His Own Private Alamo

All the marbles.

Best to be working on the hardening, training, and stockpiling in case things go spicy.

The Alamo was a defeat, but was redeemed by what came after it.

Tempus fugit.

62 responses to “His Own Private Alamo

  1. And here they where, and are still – With their fists,
    sitting on their arses, with their Blackberry’s stuck up
    their anuses to deflect their “secret servers”
    Enemy Entanglements – Foreign & Domestic

    • Where’s a front end loader and a wood-chipper
      when you need them?…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Another Alternate Measure 🙂

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Now those are impressive.
          The engineers used them to clear the way for our tanks at 29Stumps, I personally think they’d be great for Antifa dispersal too.

        • MiCLiC…

          Mine Clearing Line Charge.

          Best not to get the line entangled on your own vehicle, much like dual-citizens getting you into foreign entanglements.

        • Walter Zoomie

          Those fucking things helped keep my balls attached when I went thru the berm back in ’91 in a soft-skinned hummer. On either side of the gap one could see anti-tank and anti-personnel mines for days.

          Conclusion? Concentrated high explosives applied liberally can be a good thing! 😉

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Not earth-friendly or sustainable. A pig farm is all you need.

  2. Eh. He could have made the same stand a year ago when Republicans controlled both Houses.

    • Gee, wonder why this only became an issue now?


      Word. It’s all theater. He had a chance when he “addressed the Nation” two days ago. He could have declared a state of emergency or used the provisions of the NDAA to get this wall started. My gut still believes the opinion first voiced here by Haxo: The DS has the goods on him because he was a passenger on the Lolita Express. There are probably photos of some 16-year-old honey pot, dressed in a Girl Scout uniform, playing the slobber blues on his skin flute. Remember his statement about his: “…good friend Jeff Epstein.” Stay tuned.

    • and would have gotten that same results from his own “party” because they are worthless traitor ass licking shit weasels.

      • Exactly it’s funny how people forget that they are all a uniparty and it damn sure isn’t for the good of the people…But like I’ve said many times before people are just to comfortable to do anything proactive about their Liberty…

    • But the cucks would have had to go on record.

    • Are you talking about the two Houses that joined the demoncrats and MSM in denigrating and stopping him at every turn and suggestion? THOSE “both Houses”?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Why would it have needed to be “a stand” when the GOP controlled Congress? Oh, right – because the Republicans in the House and Senate were such hard-chargers about funding the Wall. Or, you know, not.

  3. lastmanstanding

    This guy is a clown. He’s punting. He’s finished. The wall. laughable.

    The house, the senate, judiciary, executive…a complete farce, clown show.

    Bottom line. Those at the top, NEEDED MORE TIME, to finish this nation. That is why he got in. They knew that hellery was to soon. The previous diversion of 8 years had too many people buying stuff that they don’t want you to have. The installation of the orange guy was to slow that…and it did.

    Most republicans that I know, let out a huge sight of relief.

    Just what they wanted.

    • They have relied on the stupidity of the people for centuries to get them what they want…They are very good at manipulation of the ignorant and emotional people…Thing is most people don’t want to resist them they are just jealous that they don’t have a seat at the table which makes them very easy pawns to control…Sad That…

      • SemperFi, 0321

        And that’s exactly the problem.
        Everywhere you look you’re surrounded by way too many stupid fucking people who refuse to believe and understand they’re being played and manipulated in a political game that benefits them in no way whatsoever. The entire game is for the benefit of the elites, with the idiots cheering them on as they rob us blind and enslave us (at gunpoint).
        Did I miss anything?

  4. Not. Gonna. Happen.

    He could have already done so.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “He could have already done so.”

      Not according to the Constitution. And even if that would have allowed it, the Federal Judiciary wouldn’t. If anything is going to happen, it has to be by way of a direct appeal to the citizenry. I doubt that will work either, but it is the only option.

  5. Seems there’s a stradegy here. The wall built to soon, not good for reelection. In politics, timing is everything. Politically astute people say, that the year prior to the election is all the people remember.

    I think he sees clearly that the wall has to be in play. However he now has a great tool in his pockets. Virtually every dem saying no to the wall was on board a very short time ago. A continued battle with the left will only strengthen his position, his support.


    • I would say it would have to be within 6 months because people have a very very short attention span…

    • Dirk…the last Trumpaholic

      resisting the obvious

      to the final wheeze

      • tardboy is going to rock that dead baby until it rots and turns to dust.
        he wants nothing more than to stick his head in the sand and act like change has not swept away his dear old america. i wonder if he wears ruby red slippers and clicks his heels three times.

        I wish i was in kansas. i wish i was in kansas i wish i was in kansas.

        worst thing about cops… no matter what happens, no matter who wins this coming dirty war, they always believe they will have still have ‘authority’ over the population. they truly believe they are needed. they feel it’s their duty to lord and rule over those who are forced to support their bullshit parasitic thug lifestyle.

        newsflash: cops will be located and dealt with by everyone who is not a cop- which makes it about 320:1 against the pigs. they simply can’t understand that their welcome has worn itself out years ago. the level of mistrust and downright hatred people feel towards them would make me frightened as all hell if i were a blew-suited crook. the only ones who still support them are the weak, dumb, old, and of course, the politicians. wow. what a power base that bunch of nothings are.

        tic toc tic toc

        now he’ll huff n puff and threaten how the corrupt scum coproaches are coming to get me. i will not be intimidated by hired punk bitch thugs of any persuasion. i will not submit. i am a free man.

        ha ha ha

        in any event. this tired fat old blew turd can’t even secure his own fucking shooting range. i’d be worried too if i were him. obviously, there are strangers laughing as they stomp around HIS mountain and steal his shit. 🙂

        HA HA

      • Good evening HA, come out of your bunker for a breath of fresh air I see. You got me , I still care, I’m not writing this nation off, my way of life. I still believe! , I prep yet I gotta believe. This country has been good to me, fair with me, offered me oppertunity, hope, a place to raise my children un incumbered. I’ve lived all over the world, I’ve not found a better place. I won’t.

        I’m not about to turn my back on my country, those who,fought for it, those who died for it.

        HA, I can’t imagine how shitty your life is, hating everything, everybody. You do have redeeming qualities, your honest to the bone. I admire that.

        I am looking forward to meeting you in Cody. Would be honored if you would join our crew for an evening BBQ, and a few beverages. Site and learn about each other.

        Hope to see you their.


      • And you wanted Hillary to win.

  6. The tribe will not tolerate this.

  7. . . . and every time an illegal alien kills someone via gun fire / drunk driving / gang activity, remind others that it is DEMOCRATS who are helping them accomplish this. Because if they weren’t here in 1st place, those victims may be alive today.

    Remind every one within ear shot of this, because its damn sure the MSM won’t allow that to be said. Their angle will be ‘Trump made the Bad Guy mad and thats why this happened !’

    • #MAGA: If only AmeriKans had voted for republicans decade after decade, year after year, month after month, week after week, day in and day out… we’d still be a traditional constitutional republic with all the traditional freedoms and liberties of the founding rebels.

      LMAO. Fucking White People.

      And, and, and… we would have had a wall already too!

  8. Hey tfA-T – he’s 72 years old, married to a hottie named Melania Trump and a multi billionaire who works for us free. He’s OUR muthafuckin’ President and we are glad to have him !!

  9. And today Feinswine introduced a new Assault weapons ban. Wonder how many of those Staunch Republicucks will vote for it?

    • Clarity is always good.

      Even if it the clarity of a death sentence.

    • New Yorkshire Kimg plus three others are on board with the DEMs. They can pass all the fucking laws they want, very few will comply.

      New Jersey, has recieved very few hi cap mags. Seems to me, the People have drawn their line in the sand. NJHP, andState police get the message 5by5, fuck the hi cap new laws.


  10. Read this, those of little faith.
    I get sick of hearing low-info folks asking: “Why didn’t Trump get the wall a year ago when he had both the house and senate?”

  11. If the supposed effort to secure the (non) existent southern border was being solely advocated to defend the sovereignty of
    the nation state/constitutional republic
    of America, I still wouldn’t believe a single
    word of advocacy babbled by any shitbag member of the Uniparty.

  12. He’s our President. He’s what we have. Do not punch right.
    Say a prayer for the man, because really… at this point, he’s what we have. If he fails, TPTB will be merciless unto him and his, not to mention the rest of us out here in Clown World.

  13. We are all at the Alamo now.

    And we need that big beautiful wall.

    Its a gas The Great Fuck You is still giving them all the great fuck you.
    It is the finest move Trump Man could make. Stand his ground on that wall.
    Can anyone imagine any representative leadership that has taken place? Not since the war of northern aggression, going back at least back to Andrew Jackson.
    Don’t back down no matter what. It will prove him a leader with balls.
    Personally I think the guy was taking care of quite a bit of crucial economic business, and even as it was off the radar, below the low information American’s ability to grasp how crucial real unfettered economic freedom is to liberty, and wasn’t patently visible proof of his following thru on his promises to the dirt people, those things needed to be taken care of or everything else would be just pissing in the wind.
    Looks like those economic things are in order enough Trump can revisit building the wall and making it work.

    Of course the thing that has always mattered most beginning on 11-9-16, what comes after Trump.
    Trump or no Trump, that has always been what matters. Trump only forestalled that eventual day of reckoning.
    Though its been awesome watching the clowns befool and delegitimize themselves in the eyes of those who believe what their eyes show them.
    There has always been a core of suspicious Americans. Who always understood the ultimate illegitimacy of government. If there is one thing good ol’ Trump has done, is to spread that doubt of government, even if it isn’t cognitively understood, that seed of doubt, of suspicion in peoples hearts and minds, it is a devestating sublime withdrawal of consent to the statist-quo, of their gangsta government.
    If there is one thing with describes Trump it is Insurgent. Nobody has done more to expose the bastards and their crime syndicate.
    Personally I’m grateful to the guy. Takes a lot of guts to go up against that machine, when they try every dirty trick imaginable to bring you down.
    I don’t care what anyone says about the guy, his balls clink when he walks.
    Thats leadership I believe in. Warrior spirit.

    They all think they are gonna bring back their good old days. Palsi is gonna wave her magic gavel and they put everything back in order. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    They have lost all the consent of the people that mattered. All they got left is threat of force and use of violence if you refuse to comply, if you defy them now.
    The illusion of legitimacy is gone. It was inevitable.
    You don’t get the fig leaf back with the barely disguised threat of pogrom and genocide, you simply become visibly overtly what you are. Unless you can genocide all who have withdrawn their consent of you. Thats is the question right there. After Trump, will they go full Neo-Bolshevik? Thats what you got to be thinking about and be prepared for, years before you need to be ready when it comes to your AO. At best its 2 and a bit more years.
    If they oust or JFK Trump, it is a pretty sure thing they decided fuck it and are dissolving in entirety any semblance often the FUSA. It will be a police state thru and thru. They certainly spent many times the cost of the big beautiful wall setting up the whole Fusion Center leg breaker system and up-arming it to boot.

    They don’t scare me or do I fear what they are. And neither should you. Fear is the instrument they use to rule you. Its only fear. Something in your head. It doesn’t exist till you put it there because they get to you and over ride your dignity and self worth. Thats it, simple.
    They are very easy to beat. They got no substance of precepts and ideals, long hard learned hard one culture and faith. Why do you think they attack those things to begin with? Right? They have no great virtues or courage, they aren’t trying to save anything but what matters dearest, more power & money. Crooks and traitors is all they are under it all. The worlds largest organized crime syndicate made up of a group of crime factions, with made men like Clapper Comey and Mueller, Captains and LT’s under them. and solders who infest every branch of the administrative tyranny state eating out the peoples existence with protection rackets and shakedowns, which is the Italian Resturaunt and cartage company fronts.

    Shoot, hang, burn them out or run enough out on a rail, they fold like a cheap suit. The only thing they have ever had going for them is enough people believed, or precisecly, conned into believing they where legitimate authority.

    And that last is the real war going on. It is going on inside the hearts and minds of the millions who will make a choice. They are trying to accept, get right with being really taken for a fish all their lives. How dumb could I be? Everything I knew is a lie. It is not easy for everyone to come to terms with this. Being made an utter fool of, and then having the privilege of have to pay for being conned to begin with.
    You got to get right with that in your head first before you get right with the motherfuckers who have pulled this grift on you.
    The one thing Trump has done is to hasten that gestalt, the “Zeitgeist”, the Paradigm: a sea change in thinking. It is why they want to kill the guy. But can’t, because there is that suspicion now, in the back of the minds of millions. Something is not right here.

    They smell Henry’s Rat.

  14. Old Gray Wolf

    Fat-t is just jealous of someone who actually has what Fat-t claims to have. Ever notice the paralell between his legend and Trump’s life? Striking, dontchathink?

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. I will say this – After seeing so perfectly the game
    plans of the wicked, within and without, the crazies
    are setting their next venture, and who in their right
    minds like bullies anyways?:
    “The same people who brought America this fiasco are about to introduce the updated Michael Cohen version.”

    There is a method to their madness.