Escape From Portland

Lefty utopia blues.

The Reds plan to establish a continental version.


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  1. I lived in southern OR and the outside Seattle near the base of Mount Rainier between 1990 and 1998. Seattle and Portland were liberal hell holes even then. Once you left the major urban areas of those states the folks were good down to earth folks for the most part.

    The people who leave the liberal hell holes they created are the ones who can afford to do so. The bad part is that all too often they leave and then infest the place they fled to with many of the very ideas that created the very liberal hell hole they just fled. I saw it happen to the Live Free or Die state where I grew up when people fled Taxachusetts.

    Building a wall won’t just protect states that share a border with Mexico, but even states that share a border with Canada.

    January 10, 2019 Daniel Greenfield

  3. lastmanstanding

    Exodus of Californians here. The ones that I have met are coming for the right reasons. That are tired of the system there, the taxation, the gibmedats, etc. They just want to be left alone and like the way things are here. The growth is inevitable…at least they have money to support the community and from what I can see, do. I stress that to the ones I meet and turn them on to my local connections who are like-minded and steer them from the lefties. They always thank me for that.

    Once in a while, doesn’t happen very often, I’ll run into a sjw. I don’t connect with them. Simple to spot and repel.

    Soon, it will be to late to make the move…better get you asses moving if your buggin to a safer place.

  4. oregon farmer

    It really IS the Californians! They really DO move across the landscape, infesting and then destroying every community in their path.
    No where is safe: seriously-they are now moving into Boise, Missoula, Butte in large numbers AND into the surrounding rural communities. I was in PDX in August, first time in 2 years, and the transformation is SHOCKING: 24/7 freeway traffic reminiscent of the Simi Valley, homeless tents and tarps EVERYWHERE (esp the freeway medians-mile after mile), Pioneer Square is a shit and needle-filled rat hole of permanent junkiedom.
    And what about the locals who SELL OUT? This is America, after all, and the idiot who runs around town boasting that his shit doesn’t stink ’cause he’s six generations local is ALWAYS the first one to sell out. The money being thrown around on real estate is just too big to resist. And in they come: the pushy self-absorbed white women with way too much plastic surgery, their ponytailed fag husbands, their transgendered messed up kids………

  5. Portland, has turned into a third world country. I’m up,their often at the VA hospital. Down town is a pig pen, in sept I was their for a federal court gig, we stayed in one of the nicer places down town.

    Piles of human crap everywhere. Armed guards in the paid parking lots. Both mornings we were their, as we left the business, we literally had to stop of homelass sleeping in the doorways.

    The front door men both responses, ” yea we know, but their is nothing we can do about it.”

    In the last couple trips to Portland I didn’t see one police officer. However both trips I did see meter maids actively writing parking tickets. Gotta keep that easy money rolling in.

    We were given a fifty dollar assessment ” bill” by the hotel, for parking expenses. Wtf. I had a not so present chat with the manager, who was very apologetic. Even offered us a free week their.

    I’m not planning on going back,.

    Reno Nv, is getting just as bad. We go to concerts their every other month. Refuse to go down town.

    Tic toc

  6. I live 2 hours from Portland.
    Note: Outlaw is the SECOND AA Police Chief, the first was Moose, later of DC Sniper fame and whose son was busted pushing drugs, all the PDX Chiefs have been disgraced or busted on felonies IIRC.
    The flood of Califags started in the 1960’s but Portland was controlled by the Dims decades before that which was the front for organized crime. Men were kidnapped for human trafficking to the sailing ships in every small town along the Columbia river and of course forced prostitution in Portland’s underground city was common as well as the drug trade to the Chinese population. These current Dim Globalists will stop at nothing to spread the power of their criminal empire.

    • rotten cops?

      say it ain’t so…

      they’re all fucking rotten bastards who need a neck-stretching.

      ALL OF THEM.

      • Dirk | January 9, 2019 at 22:43 |

        Their not worried about your guns. In fact they might find your cold dead body with 15 guns under you, each placed by those nad ol corrupt police , ,, mans.

        Typical corrupt cop ..

        bet dickboi has fond memories of framing innocents…

        it’s what they do.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    PC government employees, catering to the drug addicted, the mentally ill, and the psychopaths have made previously beautiful cities unliveable. Mayors, governors, and city/county council “persons” do all that they can to protect their salaries, pensions, and perks. The fact that Q Public gets shot or knifed or murdered outright is of no concern. This country really does need an old fashioned scrubbing.


    Portlandia would be the perfect venue for the next American Communist Party(Democrat) political convention.

  9. Chief Outlaw? That’s fuckin’ priceless.

  10. Wait….the police chief is named Outlaw…..
    Chief Outlaw……

    That’s funny right there.

    On another note, maybe if they just required that 25% of police officers be Homeless and mentally ill to better understand the plight of the people they serve. Maybe that would fix it?

  11. There is a lot of Wyte Flight out of PDX to across the river (Clark Co.). Clark co. has been ruined as a result. Now the wealthier are moving to points further up-river; the number of mini-mansions being built is very concerning, nearly all these migrant millionaires are Globalists, they build a Chateau and a ‘vineyard’ just large enough to qualify as a agricultural enterprise, their wine is the lowest rot-gut you can imagine, I’ve seen cases of the swill being dumped into land fills.

  12. The marxian madness is not called The Human Extinction Movement for nothing.

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Sort of like Miami during the Cocaine Cowboys/Marielitos days – the local citizenry did a better job of taking out violent felons that the local police (who, often enough, were also violent felons).

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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