Buppert: The Quality Of Refusal

No way out but through.

Better do what you must to win.

The Bad People will.

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  1. And the biggest mistake made by those WW2 freedom fighters? They turned in or buried those guns after the war, effectively disarming themselves for the communist to plunder “If you think it is time to burry your gun. It is really time to use it and you are just gutless.”

    • And how many of those “brave freedom fighters” were totally dedicated communists?

      That’s who the people were that tried to take over Spain in the 1930’s; thankfully Franco and company kicked their asses like Pinoche would in the 1970’s.

      The overwhelming majority of the “French Resistance” were communists; in fact John Toss makes mention of this in passing in his novel, ‘Unintended Consequences’.

      If it’s a choice between communist’s and those killing communists, I’ll proudly kill any communist that crosses my path..if this was the 1930’s/’40’s and not 2019 I’d still make the same decision and would have been honored to fight besides such men as Leon Degrelle.

      If that offends some, too fucking bad!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. best I’ve seen from Buppert. Esp:

    “drop memberships in NRA, GOA, and other unicorn-hunting clubs; spend the money on resources and training.”

    done, doing.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Agreed Haxo. The whole article is the best from Bill in quite awhile.
    H/T Bill B.

    Ray, I could be wrong but I think Bill was just pointing out that it is NOT a good idea to have all your weapons in one location, which just seems to be a wise idea. Whether you want to bury them or put them in another place above ground is entirely up to you. Bottom line: Don’t keep all your guns in one cache/place… seems apropos considering the current political climate and reasonable to me. Why? If Leviathans orcs or some other group gets your “main location” weapons… you can then fall back on plan B… and then plan C… right? Additionally, you may want to have a cache of weapons to arm up a TRUSTED tribe who don’t wake the fuck up until after the festivities start.

    Grey Ghost

  5. I can’t mention the “rules” of the club but they are important. Go read them. Then do them. It’s the doing that’s important, not the reading. If someone was coming to save you they’d have been here by now……

  6. Via Guns of Gab link, Unintended Consequences is once again in print. Autographed soft-cover volumes available for $34 Will update info if/when purchase is verified.