Z Blog: Tenets Of Third-Wave Anti-Racism

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Laugh at the insanity, but keep lifting, doing cardio, caching, and skill-building.

These people have no sense of humor.

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  1. State-run media is dishing out divide and conquer propaganda to keep us fighting each other rather than united against tyranny. Leak exposing secret war with Trump taking the blame at link by name.

    • Even here at WRSA, too few acknowledge that race war is the script written by the banksters. What better diversion to distract the slave class from noticing the source of our woes?

      My point in mentioning this?

      We can remediate both problems—banksters and street punks.

  2. Valuable, straight to the point, truth-telling article by the Z-Man.

    I’m sure I’ve heard that if you divide the social space only once, pro-white or anti-white, everything comes into a clear, crisp focus. No need to over complicate it and get people confused. Complexity can be a curse (and a tactic?).

  3. It ain’t genocide if you call it diversity.

  4. Oregon Hobo

    Have you all been keeping up on your reading at the Advocate? Some pervy west coast Dem party donor is making the news for his persistent habit of drugging black male prostitutes to death.


    Will the Dems continue to accept donations from a man with a known history of gay black men turning up dead in his house from drug overdoses? Will they return the tainted money they’ve already taken?

    It would be a shame if this sort of thing cast doubt on the compassion of the Democratic party officials and donor class in the eyes of their non-white-hetero constituents.

    Happy trails!

    • It would be a shame if this sort of thing cast doubt on the compassion of the Democratic party officials and donor class in the eyes of their non-white-hetero constituents.
      Those non white hetero constituents that vote Demonrat will never be swayed by that…They have to actually think for themselves for that to happen and that’s a fantasy…

    • NorthGunner

      If he was still alive, my money would have been
      that it was Roy Cohen that was responsible….

      Faggotry AND necrophilia…wonder if that ‘good comrade’
      also ‘likes pizza’?…….Roy liked underage goyboi’s….it’s a (((tribal)))

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • If you are a big money DNC donor, looks like that grants license.

  5. from the article: “This is to both punish whites in a material sense and to remind them that they are now in the inferior position.”
    sorry, still superior. regardless of color; if i’m not tattooed, wearing my life savings around my neck and in my teeth, listening to music that degrades women and cops, speak proper English, am not using welfare or stealing to live on and can properly wear a pair of pants; i’m superior.

  6. Johnny Paratrooper

    Not one white women in my neighborhood survived intact.

    The Latinos and Blacks ate them alive with heroin and sex.

    Usually before they are 15-16.

    If you raise kids around black, brown, or asians you are committing suicide.

  7. Confederate miner

    Is anyone aware of any organization that can get Americans and their guns to South Africa to fight with the White South Africans in their upcoming unpleasantry?

    • I understand your sentiment brother but I’d be more interested in getting them out. Why they didn’t see the writing on the wall during that Truth & Reconciliation bullshit in the ’90s is anybody’s guess. Anyway you cut it they’re demographically hosed. I’ve got a small lot in the town of Welch, West Virginia ANY white South African family can have free & clear. It’s a warranty deed and I’ll sign it over with a smile.

    • since 99% of Whites in S. Africa show zero interest in surviving the ongoing Judeo-nigger genocide,

      there is no need for such an organization. Face it,

      any Whites who don’t get themselves off the X in SA are

      dogmeat. Same as us,

      if the Jews can keep the consent-buying debtbuck operative for another decade or so.


        Word. “Human beings, who will not fight for themselves when they have the means to do so, are not worth being fought for by others.” – Zombie Frederick Douglass.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          Exactly what I thought when I read the question. I hear about the farm murders if I look for it. I never hear about a single firefight, no matter how hard I look. If I know the niggers are gonna be showing up at the farm to rape the wife(and/or I) while torturing us to death with fire, hammers and machetes, there is NO doubt that there will be one hell of a fight. It will likely be started by a hellacious ambush of the raiding party, and I will either kill every mother’s son of the bush bandits, or die in the process of a very vicious attempt to do just that. Fuck being tortured or anything else that has been happening to these people. And they just sit there and wait for it? Fucking pussies get what they ask for. You want me to come running to risk my neck saving yours, be worth it. Best be doing some killing of your own, if you are calling on me to assist.

          Anyone looking to get American men to fight the losing battle in SA, ain’t no friend of America. Any man who will fight, needs to be right here, getting his shit sorted for the fight that is coming here, not overseas getting his ass shot off over some pussy that won’t do his own killing, and doesn’t have the sense to GTFO when he can.

    • The essential motivator for all Progressives is this … “Fight with us, and you can share in the spoils.”

      That’s how they raise their armies.

      It’s very traditional, when you think about it.

      Of course, the sentiment is always unspoken; disguised by platitudes … but, before too long, it will become the open clarion-call in all Western countries.

      A white South African’ Movement which promised the same, might attract an awful lot of soldiers.

      “Clean the place out, and be rewarded with a nice slice for yourself.”
      Let’s be under no illusions, this is exactly the ‘deal’ which is being offered to Blacks in South Africa.

  8. A few years ago, I was on the Ekok cannery dock, in Ekok on Bristol Bay, waiting for the season to start, talking to two black kids from Stockton, CA. who had come up to work the salmon season. They were the only blacks hired at this remote fly-in facility of 300 plus workers.

    They were telling me (nervously) that they had never seen so many white people in their lives. As they had just finished that sentence, a pod of 12 or so belugas surfaced right next to the dock, chasing salmon. They were amazed, speechless (hard for ratchet-jawed gang-bangers) with their mouths open, pointing. I looked at the whales knowing the runs had begun.

    As I started to walk away, I said to the two stunned black kids, “Yeah, even the whales are white up here. https://westernrifleshooters.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/bq-5bee06542837b.jpeg

    • Black is beautiful
      Tan is grand
      White is the color of the big boss man
      Your skin is your primary uniform. Wear it proudly.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        So proud of that shit I wear a hat in summer and never wear shorts outside. Well, pride and a strong aversion to blisters and skin cancer. Still trying to determine who the fuckup was in my family tree that thought it advisable to relocate from some cool northern european/scandinavian environment to south of the Mason/Dixon Line. And working to get my ass north and west to Montana.

    • Sorry…the correct spelling is Ekuk.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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