Government Tracking Devices

Cell Phone Companies Selling Your Location Data


Step on their air hoses.

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  1. Shocker. For extra credit, check all your businesses websites if u post or lurk here at WRSA. Do a traffic analysis and then get granular on the location of the visitors to your websites. You’ll be surprised or not depending on how awake you are currently. Shout out to the guys at the fusion center and also the spooky San Fran shop that were monitoring me years ago.

  2. Don’t have one. Won’t have one.

  3. Why do you need a cell phone anyway. i can thing of nothing in my world requiring me being able to communicate from anywhere, or instantly. But then I’m retired.

    I don’t carry one, my life’s Easy Peasy, amazing how complicated a cell phone can make ones life.

    We drive older vehicles, 06truck, o8 SUV, 61Rat Rod, 79 landcruiser. I guess it possible to track my truck, my wife’s SUV, just don’t know, nor do we care.


    • Dirk, no need to care. You are not a threat to the man. But they still get you with plate scanners and facial recognition.

  4. By the way, the Ice Princess, did a fantastic job on this article. I’m not sucking her ass. Good work regardless of my like or dislike should be acknowledged.

    Solution oriented articles like this, SHOULD be the standard, not the sky is falling bullshit.


  5. Squeeks&Geeks

    Don’t believe the cellphone companies or the government for a split second when they say they aren’t tracking you or are going to stop tracking you. Don’t think that you can just turn your phone off and stop the tracking either. Hint: it’s never really off. Even you clever sods who think taking A battery out will completely disable the phone can still be tracked. No. I won’t tell you how. Get off your butt and find out for yourself.

    Faraday bag you say? Does it work 100% across all the frequencies the thing can Xmit on? Willing to bet your life on it? Like Nancy told you, “ just say no” and leave the damned thing at home. Stop making it retard easy to establish a complete pattern of life dossier on yourself and your friends. The lowest hanging fruit will be picked first. Be the apple at the end of the tiny branch overhanging a cliff over a crocodile infested malarial swamp. You know the limb with the giant hornet nest on it too.

    • The motion sense module tracks direction and distance. It has a capacitor that reserves voltage in anticipation of battery loss. The module runs on battery even when the phone is turned off. It continues to run for several days after the battery goes dead or is removed. The history is retrieved and tracked by the cell company as soon as power is re-established.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Anything that can be/is tracked can also be used to create false patterns.

  6. I live in Houston, listen to a radio station on iheart from new York; have location services turned off and am not logged into iheart or facebook or email; I still get Houston commercials. go ahead, keep telling yourself you have privacy.
    reality is 1984 is here and if you are a big enough threat, you will disappear. maybe that is not right now, but once enough states flip blue from 50 years of unchecked immigration; dark days are coming.

  7. Kit Perez knocks it out of the park here. There is a definite utility to statement analysis. What we read or hear at first blush is not necessarily what the writer or speaker is saying… What they dance around and leave open to interpretation, the gap between implicit and inferred… keep in your sight what your own preconceptions and assumptions are, and how that shades what you absorb and how you absorb it.

  8. Masthead.

    Not yet, way to premature.


  9. This just up on 4chan…. the dude who organized the French bank run by Gilet Juane appears to have been assassinated in a home invasion.
    “BANK RUN ORGANISER ASSASINATED Anonymous (ID: gebay73k) 01/11/19(Fri)11:48:55 No.199460343 [Reply]▶>>199488999 >>199490949


  10. the corrupt gubmint and its stooges(cops) love them some tracking.
    This week, U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) introduced HR8. According to the title, the bill is “To require a background check for every firearm sale.” The bill does that–and a great deal more.


    HR8 requires that loans, gifts, and sales of firearms be processed by a gun store. The same fees, paperwork, and permanent record-keeping apply as to buying a new gun from the store. If you loan a gun to a friend without going to the gun store, the penalty is the same as for knowingly selling a gun to a convicted violent felon. Likewise, when the friend returns the gun, another trip to the gun store is necessary, upon pain of felony.

    A clever trick in HR8 effectively bans handguns for persons 18-to20.

    The bill has some narrow exemptions. The exemptions do not cover stalking victims. Also excluded are farming and ranching, sharing guns on almost all public and private lands, NS storing guns with friends while on vacation. The limited exemption for family excludes first cousins and in-laws. The minuscule exemption for self-defense excludes stalking victims.

    The bill authorizes unlimited fees to be imposed by regulation.


    There is a partial exemption for immediate self-defense: “(D) a temporary transfer that is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm, if the possession by the transferee lasts only as long as immediately necessary to prevent the imminent death or great bodily harm”.

    The narrowness of the self-defense exemption endangers domestic violence victims. For example, a former domestic partner threatens a woman and her children. An attack might come in the next hour, or the next month, or never. The victim and her children cannot know. Because the attack is uncertain—and is certainly not “immediate”—the woman cannot borrow a handgun from a neighbor for her defense. Many domestic violence victims do not have several hundred spare dollars so that they can buy their own gun.

    Handgun ban for young adults

    Since 1968, federal law has said that gun stores may not sell handguns to persons under 21. 18 U.S.C. § 922(c)(1). Congress has not chosen to prohibit persons aged 18-20 from acquiring handguns elsewhere. The large majority of states allow handgun possession by persons 18-20.

    Some legislators have forthrightly introduced bills to impose a ban on young adults. HR8 prohibits young adults from acquiring handguns, but does so with a clever subterfuge.

    HR8 requires almost all firearms sales and loans to be conducted by a federally-licensed dealer. Because federal law prohibits licensed dealers from transferring handguns to persons under 21 years, HR8 prevents young adults from acquiring handguns. This is a clever way to enact a handgun ban indirectly.

    HR8 would prohibit a 20-year-old woman who lives on her own from acquiring a handgun for self-defense in her home, such as by buying it from a relative or borrowing it from a friend.

    Although HR8 allows young adults to acquire handguns by parental gift, not all young adults who are living on their own receive parental largesse.

    Exorbitant fees may be imposed by regulation

    ”(3)(A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Attorney General may implement this sub-section with regulations.”

    ”(D) Regulations promulgated under this paragraph may not include any provision placing a cap on the fee licensees may charge to facilitate transfers in accordance with paragraph (1).”

    Regulators may set a minimum fee, but not “a cap on a fee.” The Attorney General is allowed to require that every gun store charge a fee of $30, $50, $150, or more. Even a $20 fee can be a hard burden to a poor person.

    Farming and Ranching

    HR8 has a limited exemption for “hunting, trapping, or fishing”—but not for ranching or farming.

    Firearms transfers at farms and ranches are part of routine operations. Some transfers might last a few hours, while others last for several weeks—as when a ranch hand takes a gun to guard a flock night and day during calving season. Under HR8, the transfer is allowed only when the farmer or rancher stays in the hand’s “presence.” This is impractical; often the hand needs to do work in one location, and the farmer or rancher in another.

    Under HR8, for a farmer or rancher to lend a firearm to an employee, they both must travel to a gun store to process the transfer. When the employee returns the firearm, everyone must return again to the gun store.

    Because few farms and ranches are located near gun stores, the process typically requires hours of travel for the loan, and hours more for the return. This takes the farmer, the rancher, and their hands away from the farm or ranch during what may be the busiest period of the year, when everyone needs to work from sunup to sundown.

    Family members

    You can make a “a loan or bona fide gift” to some family members. In-laws and cousins are excluded.

    The family exemption vanishes if one family member pays the other in any way. If a brother trades an extra shotgun to his sister in exchange for her extra television, both of them have to go to a gun store. Their exchange will have all the fees and paperwork as if she were buying a gun from the store.

    Outlawing gun sharing on public and private property

    There is an exemption for sharing guns “(i) at a shooting range or in a shooting gallery or other area designated for the purpose of target shooting”.

    Not everyone has access to a “designated” target range. In rural areas with low population density, the nearest designated range may be far away. In urban areas, the waiting lists for membership in a gun club may stretch out for years. Designated public ranges exist, but in many areas, there are few or none. Those that do exist may be a long ways away, or may be crowded, with long waiting times.

    Accordingly, Americans have always engage in target practice at informal ranges on public lands. Today, many of these lands are owned by the U.S. National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, or a state or local equivalent.

    Private property may be also used, with the owner’s consent. The general legal rule is that shooting is lawful anywhere in rural areas, except for specified sites, such near public roads. Of course one must always obey all safety rules, which includes ensuring that there is a safe backstop to the target, such as a mound of dirt.

    HR8 prohibits firearms sharing on public or private lands that have not been “designated for the purpose of target shooting.”

    For example: you own a 120 acre farm. Your cousins and brother-in-law come for a visit, and they want to camp outside. You want to loan them your handgun for protection. This is forbidden by HR8. Under the bill, the family must travel to a gun store to process the loan and collect the fees. Later, when your relatives want to return your handgun, there must be another trip to gun store, with the same paperwork and fees.

    Under HR8, the returned of a loaned gun is treated the same as the purchase of a new gun.


    There is no exemption for loaning firearms to a museum. After Washington State enacted a law similar to HR8, the law immediately caused problems for the Lynden Pioneer Museum, in Bellingham, which had a “WWII Pacific Theater” exhibit that included rifles.

    Safe storage discouraged

    Consider a person who will be away from home for an extended period: a member of the armed services being deployed overseas, a person going away to school, a person going on a long vacation, or a person evacuating her home due to a natural disaster. Such persons might wish to store firearms with a trusted neighbor or friend. This type of storage should be encouraged. Guns are less likely to be stolen by burglars, and then sold into the black market, if they are kept in an occupied home rather than left in a house that will be unoccupied.

    But under HR8, neighbor A can only store neighbor B’s guns if both persons go to a gun store, fill out extensive paperwork for each and every gun to be stored, pay per-gun fees to the government and the gun store, and then repeat the process when the firearms are returned. As a result, many fewer people will go through all the trouble. So more guns will be left in unoccupied dwellings; they will be at greater risk of being stolen and thus of being supplied to the criminal black market. Discouraging safe storage is among the ways HR8 harms public safety.

    and guess who will gladly enforce this bullshit?

    every rotten pig cop..

    they are the publics #1 enemy.

    treat them as such.

    • Dirk | January 9, 2019 at 22:33 |

      Tee,tee, tee, you know where men like you belong, prison ,Tic Toc , mother fucker.

      Just a matter of time. John laws gonna spank your dumb ass.

      this fuckstain is nothing but a god damned NARC.
      once a pig always a pig.

      talk or be seen with this swine and you are one too.

      • tee, I get it, I flick you a lot of shit, and you flick it right back. We are both what we are.

        I’ve tried to live my life honorably as a contributing member of the US. I get how you feel, how your anger, towards the govt, the police etc etc, manifested.

        Here’s the deal, I don’t think your wrong. I see what you see, and I’m often as angry as you are. I think the single difference between the two of is, I refuse to quit trying to make out nation a better place.

        You chose a path, I chose a path, I’ll not apologize for doing my job. You don’t seem to understand this simple thing.

        If lawless men are to roam freely throughout this nation, we don’t have a nation, do as they want, without morals, without rule of law, without consequence for their actions, we don’t have a nation.

        We made different choices, I was well on my way to being you. I was given a chance to change my life, and perhaps make a difference. I don’t know if I did. But I learned a lot?

        I sincerely hope you find happiness, rather then your hatred. Hatred makes a man ugly, inside, and out.

        You are better then that, we both know it.

        Have a good one.


        • lastmanstanding

          Dirk, however a lot of “lawless men ARE roaming freely throughout this nation”…at the highest level…and then there is the rest of us. Nothing being done to them. Then our grandkids get the bill for the show.

          Sure doesn’t seem like a nation that we should be proud of.

  11. Meanwhile, in Florida…

    At about 12:30 here, DeSantis fires Sheriff Scott Israel, replaces with Gregory Tony, a highly qualified man for the job.

    I wonder if he’ll find the real killer of Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr., the Fed prosecutor found dead on a beach in Broward a while ago. Scott Israel did not seem to make any headway on that.

  12. Have a phone….for required communication. Usually don’t turn it on…it lives in the center console of my Jeep when I am out and about just in case. Makes it hard to track. Cell phones like ALL tech is neither good nor bad…it just is. It’s how the device is used that matters. Always assume those who can will use tech against you. Plan accordingly.

  13. Cell phones, all computers,GPS,currency and magnetic stripes contribute to easy access. On mission, all items are purged.
    We will experience world wide interruptions from magnetic pole inversion, solar flares, emp’s, vandalism, decay and neglect, human/ AI error, gubmint fuckery, radiation , back door triggers, jamming ,etc,etc.
    Own and master a bolt action rifle and revolver. Electronic conveniences are highly susceptible to manipulation and tracking. Rely on them 100% and prepare for disappointment. Everything the zipperheads manufacture with a chip is suspect.

    “I am the H.A.L. 9000. You may call me Hal.”

  14. lastmanstanding

    Guess what agency is also part of the gub shutdown…NFA transfer approvals.

    Can you imagine that?

  15. Interesting. Sumdood walks into a DoS facility by piggybacking (despite the place being fully manned for security in the shut down), then goes on to rob a SECOND DoS facility in close proximity. What an odd story.