Mosby: Why I Keep Doing This

It matters.

Thanks to JM and all who share selflessly with others.

The final exam is going to be a bitch.

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  1. That was a good, honest read. Thanks for sharing. I don’t agree with everything you put out but I respect your teachings and read them all when you put them down. And whether I agree or not with all the content I always take something from it I can later use. Even if it’s one sentence that wasn’t perfectly grammered. ; ) Thanks for your contribution.

  2. Thanks for your efforts. Similar upbringing. Keep doing it cause people need it. Sorry to hear about your child.

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    One hundred percent agree with him on the thing about thinking now what you are willing to sacrifice for your children. Or wife, or neighbor, or freedom. I have done just that, and am more willing to die than I am to sit in a cage. More willing to sit in a cage than “work” for the State. And so on.

    All y’all need to consider this line of thinking, think out all the variables, and objectively decide what you are willing to sacrifice for anything and anyone you care about. Chances are, they are coming for a lot of it, and sitting around wishing you had resisted(or not), for the rest of your life because you did not have it worked out before the event, is not a good life.

    • Amen on that Brother…Saw you mentioned MT earlier and if you need any info let me know…

      • lastmanstanding

        Saw that as well…me also.

      • lastmanstanding

        Like at survival blog. We could call it…Lastlinemanstand Relocation Services. 🙂

        • Old Gray Wolf

          Thanks guys. Been researching it for a few years now, probably not going to happen for a while. Getting the financial ducks to line up will take a bit yet. Looking eastern half, maybe near Shawmut or perhaps Grass Range area. Got a buddy near Ryegate. Damn sure not Boz Angeles or Missoula. I plan to get to a DSR before long. First one is not likely, unfortunately.

          • lastmanstanding

            We’re here if you anything.

            When…you get here, you gotta take a walk around mizzoo, very diverse…live a little. LOL!

        • LMAO Brother…

  4. I am so glad Mosby is rededicating to posting weekly…his no BS take it or leave it style lays it all out with out any ambiguities.

  5. Yes, Significance is very important.
    Reminds me of a time when a dude wanted to fight, and
    I looked at him an told him simply – “You are not significant”
    or “This is not significant”. He was kind of startled, and walked
    away, which was good, because I had better causes to take
    care of then.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Elder Son | January 9, 2019 at 20:34 |

    Hey everyone else! No one is stopping you either.

    It’s just fucking hilarious.

    You have those who are ready to go, but realize that the vast majority are not, and it would be suicide to go with what they’ve got.

    And it is that VAST MAJORITY who are NOT ready to go, if EVER, that are mocking those who are ready to go!


    Uh, yes there is, the rest of you who are mocking those who a ready to go, WHO COULD GO, BUT REFUSE TO, that are stopping them.

    Fucking White People.



    fact is murkins are fucking cowards.

    but. but. but. but. but. but.

    my job. my family. my payments. my freedumb. i might die.


    fuck all of you. i hope all of your families die horribly in a gad damned death camp.


    meanwhile, i’m living very large and in charge bitchez.


  8. Where’s the right wing wound squads? Get it going.

  9. NightBreaker

    John keep it up, you have no idea who you are helping , your work is appreciated , you can rest even if you save one life with the information
    you give its worth it. I suspect it will be many more than that . Remember the things that mean something are hard. What we are facing is inevitable
    Each act of self reliance is another way to put a finger in the eye of the Elites. Our communites and country has been through this before , only this time its our turn to right the boat. Like you said in a previous essay ” Make This Our Finest Hour”
    I had an uncle , deceased now , who served in the 101 504 PIR in WW2 he dropped on D-day (my mother passed on this same day in 2017) and served till the end of the war came home and opened a car repair bussiness he was well known for “hot rods” along the east coast in the 60’s.
    He always told me Believe nothing you see or hear from the media , seek out people like yourself that do the right thing when no one is watching and always be prepared , you cannot help others if you cannot help yourself.
    You never know where the wisdom you give is going to go.
    This from an uncle who Liberated Dachau and fought some of the hardest campagnes in WW2.
    His like your advice is priceless.