

      • That’s because you aren’t useful to them in anyway and that illegal brood will work for cheap for big business and will vote Demonrat…The next step for you will be they call you up and say sure come on down we have the paperwork all drawn up for you to be a 100% disabled and then when you get there it will be I see your shots aren’t up to date and we need you to be if we are going to be supporting you or step into this room to sign these papers…It’s coming to that mark my words and you will disappear without a trace…


          Word. The push is really ratcheting up here in Rawles Land that: “…everybody needs a flu shot, especially you Seniors.” And, when I go into the doc for my annual “Medicare Evaluation” there is a whole laundry list of questions about: “How happy are you?” “Do you feel depressed or suicidal?” “how often?”, etc. We are being set up to be Red Flagged and/or turned into Soylent Green. Bleb ubrig, my brother.

  3. God damn Jew to hell. THEY are the God damned fucking swill behind this fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    I don’t know how Trump is going to pull himself out of this, every single gov’t agency is against him, along with the communist/ liberal media. Even if he was lily white clean, he’d still be found guilty of something, while the real criminals walk free and get rich. They’re masters of deception and lying.
    For those that aren’t fully awake yet, the only way thru this is to finish off every single fucking communist once the shooting starts. Like cockroaches, if only 2 survive, this will start all over again.

    Take a look at the demonization of Germany, they’re now posting videos of the Jews being slaughtered under the Kaiser during WW1, these lying Jews won’t quit, and this will go on for another hundred years. There is no end to the lies being pushed on the gullible masses, and this is how they keep winning.

    And my thanks to Northgunner, Patton was right on several counts. My father was a POW after the Normandy invasion, they were so tired of the last 4 yrs of war, however, he said they would have followed Patton had he decided to march on Moscow. Hitler’s first and foremost goal was to stomp out communism (they were already fighting Antifa in 1933), not world domination, but the media sure turned that around to suit their needs. Along with every other invasion since WW2.

    • speaking of cover-ups…

      i’m having surgery on my service-injured knee on friday and that puts me on 100%- immediately. still waiting for the neurosurgeon’s diagnosis on my service-injured back- 100% permanently.

      MO money MO money MO money

      you can thank the stupid as fuck e-6 and e-7 who were jealous of my SQI’s and dogged me until it cost all you taxpayers a lot of fucking coin.

      ha ha 🙂

      • Why don’t you tell the boys the full story. Yes your 100%, for max 1 year. Or until your doc says your gtg. Hey I hope you get your 100% rating.

        Good luck on your surgery.

        O yea, I read your not coming out to Cody Wy. To be honest I’d be honored to get to meet you FTF, hope you re-consider. I’m,looking forward to this gig.

        I really want to meet everybody, shake their hand perhaps hoist a fantastic IPA, or sling some long range projectiles.


        • why don’t you drop dead scum pig cop?

          the hate grows more and more for you bitch.

          every cop and their family must pay dearly for what they have done.

          hows it feel to have a target on your yellow back?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Had a VA appt today with a neurosurgeon (via skype), had to cancel drive to local clinic (75 mi) on account of blowing snow and 70 mph winds. Have to wait another month to see him now.
        Good luck with yours.

        • yeah snow.

          had 2 feet yesterday. plowed for 7 hours- just my driveway and parking area. all schools have been canceled in the U.P. and some lower. have to go and plow again right now. snowed another 4″s overnight. when they predict 8-12 on the mainland, it’s double that here on the island-ALWAYS.
          gubmint plows haven’t even made it thru yet, so the roads are impassable. so glad i don’t work a job. keep paying your taxes BITCHEZ.

          and NEVER trust anyone who was above e-5 in the militardy- they DO NOT have your best interests in mind. as a matter of fact- be nice and make friends, then put one in the back of their ear when they don’t expect it. 🙂 I will.

    • Extinction of American Citizenship
      The Political Map of today clearly shows the U.S Coastline has been overthrown by Radical Democrats who have stolen all of the wealth from all of the Citizens of America and now threaten to sieze all of the lands in between the Oceans, this is a North American Continent Disaster about to erupt into massive conflict that will the streets of America with blood.
      The loss of the House of Representative occurred because of two factors and one being the lack of Republicans going to the polls to vote with the other being the Democrats who came together to steal the victories in 25 States across the Nation. For several grueling nights many of us watched in horror as we seen our republican candidates lose in state after state while others were stolen at the hands of recounts.
      Because of the drunken spineless americans who refused to vote Republicans and the criminal society of the Democratic Party who blindly followed this band of thieves, we are about to lose our Nation!
      These treasonous Democrats have weakened our Nation, Stolen our Wealth, imprisoned and destroyed our families.
      The New American Order will kneel and Bow to the American Socialists Party. These Camera’s you see on every street is monitored by computers that are controlled by members of the Socialist Party, the Speaker of the House wields the power of the Check Book and can choose who will receive the stolen funds from taxation, these Politicians have worked for nothing because they have been able to easily steal it without a single investigation, trillions of dollars have been stashed in off shore accounts for the future care of many generations of Political family members to come.
      While our soldier are away fighting and dying for “Freedom” our politicians are busy robbing this Nation and the handlers of the Democratic party have shown great skill at keeping these Political Thieves away from investigations and hearings. It began with Hillary and Pelosi who is now using her Gavel to take down The Republican President of the United States. Political Party Warfare is about Warfare not Peace.
      Pelosi has stood at the Controls of America while guiding and directing the Theft of $25T and now she once again has launched New legislation just like the old Legislation and it will surely fleece another $25T from America.

      • John, right on. The majority here apparently didn’t vote, cuz, fuck voting. Yet are unable to except the reality of their actions.

        I admire your willingness to point out the obvious. Not voting has consequences,

        Have a good one.

        The resident, statist.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I didn’t vote, and I’m not always drunk, spineless or Republican.
        The game is rigged asshole, so why play? These guys cheat for a living, against a bunch of naive voters like yourself.
        Better to break out the guns and play for real, winner takes all. Or do you want to play the voting game indefinitely? All you’re doing is kicking the can down the road until you’re too old to defend yourself anymore. Then they’ll just turn off your IV.

    • Trumps not going anywhere. Right now in this time in space, he’s the only hope we have, he’s buying each of us time.

      Who are the DEMs gonna run against him, Beto? They got nobody, they have nothing. I apparently have much more faith in middle America, they see and hear what’s going on.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        OK Dirk, I’ll bite.
        How much more time do you need to get ready?
        This fight isn’t going anywhere, it’s coming whether we want it or not.
        Play another election cycle or 3, any idea how many billions they’ll waste running for office and filling their pockets, even if they lose like Bernie, they’re rich, and you’re still hoping for change.
        And every election they get more commies in office, because they’re better at cheating than your side is. With the amount of money you make, you should have 100 cases of ammo already.
        So how much more time do you need?

        I’d rather get this shit over with right now, rather than stall and wait another 8-10 yrs and be too old to defend myself. This country is going down the toilet faster than you realize, won’t be enough fit men to fight in another decade. Meanwhile we die a slow death from a thousand cuts as they slice away, and we keep hoping for more time.

        And just like laying in the dirt in front of a MG bunker, sooner or later someone has to get up and attack the damn thing, it won’t quit firing on it’s own. There’s no air or naval gunfire to do it for you.
        So how much time do you need?


        Uh, Dirk, I would have to disagree. Beto, as corrupt and self-serving as he is, has the “charisma” to pull it off. I still remember how the MSM fawned over the Kennedy Crime Family and how JFK was the rock star of his day. Look at all of the foolish women who swooned over Barry the Butt Pirate. Amerikans, as a group, are just plain stupid. And that is actually giving them too much credit.
        I don’t disagree with Semper Fi and the others, but I vote in local elections here in Rawles Land because we still have the edge and can keep the corrupt local/state hacks from totally fleecing us. It was the same way in Curry County, OR. All politics is local.
        We will just have to see what the POTUS has in store for all of us tonight with his address. If he invokes the provisions of the Patriot Act and the NDAA, then Obama and his minions will have been hoisted on their own petard, as they voted it in. He can declare Martial Law along the borders and get the Corps of Engineers to build the barrier. If he pulls a LBJ-era: “…come, let us reason together” meme, he is toast and preps get ratcheted up further. Bleib ubrig.

  5. “their” cover-up succeeded because

    “he” (Trump) refused to declassify.

    looks like “they” and “Trump” are

    one and the same. As I have said:

    dog-and-pony show.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’ve wondered so many times why doesn’t he drop the ball on them? Or is that his finale?
      He could probably scoop them all up in one massive arrest.
      Then again, all just show?

      • If you were DJT, would you drop the ball on them? All of Washington is against him…Democrat, Republican, and the deep state…whatever that is.

        Trump is what has never been before…sort of an …NPC…as President. Nobody knows what’s next.

        I say MAGA. Because what comes next is a real…Politician.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          “and the deep state…whatever that is.”
          Sarcasm, or you really don’t know?

          I guess some folks will never rise above being sheep, and never willing to expand their own horizons. Never leaving the confines of the flock means never having to think for yourself either. There’s always someone there to do it for you.

    • drumpf is a scumbag. i’ve said it all along. he is not what the right thinks he is…

    • But you still would want Hillary?

  6. St.Maur1066

    Just thinking out loud here…. Can we create the super warrior? With dedication, Truth, the love of Truth and Justice. A higher cause then oneself. Self sacrifice for the blood line.
    Blending these traits with dedication, self control, mind over body to achieve goals no matter the cost to the self. Can these be done? And once done to the individual can the power be expressed to the group as in batteries wired in series, and then linked to the God force?
    Our cause must be nothing short of spiritual. We MUST work as one unified force. I must die to defend your children, as you, mine.


  7. St.Maur1066


  8. Reggie Love. Dancing Czars posted pictures of Reggie gobbling goo.
    Forget about the illegal,underhanded,backstabbing,murdering cocksuckers. The real enemy is the propaganda,lies,omissions and misinformation campaigns. Education / training. The disciplines compliment each other.
    I don’t give a fuck about twenty years from now. I won’t be alive. I give a fuck about now. January 2019.
    “On my honor, I will do my best ..” First formal oath I ever took. It meant something. I have taken oaths since. The dirty commie bastards shit on them all. Traditions and oaths are the objects of mockery and disdain.
    Language is important. Words have power. Homo sapiens are losing the ability to communicate effectively and process information. When the cell towers cease to function comes to a screeching halt.The utilization of language to divide and conquer,insult your intelligence plus sow the seeds of doubt is not a new concept. Sun Tzu’s approach to warfare is founded on deception,mis-information and gaining access to your enemies mind-set. The spilling of blood takes place on Tzu time.
    Laws are tools to grind you into the fucking dirt.No one is coming to save you. Move your sorry ass!

  9. This is the down and dirty:

    Explanation in its entirety here:

    Of course, this is happening to cover up
    Enemy Entanglements – Foreign & Domestic

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Dave thomas

    Hopefully, rule of law is dead and gone forever!
    What we are supposed to have is, rule of constitutional law.
    Of the people, for the people, by the people.
    The exact opposite of rule of law, which is communist for-
    Of the elites, by the elites, for the elites-
    No- we the people involved.

  12. Once more into the breach…..

    The problems have been debated ad naseum but nothing has been done by anybody. The fuse still has not been lit.

    Most voted for Trump to hopefully fix the issues. We used the same voting tool to fix what has been broken for a long time. We elected someone else to do the dirty work because we did not want to start the fire.

    When you do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result….

    When is the last time in nearly 60 years that has actually been fixed by voting? Same ole, same ole.

    When will you realize that there isn’t a nickels worth of difference between DEM and GOP ? (Will Rodgers i believe said that long before I was born)
    They are all cut from the same cloth, even with the best of “horonable” intentions (Tea Party) they all eventually drink the Kool-Aid.

    Even any of us with the best intentions, knowing what is broke, yet not quite sure how to fix things, should not forget that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We may think and debate as we do now, but what if any of us were to be elected to office ? How would our honor and integrity remain intact ? I believe it would take tremendous spiritual strength and Gods grace to keep us sane and soul intact.

    I have not seen anything change for the better in the last 20+ years since I became more aware. In reading history, it’s alway been like this and I don’t think anything will change any time soon. The shit will still be dumped on us as we scream “thank you sir, may I have another”

    Most of us here are too old to do shit (but, I still can “reach out and touch someone”) And MUST find the right young men and women who will keep the torch of liberty burning.

    TPTB are playing a waiting game until those of us with a sense of honor and knowing what liberty was like……are dead……and then, from our cold dead hands……

    The indoctrination of our young is almost complete.

    I’d like to start breaking shit and do more than shooting it while I still can.

    But as I can see……..who’s first?

    I recall the Isaiah 6:8 mural at the stairwell in front of the SECDEFS office at Ft. Fumbles ( 1st floor, D ring? you know, the building with four walls and a spare). I wonder if that mural is still there.

    • MUST find the right young men and women who will keep the torch of liberty burning…You have to be in an area that you can find susceptible young minds that want Liberty…Most of you older Patriots though have become bitter and have the fuck it attitude with a few exceptions like you and others here…I hope you will be able to make it to the DSR this summer…

  13. Lot’s of people are looking for a political messiah, but when he comes, they won’t vote for him because we can’t vote our way out of this. Other people are looking for a combat leader, but if he shows up they won’t join him because they think it’s probably a trap. No one wants to take action on their own because lone wolf attacks are stupid, we’re told. Did I miss any reasons why you won’t do anything to save your civilization and race? Sometimes you just have to take a chance and get involved.

  14. You will never get rid of moles. IMO, in vetting people to join your group, they must be vouch-safed by two other members who have also been vouch-safed by two others before them. You may be able to REDUCE the potential mole problem.

    I am in favor of 3-person cells. Plan and execute from this.
    C’mon folks, start thinking this through. I know there are folks here smarter than I am on this stuff and there is a ton of material available on-line and in meat-space.

    May I suggest that your cell should be your neighbors that you can BEGIN to trust – gently at first. Feel them out. (at a minimum you should have already done this) Your children play with their children, go to the same school (or better yet home schooled – which gives me several other ideas). Allow yourselves to fondle each others hardware – as in FIREARMS – not junk, wives, dogs, etc. (< I just made a funny ;} ) trigger time, basic skills, wood cutting, reloading, gardening, barn-raising !

    ID target your AO and other like-mined folks, but don't give the farm away.
    You better know how to do this…….put the little gray cells to work.

    You have a sensing venue at church, school, lodge, range, barber shop.
    Get to know those folks you can BEGIN to trust and make a list of those who you cannot. (Bars are not good recruiting/sensing venues)

    BTW, back in the day, we used to say – you know how to keep a secret between three people ? – kill the other two.

    NO ONE is coming to our rescue but US. Don't EVEN expect the Lord our God, Almighty, to flick his finger and instant rapture. Ain't happening. We created this mess and it's up to us to un-ass this.

    3-person cells – get smart on this

    And don't forget…….communications (i.e ham radio, bongo drums, coconuts)

    Start yesterday.