The Saker: From 2018 to 2019 – A Quick Survey Of A Few Trends

Nothing but Russian propaganda.

Otherwise, our government and the independent American media would have provided these perspectives.

How’s about that sportsball game?

Those guys sure did sports with intensity.

11 responses to “The Saker: From 2018 to 2019 – A Quick Survey Of A Few Trends

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. SemperFi, 0321

    What a DebbieDowner.
    He actually said bad things about Israel, and how America might be getting a well deserved black eye, if not worse.
    In some places, he’d be sent to jail for hate speech, good thing Lee Greenwood didn’t hear this.


      Word. Up here in Rawles Land, all of the barflies at the local American Legion would be in high dudgeon and be writing letters to the editor of the Daily Fish Wrap. My guess is that things will not change until we see the flash in the distance as Bremerton and Fort Lewis are vaporized. Most unfortunate.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        We left Hayden Lake and moved to Bremerton in ’68, I joined the Naval Sea Cadets and got to tour Bangor and the torpedo facilities on the Hood Canal. Wasn’t until yrs later I realized we were sitting on nuclear ground zero for that area.
        None of us have any idea of what’s coming, I’m glad to know we had some of the best yrs as kids when it still meant something to have fun childhoods. Cd’A was one of the coolest places to live in the mid 60’s, about 17k population and we spent every minute with a gun or fishing pole in hand, whether camping behind Fernan Lake or climbing Canfield Butte and Tubbs Hill.


          Everything up here is controlled or influenced by the Hagadone cabal. Nothing makes it into the CDA Press that they do not want there. The Blue Lives Matter-Veteran idolatry is beyond the pale. But, the area is still white and polite.

        • lastmanstanding

          I frequented both of those areas for a period of 3 years, but way later. Hayden Lake/Cd’A is way over-saturated with the rich and shameless now.

          Bremerton…loved the surrounding areas. Port Townsend was like a tiny old sea port. Belfair…A little old bar on the sound that had killer pan fried oysters…and finally, Hoodsport. A little restaurant on the water where you could get the “Hangtown Fry”…ahhh, the good ole days brother.

  3. The whole sportsball thing should become an object of derision.

    I know grown ass men who walk around wearing “team jackets” – as if they actually belong to the team.

    When they ask me “did you see the game last night?” – I respond:

    “no – I don’t have time for shit like that , I actually have work to do”.

    That usually shuts them up – permanently.

    When I was a kid and even into my 20’s , if you weren’t into watching the sportsball – you were an object of derision. The tables should be thoroughly turned on that whole dynamic by now. The antics of the NFL players – and the mouthing off of people like Lebron James – have given ample ammunition to those of us who SHOULD BE jumping all over any white man who continues to support the ENTIRE sportsball enterprise with his time and money.

    At this point it’s not any different than directly supporting your enemy.

    There should be absolutely no tolerance for that kind of behavior.

    Pick off the low hanging fruit first – then isolate and take out the bigger supporters. You have to start somewhere.

    • ha ha

      i always just look at them and say ” i don’t have a damn clue who won. where are they from and what sport do they PLAY?”

      yeah it shuts them up. i guess they figure i’m just dumb.



      When they wear their “team jackets” all they are saying is: “Our Negroes are better than your Negroes.”

      • I always tell them your supporting and funding an organization that hates you and prefers you dead…They always look at me like I just kicked their dog…But I have to say 80% ask me why I say that and after I explain it too them they say I see your point and sometimes leads into a deeper conversation about the real state of things and not the illusion/delusion they are living in…The NFL screwup was a blessing in disguise…