K Blog: ‘Til Death Do You Part

Or, there ain’t gonna be any more corporate ads like the above.


Painful, but helpful.

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  1. lastmanstanding

    Ah Timken…they used to come on campus many moons ago and recruit when I was an engineering student. They were the one of the bedrock corps that we all aspired to work at. Among the others were CB&I, Rockwell and others. Timken stood at the top of the heap.

    Alas, even at that time there were way to many jigs in Canton…no offense to those of you that live in Ohio but it’s way to featureless of a state for me. There are some beautiful areas though and many good folks.

    Oh yeah, there were lots of commies there then (Ohio)…all those unions. Little to no effort for huge (at the time) pay and benefits. Now most don’t have shit.

    • Johnny Paytoilet

      I’m down here in South Central Ohio along the Ohio River with a beautiful view of the Kentucky hills. Still pretty much the same. Scenic, tranquil & impoverished. The Buckeye State’s great industrial era passed us by along LBJ’s Great Society back in the 2nd half of the 20th century. No need to apologize about the savages. They’ve done enough damage & will continue to do so. As far as all those great corporations like Timken, GM & Milacron, they’ve left us nothing but rust & empty promises. The abandoned rails of the Pennsylvania & DT&I are a testimonial to it all. As far as the unions, emulating your opponent who had the upper hand has left you with nothing. Thanks & time to get back to reality.

      • lastmanstanding

        Thanks for the reply.

        I grew up in the Pittsburgh area. Everything steel related for a hundred plus miles. 100’s of thousands of jobs Coal, steel, industrial fabrication, auto, etc. About 1980, the acid rain do-do and many other things started the off-shoring of everything steel related. There a few mills still around but about 99% of it completely gone. In fact, if I took someone there now, I don’t think I could even begin to explain what was once there where only grass grows now…or housing development.

        Reality it is brother.

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  3. Flight-ER-Doc

  4. I’ve been trying to tell my fellows on the Right for years that it is time to stop owing allegiance to business in America. Their boardrooms are filled to the brim with Leftists, educated in Leftist schools and invested in Leftist programs.

    If you don’t believe me, just look towards any business that has embraced gun control or any other Leftist tenant. From Dicks’s Sporting Goods, to the NFL, they don’t care if they lose money. As long as the March continues.

  5. Your previous Masthead about shooting people that we all know was pretty accurate methinks.

  6. Of course there will still be ads like that. Just replace “Communist” with “Racist” and “Soviet Russia” by “Putin’s Russia”.

  7. So what do we tell the communists? (Other than bang! bang!)

    I went on another window to view colloidal silver and when I clicked on Al’s link there were ad’s for colloidal silver. Is nothing sacred to these Bezo/Zucker commercial imperialists?

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Grew up south of Canton.. Steel and coal were King here back in the day. Timken was a great company. My dad worked there and was treated well. Then, it all turned to a rust belt as they say. so sad.