VDARE: What Trump Must Say Tonight In His Oval Office Address – Democrats Want To Replace YOU

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We’ll see.

Tonight’s speech and the execution thereof will decide not only the 2020 Presidential election, but also the fate of America.

No fooling.

(Via Twitter)

Given that the smart money is betting on a Trump fail, heed well these words from a commenter on the scene currently presented to freedom folks:

How much more time do you need to get ready?

This fight isn’t going anywhere. It’s coming whether we want it or not.

Play another election cycle or 3, any idea how many billions they’ll waste running for office and filling their pockets, even if they lose like Bernie? They’re rich, and you’re still hoping for change.

And every election they get more commies in office, because they’re better at cheating than your side is. With the amount of money you make, you should have 100 cases of ammo already.

So how much more time do you need?

I’d rather get this shit over with right now, rather than stall and wait another 8-10 yrs and be too old to defend myself. This country is going down the toilet faster than you realize. Won’t be enough fit men to fight in another decade. Meanwhile, we die a slow death from a thousand cuts as they slice away, and we keep hoping for more time.

And just like laying in the dirt in front of a MG bunker, sooner or later someone has to get up and attack the damn thing. It won’t quit firing on its own. There’s no air or naval gunfire to do it for you.

So how much more time do you need?

58 responses to “VDARE: What Trump Must Say Tonight In His Oval Office Address – Democrats Want To Replace YOU

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  2. Trump is not going to declare a national emergency.
    He will use the address as a vehicle for pandering to the Uniparty, the democrats (communists) in particular, with a disgraceful display of fawning respectability and desperate appeal for bipartisan conciliation and compromise.

    • this.

      drumpf has the righties eating from his sphincter.

      rim of anus


    • SemperFi, 0321

      They’re ALL actors.
      And you expect them to do what?

      • Northgunner


        Kabuki Theater, through and through…
        Of course Jerome Corsi will probably
        post another “Q” video saying to ‘stay with the plan again’…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. I’m not from the USA I’m from the UK and they let any one in, but just one question.
    Does your home [and come to that your car, tool box etc] have doors with locks?
    I’m not saying the any country should be a fortress but I can not see why it should be less secure than your home.

  4. IMO, even if we ignore the lack of progress (or concern?) on chore homeland issues issues like 5G, chemtrails, vaccines, civil asset forfeiture seizure, red flag laws (the list is long and depressing), Trump’s base has every right to be furious with him because their star quarterback appears to be more interested in signing autographs for the other team and flirting with the cheerleaders, than he does driving the ball down the field and scoring a touchdown.

    Tonight Trump will declare that we have an emergency on the Southern border. Tomorrow I shall declare that water is wet.

  5. Detroit III

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but building a wall doesn’t stop the great replacement.

    Demographically and culturally the replacement is a “fiat accompli”. The majority of Americans in their fertile years aren’t having children and the immigrants both legal and illegal are very fertile.

    The Rubicon was crossed a while ago.

    • You aren’t wrong.

      Bitter pill, but real.

    • lastmanstanding


      DMV G posted a vid yesterday of dhs bringing them in. Sickening.

      I also know of some good white folks trying to have a family and thus far, cannot.

      It is their lifestyle, diet and a few other things. We tried to coach them, see if it works.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The majority of Americans in their fertile years aren’t having children and the immigrants both legal and illegal are very fertile.”

      (1) It is *very* expensive for a traditional American couple to have and raise children. The immigrants get lots of government money that the locals don’t.
      (2) The immigrants don’t have to try to breed with batshit crazy American women.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    The wall IS coming, just like we’re getting out of Syria and ceasing to be the world puhleece! And the swamp too! It’s gonna be drained BIGLY!

  7. Defines 2020, how dramatic.

    Which amuses me, according to 60% of you the wall does not matter.
    Most of you don’t vote, why would you bother watching the speech tonight.


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I think everyone here is a voter.

      Also, A plan ticket from Honduras is cheaper than the $7,000 fake ass walk up Mexico.

      When we build the wall, Mexico is just going to put them on a plane.

      Dirk, You need to chill on the BS that attacks people like me.

      You were a cop and could have helped to stop this 20 years ago.

      But instead you just mock me and belittle me because I am 32 years old and dont care anymore?

      I don’t care because its a losing fight. So why fight?

      If everyone wants to live in MexicoAmerica, thats fine by me.

      I could fucking care less about either country.

    • lastmanstanding

      Some mic contractor will get the bid or several and they’ll milk it forever. In fact, it will probably be cost plus. Sections will be constructed leaving gaping holes for years. Then the demo’s (not that it matters) will get control again and then the same mic contractors will get paid cost plus to tear it down…as slow as they can.

      Dirk, I’m beyond tired of this shit. No, I won’t be watching more bread and circus tonight. I’ve heard enough. I’ve got several books going right now. Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets, The Guerilla Gunfighter and a dog training book as we just got a new pup a while back. I’ve had dogs forever but always interested in what others have to say and this gentleman is a fellow Montanan. Choose to support him.

      Sorry to hear about your range. Lots of people just don’t get it.

      Best wishes on your upcoming back issue. Hopefully, the repair will allow you to get healthier again.

      Hope to meet you at the picnic this summer. 🙂 lms

      • lastmanstanding, agree with the mushrooms; seen and
        felt the recovery. Look at it like natural inoculations when compared
        to inoculating oak tree logs etc. Have you seen the 17 mushrooms
        immune supplement? Good boost!

        Dirk, yeap, still remember the song we used to sing:
        …”Even though we have malaria,
        We still police the area.
        We like it here, we like it here,
        Your fuckin’ aye, we like it here”…

        • What’s with the mushrooms?

          Serious question.

        • wendystringer48088

          Suggestions on exactly what to order (powder or capsules for best effects without buying everything) would be much appreciated.

          • wendystringer, with me I have only bought in capsule form.
            The one with the 17 blends is my latest, prior to the
            STAMETS 7 one (which had sever different blends).
            I called https://fungi.com/ about a year ago, and their
            reps where very helpful; so figure they will be very informative
            if you call with inquiries.
            Lately, I have just been buying at a vitamin shoppe locally
            which carries their products. Oh, you might want to ask them
            to mail you their magazine too.

            Growing ones own would be very productive too!! And they
            help and sell for that too.

  8. Northgunner

    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

    TFM discussed the ‘revelation’ that Prager U. had about ‘manhood’ and what’s necessary.

    Here’s what he had to say about that and related issues:

    Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

    Women supposedly ‘want to look up to men’
    As he states, this is an impossibility if they also want to be ‘equal’ to men (there is NO such thing as ‘equality’ where reality is concerned).

    In short:

    Re-institute Patriarchy in its fullness.

    Since women have PROVEN that they
    ARE emotionally driven children and not
    rational adults, strip them of ALL rights,
    starting with the right to vote.

    How many women and ‘women substitutes’ (beta soiboy cucks and the like) are not allowing Trump to get done what needs to be done?…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • FAIL!

      just saw a PSA from the MSP(michigan state pooplice), wimyn are equals and they deserve every bit of support against “domination, control, and abuse”.

      you should have seen the smug asshole in his blue costume and thick mustache.

  9. Since women have PROVEN that they
    ARE emotionally driven children and not
    rational adults, strip them of ALL rights,
    starting with the right to vote.
    Uh oh your treading on thin ice😂
    I agree with you with one caveat and that is a woman under control of a husband or her father can control those emotions…I still think they should not be allowed to vote though because they will always vote for more government if they don’t have a strong male figure in their life…

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      All the single women my family has rented a house or apartment too are insane.

      One woman’s house has looked the exact same for 7 years. Brown boxes of clothes and dishes in the same exact spot I put them BEFORE I even joined the Army.

      Literally sitting in the same spot on the floor or sink after almost ten years.

      That is a woman. That is how they run their homes.

      I could go on for days about how dirty women are too. Men are very clean by comparison.

      • When I compare today’s women to men; Take away all reason and all accountability.

        Now, you have today’s woman.

    • NorthGunner


      Did you have a chance to watch TFM’s blog post above?

      Masculinity isn’t what’s toxic; feminism is what is incredibly
      toxic and destructive (as is any product or creation of marxism).

      feminism has been around for as long as marxism if not longer;
      Moses Mordechi Levi’s daughter was an early feminist.

      Women are told they can vote…women (like children) vote
      via their emotions…they vote for:
      all the candy they want!
      no homework!
      no chores!
      no bedtimes (stay up all night)!
      be given the ‘Ring ‘O Power’ (create ‘Family Courts’ that favor
      ONLY them, legislate destructive gynocentric laws/regulations
      that directly threaten the structure and stability of the family
      and be able to shame or silence anyone that see’s their intentions)
      Veruka Power – They get what they want or it’s tantrum time!!
      more votes to vote for more of what they desire!

      As TFM states in his video, rights and responsibility are inextricably
      bound together…you want to vote, you EARN it..you work for it
      to show that you are a responsible adult that has worked for it!

      TFM’s arguement is that women in his eyes, want ALL the freedom/rights but don’t want anything to do with the responsibility necessary to earn such;
      they DON’T build or maintain Western Civilization…no woman
      currently is going to:
      charge headfirst into deadly combat with a fully loaded rifle
      protect the border with her life
      work skyscraper construction with it’s attendant dangers

      And when some women try to be police they get beaten up
      by ONE lousy moslem man in Sweden (3-on-1 and he STILL
      handed them their asses!!)…same deal when they try to ‘play
      Ranger’ or other elite service (they CAN’T hack it, either physically
      or mentally).

      Of course those in the parasite class are more than happy to
      ‘dole out the candy’ to women as women will ALWAYS vote for
      bigger government and more entitlements..even if it means
      destroying Western Civilization via ‘legal’ abortion of any of
      the other marxist garbage that is offered to them.

      This is WHY they shouldn’t be allowed to vote or have a
      say in how Western Civilization is maintained…no
      different from not letting children decide what the family
      budget is and what it will be used for.

      As TFM said, “Patriarchy (Western Civilization) rules or Mohammed rules..chose which one you want.”

      And no, this is for me not going on ‘thin ice’ personally
      than any other vital ‘Red-Pill’ wakeup issue..just something
      that has to be faced and understood clearly.

      Hope that clears things up for you.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Northgunner it was and always has been clear to me…I said the ice thing in jest because of the few women that post here sorry you didn’t catch that with the guy laughing in my post…I don’t really need to watch or have any man or woman tell me how to live my life because I’m perfectly fine with the way I do things…I have a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids…I have a great paying job , with great benefits, a beautiful piece of property with a 5b/5b house on it and surrounded by forest service…God has blessed me continuely so I will continue to look to him for direction and guidance… Thanks…

  10. A previous poster made the observation below.

    Right now, there is:
    1) No clearly established goal of what exactly to be fighting for;
    2) No clearly established set of what exactly to be fighting against;
    3) No clear list of allies or enemies;
    4) No clear plan for how to fight;
    5) No clear plan for when to fight;
    6) No clear plan for where to fight;
    7) No organization of any sort for actually conducting the fighting;
    8) No system in place for providing support to whoever is doing the fighting, or to the families thereof, or to the friendlies who are impacted by the fighting;
    9) No plan for winning anyone else to our side (which, as noted above, isn’t even defined yet)

    Been noodling over this for a few days and have come to see that the answers to these questions present themselves when you get serious about the subject.
    For example:
    1) Replace the current Legislative branch entirely and their staff, replace the vast majority of the executive departments leadership and staff in their entirety. This may include closing those departments for good.
    2) Anyone who opposes item 1.
    3) Those who are with us are allies, those who are not…head out the back door or stand and deliver.
    4) Muster in Virginia for two days at multiple established sites. When sufficient mass has been reached march on the Capital. Surround the building to prevent those inside from leaving. Gather city buses to build a physical barrier around the building. Enter and arrest all inside. Conduct videoed questioning of all members. Obtain evidence of criminal activity. Release those who have not committed criminal acts. Conduct trials of those who are accused of criminal acts. Carry out sentencing.
    5) the weekend after Trump is impeached (muster on Saturday, march on Monday)
    6) See item 4
    7) See item 4, “You show, you go”
    8) Everyone brings their own. 1000 rounds and enough food for two weeks. Beyond that we will need to arrange for support from outside the barrier.
    9) If you build it they will come..

    Just spit balling an idea here but things present themselves when we recognize that we have to stop thinking in terms of hypotheticals.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Step 11) A belt fed weapon disperses the entire patriot crowd.

      Undisciplined, and untrained, they break ranks and are wiped out with mortar fire.

      • Sure that’s a possible CoA. Not likely, especially the mortars, but possible.
        How long do you think it will take the DC Metro to get belt fed weapons and mortars?
        How long do you think it will take them to recognize the implications of what is going on before they can bring in people who do have belt fed and Indirect fire?
        Lots of questions to be answered, but at least you are thinking about it in serious terms and not just wishing that someone else would come along and solve our problems.
        That’s the whole purpose of the post.

      • kay_de_leon

        Idk, man.

        People get pretty irate over even middle eastern dictators gunning down citizens. Something like that happening would be a gigantic can of worms for TPTB.

        • Maybe,
          So answer the questions in your own way and post them. Maybe this is not a sound concept, I don’t know and didn’t really put that much thought into the details. The idea is to get everyone to address the very valid questions asked and maybe come up with a concept that can really be fleshed out into a real operational plan.

  11. Some of you might have seen this before, but for those who haven’t it’s worth a look. I had two uncles involved in it.


    • NorthGunner


      It’s disgraceful that the museum in the town where ‘The Battle of Athens’
      happened don’t even have any mention of the event..not even a display
      with a period newspaper. A friend who visited asked the folks at the
      museum about it and they very rudely and curtly told him that ‘it didn’t
      matter, it’s NOT history we’re proud of.. we’re still trying to put that all behind us..how dare you bring it up again to us!!”

      Apparently the museum building is owned by the family of the ‘Mayor’
      who was the cause of the problem to begin with.

      Obviously, somethings NEVER change….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. wendystringer48088

    Sometimes you don’t get to choose the time.
    The time (and circumstances) choose you.
    Then you do what you can do at that time.

    Toby Keith – As Good As I Once Was – YouTube

    She said I’ve seen you in here before,
    I said I’ve been here a time or two,
    She said hello my name is Bobbi Jo
    Meet my twin sister Betty Lou
    And we’re both feeling kinda wild tonight,
    You’re the only cowboy in this place,
    If your up for a rodeo,
    I’ll put a big Texas smile on your face.

    I said girls,
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    I got a few years on me now,
    But there was a time,
    Back in my prime,
    When I could really lay it down,
    If you need some love tonight,
    Then I might have just enough,
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    But I’m as good once, as I ever was.

    I still hang out with my best friend Dave,
    I’ve known him since we were kids at school.
    Last night he had a few shots,
    Got in a tight spot
    Hustling a game of pool,
    With a couple of red neck boys,
    And one great big fat biker man,
    I heard David yell across the room,
    Hey Buddy how bout a helping hand.

    I said Dave!
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    My how the years have flown,
    But there was a time,
    Back in my prime,
    When I could really hold my own,
    But if you want a fight tonight,
    Guess those boys don’t look all that tough,
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    But I’m as good once, as I ever was.

    I used to be hell on wheels,
    Back when I was a younger man
    Now my body says “Oh, You can’t do this boy”,
    But my pride says “Oh yes you can”

    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    That’s just the cold, hard truth, (huh)
    I still throw a few back,
    Talk a little smack,
    When I’m feeling bullet proof,
    So don’t double, dog dare me now,
    Cause I’d have to call your bluff,
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    But I’m as good once, as I ever was.

    May not be good as I once was,
    But I’m as good once, as I ever was

    Songwriters: Scott Emerick / Toby Keith

  13. Meanwhile, in (Pharr) Texas….

    Lively automatic weapons fire in background, Mexicans in video.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  15. Old Gray Wolf

    Well, that was a lot of nothing. The goose is cooked, boys. Best gather round and eat up. Got a lot of work to do.