Thoughts On A 70% Top Income Tax Rate

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  1. Hey, the tribe is fine with that. After all, their “employees” will make sure the “law” and “regulations” are written in such a way that it does not affect anyone with a hook nose.

  2. I don’t sweat a proposed 70% tax rate. By that time that comes about either all the commies will be dead or I will. And if I’m dead all they’re going to get is my 5 gallon Arrowhead water jug with about $25 in it.

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Great explanation, except most folks have no idea where the tax money goes.
    From the IRS-FedResBank-World Bank, with each taking their cut off the top. They piss it away on whatever they want; loans to bankrupt nations, vacation homes, etc.
    FedResBank forces US Treasury to borrow the next years operating cash from them, at interest, and you now know where the $21 trillion debt comes from. And why greenbacks say Federal Reserve Note, they’re debt bucks, not official US currency. The only real US Dollar is 371 grains of Silver.

    Who cares what the tax rate is, every penny is theft from the working class to the elites. Politicians will never vote away their benefit programs and scams. They work for the banksters, not you.
    Rope and lamp post=tax freedom.

    • Interesting why some things do not pass muster.

      Fart and pissing videos OK. Usury video not OK.

      Go figure.

      • It has to do with volume.

        Fart and pissing videos will be held if they get too great in volume.

        You know how you best aid yourself?

        When you post good info that has nothing to do with the JQ.

        That way, people see you as more than a caricature.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. her name is occasional cotex, don’t need an abbreviation

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Hey, Britain was an economic powerhouse in the 70s with tax rates like that! Plus, all of those celebrities who keep promising to leave the US? As soon as the gummint starts taking 70% of their money, they’ll be gone!