#DroneStrikeRendezvousWest2019: Johnny Paratrooper Sends

A good reminder about lodging in the area:

I called my Family in Wyoming. I gave “LineMan” the information he needs for an RV site. If anyone wants to be right on the Shoshone, 40 minutes from Cody, and 40 Minutes from Yellowstone, they need to start booking now. Cabins and Space is already filling up. Some people book cabins and RV space for weeks to explore the west.

In a few months I bet half of Wyoming is booked for the week before and after the 4th.

If anyone is bringing their wife and kids, my family is huge. I have a dozen little cousins ages 5-14 they can hang out with while the adults do adult things.

Current proposal:

Cody, Wyoming
Weekend after Independence Day 2019
July 12-14, 2019






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Hope to see you there!

35 responses to “#DroneStrikeRendezvousWest2019: Johnny Paratrooper Sends

  1. How about some details, like contact info, perhaps a bio on the land, what’s available. Sounds like a nice place, also sounds like a lot of non wrsa folk will possibly be present.

    Can we shoot, and blow shit,up while we’re their,

    A little info please.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      There may, or may not, be a fire ban in effect.
      There are no animals in season. So common courtesy when shooting is not required.
      You can hike into the mountains and shoot some rounds if you like, but we do not have any prepared ranges.
      I would fish if I were you. This really is the best trout fishing on earth (In my experience)
      You can hunt all the pests you want. If you can find them. Wyoming is some frontier territory and the wildlife spooks very, very easily. Best of luck to you.

      • So I’m fighting the flu, you offer two links appearing to be separate places, or is my fogged mind not comprehending.

        Also are their RV hook ups. Lots of us folks pulling their very own prairie schooners.


  2. JP does your family perhaps have a web site, for review. Thinking that would be very helpful.


  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Tree Top Flyer

    Hey Johnny, i have my eye on the event but its a long way from our ranch here in the Ark-La-Tex and we have livestock, horses etc… we are empty nesters daughter just Graduated College… so it still could happen I would just roll the dice on accomidations , always been that way. I hope we make it till summer before something bad happens… but here is where my “stuff” is…. I grew up in the Ouchita Nationa Forrest in Arkansas … so I understand the remote areas of places around the Globe
    Been reading articles & post here in the shadows for a very very long time… its where i operate the best you sound like a very fine young man who comes from a family of the right stuff. For what ever reason I started posting recently, i would like to make it but gotta see how curent events unfold… its a long way back to my “stuff” Lol!
    Semper Fi my friend

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      That is a very long trip.

      Worst case Scenario you can bring some gold and buy a few horses, tac, and saddles from my Uncle.

      Last I checked we own 60 head of mountain horses that are well seasoned and were born and raised scaling the Rocky Mountain game trails.

      We use them for hunting camps as well.

      The last time we encountered a Bear on horseback the horse tried to shadow box the Grizzly.

      Not too sure what happened to the Grizz. But the old cowboy is in one piece.

    • I have contacts all over your area and to and from Cody so if you need some help with logistics get a hold of CA for my info or come over to Freezoxee and send me a private message…Goes for the rest of you knuckledraggers as well…

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Cody Regional Airport usually has flights with one layover from Denver.

      Tickets range from $450-700 in my experience.

      Plus food, Drinks, and lodging. I would presume the cost to be about $2,000 for you and your wife.

      If you haven’t been to Wyoming, You need to go.

      The trout fishing is AMAZING.
      And the Park is one of a kind.

      There really is nothing like it.

      And every single person who visits our mountain says its the most beautiful place they have ever seen.

      I agree. It really is gorgeous.

  5. Pete, JP, if this is an organized dude ranch, with activities daily for guests, how is this going to work. Reading their daily schedules which is seven days a week, sounds like a very busy schedule, frankly a ton of fun. And I’m guessing the food will be fantastic.

    Is there a meet/greet place, away for our crew? I can’t see us shooting with your families guests on horse back in that area, would be irresponsible of us, to do so. Also concerns about orginized shooting in fire season concerns me.

    Think I’m going to recontact GunWerks, about launching bullets at their facility I’m looking forward to shooting long distances, in big wind. Was told 25.00 a day, which in my mind is reasonable, since they assume all range responsibilities. Im using their ranging gear, the BR-2. Hoping they will work with me, on fine tuning the unit.,

    Our traveling group will be Camping at a campground in town, our reservations are in place for awhile now. Be on a vacation, we have other business in Cody as well.

    Are we allowed to come hang with wrsa folks hard pointed at the dude ranch?.

    I realize we have six months, I know how quickly that date will arrive. I’m looking forward to this,.

    Apoligize for all the questions. Many folks have the same questions


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The dude ranch is for the guests and the guests alone. You can rent a cabin at the dude ranch and pay for just the food and the pool if you like.
      We have oil painting and water color artists and older people who come all the time who cannot ride a horse or don’t want to. So obviously we can scale the costs back for them.

      I was merely offering that as an option for the families in the group, if they wanted to come out early, or stay after the DRS. We take you all over the place, You spend about 25-30 hours on a horse during the week(Good skills to have) Our cowboys will teach you everything about horsemanship and ranching if you pick their brains.

      The DRS is scheduled for the weekend. Which is our turnover days for the Dude Ranch.

      The Restaurant, which has enough room to fit our crew, and 12 cabins has a bar and about 40-50 seats available. The RV site across the street(Mountain View) hosts people for a year, or a weekend, depending on your stay.

      I suppose we will have to wait to see how many people are coming.

      Cody is a cool town, but there is not much to do unless you want to see the Museum, Rodeo, or get some Mexican food/BBQ, or Drink some beers and line dance.

      Gunwerks does have their own range. However I believe it requires an invitation. Call Gunwerks and ask for Greg. He is one of us. He builds precision guns and is one of their hand loaders IIRC.

      He and his wife are lovely people. I am their favored waiter.

      If we have a gigantic crew, I can call my Uncle and ask if there is a range that can handle all of us. Grizzly range(Across the Shoshone) has a range judging by the sound of gunfire that consistently rings out.

      I am interested in shooting Long Range. I am also interested in grilling and drinking beers. The trout fishing however, is world class, and we would be fools to not take advantage of that.

  6. GunWerks range is out, that week. Shoot Schools happening. God they make some bitchen rifles n other stuff, truly innovative. High end rifle with a decent scope under 6k, not bad at all.

    Monster Lake Cody Wy, appears to be the range available for 25.00 a day. Flatter n a pancake. Winds gotta be extra special.

    Awaiting a call from ” Nate”

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Sounds like fun.
      Gunwerks makes great stuff.
      I know one of their smiths. He is a regular at my Family’s place.
      I was invited to their range last year, but I didn’t have a rifle with me.

  7. How do I contact anyone directly off-line who’s posted here?