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  1. people lose all credibility when they conjure up demons and gods.

    grow fucking up.

  2. Bracken is aligned with Alex Jones. I think that says everything. He has some good points in the video that a third grader wouldn’t have thought of but this horse is long been dead. It’s just another way to sell books and dick juice. Gotta stay relevant and keep that money coming in.

    • ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

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    • It looks like we found the DOJ stooge’s account.

    • Well said.

      What a stereotypical con that a Zionist co-opts the Cross.

      As Michael Hoffman has named it, chameleon Judaism.

      • once he jumped the shark a month or two back, his shelf life expired. it’s not the muzzies or the jews or any other BS religion that has brought you all down- it’s the cowardly white murkins that are to blame for their own fate.

        all the jacked-up monster trucks, tricked out AR-15s, and tough-guy tattoos in the world do not make Men. therefore, the white race has no choice but to step aside and relinquish all they have accomplished… the ‘barbarians’ thank-you for your hard work and dedication. not to worry, your best DNA bucks and white whore wimym will be put to good use as breeders to ensure more pretty white girls remain to rape, torture, and of course used as slaves yo keep modern tech up and running for the conquerors pleasure. you have all earned at least that much.


  3. Sam Francis – Anarcho-Tyrannyโ€”Where Multiculturalism Leads

  4. Slamming Matt Bracken here now? WTF?

    • Ahh Brother your letting people that don’t mean shit upset you and yes there is all kinds of trolls on here…You just have to learn to ignore them or if you’re bored bait them them into looking even more like the fools they are…

    • Detroit III

      A lot of sick puppies like DMV and his fecal-matter art collection.

  5. Matt, I don’t know how well this fits with your thoughts here but I have two comments. 1) Give the people an enemy to hate that is not their government. This may be a permanent war or internal or external enemy. Examples include 1984 and Maduro blaming everybody. 2) The financial controllers: central banks, IMF, World Bank, etc. ability to jerk the economy at will without responsibility to anyone.

    Overall good job. I’d like to see this written up.

  6. School Circle!!

  7. “if hillary had won we’d be on the road to Venezuela by now…”

    Shh – don’t look around & notice that we ARE, and have been for a long time.

  8. Don’t attack the messenger just because you dont like the people they work with. Bracken is educating people and trying to wake a few up.
    If you want unit cohesion then we are going to have to learn to work together.

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    Despite the crows and ravens cawing and fighting, Bracken is still on the money. It is US and THEM-and they drew up the boundary lines, we will just play by them. You know, heart attacks and car accidents work both ways. So do disappearance problems. The Clinton Crime Family does not have a lock on this.

    • Bravo!!! Keep telling everyone. And that kind of activity could be happening right now.
      Obama judges for starts?

  10. Matt, you have dusted off and been reviewing your Screwtape Letters and your Machiavelli again, haven’t you? (Or is it just tea leaves?)

  11. Remember the 6 Ps


  12. I read much faster than he can talk. Put it in writing. No time to watch a video.

  13. Point#4 Algorithms, Data Mining to Identify

    The basic mode of operation has always been.
    1 Identify
    2 Vilify
    3 Isolate
    4 Eliminate
    Do you remember the militia movement of the early 90s. It was gaining ground fast,until OK city.
    Reichstag fire anyone?….sure killed that movement!

    Who’s on the list?
    NRA members past and present
    Hunting license
    4×4 owners
    I am sure you can think of a lot more markers.

    The biggest mistake they made was putting a expiration date on the AWB.
    All those people who said they could/would not do it were shocked when it passed.
    When it came up for renewal, they $hit there pants when it didn’t go thru!
    But Matt is right they won’t quit trying no matter what it takes!

    • Fuckin coward pig.

    • In these times of spiffy technology, nobody has to wait for several hundred others to be willing to fix bayonets and stand in a line before they have a viable response. Instead, a single grieving pet owner can use a suppressed rifle, drone, or something activated remotely by a burner phone.

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