Aesop: On The Gillette Controversy

Tl;dr: FOAD.

The reaction to all of this krep is going to be excellent.

21 responses to “Aesop: On The Gillette Controversy

  1. From personal experience, using safety razors anywhere except one’s home requires some type of hard case for safety. Your finger tips will be grateful.

  2. Plenty of alternatives to Gillette. I use Dorco, get them online and save a bundle.

  3. lastmanstanding

    Now add Costco to the list.

    It’s not that hard.

    Local, Local, Local should be your meme. All the time, best you can.

  4. wendystringer48088

  5. wendystringer48088

  6. BFYTY 🙂

  7. I don’t get it? apparently don’t watch enough tv.


  8. The Gillette ad was the brain-child of the same man hating feminist that produced this: Possibly NSFW

  9. Sorry, wrong link earlier, try

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Fuck’em.
    Don’t buy them anyway.

  12. Gillette/PG just went ‘Full Feminist’…obviously the Corporate Board
    wants America to go ‘Full Bonobo’…because Feminists cry, “toxic
    masculinity!!..we’re afraid and oppressed..because…VAGINA!!”

    Never give in to Feminists…Never go ‘Full Bonobo’!!

    News: Do you want Bonobos? (TFM 42O)

    News: It’s The Only Way (TFM 42O)

    Of course the above WILL trigger the ‘White Knighting’ beta cucks…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Present loss against future gain. These guys are betting that whatever the short term loss of customers, it will be more than made up for in the future. After all, if you get the Government contract to be the sole provider of The People’s Razor, you don’t really give a fuck what the serfs think of you.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Yeah, all those soy boy skinny jeans wearing faggots will need to shave their sole evidence of maleness(beards) at some point.

  14. Old Gray Wolf

    Got two of the old RollsRazors, neat kit. Also a custom straight razor with a scrimshawed ivory handle. Shaving with a straight razor with the Grim Reaper carved into the handle. Think I ain’t got a twisted sense of humor?

  15. dot indian shitskin CEO’s are all the rage in corporate ‘Murka these days.

    and the reason is, as usual, (((debt))).

    of Which Proctor and Gamble, which owns Gillette, has plenty.

  16. Mostly use electric waterproof shaver with built in trimmer.
    But will use other when needed.

    Heck… I know a guy that hasn’t gotten a haircut in 50 YEARS!!
    With all the available barbers, and even the ability for anybody
    handy enough to cut his won hair. But don’t matter, the guy is bald…

  17. P & G doesn’t give a FXXk if they keep our business or not, evidently. Looked at the corporate site to send a blistering email-there isn’t one. I will just make sure that ZERO P & G products slither into my home. There is always an alternative.