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  1. Okay, I need instruction. I’m not saying Ol” Remus is wrong, mind you, I’m just not sure of the combination of glass Mason jars and ammo. Seems odd-somehow.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Trying to keep it from corroding. Main thing with ammo, don’t touch it and you won’t leave salt on the brass. Most WW2 ammo today shoots just fine, if it was stored properly.

      The Vaseline is wrong however. Vaseline eats rubber. Saw it in the old scuba diving industry, folks put Vaseline on their mustache to help seal better, it ate the mask. Don’t know if Mason jar lids use rubber or silicone today. So the best way to lube the seal would be a tube of silicone grease.

  2. Old Gray Wolf

    My dad just about flipped out when I, at age 13, came sauntering in from the woods with one of those on my hip, just as he came home from work. He asked where I got it, I told him I had bought it via the mail with my own money. No license needed, nor age restriction for black powder weapons. I could not buy a bb machinegun without an ID proving I was old enough, but I could buy this hugely fun .44 smokewagon just because I wanted it. Dad just shook his head and told me to be careful with it. And that was my first pistol. I suspect that Remington repro was the best choice of weapon, given the propensity of a youngster to load it hotter than would probably have been advisable with an 1860 Colt or similar. You know who bothers a 13 year old with a hogleg? Nobody. Well, at least not back then, and not in my area.

  3. A gun without rails?

    How does it even work?

  4. Those Catholic kids and the American Indian

    A textbook case of racial tension encouraged by the System
    Divide-and-conquer is the preferred tactic of the Sanhedrin

    By Michael Hoffman |

    The latest media tempest-in-a-teapot concerns Catholic teenagers from Kentucky set upon by the media and made to star in the perpetual Hate-Whitey videodrome, wherein, whether it’s a Gillette shaving commercial, or kids waiting for a bus after a pro-life, anti-abortion march in our nation’s capitol, they are cast as KKK/Nazi bigots. Of all the crimes and travesties in our land today, this minor incident between Indians and Catholic school kids is the event that propels the liberal outrage machine. Forget the mass extermination of disabled Down syndrome children with abortion, forget the forced conversion of children in our public schools to disease-inducing anal “gay” sex, forget female impersonators dictating an Orwellian regime on college campuses wherein “he” must be referred to as “she,” otherwise the truth-telling offender who terms the ersatz gal a guy, is demoted or fired from the faculty or administration.

    It’s a truism that the inmates are in charge of the asylum. They are well on their way to transforming all of us into insane persons in their corporate world of relentless revolutionary change. Thankfully, the scapegoated, stigmatized Catholic youths are fighting back and showing some backbone, as noted below. That such a pitch of media hysteria could be invoked over a white kid merely staring at a Native American is more than ridiculous. This hyper-sensitivity to the least perceived slight to the new aristocracy of color is a revelation of the degree to which our media masters yearn for, indeed ache for a KKK or neo-Nazi group to attack minorities while the news cameras record it. Shaming white people is Job #1. Instilling self-hate is a psychological warfare device, a type of mental genocide that is underway 24/7 in America.

    In the final analysis, let us not imagine that the Zionist ruling class actually cares about the welfare of non-whites. They are merely cannon-fodder on the road to a neo-Bolshevik America. The Israelis have butchered tens of thousands of native people of color in Palestine without any sustained exposure or protest from the U.S. media. The Orthodox Judaic religion teaches that black people are a divinely designated slave race (cf. the Midrash on Genesis in the Soncino edition), and sub-human (cf. Moses Maimonides, The Guide of the Perplexed, vol. 2, in the Shlomo Pines edition). These rabbinic dogmas have caused the black race untold suffering and misery throughout history.

    Meanwhile, the Cryptocracy has used the white race as its golem in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

    The Cryptocracy manipulates people of color to serve as golem in the United States, disseminating a view of American history that portrays the majority of whites as whip-wielding tormentors of colored people in bondage, when the truth is that the vast majority of whites in early America were, as Congressman David Wilmot termed them, “the sons of toil.” Many arrived in this country in chattel bondage, not dainty “indentured servitude.”

    The clandestine objective of crowding whites into ever more narrow psychological categories of self-abnegation and erasure, is to inflame them into lashing out desperately with inchoate violence that can be exploited to further justify ever greater encroachment by the government on our immemoral rights, and the escalation of increasingly intense negative caricatures of conservative white people issuing from the salons of Hollywood and New York.

    The only ones who will emerge mostly unscathed from this contrived race war will be the same ones who emerged largely unscathed to rule in Vladimir Lenin’s Bolshevik Russia, a century ago.

    Whites, Blacks and Native Americans cannot be allowed to join together in opposition to the empire of usury which is choking life on this planet. Divide-and-conquer has always been the watchword of the Sanhedrin. Whites with their affinity for Neocon war-Zionism, and Blacks with their partiality for the Democratic party of sodomite supremacy, non-educating public schools and unlimited cheap labor from south of the border, remain unconscious, easily manipulated golem of the six-pointed System.

  5. I recently picked up one of those Uberti repops of the Remington 1875. Chambered in .357. It’s a fine pistol. And beautiful, to boot.

  6. White man bulking up

    Woodpile is so good I don’t have time to read all the good links. I haven’t made it through the last one yet.

  7. Good a place as any to add this story link on how Buzzfeed has gone so far as to impersonate elements on the pro firearms legislation side to mislead and generate friction among rational people.
    Is BuzzFeed an actor in a propaganda and disinformation campaign? You decide!

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