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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    “More Every Year Than The Entire Vietnam War”
    -Donald John Trump

    Think about that.

    • And then think about where the poppies that provide the opium are grown, and who is watching the fields.


      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The opium is grown in South American and Central America.

        The stuff in Afghanistan mostly goes to Europe and Asia.

        Transporting money and drugs that far, outside of view of the leaders, is risky.

        The different cartels like to control their own dope and money.

        The globalists are the the shot callers, but they don’t rule the entirety of the planet. Criminals are very cut throat and don’t trust each other; which is our greatest strength.

        • Rog that.

          I look at dope and dope workers as fungible.

          But you are right.

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            It is easy to fall for the CIA “Cocaine Importation Agency” memes.

            But the reality is quite straight forward.

            Also, some people don’t know a few things about Latin America

            It is one of the most remote and isolated locations on Earth.
            There is lots of naturally occurring minerals. They have everything they need.
            There are hundreds and hundreds of square miles of forest in nearly every nation that doesn’t have a single road or power line.

            It’s nothing like Africa(Very Huge, but accessible) or America(Lots of roads)

            There are hardly any roads and LOTS of mountain and impassible jungle.

            In order to fight the cartels, A helicopter needs to refuel like 8 times just to make an incursion into enemy territory and burn some fields and kill cartel.

            After that you need to rebuild the turbine bearings and change the oil.

            At $5,000 a per bearing assemble. That adds up quick.

            • CIA importing cocaine is not a meme son. Its verifiable fact.
              The opium in the ‘stan may go to Europe and Africa but the cash goes into the pipeline of covert finance. There is an entire invisible system of funding that runs in parallel to legitimate finance. Most of that money comes from the sale of illicit drugs and its all controlled by the deep state. The cartels exist because they work for the deep state. Don’t think for one second that they could not be taken down if the governments of Latin America and the US wanted to actually accomplish it.

              • lastmanstanding


                “It’s the lure of easy money, it has a very strong appeal”

              • Johnny Paratrooper

                No. You are Wrong.

                Warfare isn’t magical. You have to find them, and kill them. Or find something more profitable than growing dope.

                Bombing a bunch of dope growers doesn’t stop the dope.

                • The Cartel bosses live in mansions in South America, its not actually hard to find them.
                  I am not suggesting its not complicated. I am just telling you that if the governments wanted to stop it, they would.

                  How many wealthy bootleggers live just across the Canadian border today?

                  • Johnny Paratrooper

                    Dude, If you kill a cartel boss, how does that stop the Coyotes and the Regular Senoritas used as dope mules?

                    By your logic killing Hitler, Mohammed, or Marx should have stoped those groups.

                    But it didn’t…

                    A cartel boss isn’t a Congressman. You cant just shoot them and declare yourself the winner.

                    There are SYSTEMIC ISSUES.

                  • Whipoorwill

                    One other thought on the thread of the powers that be. Based on your thought process G … they could stop Islamic terrorism if they were committed to it, but they don’t. Or…they don’t want to stop it. They just appear to want to. Big money in global war on terror.

                    • Not exactly the same thing, but there is some truth to the idea that they don’t want to stop it. It has a purpose.

                  • This is a bit off track from the original intent here but I will go with it.
                    You are implying a lot that I have not intended to convey.
                    Maybe I did that a little myself but you flat out stated that the CIA being involved in the drug trade was a meme.
                    As if that was somehow an untruth or a false narrative.
                    Its 100% absolute fact.
                    Its not a meme or just a narrative.
                    What I am telling you and your not picking up on is that the reason that the drugs remain illegal is because THATS what makes them so profitable.
                    If the governments wanted to end the drug trade they could do it multiple ways.
                    The simplest is to make them legal.
                    Back in the 20’s there were wealthy bootleggers living across the border in Canada. That all stopped when booze became legal again.
                    That’s why the only people getting money from illegal booze are the fake ass moonshiners on TV.
                    They could just flat out kill the leadership of the cartels and seize their funds. That absolutely disrupts organizations. Its not like a distributed network that will function without leadership. Sure it COULD do that but the profits are so large that someone will kill the competition to get back to the top. Then you rinse and repeat.
                    The reason this does not happen is because of the involvement of government officials at all levels in all of the countries involved. Hell the head of the Mexican DSF was at the same time a CIA asset AND protecting the border smuggler cartels.

                    Make it legal and all that goes away.
                    Then you can address the actual problem which is people getting addicted.

              • Whipoorwill

                I agree G…And because of the numbers one has to think that corporate and maybe even Wall Street have a vein tapped on this line as well. I know … I sound like someone wandering around looking for their lost tinfoil hat. But it makes mor sense than anything else.

        • The opium in Afghanistan goes mostly to Russia.

      • An overwhelming majority is grown in
        And some of you had family members
        wounded and killed guarding those fields, some of whom I treated or packaged their bodies to begin the trip home, for the greater glory of the Empire and it’s financial enrichment.
        I piss on you GOPing boomers and
        your cucking vote.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          It is not all grown in the ME and Asia.

          That is simply a pure propaganda myth.

          They grow all the dope they need down south.

          • Yes, I know.
            I simply stated the factual
            truth about the crime of
            American military personnel
            sacrificed on the altar of Afghani poppy fields.

          • whats wrong with dope?

            something like 7 out of 10 murkins use in some form or another.

            i’ll take some pink bubblegum shale from Peru or some Colombian Red Bud – please. if smack is your thing- then fine, shoot up or snort until you feel good enough to die- no argument from me. either way, let people choose which poison they prefer.

            get rid of the poop lice and allow citizens to secure their own peace and life as they wish. sure, the weak and dumb perish. where’s the problem? oh, that’s right, it cuts into gubmints, big pharma’s, the just-us/criminal/prison industrial complex’s livelihood and profits… fuck the bullshit crusade to save the pathetic and useless- which is what most of the murkin public is.

            300 million-one way or the other.

        • Whipoorwill

          Hey gringo. Your anger makes sense. But try to rememeber. There are boomers who have been betrayed by the same asshats, who would be on your side in a fight and die with you. Focus your anger, and put the broader brush away. But stay angry and ready to fight. You’re in the right place.

      • Whipoorwill

        I wasnt sure where to enter this thread, CA, but it is a great thread. So many pissed off …

        Forget the Trump name or the party affiliation and consider the Office of the President.

        The President was spot on. The job of protecting the borders and protecting American citizens is job fucking One. And ALL of DC at every level in every office and bureau has failed. In fact, they have proven they shit on us all. Willfully. Arrogantly.

        They are your/our enemy.

  2. Whatever you think of this guy……assclown….deep state lackey…..wall street hump…….Zionist tool…..whatever……he’s given us a couple more years. As for me, I’ll take it and be grateful for it.

    • Of course you’ll take it, you cheap slut.

    • 維尼熊同志

      He has also gave the other side a couple of years.

    • that’s right. keep kicking the can down the road.


      i hope you fucks who need more time, die and your weak and dumb’d down spawn have to go up against this shit.


      • Yes, indeed!

        • Whipoorwill

          DMV gringo and tfA-t…

          No one is stopping you from going out and getting yourself wasted alone, right fucking now.

          Go to work.

          • Old Gray Wolf

            Nah, its more fun to bitch and moan about how everyone else is too weak to do it for them. Oh yeah, and way more fun to brag about how rich they are, how many women they fuck, etc. Actually putting money where the mouth is? No fun. No fun at all.

          • lol

            i’ve past the point of caring. let it all burn to the ground. i don’t even consider home anymore. i won’t lift a damn finger to save murka- it needs to go. in the meantime, i’ll beat that horse as hard as i can as hard to help the process along. the only way to begin fresh is too destroy everything and everyone. let the weak and unlucky perish. i’ve had a wonderful life and there’s not much more i can do without breaking every fucking “law” the murkin people have VOTED for.

            fuck em.

          • Hey everyone else! No one is stopping you either.

            It’s just fucking hilarious.

            You have those who are ready to go, but realize that the vast majority are not, and it would be suicide to go with what they’ve got.

            And it is that VAST MAJORITY who are NOT ready to go, if EVER, that are mocking those who are ready to go!


            Uh, yes there is, the rest of you who are mocking those who a ready to go, WHO COULD GO, BUT REFUSE TO, that are stopping them.

            Fucking White People.


          • Didn’t get to ‘Nam until ’70 and by that time we knew the fix was in and it was all about keeping yourself @ 98.6 for 13 months. Was at An Hoa about 20 miles west of Danang, Hotel 2/5. Guys like these we stayed as far away from as we could. Unfortunately one was so persistent he ended up an FF casualty. Sad shit. But when it’s real you gotta deal.

  3. Trump is a great business man. Even a good business man knows you never over promise and under deliver. And yet ….

  4. Walter Sobchak

    Trump had numbers, facts and figures. Debate them if you must. Peelosi kept saying ‘facts’ over and over but she and Chuckles didn’t present one single fact to even debate.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      It wasn’t a tweet.

      It was a standard warning order issued by the President AND Commander to the World(And more specifically the U.S. Mil)

      Which is why he mentioned the Vietnam War Specifically.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        FYI, Presidential speaking tries to avoid the use words like “Vietnam” and “War” in the same sentence.

        Trump chose those words for a reason. Imagine the following.
        Trump just recently promoted high ranking military and fired a bunch of people. Technically, right now is the first time the Generalship has been more American than ever.

        General Staff: “Sir, We lose more people every ten months then we did the entire Vietnam War”

        POTUS: [Stares at huge graphics, numbers, costs, and maps on the wall, Showing American Loses and Cartel Gains]

        General Staff: We need you to issue a Warning Order sir, Our intelligence suggests a 90% chance of military vs. military combat on the border. If we wait any longer, we have passed the point of no return. Everyone south of the border except Chile, the Bahamas, Columbia, and Brazil has been brainwashed to hate us and treat us like the enemy. They are not playing games sir. They are building mosques and Chinese outpost right now.

        It’s Now or Never Sir.

        • Wow JP…you need to start writing novels. Move over Matt B., Johnny’s in town !

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            Matthew Bracken is an excellent writer.

            Have you read his new books? I eagerly await the third book.

  5. thesouthwasrght

    Population replacement. Period.

    And what precisely is a non-essential worker? The price tag for 800k federal employees with all their perks, bennies, and exorbitant salaries is staggering I’m sure.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Worthless people. Like “Is the skyline at Cabin 646 blue”

      Forest Ranger drives to cabin

      Sky is blue.

  6. Thoughts?

    God save King Trump.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      -My Official Thoughts-

      Trump issued a mission statement and debriefed the public on why we need to “Execute X in order to gain Y”

      It was the equivalent of a warning order from your LT before you hit the machine-gun nest that just wiped out 3rd Squad.

      It was clearly a “cause for action” “rally the troops” speech.

      18 Vietnam Wars since 2000. 70,000 people a year die from drugs, not counting the walking casualties like the diseased whores and mentally-ill chronic users. Countless families bankrupted by drug addicted kids.

      The warning order consists of who, where, why, when, what

      Next you get together your special equipment(Like Concertina Wire, AT-84’s or Flares) and then contact mission essential support (Like tankers, or scheduling combat support aircraft)

      Once you get all your gear, you come up with a better plan than just “Battle Drill 1-10”

      Trump issued a “Warn-O”. Plan and Simple. I have seen that look 500 times.

      If you need anything. Soap, Bullets, Beans, toilet paper(very important)

      You should spend that final $500 on what you need. This could accelerate quickly.

      • those who OD everyday are expendable anyways. they WANT to die. let them. drug addicts are lost causes. it’s natures way. don’t fuck with mother nature. if a person is worthy of life- they will choose to live. what does orange fuck want to do with these useless shits if they ever pull themselves away from dope? DcMonalds can only hire so many idiots… they know the risks, if they expire- that’s what they have chosen. no different than alcohol, gambling, whoring, militardy service…

        fuck drumpf.

        • Bonaventure

          Psy·chop·a·thy /ˌsīˈkäpəTHē/ : A personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits.
          Psy·cho·path /ˈsīkəˌpaTH/: A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. (Informal) an unstable and aggressive person. Synonyms: madman, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath.

          • In true Stalinist form, you rise to display without restraint that you are a
            sycophantic whore.
            Any criticism, comments, or beliefs that run contrary to your slavish retardation is nothing but mental illness.
            Choke on the shit sandwich
            of reality, knowing that the communists, SJW’s, multigays, soyflakes, liberals, limp-wrists, feminazis, democrats, crazy cat ladies, male feminists,
            and so on, easily beat you (repeatedly) while laughing heartedly, knowing deep down that the opponents of their blood feud are nothing to fear.

            • Bonaventure

              Diabolical Narcissist: A person who has freely chosen, exactly as the fallen angels (satan and the demons) did, to purge themselves of all charity and are thus voluntarily incapable of love or empathy, and whose entire emotional palate is thus limited to anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.

              • i’ve been let down one too many times by your fake-ass pathetic cheesy deity. fuck you and your demons and gods.

                now go cry and pray at your pervert infested church.

                you deserve to be buried alive.

      • wendystringer48088

        Trump issued a mission statement and debriefed the public on why we need to “Execute X in order to gain Y”
        “It was clearly a “cause for action” “rally the troops” speech.”
        “Trump issued a “Warn-O”. Plan and Simple. I have seen that look 500 times.”

        I hope you are right in your assessment JP.

        In your opinion, is are our present troops up to it?

        “If you need anything. Soap, Bullets, Beans, toilet paper…
        You should spend that final $500 on what you need. This could accelerate quickly.”

        What might be our (those here in CONUS on WRSA) part in it?

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          We need to continue teaching people everything we know.

          We need to work out and be ready to care 50 pounds of weight for 20 miles.

          And we need to maintain our continued calm and collected approach.

          Remember, for 8 years pro Obama people joined the military.

          For 2-1/2 years Trump has had recruits and promotions.

          When I was in the Army, we cycled through 10% of our soldiers every couple of month(3-4). Depending on the time of year.

          Usually we lost a lot of people right after HS Graduation time and didn’t get more people until after the summer training cycle around Fall.

          Now is the time. IMHO. It is finally Trump’s Army.

          • lastmanstanding

            My days of packing 50 lb. for 20 mi. is OVER…but I have a couple other plans.

          • wendystringer48088

            > We need to work out and be ready to care 50 pounds of weight for 20 miles.

            Carry 50 lbs of stuff (assuming you mean full combat load + living in the field sustainment load for an extended time rather than combat load + extra batteries for the field radio and ammo for the M-249) 20 miles?
            That’s scary.
            Something you know that we don’t?

        • No, he did not, you fucking retard.
          Sphincter sealing lampreys Ho’!!!

  7. What a joke. The wall will never happen. Yet I am attacked on other sites for stating that obvious fact.

    Someone above stated that he bought us more time. Yes he did. Along with crushing Hillarys hopes on election night, that is all that he has-and ever will-accomplish.

    All the facts and figures cannot ever make up for the fact that the wall will never be built. Trump has been taking it up the tail pipe from GOP and Dems since day one, yet he keeps doing it.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I can understand your calloused view.

      Perfectly reasonable.

      But this wasn’t a tweet. It was a warning order.

      Get ready to move out.

      • Agreed JP. Events will rapidly evolve. Trump may not be a polished public official, but he is a very shrewd businessman who is about to drop the hammer on DC and its slimy filth.

        I saw some of what you referred to. Facts, word “bridges”, all leading to a logical solution. So that when the dims again snub him at tomorrow’s meeting, he will have solid footing to declare NE and swiftly move on wall construction.

        It’s all on him now. Reputation and credibility at stake. Plans in place. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. And just what ELSE does DJT have up his sleeve?

        • ” And just what ELSE does DJT have up his sleeve?”

          that’s the part that should worry everyone. IMO he is more of a threat to freedom than obozo was. think about that for a minute before you cheer lead this globalist billionaire assmuncher.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Warrior is a good name for you…

          Best of luck in California.

          I know a lot of Paratroopers in CA. They are WIDE awake. Some of them even woke me up.

          People mock California, but at the same time, we contained the causes and effects of the “big picture”

          California is America’s Canary.

      • Wishful thinking

      • drumpfs “warning order”


        because he was and is such a genius militrady mind.


        the cheeto is a 5 fucking time draft dodger.

        and millions of stupid shits would follow his orders?

        beam me up scotty. these idiots don’t have a clue.

        • lastmanstanding

          Don’t forget the bankruptcies either…1, 2, 3. 4.

          He borrowed money from “someone” 4 times and failed. “Someone” let him off the hook 4 times. Let’s all be honest here…you don’t just negotiate your way out of that on your terms.

          They always win…wonder who that “someone” is? hmmm…

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            I dont think you understand how bankruptcy and LLCs and LLPs

            You keep them separate so it doesn’t destroy you in one bang.

            I could start a business and declare bankruptcy no problem.

            How much I lose is different.

            Also, Trump started his “Trump Steaks” company so every rancher could see that Trump understands the Cattle Market. Because ALL CATTLE FARMERS WENT BANKRUPT.

            • lastmanstanding

              Oh I understand it young man. I was real close one time and fought my way out on MY OWN terms. Yes, I made sacrifices and it took 3 years of working nearly every day, but I did it.

              You don’t just magically walk away. Someone always pulls your strings…don’t shit yourself.

              Go back and dig up djt’s old man and see what you find in his woodpile.

              It’s not a rose garden.

      • You are irrevocably retarded.

    • Absolutely right.

  8. Love the part about walls around their cribs. Maybe need to demolish their walls……

    • Braggadocios bullshit!
      Blah, blah, blah…….

      • Whipoorwill

        Ok. I get it now. Gringo and a few others here are just trolls. I was foolish to reach out to a person with no reasoning. Go sit in your shit diaper and play in your own turds.

  9. Detroit III

    Another swing and a miss by Orange Jesus. Zzzzzz…..zzzzz

  10. Regrettable

    Add the wall the the ongoing list of our things the president could do, if he were either A. so motivated, or B. if he could cut the puppet strings.
    Don’t know which it is, so we’ll just have to wait and wait and wait and see.

  11. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    Trump thinks he’s clever. He’s so busy playing politics that he has forgotten why we hired him. Hint: it wasn’t so he could “work with Congress”. He can continue to impress himself with his negation skills but if there isn’t a fucking wall on the border in two years and/or Hilary isn’t in jail, Trump will be out on his ass – and the most hated failed president in history. He will have to leave the country.

    • Wanna bet?

      How’d that work out for 16 other GOP primary contenders?
      For Shrillary?
      For any random 47 media whore talking heads?

      Trump is clever.
      Everybody who crosses him ends up politically like the folks do actually who announce they have the dirt on the Clintons: roadkill.

      You’re betting rain will fall up, and telling us that consequences will flow upstream.

      This guy has made a literal lifetime of shitting out Smartest Guys In The Room with his morning coffee.


      • Oh, fuck off, you gloryhole fanatic!
        You are the lead shepard (on point) of this flock of bleating retards.

      • LeaderOfTheBanned™

        Yes, I’ll take that bet – No Wall by 2020, No Trump in 2021.

        Apprentiy, you don’t really understand why Trump beat those other “candidates”? He beat them because he was the ONLY ONE who said he would build a wall and lock her up. He won because the Trads in this country are sick of lawlessness and demand accountability. Period. He didn’t win because he’s clever or a great negotiator or because he’s a smooth politician. He won because he said he would do what we want him to do: “Trump Smash! Trump Kill!” He has ONE job and that is to hold these traitorous shitbags accountable. If he fails to get a wall on the border and/or lock up Hagbitch, he will not be re-elected. Period. Take it to the bank. Nobody gives a flying fuck about how smart Trump is compared to anybody else in the room.

        No Wall, No Trump.

    • The risible irony? Trump is “the first Jewish President,” a catamite for Netanyahu, has a daughter who converted (Was she exempted from the usually required naked examination by the rabbis in the mikvah?), and, like his daddy, utterly submissive to their agenda… BUT… their media and machers punish him at every turn.

      He is an object lesson, “exhibit A” for why we must never submit to them.

  12. It all comes down to some basics, no matter who’s talking or what lies they spew. The globalists want us dead. They can’t do that as long as we have guns. So, maybe they want to “breed-us-out”. Fine. And in the meantime, I encourage every opioid user to take all they want and more.
    And I encourage everyone of you to begin crossing off names on your list. Very quietly, but with precision and stealth, many prominent commies will wind up mysteriously room temp.

    • I’ve always said America is the most heavily armed aves population on earth.

      So far they’ve managed to do allllllllll and I mean alllllll of this without a shot being fired. Imagine how much more will be done as long as gun owners don’t think they’ll “have their guns taken away” (which seems to be the only way in which people would act…. presumably).

    • “…And I encourage everyone of you to begin crossing off names on your list. Very quietly, but with precision and stealth, many prominent commies will wind up mysteriously room temp….”

      Someone has to be first on the dancefloor– so go ahead, start the dance.

  13. David Tuttle

    Trump has millions of dedicated followers to cover his ass, feel froggy LEAP!

  14. lastmanstanding

    Fuck me, I hope everyone who has commented here today wakes up in a better mood tomorrow.

    • Lol 😂 No they will be the same old shithead’s…This place provides some amusement that’s for sure…None of them will have the stones though to show up to the DSR because they would get their ass handed to them…

  15. I don’t know if he will get the wall built or not, but I think he has to follow a process and demonstrate that he gave the other side plenty of opportunities to work with him. Now we know that does not matter because the media is already hating on him. This was a couple of things. I think this was air cover for the GOP Congress members and I think its laying the foundation for the National Emergency and the Military doing the construction. I think the Caravan situation was a dry run for Military deployment and construction.

  16. Name (required)

    Trump wants to save the system, so he’s not going to do anything that imperils the system, like declaring a state of emergency, declaring that congress is irrelevant, staring down the judiciary and securing the border.

    The American body-politic is infected with Leftists and foreigners, and is gangrenous. Trump is the doctor.

    The patient has gangrene, the doctor won’t amputate. The patient dies.

  17. The Usual Whiners and Never Trumpers here trot out their same old soiled diapers and begin scraping for more ammunition, but this was a shot across Congress’ bow, and Trump just put Queen Alzheimers, ChuckU, and every country south of Brownsville on notice that los Estados Unidos is pissed off, and looking for someone to maim for it. The legal technical term for this address is casus belli.

    He did the same thing in person with Mexico’s leadership, and what happened to that media-darling migrant caravan?
    The Mexicans started cracking down on it.

    Think about that: after an hour with President Trump, despite literal hours of media giving the unwashed invaders nightly tongue baths, Mexico decided cracking down on illegal immigration was in their own best interest, even more so than the Congress has since…ever.

    Pueblas Sin Fronteras has disbanded, and the locals in a dozen countries want nothing to do with slamming their heads against the southern border again. The suckers who took part are wishing they’d taken Mexico up on their offers of jobs and relocation down south, near Guatemala, when hey had the chance.

    To every liberal idiot who favored a wall until he became president, and every vacuous Libertaritard jonesing for more drugs and less war, he just sent them a fact-laden “BFYTW!”, on national TV. No spin from CNN and their @$$tard Acosta, just a firehose of facts straight from the hydrant.

    If Congress fails to act, anything the president does after this, from maintaining the shutdown to declaring martial law and building the wall via the military to carpet-bombing with B-52 Arc Light strikes anywhere from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego , has just been stamped “pre-approved”.

    He’s given Congress the chance (probably their last) to save face, act like all this was news, and approve the spending he wants. And then pick another battle, and a different hill to die on, before they get handed their own asses on platters.

    Or else risk being blamed for getting us into a shooting war (not the faux-wars on drugs and illegal immigration we’ve been slap-fighting for decades) with all the trimmings in our own hemisphere, because they’re on the enemies’ side.

    And all this, rolling into the ramp up for 2020 and re-election.

    In stonewalling him on the Big Beautiful Wall, they’ve given him the exact issue that took him to the White House in the first place, driving right over Shrillary’s fat, lying carcass. And now he’s daring them to take presidential politics beyond the water’s edge, and threaten US foreign policy and domestic peace, in order to shill for criminals, drug lords, and invaders.

    At this point, the next future Democrat presidential candidate to come out against what he said will be fitted for the Walter Mondale Memorial Electoral Drubbing clownsuit.

    This was Trump telling Tom Hagen that it’s time for a wartime consigliere, and setting the wheels in motion to settle all outstanding Family business.
    And he just baptized his godson.

    And he closed this speech by telling the Congress “and furthermore, I think that illegal immigration and drug importation must be destroyed“.

    Ceterum censeo Pedro delenda est.


      Sir: I hope you are right. Time will tell.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      Mexico is not your friend.

      Mexico is owned by the Germans, Chinese, and Arabs.

      They taught all the Aztecs to hate whites. Which makes sense because in 1810 the Mexicans killed all the blacks and whites.

      Which created Honduras, El Salvador, Guatamala, and Costa Rica.

      Those countries were founded on killing, raping, and eating a million white people.

      Those are the facts. They still hate us. Nothing has changed.

      • I never said Mexico was our friend.

        Nations have no friends. They have interests.

        And after throwing out red meat for consumption of their Mexican Bubbas back home, they sat down with Trump, and decided that kicking out the caravan was the way to go.

        Because it was made plain that doing so was in their own best interest.

  18. Leave means leave.

    Soon, Jews.

    • Bercow’s comment (about 4.20), in part, “…members of the parliament and journalists go about their business in fear…” is heart-warming due to it being exactly what they should be feeling every day. A sentiment American politicians and press should be getting from the moment they awaken to their dreams.

  19. @Dirk

    I am curious about “your” range.
    Is the land posted?
    You did not offer much detail, but, from what you mentioned, it sounds like a newbie stumbled on what appeared to be an unused, even neglected, range set-up.
    Why paint targets a visible color? Uh… to more easily range targets to get Data On Previous Engagements (DOPE), a necessary first step in load development.
    Also, how was “your” set-up different from a known range or square range?
    If you were so familiar with your target placement, how did “your” range build target acquisition skills?

    • Morning Al.

      The ranch is a private property. Since the early 90s, I’ve been shooting their. Orginized ar500 targets cut to military sizes. ” my next new targets will be smaller”

      Al, the crew I shoot with are all Ex military, or poopoo, shooters, I invited these guys for very specific reasons. Their some of the best shooters I’ve shot with.

      I get why the new guy pained his targets white, frankly I don’t care what he does with his targets, it’s moving and painting my gear, I have a boner over.

      Al, our targets are painted using road paint, in a mustard yellow. For a reason. We shoot either in the morning, or,aroumd noon, or late afternoon. The sun hitting the paint, makes morning shoot, targets stand out, easier to find range shoot.

      After noon shoots and the targets have disappeared. Learned this from the Military shooters, works slick.

      Al, regarding dope on each target. Yes we have one copy. We don’t use it. The drill is measure distance, dial your weather and rifle dope, call your shot, dial and shoot.

      This was never ment to be a social event.

      The range does look run down, by design, you ever humped a 60 pound target, and stands 1500y, over nasty rocky terrain, thru several steep canyons. It’s a bitch.

      The targets are all 24 tall by 16 wide, 1/2 inch thick ar 500. We do have older non ar500 targets, down range, they require a ton of labor.

      Nothing square about this range. We have had RANGERS and SF shooters asking if they could do their work up, pre deployment shooting here. It never happened,,their units did allow it. Which frankly is wise, regarding liability related stuff.

      Al picture a collapsed old volcano, filled in after thousands of years, with a valley all the way aroumd it, but short mountains and valleys further out then the initial valley.

      Our range starters at 540y, then goes to 657, then 560 and 540, picture shooting targets in a cave, ” actually,a deep crack in a rock face. Our range ends at 1400 plus yards.

      We have targets in trees in the middle of the lake, we have stressed shots, of a tennis ball on PR cord, at exactly 100y. Try that in the wind.

      Anyways, al, we move aroumd the top of the collapsed volcano, we have targets set up for each position we shoot from, but we have the option of shooting back to earlier targets, from different locations.

      So if a target was 700 from position 1, and you have moved three hundred years, aroumd the volcano lip, the target which originally ranged at 700y, is now 800y, but the target is now bladed to,your new shoot position. Your actually shooting at 1/4 of the target , rather then a full face on shot.

      We place targets low, behind obstacles, we might see literally three inchs of a 24 inch target, but we understand how our valets fly, in an arch and at distance that arch is steep enough to get past the obstacle.

      We shoot thru a four inch hole in cardboard, from a few feet back, measuring and knowing how bullet flight, and scope alignment work together. The goal is to measure a targets distance, set up, run your dope, dial your dope, press the trigger have the bullet fly thru the hole, and hit the target, from cover.which is the cardboard.

      So my range, was actually on my friends property, and as it turns out another piece of property, we thought John owned, but after 25 years learned that he didn’t.

      The new owner didn’t want us shooting on his property. And took many of our targets down. Placing them in a pile on John’s property. Which is his right. After all it’s his property.

      A new crew has started to,shoot at johns, took that pile of my targets, plus roughly ten other targets up on the cliffs, and steep hill down moving them to where they wanted to shoot.

      I don’t give a fuck what they do with their shit. I,DO give a shit what they do with my stuff. Moving the ten remaining targets, taking them from where my crew had them positioned ,painting them white. Is not ok.

      Look these guys were welcome to shoot my steel, where I had them. For the other crew to think they could just start moving my shit around is beyond wrong.

      I have and have had written permission to be on this property for 30 plus years. To place my targets were we want.

      When we spoke face to face last thru, the guy knew he was wrong, and I tried not to be a complete dick.

      We will recover out 30 targets, and rebuild our range. In good faith, I will personally introduce this other crew, to our new locations, and welcom them to,shoot our steel.

      What won’t be tolerated is moving our targets, or painting them or having the local gardening club benches and ground stands, placed.

      Our courses have always been about tactical shooting, down and dirty, in the mud, in the snow, over jagged rocks, hanging off cliffs. Taking shitty situations shitty positions and quickly finding a solution.

      Often these are timed events. You get to the target, determine which uncomfortable position is reasonable, range, dial and shoot. You have three shots, or you zero that section.

      We do have a spotter, to call misses, with very high end spotting scopes.

      Al, for this crew, this isn’t just shooting, this is training. 30 targets, I’m one of the few who have cleaned the course thirty targets 30 rounds. After a round were exhausted, from hustling, and shooting in some truly,fucked up shoot positions.

      The Rock in the area is volcanic and sharp and jagged, I Carry a screw in shelf holder, and a 12 foot piece of PR cord, I can screw the shelf holder into a juniper tree, or loop the pr cord over a branch, short knot the pr cord, and shoot.

      Or we can in some places shoot with the rifle balanced on a juniper tree branch.

      When I get the range back together, I will invite you out to shoot. Think,you would enjoy the challange.

      Think,of it this way. Every time you move the designated targets dynamics change in some way, the shoot surface is more angled, what once was 100% size is now 1/2 or 1/3 the target size cuz your movement away has changed all the angles.

      It’s tough, each step changes, you have to re measure, your distance. Shoot thru the trees over the rocks, or thru the rocks.

      We’ll be back up and running this spring. I’ll let you know. The invite is open to,anybody here who wants to give it a go.

      You better have quality equipment.

      Range finders,
      Spotting scope
      Perhaps a tripod or bipod for your rifle.
      And if you choose a Matt for the ground. We don’t use em anymore, just more shit to carry.

      So your packing a 15 pound rifle,
      50 rounds of food for the rifle.
      Distance measuring gear.
      Weather guessing gear.
      Data computer.
      Spotting scope.
      Most of us also carry a pistol with mags. Me 1911 5 mags.

      The ground is very uneven nasty to walk on, much less walk quickly on, while your walking your looking for a specific target, so you do t watch your feet to much.

      I’ve watched a 5000.00 dollar scope on a 10.000 rifle drop off of the cliff, not a good day for that lad. Everything still works, but it was beat to fuck.

      Al, I hope this better explains my ex range, and my anger.


      • It is an inspiring place.

        A workplace.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Sounds like a lot of hot air.

          SF has dozens and dozens of ranges on every base that they rent out for months.

          They do whatever they want.

          Why would the got to some random farm in the middle of nowhere?

      • Thanks for your response, Dirk.

        Distilling all that, for 25 years even you didn’t know that you were shooting on land for which you did not have permission (though maybe an “easement”). For that reason, the other guy (newbie?) deserved some slack—especially if he was remorseful when he learned he had undone your hard work. When face-to-face it sounds like you cut him some slack and were generous in offering him access. Not that my opinion counts anywhere but under my roof, but I think that speaks well of you.

        Yes, I/we still hump the .50 BMG AR500 to distance—and back—when we need/want a mile, so I do understand the effort. PTR/XLR is among our family’s most enjoyed activities. We are blessed that opportunities are nearby.

        “…determine which uncomfortable position is reasonable…”—ain’t that the truth?!

        As for watching a buddy’s gear go bad, I am reminded of my buddy’s MG42 detonating because he shot too-cheap ammo. I learn from my own mistakes, but prefer learning from others’ mistakes.

        Thank you for your invitation. Pleasant to agree occasionally 🙂

  20. NightBreaker

    JP I agree this looks like a WarnO , just before an op prep. I think a lot of shit is going on out of sight and it could RAPIDLY Escalate with little or no warning. I work at a Secure site alot of security activity even though there is a partial shutdown . I won’t go into details for obvious reasons .
    You are right a lot of stuff was brought up in that speech very subtilely.
    I say in the next 48-72 hours we should keep a VIGILANT watch on our AO’s.
    its starting Rosenstein stepping down.

    • lastmanstanding

      Thanks for your comment, we haven’t heard from you in a while. Take care.

      It will be really interesting to see who Rosenstein pulls out of his ass for an attorney. Don’t think it will be his old lady…Lisa Barsoomian.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Security usually stays on during shutdowns.

      Its the person who buffs the floors that is sent home.

      And yes, It was a warning order.

      We are taking casualties. Ergo, Congress needs to act.

      Which they won’t. Trump is making it congresses fault, and then he is going to save us.

      A noble Machiavelli play.

  21. The Walkin' Dude

    Meh, didn’t even watch that snake oil pitch. As suspected, no follow through. Imagine that. Meanwhile the Frogs wanna throw fuel on the fire by banning all protests. That will work out. In the Netherlands a woman pushing her baby in a stroller was arrested simply for refusing to remove her yellow jacket, not anywhere near a protest. These e3lites are playing with us, trying to see how high they can pile the shit on us, while selling us umbrellas, before we start breaking out guillotines, Mango Emperor included. It’s a bold move, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.

  22. A big thank you for your article.Much thanks again. Great.

  23. This could be an omen

  24. Talking times over. Declare a fcking emergency, deploy troops to the border, tax mexican financial remittances at 100% unless you can prove you are here legally, imprison shitbirds who’ve sold out Americans to get rich on cheap beaner labor? Begin the fucking deportations. Start in Cali-fornicatia. Again, he had nice words, I really liked them. Do something motherfucker. Times up. Oh and if it doesn’t work, keep .gov shut down until EBT and SNAP blow out (which by my calculations should be toward end Jan). Chucky wont be able to live in NY or DC if that happens, gonna be wayyyy to froggy there.

    • 👌

      And sign the EO ending the treasonous
      high-crime of ‘anchor babies’, as was promised on day one.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Hey Tom,

      I have noticed that the construction crews in MD are white and black again.

      And The Mexican Restaurant down the street has whites and blacks working behind the counter and in front of the grill.

      Never, in my entire life, have I ever seen a Mexican Restaurant or a Road crew that wasn’t at least 50% Latino.

      Until recently.

      Trump is making waves. You just live in the middle of nowhere and cant see it.

  25. What I got from Trump’s speech:

    “Good evening my fellow Americans. We need to build a border wall. Thank you. Good night.”


  26. I’ve often been accused of being “too cynical”. Perhaps those people were right and I am. Still, I heard the words and saw the expressions/body language, and am cynical. When I see the actions backing the words and ideas, then I’ll believe he’s not AMANA.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Right there with ya. I been hearing all this shit about Q and the 5d chess game, etc. for two years now. Still waiting for one solitary “BOOM” as Q is fond of saying. Put up or shut up, already.

  27. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, I was somewhat hopeful with the Trump speech. I hope he keeps the government “shut down” , not that every specious tax FXXk isn’t still taking my money. I LOVE all of the stories about the poor government workers who can’t pay their rent or buy groceries! Everytime that taxes are raised; anyone worry that you can’t pay rent or buy groceries? Thought so. Pelosi the Mentalist, and Mobster Chuckie could not get 4 words together in their “rebuttal” speech. Anything beyond “Arrest Trump” is deep thinking. Then the new kid from the Estates, Occasional Cortex, tried to form a thought but mostly relied on Obamaspeak of Fairness. All in all, only Trump seemed to have any guns and ammo.
    We know that this country is in for some spirited times. Keep preparing for all things spicy. My pantry is my safe space.

  28. They’re going to “Hoover” the economy, Trump will be forced to own that (assuming he hasn’t been co-opted/hired to drive us off the edge to begin with) he won’t name the culprits and he and his family likely move out of the country. Women and Millennials will shamelessly vote for Democratic candidates that are even more openly Communist to get more gibs. Full dollar collapse 45 years in the making. Gas shoots up to over $10 a gallon and people become ravenous when they can’t hit up the local Chick-Fil-A or Buffalo Wings every week. Grocery stores empty in less than 72 hours and could take weeks to restock due to the military taking over interstate travel with checkpoints and road warrior style raids on shipping. Credit card companies decline purchases for essentials, especially guns and ammo. Boomers finally huff and puff when social security runs dry. Police/military patrol suburbs, illegal searches for guns and curfews set. Cellphone service dropped due to network crash. Any number of wacky things can occur and these are just a few of the better options.

  29. Some numbers of Money, Mayhem & Murder
    coming in & out of the border

  30. We must realize and not get frustrated as Trump prepares the ground for his counter attack. Many drowsy citizens are awakening now, it has taken two years. The Deep State is very deep and also broad with many useful idiots.

    It will get very dicey, restoring any semblance of Liberty comes with a price, economic for sure and probably with civil disturbances … if we are lucky enough to avoid all out CW.
    We must continue tp pre-pare, time is very short, indeed very short.