Mosby: Seeking Sustainability In Preparedness






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  2. here on the island we have black angus cattle everywhere. pigs walking along the main road, free-ranging chickens and ducks, everyone has veggie gardens, an abundance of all types of game animals- including elk and moose, and all the fresh water you could ever imagine. just today, indian bob brought me over venison backstraps and burger, then plowed the entrance to my property and widened the road way more than the local gubmint plows did. another neighbor is coming by tomorrow with his tractor to remove some huge snow piles that i have been making for the last 2 months and is bringing me some perch fillets he just caught. let the whole fucking world die- we. don’t. care. that’s why all 600 of us are here. the ferry crew has a plan to shut down and isolate if and when the SHTF, and nearly 100 veterans live here permanently.

    lovin it. 🙂

    • Got an oil refinery on that island, do you?
      So that tractor better have a team of horses for backup.
      How’re you gonna do, all busted up, when vegetable gardening depends on your and your own back?
      So, you missed the entire point of the essay.
      Well done.

      • these folks have lived here for hundreds of years and have hunted and farmed WAAAAAY before modern tech.

        another FAIL! from asap the not so grate.

      • and yeah

        a lot of fucking horses here too.

        you must be a born and bred cityboi.

        • Sure they do. And already plow-broke too, I’m sure, from all that practice they never get.
          And of course, they all still have horse-drawn plows and harness collars too. Just laying around, like everyone does.
          More likely not, and come the day, trying to horse-plow is going to look like monkeys fornicating with a football.

          And spring comes late and winter comes early up there, so you only get one chance to get it right.

          Yeah, you’re gonna do fine, no doubt.

          I’m sure they’re going to feed you too, since you’re such a swell, selfless, stand-up guy.

          • man are fucking dumb.

            as a matter of fact they do have horse drawn plows. there’s one in a front yard 3 parcels down the road from me.

            tell me.

            how can anybody labor their entire adult lives and not have enough $ to quit and do whatever they please everyday after the age 40? ok. let’s make it 50. or maybe 60?

            just go to work LOSER and pay your taxes bitch boy. i’ll enjoy this beautiful sunrise while i sip my 2nd coffee. maybe i’ll count some banded stacks of $100 dollar bills that litter my safe, or the 100 count tubes of silver Maples that clutter-up my garage, or maybe sort thru my gold and precious gems. better yet, i head down to my bar, then over to one of my beachfront properties… then, i’ll take a sled ride around the island and maybe head over to another island where i own more land. what’s it like to have to work to pay your electric bill?

            fuck off punk.

            oh nevermind.

            you wouldn’t understand- SLAVE.

            damn the murkins are stOOOpit.

            • Yeah. You’ve got so much time that the best use of it is to try to snowjob people online about how wonderful and rich you are. You could be as rich as Bil;l gates, and you’d still be a beggar, and a bum.

              Fly away, shitbird. You bring nothing anywhere that anyone’s buying. The two times in two years you’ve offered anything remotely thoughtful and intelligent just underline what a waste of skin and oxygen you are for the other 364 days a year.

              And your schtick was past its freshness date about 700 days ago.

              But it explains your knee-jerk fear and loathing of religion: the barest prospect of any afterlife and cosmic justice scares the hell out of you when you contemplate what a life you’ve wasted, and what a miserable excuse for a human being you’ve been for most of it, if not all. Nothing else would bring on such a pathetic spectacle of a lifelong two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum as you do every time someone else reminds you that there may be more to life than you sucking on the Universe’s teat, as if you matter. As you approach your Life’s execution date, you’re like the hard-ass trying to talk tough on the way to the electric chair, but it’s getting pretty hard to do since the guards and bystanders have already smelled that you’ve shit your pants.

              You’re a blazing example to everyone of what not to be, and every day from now until your last reminds you that it only gets worse for you every day until you kick your oxygen addiction. And you’re so irrelevant to the planet now that the only way you can prove you’re alive is to try to piss people off, clueless that you’re just whistling past your own graveyard, and everyone else can smell the fear from a country mile.

              The only sympathy you could ever have would be to French nobles in a tumbrel cart, being jeered at, taunted, and pelted with rotten fruit, knowing that the lowliest peasants would be safe and warm in their beds that night, but that even though you’ll never know that again, your problems are only beginning at the guillotine, not ending there.

              What a miserable misspent existence to know that you’ll leave less than a mouse-fart ripple in the ocean of life, and the overwhwelming emotion at your inevitable passing will be relief at the departure of such a festering pustule. Your only utility in your entire misbegotten life has probably been to remind people to check the weather, that they might stay upwind of you.

              • eat some shit LOSER.

                go to work and pay for my of my shit asshole.

                ha ha ha

                • that’s *more of my shit asshole.


                  what’s it like to have wasted your time on earth ranting at one of your betters?

                  and what’s with the retarded movie crap all the time?


                  • You’re not anyone’s better.
                    You’re just bitter.

                    A mere dingleberry clinging to the great anus of Life.
                    Spolier alert: It ends poorly for you.

        • Tee, you bring up a very important point ” THEY” have lived their for along long time. Why do you keep injecting your silly ass into their world.

          Your just the fucking ” white guy” in a big house who thinks he’s pulled the wool over those Indians eyes.

          Sitrep, You haven’t. Shit breaks bad, your top hairs going on some young bucks belt. Just how it works. Your in their world brooooooo, their not in yours.

          Remember beads and trinkets didn’t work the first time.


          • i’m not “white dirkyboy”

            i turn brown as a berry in the sun. you? lily white on the sunniest day. you whites are slated for extinction. see ya wouldn’t want to be ya.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Whole world dies – massive toxic runoff from all over pours into the Great Lakes. Should be fun.

  3. the murkins deserve nothing but complete annihilation.

    they’re just too st000pit to continue on living.

    • Well when and if it goes ole TFat; so goes your supposed welfare check. By the way… how do you plow snow and do all that farming if you are 100% disabled? Being a liar isn’t any more noble than just being a stupid American. You get that right? Me personally, I can’t stand a liar. Can’t believe a word they say once they have lied. Especially as an adult. So which is it my man? Are you a liar or are you just an American government tit sucking welfare recipient? And does your community know who and what you really are? Would they tolerate you if they knew the real you?

      • oh F.U.

        i have more $ on hand than you will ever see.

        the murkins are so fucking lame and BROKE.

        what’s it feel like?

        • You’ll have some finely engraved toilet paper after things go to shit, Walter Mitty.

          Save your gas for the thinking room.

          • And, once again, not one comment on the essay. Congrats, troll, you did it again..

            • OK, I will comment on the essay: it was truly excellent. Not perfect, but then again none of us humans is perfect.

              The best part that was discussed was that there has to be something worthwhile to protect. Protecting a rathole that contains no food, or rotted food with contaminated water, whilst your kid is dying of some disease or injury that could have been treated…just isn’t really worth it, not when you (and all of us) have the choice to prepare with some beans and band aids, instead of just bullets.

              Plus, there’s the concept of a tribe – no one, even someone with a big “S” on their chest (and I haven’t seen any of them lately except in Hollyweird fairy tales), can do everything alone – because, at the least, you cannot stay awake 24/7 for more than 2 days without falling apart in a variety of ways (and you’ll be nearly useless for days after that).

              Thanks to Moseby for this essay – it puts a lot of things into perspective.

      • Hedge, ol tee, also admires some of America’s finest citizens. You know Drug Dealers Pimps, tramps and thieves. . I think he and Northern Gunmer both used the word

        HONORABLE and DRUGDEALER in the same sentance. Yet men women with jobs, families, paying their way, apparently are o what’s the word, both used?

        I’m sure both will come along shortly and correct me.


        • wendystringer48088


          Anyone who puts drug dealers above the police and hard working law abiding citizens has their thinking way out of whack in my opinion.

          I can understand the anger over police who are on power trips where they beat and taser people for anything they consider contempt of cop, police who are outright corrupt and criminal themselves, police who are quick to shoot people for flinching wrong and who automatically shoot the family beloved dog, etc.

          But to me to hate all cops to the point of cheering whenever one gets killed in the line of duty to me is far beyond what is justified.

          Although harder for me is the issue of the police having to enforce laws and orders as in the house to house searches in Baltimore or the gun confiscation in New Orleans or the red flag laws where apparently anyone who doesn’t like you can report you as a menace, and the police are the ones to carry this out. That I think are legitimate sources of concern and anger.

          Dirk, I believe that you were one of the “good ones”, and the ones who call you out personally are directing their anger at the wrong target.

          However, along the lines of drug dealers and tramps and thieves, and to tie it in to the Sustainability topic, It has been mentioned in some places that alternate avenues for goods that are otherwise unobtainable when normal society collapses (pain killers, antibiotics, medicines, etc.) pop up, and these are usually the same people who are selling illegal drugs and fenced goods today.

          Antibiotics / pain meds for your wounded comrade screaming in pain?
          Ammo and specialty weapons to deal with those armored vehicles and helicopters that the enemy forces are using to reduce your defensive positions, destroy your homes and farms and kill your people?

          Make friends with your friendly neighborhood criminal gang or go without? That might be a tough decision to make in some cases…

          Even the military has a reputation for the “midnight requisition” from units that have but are not currently using to those that don’t have but desperately need now…

          I think the Bosnian ethnic conflict and the Chechen Russian conflict are good cases of how things go on over time – people steal weapons from he enemy or trade them for money or drugs or sex with women. The people who are good at getting stuff in difficult circumstances are not nice people.

          I think if things go to shit, the only ones who stay virgins are the ones who are die early. The rest of us are all going to get dirty either by deed or by association.

        • “. Yet men women with jobs, families, paying their way, ”

          you mean the ones who can’t get their heads out of their asses and make enough to get ahead? those men and wimyn?

          thieves? you ought to now about that- huh cop? you rotten shit.

          aren’t you the one who grows pot? yes. yes, you are.

          i have no doubt you’re on pain drugs(synthetic heroin) right now.


          coffee is a drug

          sugar is a drug

          smokes are a drug

          those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

  4. The ability to survive even thrive is defined differently in every home.

    Perhaps the most important question to know are, know your weaknesses. Work them daily. Make them strengths.

    I have complete faith in everybody here being able to make it. Which reminds me, I just stated a new book by William Forstchen, titled 48 hours. Came out yesterday.