Insty: Sources Claim RBG Quits Friday


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  1. If accurate this is huge. Seating another conservative on SCOTUS for the next 30/40 years.

    This will put the left to a tailspin. I see some sort of wall deal being offered for SCOTUS consideration.

    Of course you anti Americans and non voters, won’t understand the significance of this,IF ACCURATE. Although Rish Limbaugh is putting this same info out.

    Another tidbit, PG&E is tanking in Calif right now. This is also a huge big deal..

    Tic Toc.

    • That’s right Dirk, keep drinking the collectivist kool-aide…

      “Voting will save us/change everything!”
      “Muh cuntstitooshun will save me because….muh cuntstitooshun!!”

      An Anarcho-Capitalist View of Voting with Larken Rose

      The Truth About Voting

      Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

      Now, if you can disassociate yourself from your ego and
      early integrated indoctrination long enough to actually
      objectively observe and think about what is shown in
      the above videos you won’t be able to deny that either
      makes extremely good sense and is morally sound.

      Many of us are fully awake and we’ve left the ‘sheep pen/plantation’.
      We have NO desire to return and nothing will lure us back in!

      Self-awakened Freedom
      Self-deluded slavery
      The choice is yours…….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I try to behave myself, I really do. I don’t want to spew a lot of hate as some here do, BUT, the fucking brainwashing runs bone deep with you. I don’t see any thought process on your behalf, you claim to read a lot of books but the message doesn’t seem to be getting thru to you. You still spout a one party line, with no room for any free thinking. And that to me equates to a lot of brainwashing, a very simple default position that keeps you safe.
      Because some of us here don’t buy into the state sponsored bullshit, because we don’t worship any political party, we’re somehow anti-American?
      It’s no wonder so many of us have given up on the brainwashed masses.

  2. Let the howling commence!

  3. Arrest in Pieces bitch.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Please Jesus, pretty please… let this all be true!!
    Please spread her cancer to all parts of her body–and fast.
    This is not too much to ask for, is it?!


    Let the Kabuki begin! Just when I thought I would only have Negro Appreciation Day on 01/21 to look forward to, there’s MOOAR! I will be able to watch gaggles of screeching, pink pussyhat-wearing crazy cat ladies marching and running through the halls of congress. They will all be championing the sacred Feminazi mantra which solemnizes the lawful murder of innocent, unborn children. How delightful.

  6. And Lindsay Grahamnesty, who belatedly found his spine and soul during the Kavanaugh hearings, and still bears the scalding burns on his ass from the Democrap’s fornication of the confirmation hearings in that little soiree, is the shiny new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    If RBG calls it quits, the libtards’ heads will EXPLODE, and they’ll be lucky not to get Anthony Napolitano, Jeanine Pirro, or Ann Coulter to replace her.
    Trump is in a feisty mood, and as likely to shove a chainsaw up the Dems’ collective ass as be conciliatory, at this point.

    • Andrew Napolitano, sorry.

      At anyrate, if – if – Ginsburg finally throws in the towel before they carry her out horizontal, this will be the Trump Court. For decades.

      • it will remain the Jews’ court, just as now. And

        will continue to rape the Constitution and and White ‘Murkans at every opportunity. In fact,

        Trump’s choice will likely be a female cuck with 2 adopted niglets.

    • Aesop, I spit my fucking coffee up, good one. Absolutely correct.


  7. wendystringer48088

    Trump White House urging allies to prepare for possible RBG departure

    “The White House is reaching out to political allies and conservative activist groups to prepare for an ailing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s possible death or departure from the Supreme Court…”
    “The outreach began after Ginsburg, 85, on Monday missed oral arguments at the court for the first time in her 25 years on the bench.”


    Amy Coney Barrett, the Trump Supreme Court Pick Who’ll Troll Liberals the Hardest

    Kennedy’s Replacement Should Be Judge Amy Coney Barrett

    • So…exchanging one putrid ancient High Priestess Nazgul/’Voice
      of the Parasite Class’ for a another younger High Priestess Nazgul/’Voice
      of the Parasite Class’ to sit in common council with fellow Nazguls
      will bring forth a ‘New Age of Liberty’…….how??….

      Pumping out a toxic waste dump and cleaning it up and reclaiming it
      is one thing.
      Pumping it out just to put DIFFERENT toxic waste and calling that
      ‘clean-up and reclaimed’ is totally false and accomplishes nothing!

      To hell with the parasite class AND their illegitimate robed Nazgul
      priests and priestesses – not a single one of them has ANYTHING
      to say about how the rest of us decide to conduct our lives, let
      alone our property!


      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Will this give Trump the back-bone he needs to put the ‘Deplores’ 1st?

  9. “Christian” Bale…

    I wonder what pendant he is selling.


      Nothing new here, Al. There exist plenty of evidence these “Actors” sold their souls to The Father of Lies long ago. There are lots of videos on You Tube which explore this topic at length. This Welsh faggot’s statement is just the tip of the iceberg. Eventually, unless he repents, he will hear the words: Anathema sit. So will legions of his ilk.

    • Gotta give him least he’s being honest
      and ‘giving credit where credit is due’…..

      The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (Official Lyric Video)

      NWO: Communism by the Backdoor Official Trailer

      New World Order – Communism By The Backdoor ( Full Documentary)

      The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Documentary trailer Dennis Wise 2017

      Here’s the link for all the parts of the above documentary:

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Al, you jumped the gun on this one, I believe in this context he was referring to Dick Cheney as Satan, which would be an accurate assessment if you believe in those kind of myths.

      Couldn’t get your link to work either.


  11. Californians’ compliance with marijuana tax is no better than Californians’ compliance with their “assault weapon” ban.

    • One freedom doesn’t exist without the other..
      Guns and Weed – The Road to Freedom

      Sadly, Susan/Mama Liberty passed away last year.
      She will be missed!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Good!

      Let’s all hope that the spirit of disobedience to the parasites desires and dictates grows like their wildfires!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. If so, Commies to go total batshit crazy at flank speed:

  13. Let the butthurt flow! Oh, and good luck pushing a AWB after weeks of insane cat lady/Antifa rioting in the streets. Nothing says “I think I’ll go spend the mortgage payment on an AR-15 and a Glock” to a normie like widespread civil unrest. Especially after a few norms need the cops, call them and… they don’t come. That’s a pretty strong red pill.

  14. I wish her a long and rewarding retirement, beginning immediately.

  15. Based upon what I just read apparently the old hag will continue to occupy her seat until the Grim Reaper makes his visit.

  16. Old Gray Wolf

    Trump us now pushing for more liberal H1-B visa and citizenship rules for skilled foreign workers. More replacement. Like your doctor? You can keep your doctor. As long as they aren’t American. We throw people out of nursing programs for a twenty year old dui ticket, and replace them with Indians or Arabs. Or Africans. I was top of every damn class I took in the last couple years, straight 4.0 on everything, and find out I am unlikely to be state licensed in a healthcare field, due to a misdeameanor from almost 20 years ago(I shot a loose doberman that was chasing neighborhood kids and growled at me in my own yard. Found out that was a crime). But we gotta get more healthcare workers somehow, so open the gates to the barbarians. Gotta be kidding me. Who gives a shit who replaces RBG. It will just be another statist down with the plan.

    NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Turn off the idiot box, stop listening to the lies, and get your shit sorted. Realize, all the way to the instinctual portion of your mind, that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. You are going to have to do it. It is either that, or let yourself be “replaced” with POC’s that will gladly accept the boot on their face. Do not wait until your door is crashing open at 3am to understand it. NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.

    • +1, OGW. The only helping hands will be the ones at the end of our own arms… some of us were raised knowing that. Others may learn the hard way. Or, not. Sure, once the excitement begins, others just may join you and help out; but ‘counting on’ that to happen is just this side of delusional. The enemy of your enemy may turn out to be just another enemy. That’s part of why you need to be established in a community of like minded individuals… and if you aren’t, you’d best be close to that point quite soon.

    • Yeap – “No one is coming to save you”
      A mans home is his castle!!!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Nah,……they’re still looking for the easy way out. Hoping for more time, maybe we can get one more vote in that will turn this around, etc, etc.
      Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results= ……..? Exactly what they keep doing over and over. Nothing.
      Some folks refuse to accept that the system is broken, has been for ages. It’s better to live in denial than try something new, that would be too hard, especially when it comes to exercising a few brain cells. Keep walking in your parents footsteps and wonder why nothing changes.
      And then condemn those who look outside the box for another way of doing things. Mental masturbation is dirty, and something that should only be done at home and alone.

    • so “old wolf”

      where did you step on your dick the hardest in life that you’re old and looking for a fucking job? no luck in the luck dept?
      sounds like your god let you down too.

  17. Getting closer to round three so reach for a Coke and some popcorn and enjoy the show.

    Can’t wait to watch the bedwetting army go bonkers again. haha :]

    Hopefully it will be someone of integrity with a pair of brass balls who won’t be intimidated by the transgender/feminist army and will stand against the commies and the muzloids at all costs no matter what. A real constitutionalist and not some Fox News approved rino neocon.