A Millennial’s Reply

The Boomers are aging out.

Who follows and what they will do is in flux.

This struggle to defeat the Great Replacement will be a long one.

Try to be helpful.

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  1. Okay. You’re right.
    I shall endeavor to persevere with helpfulness.

  2. Walter Zoomie

    I and my boomer wife raised three successful, well-adjusted millennials who “suffer” from none of the afflictions described. All that on shitty truck driver and teacher’s aid wages…

    We were just lucky, I guess. We really dodged a bullet, didn’t we?

  3. lastmanstanding

    You love to open the worm can don’t you…frankly, the sooner one realizes that life isn’t fair and tremendous efforts need to be made to get anything, the better.

    It has been that way for ALL of us.


      Word. I’m 71 and still work. My spouse is 64 and partially disabled and she still works. We are NOTHING like the Cosmic White sybarites in the Eternal Boomer montage above. And one other thing, we both are proficient in firearms and we both have had the unfortunate experience of having to deploy them against other humans. I will not be painted with the broad brush.
      These younger folks need to look at the social, cultural, and political degeneration of this country since Roe v. Wade. You could even go back farther to the hit on JFK, and the resulting cynicism over the cover-up. Over three thousand years ago, Moses said: “Grab your picks and shovels, mount your camels and asses, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.” In 1932, FDR said: “Lay down your picks and shovels, light up a Camel, this IS the Promised Land.” Today, the Uniparty has stolen our picks and shovels raised the price of Camels, and has given the Promised Land to disease-ridden criminal invaders.
      Sadly, large elements of the Greatest Generation, the Boomers, the GenX’ers and others have done nothing to stop this disintegration. They were just too busy and preoccupied with bread and circuses.
      There is an old saying about how it is easier to assign blame rather than to solve the problem. A lot of well-meaning, working-class Deplorables thought they had solved the problem after the 2016 presidential election. It would appear now that is not the case. So here we are. To paraphrase Paulo: “To each of us, our families and belongings.” Bleib ubrig.

      • Well said Brother… I look at Trump being elected as plugging a few holes in the dike but we are still sitting below sea level… People should be using the time to get to higher ground or be building so when it breaks again they won’t be affected…It seems though people need pain to motivate them to do anything these days so they will sit and do nothing…Sad That…

      • lastmanstanding

        Thanks for the sanity brother D. We can’t save the world, best we can do is save our immediate family, close friends and our community…and that will be a lot if things go tango uniform.

        I am trying to help anyone who shows any interest. Like beating a dead horse. I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few good ones, several interesting plans, a solid network of friends and am “trying to be helpful.”

        Speaking of plans…hey JP, u got my email, talk to me. I need a rack for the festivities and daylight is burning.

        Don’t worry about the fact that we might get along and that I’ll convince you to leave Lagos, Maryland and move to Big Sky country.

    • i don’t know. as soon as i stopped following the rules set-up by the corrupt leaders of this land- politicians, courts, cops, teachers, coaches, nco’s, officers, bosses… things became more just, easier, and profitable. quit playing someone else’s game and run your own game with your own rules. most, if not all the laws are made to shackle your mind, progress, and well-being. you will not get rich working for anyone other than yourself.. once i figured that out, i took all but ten years of hard work to stop altogether. i haven’t worked for $ in over 14 years now, and i don’t plan on ever “working” again.

      System D


      fuck the cops

      fuck the gubmint

      fuck the system

  4. Thanks CA for posting this. And so timely. I appreciate the author not being as venomous as many have been toward the Boomer generation of which I am one. And I appreciate the younger generation’s anger at my generation. With that being said, I would like to share my opinion on generational conflict.

    In a sentence, generational conflict is at least as old as the Bible, and it is as misplaced as any in human history, and as fruitless. Each human generation has its successes and bears burdens of regret for follies. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    My life experience has taught me that as age comes upon us all, young and old, the older become less foolish to the young and the younger grow into wisdom in the eyes of the older. Life experience mellows most people, with exceptions as always. If you live long enough…

    But that is the least of our concerns, young and old alike.

    I think that the generational labels, like all labels, that have been spawned by media and then nurtured by the same, are a diversion. Our true conflict is, has been, and always will be one of good versus evil within the human spirit. And it expresses itself in culture and politics in the form of one group of human beings presuming to rule another. Notice that I use the term “rule” and not “govern”. Every single example of evil I can think of is an example of one human being subjugating another in some way. Whether it is to subjugate the soul of a child with cruelty, or subjugate a population into cattle cars, or mentally enslave them with falsehood.

    I think everyone that visits this site knows exactly what I mean so I will stop there.

    I suggest and beseech all people who consider themselves to be a person of “good” will to cease fighting each other and turn to face the true enemy.

    Evil, by my definition as subjugation, is winning. By diversion and slow subjugation.

    Let each generation be what they will be, even and especially our own children, as long as they allow others, including and especially us older ones, as long as it is done in liberty and without subjugation.

    I have lots of guns and ammo. But a I am getting too old to ruck and fight. I need to be willing to arm a young person who shares my beliefs. And the young need realize that they need me to support their fight in any way I can.

    This has been a hard lesson for me to face. The same ego that allows me to think I am a valuable tactical asset can get other people killed. I am too old to fight as an infantry partisan. But I have a duty to fight in other ways. I have a radio.i can fix things. I can heal wounded people. I can teach marksmanship. I can share wisdom learned from the folly of my youth. It is humbling. It is infuriating. But most important, I think it is absolutely true.

    So I am going to ask or suggest, and I am going to try to lead by example, going forward, to not participate in inter-generational conflict on this site. It doesn’t really matter and doesn’t help any of us. Everyone of us has a duty to all other people of all generations. God given true liberty from subjugation by other human beings. It seems so simple.

    Let’s encourage the young and fit who are angry at all the bullshit of subjugation and willing to fight. It’s “their” fight as much or more than “ours”.

    It is all “ours”. If we don’t discover and nurture the “us”, then we are all fucked.

  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    Only 30% of my classes are white.
    The last census was a lie.

    • I remember many, many moons ago, when I was considering a post-grad degree, of visiting a possible school. I grew up and attended undergrad in the sticks. This new school was in a metropolitan area. While attending the visitation seminar, I noticed that I was one of the only non-POC’s in the room. Thought to myself: Well, this is going to be different. Nonetheless, applied for and obtained admission to the school. Then came the first day of class.

      What. A. Change. Class was >95% non-POC. Apparently the POC’s didn’t try to, or didn’t get, admitted.

      In short…. you’re attending the wrong school. As countless others before me have suggested, pack up and head west, young man. But not too far west, because then you’ll only find yourself on the Left-Coast.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        I am transferring to University of Wyoming after I finish my degree in Baltimore.

        Even if I don’t finish for whatever reason, I am abandoning the east coast.

        I need to find a trustworthy Christian woman who hasn’t been damaged by 18 years of marxist brainwashing.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The degree you choose can greatly affect the ratio of whites to non-whites.

        If you take finance or computer science, you will have more whites.

        If you take liberals arts, it is literally full of people who barely graduated HS and they are milking all of the POC only scholarships and degrees.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          And of course, the under achieving whites are taking out 60,000 in loans to make a measly 35,000 a year.

    • churchladyiowa

      Yeah, my husband worked as a census taker in our town for the 2010 census. We have (had) two huge packing plants and thousands of “diverse” families here. They pack 20+ people in a three-bedroom house. However, those that let my husband in to fill out their census form NEVER admitted to that many people in the home. “The most people claimed by Hispanics was eight–in a two-bedroom apartment. Cripes, there were that many cars parked outside!” was his comment. Let’s just say that 25 years in his chosen profession made him privy to just how many ‘immigrants’ are truly here. Using his insider math, he figured that our town has on the low side, a population of 12,000 minimum. Final census figure?? 8,800.

      Also, our schools are indeed the proof of the diversity pudding. After 19 years of illegals pouring in, I can say that Johnny Paratrooper’s stat is accurate. Our education numbers?? Elementary grades K-5 are 80% other cultures. Middle school grades 6-8 are 70%. High school is a little over 50%. Hs would be higher except lots of Hispanic girls 15+ drop out because they’re pregnant after their big Quincena 15th Birthday celebration.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        So was he the guy that was GPSing every house he visited?
        Some of you need your head readjusted, with a baseball bat.

      • wendystringer48088

        I always thought the Mexican / Hispanic girls were raised Catholic and either waited until marriage or if they were devirginized the father and brothers would take the guy who had sex with their daughter / sister down to TJ (Tijuana) and give him the choice of either marrying the girl or never coming back to the US alive.

        Guess times have changed a lot since the 60’s…

        Or do they get married when they drop out of school in the 10th grade?

        In which case that is maybe not so bad. Start having babies young (15 or 16 and keep going up till about 25 or so) and have lots of kids and big families and you don’t run the risk of Autism and Downs syndrome children that the career women who wait until they are 35 – 40 years old do.
        Plus you only need about a 10th grade education for most things in order to get by in today’s society, especially for being a stay at home housewife and mother anyway…

      • “my husband worked as a census taker”

        that would be classified as an ‘asshole’- see above.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          This comes right back to what I always keep saying; your friends and neighbors will betray you, they’ll rat you out every time, and all the time thinking they were being “good” citizens.
          Ignorant morons that can’t figure out your business is not their business, no idea what STFU means.

          I’ve run the last 2 census takers off my property when they asked me more than the 2 required questions, one little old lady threatened me with the law and I pointed out the Deputy Sheriff’s house 2 blocks down the street, then demanded she go get him. (he himself had told the senior citizens center they only had to answer 2 questions, the rest were illegal) She stormed off in a huff and a few days later I got a nasty letter in the mail, which I ignored and no one ever followed up on it again.

      • wendystringer48088


        Welcome to you, and thank you for posting all the pertinent information about what is going on in your area.

        Please ignore some of the negative comments here. Rough crowd of people here, some of whom have a right to be angry for having been done wrong by bullies and petty tyrants misusing government authority under color of law. As a result they are therefore very distrustful and disrespectful towards anyone working in any “government” capacity or anything that promotes or assists any form of government intrusiveness.

        I myself did respond to the 2010 census (for my own reasons). But I was polite about it and I’m not going to get angry with others who might be potential allies over it.

    • My friend you are in a blue hive or as I like to refer to them “dead zone”. It’s quite like the Himalayan dead zone in that your time there is fixed and your dying is accelerated greatly. You have been an asset to this community and I suspect could greatly help others were u to get out of there. Please consider it. I lived in NoVA years ago The ms13 had already started hacking arms off down there supported by greedy landscapers and cosmic idiits who imported them for profits. Body more murderland was MUCH further down the shithole even then. GTFO while u can cause people need u alive sir. Either way best of luck in the coming war

  6. Ah, yes; the periodic math quiz game called generational-division. Oodles of fun, commies love it. Carry on,

  7. Must be the shits to spend your formative years being taught that one is a victim or oppressor and that blame needs to be apportioned to some nebulous “they”.

  8. I echo lastmanstanding’s observation. Nor do I think that all of PA’s observations are wrong. But fact of the matter is, every generation must see its own way.

    * Did Boomers have it great? No more of less than any other as far as parenting. Most of our ‘advantages’ were external. When most of the world was blown up 5 years before your birth, living in the only intact economy, well yeah opportunities were everywhere. Which irony of ironies, makes the GenX life harder — the rest of the world caught up with us using newer equipment that can beat us on price in the global economy.

    * But it still holds true today as it was in the 16th century, your value is directly proportional to what you can deliver as a trade/skill/product. But pounding on a game console is not one of them.

    * As a point of order, the only segment of the population that is sitting on defined benefit plans are government workers. Corps gave up db plans back in the 90’s. I know because I experienced the conversion.

    * I don’t hate millineals, but I do find the “can’t make to the office till 11am, where’s the latte bar?, do you have safe places” expectations quite off putting. The idea that one earns their stripes is missing. I put in 60-80hr weeks most of my life, missed many a family event, etc, blew thru many a weekend to build the networks you game play on, to acquire what I have. I offer no apologies for accumulating it.

    * “Millennials like myself have lived in a world with no peace …” News you can use: The US has been at war with the world since 1941, continuously. You never lived thru ‘duck and cover’, Cuban Missile Crisis, or the Draft and probably won’t thank you very much.

    My ole man had many sayings but the most consistent — “Just get on with it, its never going to be perfect and nobody is going to wait for you to achieve that.”


  9. Neil M. Dunn

    Because we chose to have a fiat (i.e.money created out of thin air) financial system = immoral, and have intentionally, systematically, and continually stolen from each younger generation by performing intergenerational debt rape, what other conclusion or result could be expected?

  10. It didn’t start with the {{{Boomer}}} and it’s not going to end with the {{{Boomer}}} … dead.

  11. Comment Of the Year at the site of the OP:
    …to the “Boomer Haters” out there it is important that you understand the following.
    Everything that hit that generation was a product of social engineering, just like yours regardless of whether you are an X’er, Millenial or from “Z.” Virtually everything that influenced them was set in place by the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations – socially, academically, culturally, economically. For that matter, the two seemingly worshipped generations that preceded the Boomers had certain circumstances set in place for them by generations that never were given identifying monikers. After all, when was The Federal Reserve and the Income Tax put in place?

    1913, when the so-called “Greatests” were kids and the “Silents” were not even yet born.
    The Frankfurt School and it’s destructive effects on social science academia? In the 1930’s. So-called “Equal Rights”, the deracination of this country and the onset of “Second Wave Feminism?” 1950’s. The 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act? 1965. All done by Greatests and Silents, well before Boomers could vote on a damn thing. The oldest of the Boomers couldn’t vote until 1967 (the voting age was 21 back then) and even if they knew anything besides what they had been taught (ringing a bell here?) by the “teachers” from the Greatests and Silents, what difference does the vote of a single year of a demographic cohort mean?


    Who was importing the drugs back then? Greatests and Silents. Are you so stupid you think teenagers were international drug smugglers? Who introduced The Pill in 1960? Greatests/Silents. Who legalized abortion in 1973? Greatests and Silents. Rock and Roll? Greatests and Silents (Google up Dave McGowan’s series “Inside the L.C.” for a mind-blower on that topic, folks). Who led the “Counter-Culture” of the 1960’s? Not Boomers. It was Greatests and Silents. Check the ages of “The Chicago Seven” for a wake-up call, not to mention those running the SDS and The Black Panthers back then. Acid-Guru Timothy Leary was born in 1920, people. The folks who created the underground cells in 12 different major cities to spread and begin the move to “normalize” and then legalize homosexuality set that up network up in the 1950’s and one of them was good old “Grandpa Walton” from “The Walton’s” television series.

    Not Boomers.

    And who owned those movie studies and the television networks introduced the filth on the screen? And the radio stations which played that “Rock and Roll?” Profit-seeking, cultural “Change Agents” form the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations. Who started to mainstream “Porn?” Hugh Hefner was born in 1926 and the first “Playboy Magazine” hit the stands “unnamed” in December of 1953. It sold so well to Greatests and Silents during the ’53 “Christmas Season” that the January of 1954 issue came out with the name “Playboy” emblazoned on its cover. I wasn’t even born yet and the rest is history.
    During all of this the Boomers were literally nothing but kids, most not even a part of the late ’60’s “cultural revolution”, it the peak of a wave created “by others” quite deliberately built to crash the edifice of this civilization hard onto shore.

    (P.S. Note that there were a mere three television networks plus perhaps PBS during that era, depending on where you lived. There was no “cable” or satellite television. There was no “internet” and no way to communicate viewpoints and/or observations contrary to what the gods of the media, academia and government wanted you to know/think. Use your tools and do so wisely.)

    TL;DR for the Boomer-bashers
    (which your dad would’ve taught you in person, if only your shrew-mom hadn’t kicked him out for not pandering to her bullshit, if she even knew who the father was):
    Suck it up, buttercup.
    Life is hard.
    Life isn’t fair.
    Nothing is free.
    Nothing worthwhile is easy.
    Now pull your pants up, spin your hat around, get a haircut, leave mommy’s basement, and get a job.
    And quit yer whiny soiboi bitchin.
    No one cares.

    • Very helpful and enlightening Aesop. Where did you get this comment. Site of the OP…? Sorry for my obtuseness.

    • “The folks who created the underground cells in 12 different major cities to spread and begin the move to “normalize” and then legalize homosexuality set that up network up in the 1950’s and one of them was good old “Grandpa Walton” from “The Walton’s” television series.”

      Did not know that. Learned something today.

    • and everyone knows asop is classified as a fuckhead.

      there you go. they’re not evil.. just useless idiots.

  12. The both sound like whining losers.

  13. Right on.
    That is one great comment.
    Certainly understand what the guy is saying.
    My baby boomer parents had me when they was 16, barely out of diapers themselves. Something really fucked up with them from the get go from my memory’s, gave my hardly out of diapers covered ass away to the state and probably went blissfully on to Woodstock and who knows what else.
    A Great Depression couple adopted me, lived on their farm, they lived so old ways it didn’t have electricity or running water. I thought I died and went to heaven. They passed when I was 14 when the farm burnt down.
    I know I Got stuck in a kind of nowhere’s land between generations. The Lost generation. More of us dead now than aren’t before we reached 50. Caught in a fucked up limbo.
    Nothings like the fucked up being born to the worse of the baby boomers.

    • wendystringer48088


      Sorry to hear about your hardships growing up.
      God Bless the couple who adopted you.
      Glad you appear to have made it ok as an adult.

  14. Jimmy the Saint

    Regarding the article – not sure how much Generation X “flinched”. It is a very small, and thus, politically weak, generation, especially compared to the Boomers who came before and the Millennials who came after. Demographics is destiny, and Generation X doesn’t have them. That’s not to say they didn’t make mistakes, but they never really had the means of overpowering the Boomers or Millennials and imposing their own political will.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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