AWB 2019/Open Thread

AWB 2019 Press Release From Senator Fineswine

Open thread; will keep comments moderated.

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  1. Old, Gray Wolf

    She goes home… local local local…

  2. williamwiliams

    Guess I better Vote Republican.

  3. Wonder if Di-Fi knows that every time she opens that hole under her mouth on the subject of firearms and how she wants to confiscate them, she just hardens the resolve of gun-bearing patriots all the more?

    And spread the news far-and-wide that Senator Feinstein is the ultimate hypocrite since she has had a concealed carry license, very discreetly, for many years now. “Self-defense for me, but not for thee” seems to be her unspoken motto.

    Truth of the matter is that like most big-government statist types, she’s completely fine with guns – as long as they are in her hands or those of government personnel. It is the idea of the great unwashed out in flyover land possessing arms that has her undies in a knot.

  4. No, Fool, they are for Hunting Government Tyrants like You.

  5. Once the 2ndA goes the entire Constitution goes, replaced by a tyrannical SJW mob rule w/the Globalists at the top. South Africa X Mexico X Venezuela starting in the Blue Cities and spreading outward. Get hard copies of local maps, draw-up neighborhood defense plans, stock-up on goodies. Move, Shoot, Communicate.

    • The {{{2A}}} and the {{{constitution}}} is just window dressing. A… shiny object. Has been for decades.

      I’m surprised that some many people haven’t noticed that.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Satellite Maps are nice.

      An Atlas is also a good choice that does arouse suspicion.

      Get caught with a military map during a civil war. See what happens.

      I’ll stick with my street knowledge and my Atlas.

    • And this mob of SJWs would be getting their food, gasoline, and ammunition from where, once tax collection via withholding would have ended? Would Santa deliver magically free government cheese through amazon prime? People in several states are holding on to their normal-capacity magazines in the face of the present large government. Why would a smaller government be more of a hazard? Mad Max would be only a ten minute movie if the horde was met with defensive flamethrowers and mines, so they didn’t write it that way.

  6. She’s not totally lying….while modern sporting rifles can be used for hunting game they were patterened after weapons intended for hunting humans…. specifically communists… FineSwine. And it appears to be that we’re reaching a time when we need to use these rifles for the intent Stone had when he designed them. To HUNT COMMUNISTS.

  7. i consider her face and her mouth as assault weapons.

  8. diane whatever.


    it comes down to the gubmint hired-agents who will terrorize, kidnap, abuse, imprison, rape, and murder to enforce it.



    just look at those grins. 🙂

    serving JUST-US to the peasant class with a smile.

  9. RedBlackTrev

    Passes house. Dies in senate. If it didn’t, Trump would veto. All the while there’ll be a run on the market for everything proposed to be banned. I just wonder if she really thinks the primary purpose of firearms is for hunting, or if she knows better and is using a false pretense to deligitimize the true purpose of the 2A.

  10. The 5048X cranked up and whining, like my ex-wife, is a thing of beauty.
    Introducing a large quantity of liquid may impair performance.
    Field trials utilizing cattle carcasses are proceeding as we speak.
    .Be the man your dog thinks you are.

  11. She should know better. This is just grandstanding. If anything ever comes of it, well, we’ll see how that works out.

  12. When DT signs the “new” AWB by (((Feinswein))) to get his funding for the wall… all bets are off. Then it’s open season on the “enforcers” AND where they live.

    Grey Ghost

  13. Brannon Howse – Sabotage – Identifying the People & Tactics of National Destruction – 1/10/19

  14. I’m amused you killers all bark, no bite. You all want someone else to start the party, fucking cowards.

    Who gives a shit what frankenstien wants. The answers no.

    Look hi cap,mags in NJ, are not being turned in, Semi Auto rifles. Up in Connecticut or a state close, refused to,comply with turning in their rifle.

    Why o why do you all think anybody’s going to,comply with this silly shit.

    The answers NO, I ain’t doing it.


  15. Keep it up! “Right wing wound squads” will get cha..

  16. The Old Guide

    Those of you who need a crash course, get thee to an Appleseed shoot. We teach how to take a military surplus rack grade rifle and shoot a 4 inch group at 100 yards. That translates to a 20 inch group at 500 yards. Yes, we teach the “come ups” to allow for bullet drop. It is a weekend; all day – both days. You could become a Rifleman. We need more instructors. I am the state coordinator in Maine.

  17. Johnny Paratrooper: physics, chemistry, and mathematics are liberal arts. Not that you can find a non-governmental job with those degrees, but all liberal arts are not crap. Perhaps you could invent a better battery, or get Thorium fission working again.

  18. Herb Shinsplint

    The hag is 85 and wears fake hair because she looks like the crypt-keeper without it. My prediction is she’s gets the left over embalming fluid from Ruthie girl.

  19. She’s exactly correct, and that’s the point.