Z Blog: The Active Citizens

Or, why government workers should remember that they are parasites.

But they won’t.

And so they will go into accountability files.

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  1. If ‘our’ side actually had genuine leadership, of
    honesty, courage, strategic and tactical intelligence, it would be easy to hire the “hard, pipe hitting niggers” and trick them into
    attacking their masters, never knowing they were working against themselves as they enjoyed the feral bloodlust of their nature.
    No, our supposed champions and leadership
    are carnival-barkers and shilling pitchmen, dealing in trinkets and stuff.

    • If there were any real Americans left, “our side” wouldn’t need any “hard, pipe hitting niggers” to attack their masters. We would be putting bullets through there heads and that includes the “niggers”…. By they way, if there are any long range shooters in crapafornia, governor moonbeam is retiring to a very large spread up in Wilson, crapafornia.. Just saying…

    • What in blue blazes blazes fuck are you babbling incoherently about? There are very few negro plumbers hitting hard pipe. Electricians and plumbers are predominantly white.

      • wendystringer48088

        For anyone who may not be familiar with the term:
        pipe hitter
        Some one or a group of people who are willing to go to the extreme in order to get things accomplished.

        • Daniel K Day

          I always took the expression to mean “crack-smoking”.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          And here I thought he meant a crack pipe… Silly me.

          From experience, they’s fast on they feet, but they ain’t generally hard. Chased one of the punk asses righ into his boarded up crack house hood on foot after he snagged my Nextel(remember those?) off a table as I was running him off our job for trying to sell stolen shit. I ran five miles a day, and couldn’t catch the fucker- for the first two hundred yards. I got my phone back. Porch monkeys all out on their, porches, hollering and pointing. Caught the fucker by the collar, tossed him face first on the sidewalk and picked up my phone when he dropped it. Gave him a kick in the ribs for my trouble, waved at the rest, and went back to the job. They knew where I was, nobody came to get revenge. Some real hard dudes, there.

      • the blacks, muzzies, and latins will kill you for street cred, perceived slights, territory, wimyn, or just for fun- it’s in their blood.

        civilized (feminized)whites who kneel and pray to make-believe weak gods and hide behind badged state-sanctioned thugs don’t have a chance against these life-hardened warriors. they don’t worry about jail or dying and there’s more of them in Fusa than official statistics present. oh. and most of the ‘real Americans’ (natives) will not side with the whites either.

        do make the best of what little time you have left. 🙂

  2. The politicians have colluded with the public unions to make getting a govt job like winning the lottery. You get pensions only Bill Gates can dream about. With so many holidays and work rules, govt slugs can literally work halve the days we in the private sector do. Months of vacation time compared to my 1 week a year.
    And it’s all totally unpaid for. Don’t go to pension Tsunami if you don’t wanna slit you wrists.

    • yup.

      i remember back in the 90s when i worked for a living, the county scum would be in the bar after quitting time and everyone would look at them in disgust- oh wait, they still do. ha ha

      anyways, anyone with the gubmint is a legit target in the coming days of excitement.

      pure filth.

      • So are government tit suckers nigga.

        • i was injured in the line of duty


          i’ll take everything i am entitled to being i served Honorably and in good faith. something many here have never done…

          • SemperFi, 0321

            I’m sick of civilians lecturing me on patriotism, and disability benefits. They think if you’re not missing some limbs you didn’t get hurt. Ever been in a helicopter crash, or stood in the hanger deck of a carrier as a fuel ship collided 30′ away and knocked you down? Crashed tanks and amphtracs into ditches from driving too fast during maneuvers? TBI from firing hundreds of 105/106mm anti-tank rounds, chronic headaches for years? Been in a Greyhound bus wreck on the way back from training?

            I have more respect for some guy that washed out of boot camp, than for someone who never even bothered to try. And then fly the flag because he’s a patriot!
            Deeds speak louder than words.
            I know not everyone is cut out for the military, but don’t ever condemn someone for taking your place in the line of national defense. Yes, we were used by the globalists to make money, won’t argue that, but every single one of us was willing to put our life on the line to defend what we truly believed to be for the greater good.

            • helicopter crash- check

              crashed M-113 into ditches from driving too fast during maneuvers?- check

              firing hundreds of 81 mm motors and firing thousands and thousands of rounds from the m-60 LMG- headaches for years?- check

              Been in a deuce and a half wreck on the way back from training?-check

              i could go on but you get the point.

              these shitstains don’t have a fucking clue.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s sadly funny how far removed even low-level gummint types are from the rest of the folks. I was at a business round-table thing about 6-8 years ago and there was a guy there who was some mid-level city employee. He started in about how people should feel sorry for him because his benefits package was only X. which he thought was rather piddling, at least compared to his supervisors’. He was visibly shocked when pretty much everyone there turned on him and explained what their benefits were – mostly nothing.

      Guy literally had no clue.

  3. That image….Patrick Leahy, right ?

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    Ahh yeah, the unpopular fact. Also includes your current and retired .mil and LEO. No better than Laquisha and her fiddeen kids.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      .mil don’t get the same retirement packages like LEO/Firefighters do. Huge difference.

      • 0321, do tell, what the differences in retirement are?


        • SemperFi, 0321

          You going to tell me you retired at $2500/month?
          That’s what my brother in law retired at as an O-3 over 25 yrs about 10 yrs ago.
          USN submariner, COB and commissioned Officer his last few yrs.

          Most LEO/Firefighter retire at a union scale much higher than what any military could dream of.
          Gonna argue that?

          • he already said he gets over $1,000 a week.

            all for stomping on the very Constitution- which he vowed to protect.

            the poop lice have a day of reckoning coming. all the pigs in Fusa will not be able to stop the millions and millions and millions who HATE those fuckers.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Yeah, but blasting third worlders and their kids in desert shitholes for 20 years doesn’t entitle them to a chunk of my paycheck for the rest of their lives, either. Stealing “less” is still stealing.

    • exactly. ol jackboot dirk thinks he’s smoothing things over and making friends coming here. there is NOTHING any of them can do to escape what they have earned. hope DTW gets to a safer AO.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Don’t forget: all of our government workers are spewing forth the sob stories of being unable to pay their rent, their credit cards, their car payments………Exactly how much sympathy and help did Joan Q Public receive after losing jobs due to the engineered bank/mortgage meltdowns? She just got evicted and her pets went to the animal shelter because she couldn’t pay another $50 per month, per pet, at another apartment. She also lived on Cup o’ Noodles while the people she supports were chowing down on lobster. (Can you say Moochie Obama?)
    The Do Not Call List is a temporary reprieve; after 2 years, your number is released.

    • RE: Do Not Call List. I’ve had success in being obscenely rude to these folks.
      After a few vile, and I mean really vile exchanges, I gather they just don’t want to take another beating.

      • Great moments on the phone with solicitors.
        “This is Bob calling from Greenpeace.”
        “Hi Bob. Are you married?”
        “Excuse me.”
        “Are you married Bob or have a girlfriend?”
        “Sir,that is not any of your business.”
        “How am I going to find out if your wife likes getting fucked in the ass?”

  6. Are any of you stupid bastards ‘American’
    enough to enjoy such treatment?

    Anthony Weiner to be released from prison early: Weiner was sentenced in October 2017 to 21 months in federal prison after he pleaded guilty in May of that year to sending obscene material to a 15-year old girl. Weiner began his sentence at the Federal Medical Center Devens — a prison in Massachusetts for men requiring long-term medical or mental health care — on Nov. 6, 2017. Though he was initially slated to be released on Aug. 5, 2019, prison records indicate the 54-year-old is now scheduled to be released 83 days early, on May 14, 2019.


  7. Sorry for OT:

    ‘Traditional masculinity’ officially labeled ‘harmful’ by the American Psychological Association

    Ya can’t make this shit up. Here’s a suggestion for the APA, go fuck yourself. Let’s cut off everyone from their SSRI’s and other meds for a couple few days. You cunts are great at handing them out like candy to get people hooked for big Pharma, let’s see how you do at counseling EVERYONE down from that ledge. Double dog dare ya. To everyone else to the extent you can keep your kids away from all contact with this “profession”. Evil and stupid.

  8. Its a nice club.

    And we are not in it.

  9. Murikans’ and boomer cucks, truly a
    fucking disgrace and a blighted pox
    on America.

  10. Orwell quote on the masthead currently is one for the ages.

  11. RoE against a bureaucrat:

    1/ Know their rules better than they do. Thankfully most of the docs are public domain. Just got to know where to look. Look for the blank holes and exceptions and what triggers an audit.
    2/ Have all the BS forms already filled out, triplicate, ready for their signature. ‘Lacking a form’ is dodge #1 with most ‘crats.
    3/ Know the escalation procedure (see 1) and who will be receiving that escalating request.

    Walk in like a noob and one will get treated like one.

  12. https://fee.org/articles/bipartisan-support-for-gun-confiscation-is-growing/

    and there isn’t one cop out there who won’t do exactly as they are ordered…

    • State police refused to search for guns door to door as their boss, the governor, wanted in 2014 in Connecticut. There hasn’t been any door-to-door in California, New Jersey, or Boulder, either. I’m not predicting any bump stock action, either. To get liberty, threaten tax and regulation enforcement employees with the same hot war. That is the only thing that will work.

      Doesn’t matter what percentage of the voters want a policy, it matters what percentage of residents don’t want it and will pick up a rifle in their own defense. The cost of self-defense decreases with the price of drones. It is already possible for teenagers to drop grenades on the tops of cop cars. All the cop cars everywhere. No reason for CW2 to take longer than a week. Those cars are already labeled on top so they can be identified from the air.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Boy tee you gotta dig deep to find this hog wash. The sources is laughable, your Marxist roots are starting to shine thru comrade.

    This I know TEE, the boys WILL be coming for you soon. If you were smart, “your not” you would go sit on the curb outside and keep your Peter beaters where the nice poopoo can see them.

    Their not worried about your guns. In fact they might find your cold dead body with 15 guns under you, each placed by those nad ol corrupt police , ,, mans.

    I see it as a public service, the triple will be pleased that the local popo hauled the fucking trash with cash out..

    Sleep well John boy.

    Dir Williams

  15. “Ladies, get yourselves a pipe hitter. Your vagina will love you for it.”