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    • Fart sound. Real mature, real intelligent. I’ll bet your collection of fecal art on your cell walls is something to see.

      • Don’t feed the trolls Matt

      • Matt, lot’s of negativity on this blog. Most of it from about 9 guys.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Muslims have invaded my country and the Jewish people down the street keep telling me they are the greatest people ever.

          Which is funny because the Jewish people down the street never smile or wave at me.

          They sure love their Islam though.

          Negativity like that?

          • lastmanstanding

            Just more reinforcement that you are above the target.

            I’d be interested to share lodging at your uncle’s for the Jefferson family reunion. Please let me know if possible so I can get my plans in place.

            • Johnny Paratrooper

              My family has the coolest ranch in Cody.

              It’s not the fanciest, but believe me, it is very, very nice.

              We have everything you need.

              Fishing, Horses, and a family environment. If you have kids, they will have friends to play with for the whole weekend. So you and the wifey can relax with the adults.

              Peter has my contact information if anyone is interested.

              It’s 40 minutes from Cody, and 40 minutes from the Yellowstone gate.

              To book a room anywhere else would imply you have at least 2 hours of driving a day. Minimum. Which is modest for Wyoming.

              • lastmanstanding

                Perfect. Don’t need fancy…a hot shower and a bunk will do, I’ll even cook.

                I’m coming solo other than my oldest dog (if that is ok) She is extremely well behaved, lives in our home, great with kids and is a hunters dream.

                I’m in.

                Pete, sent you mail from self and MTWY the other day. Could you sent me JP’s info? Would like to get my ducks in a row asap. My work season will be jamming soon and the next thing I know, it will be 4th of July. Really looking forward to this brothers.

            • Last, is he above the target, or is he the target? Ever vet the guy?

              • lastmanstanding

                Brother,(I hope that doesn’t offend you) we’re all the target. Those who only need who they choose…and No.

                I’m not a vet but was raised by a Marine. A tough, but fair one. I go to work nearly every day. We own a couple businesses, we support our family, our friends our community and our country. I’m not afraid of taking risk. Maybe this is a big one, I will find out.

                I’ve been coming to this place for 6-7 years. Lots of solid info posted here. The commenters here are the main reason. I want to know what everyone thinks about our current situation as a nation. Maybe I’ll meet some of them.

                Any how, my plan is simple. Drive to Cody with a bunch of food, meet some new folks, visit a place that I have never been, prepare a meal with another gentlemen who comes here for the group and hopefully return home to my lovely wife with a great memory and some new friends.

                I think it was Tom that said something like, “you have a life, better be livin it.”

          • I can’t stand to see people who complain about the degeneracy in our society make a mentally insane middle age man who dresses as a woman welcome because he posts some conservative shit and says he isn’t like the others. Clean your own house before you start telling others.

            • wendystringer48088


              Hey Otto, It’s Mam. 🙂

              Does my existence and my presence here piss you off Otto?

              First off, you don’t really know anything about me other than what I put up on social media.

              Second, if someone like me can bother you that is really something you need to fix. Hint: you can react to something that you feel is way beyond the pale with indignation and disgust and you will still be powerless to change things, and all the source of your trouble will have to do to be able to continue to torment you is to strut around in your presence. Or you can react with amusement, shake your head and laugh, and thank God (out loud if you prefer) that you do not have that person’s problems.

              It is really your choice how you react to things that make you uncomfortable. Just like sleeping on the ground outside vs inside in your own bed, you adjust your comfort level to the situation and adjust, adapt and overcome the situation.

              At least I have a sense of humor about my situation, and have compassion for and try to help others, and do try to contribute something positive here.

              By the way, maybe you should not try to tell other people what to do on their blog sites.
              Maybe start your own blog and you can make and enforce your own rules.

              You know, get your own sh!t together before you start telling others what to do. 🙂

              • SemperFi, 0321

                The world is full of control freaks, that’s why we’re all here bitching.
                Don’t tell him you were a Marine, then he’ll really come unhinged.

                • Just lost a reader, so after we win, trannies will have special rights, back to the or the shieldwallnetwork. What kind of government op is this. Make you feel comfortable then throw in trannies I’ve been on here since it moved. As Johnny Ringo says “Bye”

                • wendystringer48088


                • wendystringer48088

                  “The world is full of control freaks…”

                  That’s for sure. And trying to tell other people how to run what they created and maintain.

                  “Don’t tell him you were a Marine…”
                  Still a Marine. We all are. Semper Fi. 🙂

          • Johnny, you might not be the good guy you think you are. How many newbies did you bring into the fold as opposed to the people you turned off? What’s the goal of just bitching every day?

      • Living (First Amendment) rent free,
        never arrested, tried, convicted, imprisoned.
        Scatology is a no-go at all of my life stations.

        • Arrested multiple times for kicking the shit out of douche canoes. Beat all the charges.
          Your boyfriend,Lance, said you enjoy felching. Is Lance lying? He is such a cad.

  1. Masthead, another fucking looser. How about this, amigo, MOVE. Get the fuck out. Read your words moron, you are clearly a left leaning fucking looser.

    Go stick your looser ass head in the sand, you fucking snow flake, looser.

    Why is it the sky’s always falling around here, it’s not.


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The economy is this country is dead.
      My generation doesn’t want to breed for some reason.
      There are muslims, mexicans, and Africans everywhere in my city.
      And the Commie/Muslim alliance keeps threatening civil war

      Where is the positive?

      What are you fucking talking about.

      What’s the point of all your posts if nothing is wrong?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      You must be a boomer.

      Your political believes shift slightly every single day in favor of your argument.

      If you will notice, Over years of posting on social media, my attitude towards reality has never changed or swayed.

      With the exception of thinking islam is fucked up.

      I used to think Islam was like any other weirdo cult.

      • johnny last year you sounded just like a college freshman spouting freshman taught rubbish. This year you sound just like a second year college kid, spouting second year college bullshit.

        Your indoctrination has been completed. Like I said yesterday, your a false flag waiting to happen.

        Just a matter of time before a recruiter here helps you make a plan to do something stupid. Something you will regret for the rest of your life.

        Son, you don’t even realize your swimming with Great Whites
        here, not Dolphins. You should be cautious of just exactly whom you saddle up with.

        Johnny, life is good, go out and make something of yourself. This hatred, crushs a mans sole!


        • Johnny Paratrooper


          What are you talking about?

          I have no friends at my college. And I have made no friends.

          I consistently receive grades just above failing due to my refusal to tow the party line.

          Again, there you go making stuff up to sway the argument in your favor.

          Like every Cop on earth.

        • If your grammar is stuck at kindergarten level, why would we imagine that your “insights” are at a higher level?

          sole |sōl|
          the undersurface of a person’s foot: the soles of their feet were nearly black with dirt.
          • the section forming the underside of a piece of footwear (typically excluding the heel when this forms a distinct part).
          • the part of the undersurface of a person’s foot between the toes and the instep.
          • the undersurface of a tool or implement such as a plane or the head of a golf club.
          • the floor of a ship’s cabin or cockpit.

          soul |sōl|
          1 the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
          • a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity: in the depths of her soul, she knew he would betray her.
          • emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance: their interpretation lacked soul.
          2 the essence or embodiment of a specified quality: he was the soul of discretion | brevity is the soul of wit.
          • an individual person: I’ll never tell a soul.
          • a person regarded with affection or pity: she’s a nice old soul.
          3 African-American culture or ethnic pride.

    • there is coming a great purge…

      and the statists, cops, and authority worshipers will suffer untold casualties.

      tic fucking toc

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Dirk literally just accused me of being a brain washed college student.


        I don’t know any college students like me.

        How many Baltimore City students are on this website? One. Me.

        • Johnny can you shoot for a degree that doesn’t include as much of the bullshit? Comp Sci is a ball buster but if that did not appeal you could try CIS which is the biz school variant of software dev. You might get lucky taking philosophy classes if the prof is balanced or teaches reason, logic and the study of the argument vs Marxism.

          I think you have a good head on your shoulders by virtue of the fact that you are obviously red pilled and hanging around the likes of us grouchy bastards.

          This site helps me realize that I’m not completely crazy when I’m exposed to so much post-modern Marxist bullshit on a daily basis.

        • ha ha

          fuck that coproach.

          bottom line.

          there is nothing lower than cop. i have more respect for dope dealers. they actually take risks while providing a product that people desire. you cannot legislate and enforce your version of morality unto others who do not want it without becoming a tyrannical fuckwit.

          a buddy of mine has a tattoo across his back that says “FUCK THE LAW”

    • Such raw passion from a GOP cucker.

  2. Darryl Van Horne

    Was in Santiago last summer. Prayed at the Cathedral of St. James. Hugged him like a pilgrim and asked him for his intercession on this busted ass world.

    • Let’s remember (((who))) opened city gates during the Reconquista so that Christian throats could be cut while asleep.

      Notwithstanding their “genius,” the tribe lost control of their golem very early, but even now they still try to use Islam against Christians.

      The Jewish Origins of Islam
      Edouard-Marie Gallez, Le Messie et son prophète: aux origines de l’Islam. Paris: Studia Arabica, dirigée par Marie-Thérèse Urvoy. Tome I: De Qumran à Muhammad. 4th edition, 2012. 523 pp. 35 Euros. Tome II: Du Muhammad des Califes au Muhammad de l’histoire. 2010. Pp 574. 39 Euros.

      Reviewed by Anne Barbeau Gardine, Culture Wars, February 2018.

  3. Many could run the risk of turning this symbol of the wrongful execution of Christ by torture, into an Idol of the Godless. Before you(general address) wear a Christian symbol you ought to at least know the foundations of our Faith and most assuredly, be believers on Christ Jesus as the resurrected Son of God. At the very least know what’s at the link, in your mind, but most assuredly believe it your heart. God is for those, where you fight WITH Him.

    Mr. Bracken and any others who care, most assuredly the literal translation is Murder but Kill is a better understanding. The problem is a lack of proper Christian understand and teaching, but perhaps a conspiracy. When one takes a life in Self Defense he is not killing but he is rightfully preserving life, a commandment of Holy God. He just said; don’t kill, did He not?

    This is a Natural Law fact of God written on every man’s heart. This is God’s Natural Law of Self Defense. To kill is wrong and by any reading of the Holy Bible to allow killing is equally wrong, but it is even worse for a Christian of any predilection to let killing proceed unabated, such as Abortion, and the knowledge that any of the ‘isms’ will eventually kill indiscriminately and that the lacking in a more proactive posture against these mass murderous heathens is warranted as God commands specially, naturally, and by enjoining; “Thou shalt not kill.”

    You WILL defend all life as it is precious is the eyes of God, therefor you WILL kill to preserve it. Secondarily but equally as important, by this measure, a Christian knows when it is time to stop killing, as rightful self defense to the preservation of life is the start and STOP point. This is why Totalitarians everywhere kill all of the Christians because once a Tribe or People or Nation is secured the Christian knows it is time for killing to stop, but the ‘isms’ are mass murderers and they don’t stop until stopped by good men.

    This is the Natural Law, that even non believers understand because, it is by Blood Covenant that these truths are written on the very sense of self. The Holy Bible is not some ridiculous rule book, it is the facts of human existence in a fallen world and whether you believe what’s in it or not, the facts of God’s created order shall not be broken by anybody, try as the Leftist Tower of Babel 2.0 NWO might. There is a Holy Reckoning. All things are brought to right, there is an eye for an eye. Get on the right side of history and like a viscous wild animal defend yourselves, for it is Holy unto God!

    The American Church and it’s false profits have attempted to separate you (believers) from the fact of your agency as one of God’s army. This is a great deception. You WILL defend yourself and all life in His holy name, or you sin before the great and terrible God of creation.

    The God of the Bible is not a pacifist hippy and to mis-represent Jesus as such is Sin. Thank you for pointing this out, Mr. Bracken. God be with you.

    @ProGunFred on FreeZoxee

    • you and your fucked-up god can eat shit and die.

      if this BS god of yours is so powerful, why is the world so screwed and it’s followers on the brink of violent execution?

      answer: your god is a fucking JOKE no different than the muzzies, jews, hindu’s, and all the other fake cocksucking deities.

      MAN IS GOD.


      • Jimmy the Saint

        “MAN IS GOD.”

        Gotta beat me to claim that title.
        – The Universe

      • That seems odd if imprudent. The way things are shaping out we never know who it is that might-would fight by our side and allies are a rare and precious commodity, Sir. Although I don’t comment here much I had been thinking of going to Cody, funds and what not. I’ve never said a word to you positive, neutral, or negative. You lack vision but I get it I’m not a ‘vision guy’ either but sadly your attack for no good reason shows a severe lack of leadership skills and of wisdom, not that I’m all that great myself mind you. I look forward, whether online or otherwise, to try a conversation again with you, by way of example I would say now; while I disagree with your religion I accept the proposition of killing Totalitarians with those who would be free. Good evening, Sir.

    • wendystringer48088


      “When one takes a life in Self Defense he is not killing but he is rightfully preserving life, a commandment of Holy God.”
      “You WILL defend all life as it is precious is the eyes of God, therefor you WILL kill to preserve it.”

      Thank you for posting that. Not all of us have given up on Faith.

  4. Love that cross. “Muscular Christianity” instead of the irrelevant weak-sauce the Church has become. The Left means to kill us all. Wake the **** up people.


    Nice sentiment. I prefer the Veritas et Aequitas meme made popular in the movie: THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. There are folks up here in Rawles Land who have that decal or bumper sticker on their vehicles. The other sheeple have no clue.

    • lastmanstanding

      Would you recommend the Boondock Saints and briefly why?

      We watch a few movies but I won’t watch the predominately commie trash by about 99% of the you know who’s in the “wood”. We were watching a bit of euro trash for a while (winters long in the redoubt as you know) but even my wife got sick of the blatant, race-mixing, lgbt, feminism, etc., etc. being shoved up her ass.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        It’s an extremely violent movie, might not be what your wife wants. However, I know what I’m digging out and watching again tonight.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The boondocks saints is interesting.

        A hyper dynamic cast that gives you insight into the going on behind the scenes in white controlled ghettos.

        It also deals with coming of age and awakening to Christ and a call to arms to defend the defenseless.

        Skip Boondock Saints 2. It is a multicultural shit-tier movie.

        But the first one is Cinema Gold.

        If you don’t laugh your ass off half the movie, you have no funny bone.

      • Boondocks Saints is just just another effort by H✡llyw✡✡d to smear [Irish] Catholics as though we approve of talmudic vengeance.

      • Boondock Saints 1 and 2 are excellent. You will know why when you see them. A lot of free modern Russian and former Comboc countries stuff is free on Amazon Prime if you can handle the subtitles. Just finished ‘Spies’ about two chick spies behind German lines on the Eastern Front . Pretty good with none of the Hollywood vice and gore,


        Agree. The movie is not for everybody. I looked at the message-Veritas et Aequitas(Truth and Justice). And, I agree with Al that it probably was an attempt by (((Hollywood))) to smear Irish Catholics. Like V For Vendetta was a smear against Christians. But, I believe both movies have blown back and will continue to blow back in the face of the (((Establishment Communist Scum))) who produce such films. Folks are looking past the violence and profanity and at the message.
        The V For Vendetta meme has been seized by quite a few anti-Leviathan folks over the last ten or so years. I saw it quite a bit in the Tea Party gatherings in SW Oregon and Del Norte County, CA. The people up here who have the Veritas et Aequitas decals on their vehicle rear windows are not in the same league with the buffoons who have the lime green and blue porch lights to show their fanaticism about the Seattle Seahawks. As the “V” character stated: “…words will always retain their power.”

    • I didn’t see it as a sentiment. I see it as a well placed, well needed call for Christians to unify around a symbol of rightful defense at arms in the name of a Holy God. Any attempt to snap them out of their, slumber by deception, is worthy, Sir. Pray for them.

    • “meme made popular in the movie: THE BOONDOCK SAINTS”
      That says it all, about you boomer cucks
      and the piss poor state of America.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    And the Commie/Muslim alliance keeps threatening civil war

    Where is the positive ?

    And the Commie/Muslim alliance keeps threatening civil war

    Do it already ya fucks

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      They have. They murder at will in our Civilizations.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “And the Commie/Muslim alliance keeps threatening civil war

      Where is the positive ?”

      Look for that “alliance” to fare about as well, and as long, as the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

  7. i have more faith and trust in my ortho surgeon than all the gods in any book ever written.

    this fucking guy not only repairs, he replaces hips knees shoulders elbows…

    god? pfffft that shitstain couldn’t wipe its own ass.

    god has AND will let you down EVERY FUCKING TIME.

    and then there is always the dumbass believers who ALWAYS make some lame ass excuse for their gods inability to deliver the simplest act of correction, let alone any miracle. for the life of me, i just can’t understand how anyone can continue to follow that stupid as fuck faith. are people that naive?

    oh. wait.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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