The Reds Are Serious

Precensoring POTUS.

Fun times ahead.

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  1. You can’t stop the signal.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “You can’t stop the signal.”

      Da, but you can kill all the speakers and/or listeners.
      – Zombie Josef Stalin

  2. “…all the news that’s fit to print…”

  3. Feinstein going for an AWB again. Yeah. I’d say they’re serious.

  4. Ignoring the Reds is delusional. It would be as if you were on a dark street one night, and your forward motion was interrupted by a barely seen shadow, saying “gibs me a dolla”.
    In such case, would a rational person dismiss this and think to themselves, “he can’t possibly want a dollar, I’ll amble on”… or take other action?
    Seems like if words have a determinable meaning in the structure of the English language, then the utterances of the Reds and their minions bear careful thought.
    Likewise, if A implies B – therefore “C”, and this has been demonstrated throughout history enough to be a foregone conclusion much like F=MA… it would be ill advised to then think that A implies B, therefore “pineapple”. There is a hard logic here that the normies are too frightened to comprehend.
    Now more than ever, “bleib übrig.”

  5. You want to know how serious the Reds are? Go check out Senator Fineswine’s twitter feed… she has introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.
    and here:

    She and her flying monkey squad are going for all the marbles here.

  6. Breaking the fourth wall here…. hey…YOU. You, reading this right now. Think about the issue of Commies (aka “Reds’) telling you flat out what they are going to do, and then see them trying to do just what they say they are planning on doing. Then, re-read the post and understand what is meant by “all the marbles”. Think about that.

  7. Trump omits yettanother blast of hot air about

    his once and future “Wall”. And

    certain idiots still take him seriously.

    I’d like to see Trump fulfill his “National Emergency” threat though;

    that would unleash all sorts of entertainment.

    and he is an entertainer.

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    I do not believe that the MSM talking heads and management behind these shit-tard’s realize that they will not be immune from from the blow-back that will occur when the this county erupts into civil chaos.

    All of these media corporations will be dismantled by force and very little of their existence will be standing when the smoke clears. These corporations will be torn apart brick by brick and the talking heads most likely receive the same treatment that the French aristocracy received during that revolution.

    There will be no bunkers for these rats to hide in once the ball drop.

  9. Ol” Ace has been skirting around whats needs doing, what needs saving, and fuck the rest, for about as long as he can. Always with his unique insights and observations. One day he is going to have to shit or get off the pot and hoist the flag for real.
    Loy of people would follow his leadership.

    Remember how never Trump ACE was during the Great Fuck You. Looked like he was going thru a nervous breakdown over the possibility Trump might win.
    Funny how the truth works out though. Sticks up for Trump as well, sometimes better, as any Nationalist.

  10. lastmanstanding

    White House Prepares for Ginsberg Supreme Court Vacancy…@ ZH.

    Trumpy does make me laugh occasionally…now he’s twittin on that old bat ruthie lol!!!…”her mind is shot…resign!” hhhaahahhhahhhaaa, luv it!

    Well it is!!! The commenters over at zh can still occasionally git er done…not like the old days though.

    Hahahahaha!!! Seriously, go read 20 or 30 if you need a laugh! hahaha!!


    Nothing new here. It started when Saint John ran against Tricky Dick. Go to You Tube and watch the Kennedy-Nixon debates. The TV folks would do very unflattering profiles of Nixon, who next to the King of Camelot, looked like a sweaty peasant. Can you even imagine what would have happened if those stooges and useful idiots had today’s technology? The issue is not what some station in the Seattle Blue Hive did, but HOW the POTUS and his cheerleaders will react to it. He couldn’t even keep Acosta out of the WH. Stay tuned.

  12. Old Gray Wolf

    Of course he should not be allowed to speak. He has nothing of value to say. He is, after all, a white male, and a boomer at that.

  13. “The Reds are Serious”
    Indeed they are.
    In-Deed..they are.


    Go his YouTube channel and begin drinking in the CRUSADES

  15. I’ve advised since 2015 that they have wanted to ban trump from twitter. I’m surprised they haven’t done it.

    They can’t alllow him to talk to us or Putin without a forced chaperone.

    When it all goes down, some in military will support Trump and some will be traitors and flat out ignore the orders of the commander in chief. Then we will see what happens when an intramilitary fight happens.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      All NCO’s above E-6 are routinely transferred to other units. Including Officers.

      It is impossible to create the conditions required for a military coup or an inter military conflict.


      • That reminds me of something I read a long time ago concerning the lament of a Roman Centurion (?) that when unit cohesion was established and became a “family” more so than a team, higher, would reassign the members to different units, in order to prevent any one unit from becoming “of one mind” and thus a threat.

        If anyone could find this, please post.

        When I was a younger man, I saw this repeated several times. This process is now built in with every PCS.

        Now….we do our own PCS and hopefully to a place where we can compare notes with other like-minded folks.

        What is the one (or several) thing(s) that we lack for unit cohesion? Why are we being ignored by TPTB (or not) to send their bravos to beat up on someone to scare the weaker-minded? How many instances can you recall where exactly this has happened? Remember, there are more of us – with firearms – than them. Even if you would factor in the entire military – which is not likely – because IMO most of the military would say FU to illegal orders. What are we lacking, what MUST we do in order to become a viable force? For now, as individuals we are not the nail-sticking-up that must be hammered as an example to the rest of us.

        But when we become a cohesive unit – like the Minute Men, THEN I believe we have indeed become a threat and TPTB will shit their pants, especially when at the same time the majority of military and LEOs tell them the Big FU.

        Then we may be able to take care of business – hopefully without firing a shot.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Remember, Civil War II American style with a marxian neo-bolshevik bent and a Normie cannon fodder backstop is like a big party and everyone is invited.

  18. There is only one way between two sides, what is being foisted on us dirt people ends.
    They have made any other outcome impossible.
    One side kills everyone on the other side.
    This is nothing new.
    If you are totally honest with yourself, this also makes perfect sense.
    This is as it should be, as it always has down through time in tribal 4th Generation war.
    If you want to win it is the only way.
    Me, I plan on winning.

  19. 2800 ft lbs of muzzle energy. Gives me a fucking woody thinking about it.

  20. Where are the right wing wound squads? Bring ’em.