Orlov’s Collapse Continuum


How come the toilet don’t flush no more?

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  1. Which is why everybody should be using their little time and hard earned money to get ready.

    Carole and me are right now talking about a 1000.00 worth of Mac and cheese buckets from Costco. Out of stock, or it would already be a done deal.

    While I may seem cavalier, I see what you all see.

    Tic Toc.

    • Carbs. You need protein, not carbs.

      • Suggestions for non-soy storage protein?

      • III, been doing this for thirty ish years. Agree protein is critical, we have plenty. But then how much is enough,

        I’m obsesses with stuff like protein and toilet paper, we have a minimum of 360 rolls of TP, at all times.

        Pete, no idea. We stock protein powder by the case. I like the vanilla flavored stuff. Carole likes the brown stuff!. She just walked by saying their are 12 cases in inventory.

        We buy in cycles, fruits, then veggies, then meats. No idea how many buckets of wheat rice, etc etc, those buckets fill the shed at the ranch.

        Going to change out the 50 lb sacks of dried milk, and flour soon, we don’t put that stuff in buckets, we stack it, cover it, cool dry place.

        My grandmother taught me a trick for keeping mice and pack rats out. We feed them, only we add plaster of Paris to the food. They eat it, go out have a shot of water, and turn into little statues, after the water and the plaster of Paris mix.

        Very effective.


        • That TP may save you or a loved one from death by dingleberries.

          When you develop a peri-rectal abscess, a genuine surgical emergency, oral antibiotics will not save you.

          Who on your team is qualified to safely drain and re-pack that abscess until healed? Got parenteral antibiotics with good anaerobic gram negative coverage?

          Stock TP and wet wipes.

          • Anon … get baby wipes, and rubbing alcohol and H2O2. Seal the edge of the wipe container, and when needed, open and drop in EtOH and H2O2

            We’ve saved phone books ( ha ! the modern Sears Catalogue ), and always have TP stocked. More folks die from disease, perstilence and starvation than from mil-factors in every war ever waged

      • Actually, in long term food shortages, the greatest enemy is caloric malnutrition, simply not taking in enough calories so your body burns itself up. Yes, protein is needed, but someone could survive reasonably well with rice & beans and a few fresh veggies from a garden.

        Recognize that dietary issues for optimal health (which for most people in the US means moderating their simple carb intake due to their inactive lifestyle) differ from survival during food shortage. Wheat, which is now EVIL as every snowflake is ‘gluten intolerant’, has a decent bit of protein to go along with the carbs when one is active. A modest amount of meat, or some cheese, go a long way towards rounding out macronutrient needs with bread or pasta.

        Taking a look at cost:benefit ratios of various foods, and you will appreciate why rice & beans are so good… as is dried pasta. Storable fats are needed, and coconut oil is a great addition. Olive oil IF stored in glass or metal keeps a long time, but it seems most is now in plastic bottles. This allows enough oxygen for peroxides to form = rancid fat.

        Canned ham is useful, having fat + protein + flavor = good for a large pot of beans. I do like the canned chicken breasts from Sam’s Club as supplemental protein. I have some 2+ yrs beyond “expiration date” that is still fine.

        Finally: peanut butter. Fat, protein, and.flavor. Yeah, Jif has some unhealthy stuff in it, but it also keeps well. I just opened a jar 3 yrs past “expiration” and it is not rancid. Quite easy to tell. I have opened stored packs of backed crackers that had that earthy, rancid smell from fat gone bad. Peanut butter + (freshly ground into flour) whole wheat bread is a gift from God in good times. I can only imagine when there isn’t so much food about!

        • Don’t forget to add Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)
          and mix into your storage of rice, beans, grains etc.
          Plus, like I have suggested before, “DeltaEcho” (diatomaceous earth
          food grade) in itself is a great and needed supplement!! Also
          kills parasites ++ plus MOAR 🙂

        • I had some peanut butter stockpiled, and 3 years is about it. At 5: rancid.

          basically, best to stockpile only canned food. Will last 5 to 10. Anything in glass or plastic will oxidize in 4 to 5.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            I put food away in 5 gal buckets about 8-10 yrs ago, threw it all away last summer. Pasta products don’t last long, the cheese pkg in MacandCheese goes sour in about 1 yr. So much waste. It’s hard to rotate this food out with your daily living supplies, but somehow you have to do it, or throw it all out every few years. And yes, the canned food lasted the longest.

      • D3 …. don’t forget Vit C … at a minimum. Better yet, an MVM and C

    • lastmanstanding

      Dirk, ppppuuuuulllllllleeeeeezzzzzzzz!!! That SHIT IS NOT FOOD!!!

      You are way further ahead and better off to buy a pressure canner and a hundred canning jars, lids, etc. and stash all that LOCAL beef your always bragging about. Do a hog while your at it. It will keep years if done correctly.

      I could go on and on about knowing where your food comes from.

      Jesus, Costco mac and cheese, talk about an impacted fucking bowel. Didn’t you guys get enough of that shit in .mil?

      Yes, I have legumes, rice, beans, etc in storage but it is an emergency base to put real food on top. In fact, we are breaking it down into vacuum sealed bags currently for easier use and barter.

      • Old Gray Wolf.

        Maybe he eats what he stores? I have grains and legumes too. For use as a volumizer with meat and veggies. Like folks have done formhundreds and thousands of years. Protein powder? Dirk, I am trying to get the picture here. I see protein shakes and Cockso mac and cheese. You also mention fruits, veggies and meat. What kind? Got fiber? Got vitamins? An intestinal blockage during a grid lapse or similar troubles is a bad way to go out…

        I think a LOT of folks have stored “food”. I know a lot more have piles of guns and ammo. I have an acquaintance who bought a huge pile of food in cans twenty years ago. It was probably ten years old at least at the time. To this day, that “food” is their only preparation for eating after the SHTF, but they are armed to the teeth… I have another who is sitting on hundreds of guns, probably a score or more of them select fire, and a barn literally stacked full of cases of ammo. Very little food stored, most of it twenty years old, and he stays drunk most of the time. I shudder to think about who might end up with that pile of weaponry, to the point that my team has discussed securing it if that becomes necessary.

        The times will indeed get sporty just as quick as the store shelves are empty, and there will be a lot more guns than food in the average AO. Have a plan for that…

        • OGW … regarding Yellowstone

          Uruguay, or Argentina

          CONUS will be incinerated and following any precip, petrified. Mt. Saint Helen recovered, but it’s ejecta was a small fraction of that Jellystone will be. The drift patterns for CONUS post nukeplant meltdown or ICBM strike are online. Just insert ash to see how deeply boned we are

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Hey, don’t be badmouthing my back yard.
            I’m about 50 miles outside YNP. We figure it will hit us in about 7 seconds if the big one comes. Hope it happens at 3am.
            I feel sorry for you fuckers downwind who will choke to death over an hour or two. I’ve inhaled volcanic dust on an archaeology dig, it’s like ground glass in your eyes and lungs. Very painful doesn’t even begin to describe it. Knowing that, a ball to the head is instant relief.

      • Lol, Of course it’s not food, it’s a supplement, just like all the other vitamins, C, D. E. Lots and lots of different beans, cheese, dried soups. My concern is calories,

        LMS, the cows ARE NOT mine. Their others property. I don’t count on what I don’t control. While a plan an agreement is in place, it’s words, we’ll see when we cross that bridge.

        Costco non gun friendly? So I should write costco off as a resource, yea, that makes perfect sense.

        LMS, my model is and has always been LDS. Many of my large purchases were thru their stores. The LDS, were allowing non LDS, to,shop. I’m told that’s changed in some areas, although I’ve not researched it.

        For me the question is always, how much is enough? I’ll want to double that amount, if possible.

        Your in Montana, an awesome place to be if it goes sideways. Currently reading a book series named YellowStone, it’s impacted me enough that I’m not sleeping at night.

        That Caldera, has the potential to drop as much as ten feet of ash, in my area, over six hundred miles away. That’s max scenario. You guys in Montana, don’t stand a chance, 95% kill. That’s what FEMA is saying.

        Without proper clothing, breathing gear, the ash is full of glass, when breathed in and saliva mixes, you die.

        At my 600 miles distance, all the cows you noted would be dead. While their are hundreds of thousands of tons of hay. Their are no indoor facilities to keep the animals out of the fall out area. They eat the tainted grass, drink water, and their dead. And I’m up wind.

        YellowStones has been burping regularly these days. FYI, Cody, post eruption is 100% fatalities.

        Can’t control those things, but feel it wise to at least war game the possibilities, for responses.

        We have canners, we can stuff here. We also went in on a dehydrator, with two of our neighbors. The ladies do that part. I should learn how, but I haven’t.

        Good stuff. LMS, I appriciate your feedback, I recognize your trying to educate.


        • lastmanstanding

          Just trying to keep things rolling and lively while working on plans for the upcoming year.

          You know, at least Yellowstone will get a bunch of commies when she goes. Not a damn thing we can do about it. Swatted by Mother Nature is an honorable death for us. Not sure I’d want to live in the aftermath of that.

          Costco…just another way to support the beast. I just found out about the firearm policy a month ago. We haven’t been in one since 2005.

          We like the feeling of growing our own food, store it and sharing the excess. Just a great way to wake people up and maybe get “earthly credits” as I call them.

          Take care.

      • Canned javelina anyone?

    • lastmanstanding

      FYI, Costco co. policy…no guns in our store, we don’t care whether your within your rights…unless your leo.

      Just like Dick’s…boycott them all.

      • Yup… boycott them all! Until you’ve found that you’ve painted yourself into a tight little corner.

        If a teeny little sign is all that’s gonna stop you from carrying… well, that’s your prerogative. However, last time I was there, no scanners of pat-downs at Costco.

        • lastmanstanding

          When it comes to food, no tight little corner for me. I don’t need them. Haven’t for over a decade. I don’t need processed food from corporate murica to survive. I know where nearly all of my food comes from and most of it is within 15 miles of my home.

          We grow most of our own veges and what we can’t grow we get from a local farmer.

          All our meat is standing in the field one minute, then dead, skinned, hung, butchered/cut, wrapped frozen by a friend or I kill it. We have beef, pork, chicken, goat, lamb, elk, deer and fish either frozen or canned.

          Our milk comes from the cow up the road. Fresh milk, like I grew up on…not that stepped on shit they call milk at the store that has a negative nutrition value. I made cheese this morning. We make our own yogurt and flavor it with local honey. I like zoi yogurt but the stuff we make is almost as thick as cream cheese…truly unbelievable to taste. It is a lot of work.

          We have a great source for local, non-gmo, organic, sourdough breads in multi-grain, wheat, or white.

          I have my own orchard and we can get raspberries and blackberries close by. My peach tree even produced this year. We can cherries, pears, make applesauce, cider…

          We lost our healthcare in 2012, that is why we do what we do. $1,550.00 a month then with a 12K deductible is not healthcare. Only our businesses/home are insured to protect our clients/self. I have been fucked enough by insurance…no more.

          Clean food and honest lifestyle is our only option now for a longer life. We are both self-employed and have no pensions, 401k’s, blah, blah.

          We are doing it, our neighbors are doing it, others as well. I am just trying to make a point that it can be done and should be done as much as possible. Starve the corps and take control yourself.

          Peace brother…rant off.

          ps. I stopped at Lineman’s on the way home today and got fresh eggs and left fresh cheese.

          That is how the earth works.

      • none of my costcos in az have the no weapons ars signs up. never heard of such a thing here. neither does china mart


      Dirk: If you are going to spend that kind of money, you would be much better off buying canned chicken, canned pulled pork, canned roast beef, line-caught tuna, and Spam. There were always plenty of cases available at the Medford Costco. I will be hitting the one in CDA today. Bleib ubrig.

      • DWT, we have cases and cases and cases and cases of that stuff. Lots of tuna, sardines, roast,beef, chicken if it’s meat, in a can we have a bunch, wife buys by the case.

        Costco in Medford, yes. We have a store out here named “Cash And Carry.” Their a restaurant supply houses. Example, I can buy their frozen tri tip, I get a pack of like 8 or 9, for under 100.00 in fact I’m headed their today, to buy rib eye for,my wife’s 60th birthday party Friday night.

        We purchases by the case, mostly cases of #10 cans. I’ll be buying the meat, and two cases each of green beans and canned corn today. Their’s usually 6/8 #10 cans per case.

        My party’s bringing two packs like 16/18 tri tips, to Cody, to donate to our WRSA crowd. In fact, whoever’s cooking please contact me, via Pete, need to know if you want the meat plain, or marinaded in individual tri tip packs. Or dry rub. Our standard is a week prior, rub or marinade are applied, resealed and back in the refer until it’s time to,cook.

        One of the questions is, are 16 tri tips going to be enough? O yea, our rancher friends are promising/ donating two boxes of their potatos, to bring aswell.

        I’ll transport the meat, keeping them cold via dry ice.

        Their is a Cash and Carry, in Idaho Falls and Boise. I saw only one in Montana, zero in Wy. Lots is Wa, and I thought one store in northern Idaho.


  2. Trump would not have won had he run for mayor of NYC…yet he won the presidency. The steaming giant turd referred to as Washington DC.was a den of inequity and filth long before Trump arrived.

    Grab me a Brawndo,bitch!

  3. No, the powers that be won’t do anything. They won’t stop the exponential rise of debt, and switch to a fixed amount of debt which could make the status quo sustainable. They won’t do anything that makes life more livable in the moment. What they will do is stay in their rut of exponential growth of awfulness.

  4. sounds like a bitter Never Trumper, he’ll fit right in here.

  5. robroysimmons

    Make friends

  6. “You won’t be shooting people every day (hopefully), but you will want to eat every day.”

    i’m GTG on sustainable supplies, but for those who are not…
    just seek out the enemy, shoot them, and take their food.

    a twofer. 🙂

    collapse doesn’t have to be a bad thing. make it a fun activity for the whole family! the family that kills commies together- eats.

    • Tee, your 599 Indians well eat really well, with one simple head shot, yours. Don’t think they don’t know that. Those Herons and Wyandots tribes don’t like white guys.

      Tic Toc!

      • it’s Hurons dirk.

        here it’s the Objibwe

        “The Ojibwe are known for their birch bark canoes, birch bark scrolls, mining and trade in copper, as well as their cultivation of wild rice and Maple syrup.[3][not in citation given] Their Midewiwin Society is well respected as the keeper of detailed and complex scrolls of events, oral history, songs, maps, memories, stories, geometry, and mathematics”

        these folks are about the most generous, friendly, and loyal people i have ever known. i’ve gifted something to every man i have ever met here so far. indian bob- a tribal elder and uncle of the tribes chairman, received a set of 2-ton forks for his tractor bucket the first year i was here. i just bought him a case of .22 WMR for xmas. they have all welcomed me in. it’s the bastard white people here who are the backstabbers and thieves- well, most of them.


      • Hurons …. herons are a bird

    • lastmanstanding

      Better watch t…seems your an easy mark for hot trim. Better be vetting each and every one.

      Don’t want any Trojan horses inside the island fortress.

  7. Meanwhile, in Kenya… https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/nairobi-attack-today-explosion-shooting-kenya-dusit-hotel-riverside-drive-terror-a8728831.html
    They are living in collapse. Unfortunately, this sort of thing may darken our door in time.


      Collapse has been a way of life on the Dark Continent ever since the early 1960’s, when the white Europeans took their leave. Once the natives were left to fix things themselves, it all fell apart. Maybe all those Chinamen can change things. It will be fun to watch.

      • The commie elite are scrambling in China. Gulags are busting at the seams.Folks diving out windows. Government investment in private enterprise showing foundational rot and decay. Sounds a lot like the USA.
        Africa will swallow and shit out the Chinks just like every other colonial power. The main problem with Africa is the African. Arrogant fucking zipperheads.

    • Hahahaha luxury hotel in Africa I’ve never been in one or seen one in my travels there.

      TIA=this is Africa


  8. Jimmy the Saint

    Hmmm, another article that’s basically a plug for a book. A bold prediction of “The US Government will eventually collapse.” Well, yeah – make that prediction long enough, and eventually you’ll be right. All governments go under at some point.

  9. Orlov is a clueless twat.