RUMINT – NYS Edition

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Plan accordingly if your sources confirm.

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  1. NightBreaker

    NJ most likely will be next . Cue the Doors “the end”

  2. Matt Bracken

    Dear Mr. Security Agent:
    You might want to read this. If you are not a very gud reeder, skip to near the end. That’s the part about you.

  3. Sounds like something that Q would post.

  4. It’s called a “Purge,” they did this in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc. Confiscation is coming sooner than expected, but it is coming. Those New Yorkers are going to make a decision and I think it will have national reverberations.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Seems that if these future Stazi members get frisky, they’ll end up seeing their offices torched and houses burned. Would you work for a politician like Cuomo? I’d make HIM do the enforcement himself.

  7. And I’m sure you are tracking Cuomo and family.. Now that would be a statement….

  8. MOAR! Good Cops I see.

  9. Is it tribe hunting time in New York?

  10. Its BFYTW time Men.

    Nothing for it now. Its into the breech.
    When they begin to systematically invade a man’s castle at 3am, one has to wonder how many of Cuomo’s armed badged leg breakers are shot and killed in defense of ones liberty and natural right of self defense before they back off or there is not enough of the tyrants secret police remaining to carry out his diktat.

    Another interesting aspect for consideration here is when you totally violate the idea of rule of law and physically enforce the rule of men with violent force for the sake of personal and ideological power, there is no longer any law but survival.
    What is missing here yet patently the truth, what Cuomo and his secret police have not considered through to its logical end, is the same rule there are no rules, applies equally to themselves. Like tracers, this functions in both directions.
    In simplest terms they themselves will suffer the same force and violence, complete down to the killing of their loved ones, the invasion of their castles, at 3am, the violation of every idea, concept, and yes, “social contract” that “law enforcement” personal are a sacred cow and you do not go after them as they do you.

    Thin blue line Bitchez.
    Be a thin red line in a matter of weeks. Very thin.

    They seem to not fully appreciate they are vastly outnumbered in numbers, weapons, and motive power. A silly state line is not going to keep them safe either. What happens in Rhinebeck New York to fellow dirt people, regarding a natural right to arms, regardless what a piece of parchment states, as we all know, everyone no exceptions or stupid bullshit, exactly what that 2nd Amendment is about, might as well happen to Joe the plumber in Quartzite Arizona.
    Believe me when I say if we the armed of America where actually in truth a current present active problem of being criminals and terrorists, and not legitimate people minding their own business, just because we own guns, there would be no Cuomo’s or other hoplophobes.
    They would be taking dirt naps by now.

    So here we are. NY State’s organized crime syndicate boss Andrew Cuomo has a hair across his fucking ass because a few hundred thousand people in his crime family area of operations, NY, had the gall to defy the Don’s decree only he and his crime family kingpins and their solders are allowed to have weapons. And so he is sending out, paid for by the very people who are the target of intimidation and in all likelihood a number of symbolic targeted deaths, (extorted of their money, lets call a cat a cat here), for sending a message to the rest of us mind you, sending out literal hit squads, like the FBI thugs employed, again on our dime thank you very fucking little, for things like Ranchers who get too uppity, whistleblowers, Christians in Waco Texas, you get the drift here.

    Well it was great while it lasted.
    It was inevitable they would raise the stakes in their need to disarm us all.
    It always was about guns, Everything else was a fucking side show for sneaking up on taking our guns. Because if they can not disarm us they have no power any longer, there is nothing left to use as a fig leaf to hide the utter illegitimacy of themselves now. Everything else has been beaten like a dead horse into a red fly covered smear of greasy blood and guts on I95 in Georgia in August heat.
    They have to take our guns.
    It is not, never was actually, a choice.
    They always had to take our guns.
    Even those guys back in the late 1700’s could see where Patrick Henry’s Rat was going. It is why every one of the individual sovereign nation states required a clause where the dirt peoples arms where sacred.
    Its not rocket science.
    It is what all tyrants do.
    They aint tyrants if everyone has guns.
    Simple equation.

    Good luck to us, may the great creator bless us once again please, live to fight, fight to live another day, live to be free or die, and may we always live in Liberty for it.

  11. Looks like the MCR is back in production.

    Belt fed upper for your AR. $3800.00

  12. Herr Kuomo is upset that no notice was taken of his ‘law’ that was passed after Sandy hoax.

  13. If true, pretty bold move. This won’t end well for Cuomo. Fuckers been nothing but a thug his entire career.

  14. Well hey, Mr. Cuomo! Maybe there is some attorney, representing troopers or other law enforcement, who would love to sue you-personally-over harassment, selective prosecution,malfeasance, pursuance in violation of the public trust? By the way (to Counsel for the Prosecution ), “Have we any witnesses”? I’d really like to hear a cross exam of your amazing witnesses. Did you check your legions for drug use? Selling drugs? Stealing public funds? Pre 1972 kitchens? No? Seems like this is a witch hunt of major proportions focused on ONE ISSUE which you personally disagree with. How is this not strange; odd; different: dominating your thoughts or feelings that has now become an obsession? I hope that you get put up for treatment of mental disorder. Maybe…….just maybe…….you need to resign.

  15. IF I could push a button, right now, that would split this country into two portions, one conservative and one liberal, I’d DO IT THIS INSTANT. And I’ll be blunt: I’m FAR MORE WORRIED if there is a point where kinetic action (hot war) is NOT an option, than if we actually are able to initiate it. THAT is my BIGGEST fear, actually.

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  17. Looking like Cumo wants his own personal Gestapo. He just can’t stand it that free people can defend themselves from tyrants.

  18. Johnny Paratrooper

    If this is true, then there is no way it isn’t happening in NJ, MD, VA, DC, and PA.

    Which means they might be prepping to hire all these angry furloughed “Officers”.

    Who hate Trump.

    And You.

  19. These jackals out to destroy this beautiful place called America, our home, can never destroy the essential thing about us.
    We believe in something better, larger, than ourselves.
    It is the linchpin of our essence as men of principles, of our moral compass, our Liberty, that we care about more than ourselves, that we believe that there is indeed the truth we can through the freedom of our primal rights, make this world better as we live, and leave this world a better place than we found it.
    The proof is all around us. From the truth this Republic of People has been under attack from it’s founding for being free, prosperous and the shining light to all who seek the same. To the fact that today those forces of darkness believe they are on the cusp of ridding God’s green earth of what they see as an abomination. What prohibits them from ruling everything and everybody. The reasons and motives as old as the human race. Greed and lust for power. Dress it up in any guise or ideology. The fact remains.

    The truth the fulcrum of tyranny is being levered with ferocity only as those who harbor evil intent to undo the light that Liberty has brought to this world can.

    But there is something indomitable about us and our Liberty. Something so hard to define, but so very profound for that very reason.

    It is the greatest paradigm of man. The idea we are free men no matter what. An idea that changed the world.
    That our Liberty is the linchpin of our being free.

    We can never loose our perspective of such things in the face of such evil. Never loose your nerve or you loose. Keep it you win. Even if they shoot you dead, because shooting you dead is the only way to stop liberty, and only then only for that one dead Freeman.
    No arms, no laws, no power can ever have the force, never mind the legitimacy, of the idea we are free men. We must never loose sight of this truth, this beautiful truth. The evil upon us rages against this crux of Liberty. It abhors the very idea that you and you and I and we can even think such a thing.

    Yes, never give up your guns.

    But never ever give up the idea Liberty is yours. Never think it! Embrace this fundamental truth as nothing else you cherish. With out it we are lost. Without this integral component of your spirit you are lost. And no arms in the world can ever protect you from the evil that fills the void the loss of your inherent Liberty provides. Look upon the world around us! All those millions upon millions of lost souls. Souls who have lost their way. Souls without the dignity of Liberty, without the vision and moral compass the gospel of Liberty provides the soul. The faith of Liberty. This thing Liberty, it belongs to you as your soul and spirit belongs to you. It is as much a piece of who and what you are as the heart that beats within your chest.

    Before we take up and wield the might of the pen, or the wrath of our arms, remember well there is a far greater weapon. The very might that we are always, and always will be, free men.
    Never for a moment doubt, that it is both the source of our greatest strength as men, as a people.
    Never forget.

    This very idea is the existential threat to tyranny.
    It is the greatest most feared assault weapon in the arsenal of Liberty.

  20. Shinmen Takezo

    Hey, good luck with this Como-rat.
    The hunting parties can go both ways dude.
    You’ll be successful the first few times out, then there will be blow back.

    Most likely it will escalate out of your control (goodie, goodie!)
    In the end you’ll wind up looking like a fucking idiot.

    Oh-wait! You already look like that.

  21. poor richard

    Not surprising. For a while now, it has been plainly obvious he’s a despotic pos.

  22. there is not one cop who will quit its job over this.

    they are all in- for the paycheck and retirement benefits.

    if there was even a small group who were on the peoples side, they would have already arrested every motherfucking politician… they know it wouldn’t do any good because there’s always another bunch of bastards ready to fill the void. so they will do as they are ordered. after all, they are only doing the job they hired on for- to intimidate, dominate, and subdue the populace…

    • “they are all in- for the paycheck and retirement benefits.”

      Q: And that differs from you in what way?

      A: None.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        This attack on his character doesnt explain away the Mexican Cholo, Black Felon, and Muslim Jihad cops everywhere in MD, VA, PA, NY, DC, and PA.

        And the hot headed whites who are half retarded.

      • god is a LIE.

        there was a jesus- but he certainly was NO son of any god.

        gods are for the weak-minded- who quite honestly, shouldn’t even be alive.

        i’ve had enough of the bullshit fairytales. animated life is a collection of cosmic elements. one day soon, the ‘god’ particle that creates living beings will be discovered through SCIENCE and all your happy horse manure will be dis-proven, once and for all.

        go ahead and smear egg on your face now and get it over with.

      • I don’t get my kicks abusing the fuck out of my fellow citizens under color of law and certainly don’t get a pass for bad behavior behind a badge. The disparity in retirement and bennies for effort input is stunning.

        So yeah, apples and oranges are both fruit but there endeth the similarities.

    • ^^^

  23. Cuomo knows exactly what he is doing. Upstate NY will be the exploratory stomping,grinding and confiscation exercise. Lot of fed up folks living up there. Should spread to NYC area quickly. Will they burn it to the ground?
    Godamn shame if someone was to accidentally fuck up a few tunnels and bridges.

  24. Peace is that quiet moment when everyone is busy reloading.

    I have been meditating on Matthew 4:8-10.

    It seems that those in power or positions of authority have sold their souls to the old bastard. There is no leasing, or use-before-date, or temporary. Once the deal is done – it’s permanent.

    IMO in this manner is how evil has permeated the world and subjugated the people, who are crying to the heavens (or venting on blogs) for relief.

    Everything has been turned upside down everywhere you look. Over the last several (~70) years we have gone full cycle. Whereas the leftists were on the defensive, now the conservatives are.

    The left – appears – to be winning, or at least that is what we are being psyop-ed by the MSM – who with the use of smoke and mirrors and many wizards behind curtains, would have us believe that the leftist numbers are far greater and more powerful than those of us gun-toting, bible-clutching, unwashed dirt people. As far as they are concerned, they have won (#1) and are already dividing up the spoils – and the rest us of are just bystanders?

    We are looked down upon as unworthy of consideration. (#1) Trumps election was an aberration, we need to rewind the video – that’s not how this movie ends! We (the left) were supposed to win, we broke all the rules, we were lighting our cigars with $100 bills, while we cried crocodile tears for the other poor, unwashed, down-trodden immigrants and refugees and opened our hearts and your (the right) wallets and homes and we (the left) glowed in our largess and commitment to social justice.

    For some time, having followed and posted, I see US as bystanders, grumbling about the state of the nation, while the left has been very active in progressing their progressive progress. While, IMO, the rest of us have engaged in mental masturbation.

    Fact: The majority voted for Trump. The majority are conservative. Conservatives are the majority.

    We are being psyop-ed and brow-beatten that we are the losing team.
    but…….we haven’t started playing cowboys and leftists – yet.

    Because there has been little push-back, blow-back, head-bashing, the left believes they are winning – they are not “playing” by the rules. While the right – stupidly- like to take the moral high ground and believe in “rule of law”.
    and playing by the rules – what is this?
    This isn’t a damn football game where everyones mother and dog sees a blatant pass interference, while SEVEN referees were picking daisies (and the Saints lost the game)

    Like H.L. Mencken said “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”

    Well, that’s all fine and dandy, however not one of us is doing that – why ?
    not even onesies and twosies. No renegades, no outlaws ? Oops! we respect the rule of law and the just-us system. Ve haf rulz – ja!

    Wake up Susie. There is no rule of law, there is no justice. Everything that we built has been turned against us. Failure is not an option.

    We need to get off our “collective” asses and get them in gear.

    We know what to do. ID your area, take notes, observe, take notes, plan, rock drill, wash, rinse, repeat. Work in threes, maintain contact with other cells, coordinate. This is not an exercise. We are in a real world situation and we need to get crackin’.

    Oh, you think any of the “militias” are going to do the dirty work? Is this a “you first” approach – that’s the rub. We’re looking at each other wondering who will take the first shot.

    Time to start organizing and planning boys and girls. Keep it small, and KISS

  25. with New York it’s highly probably but like any of this stuff – I’ll believe it when I see it. More so the reaction from the serfs.

  26. lastmanstanding

    This is going to be interesting. Anyone with a family who steps up to be one of this group will most-likely end up being one regretful sob.

    Since money floods out the back door of the treasury to private contractors, that may be one likely scenario.

  27. NY State gun owners will roll over like a bitch in heat and put out for the NYS Gestapo.

  28. If Cuomo took the oath of office, to support, and defend, the U.S. Constitution, from all enemies, foreign, and domestic… As a conditipn of employment. Then if he violates that oath, he has technically quit his job, and is just a political porch monkey. Not even a “trunk monkey”.

  29. A tyrant like IL Supremo – what Bob Grant called his old man


    Alea iacta est. At least it is as far as the State of New York is concerned. Isn’t the current POTUS a resident of that state? Just askin’.

  31. The Police, the “Vast Majority” included, will do what their paymasters demand of them. The Gang comes first, along with its perks.

  32. We’ll see. Maybe Andrew the Pious has gone too far?

    It would be ironic if another Progressive took this calculated, malicious and illegal action and ran Cuomo out of politics.

    While possible to get worse, it’s not likely.

  33. The first family to be assaulted by a squad of Cuomo’s gestapo, needs to sue him personally for punitive damages. In bringing it before the jury, they must ask for an amount that would hurt him personally to the level commensurate with the damages done. I would suggest 95% of his personal wealth.

    • Never make it to a trial. You cant sue the government stooges personally. Sovereign Immunity.

  34. Not likely to happen in PA, pretty gun friendly state with the exception of Philly and to a lesser extent Pittsburgh and a few other cities. Here in NJ it is still an open question. If it happens here it would have to be at the state le level. I have heard reports from around the state of guys that tried to turn in a few token 15 round mags to their local police and were told basically wtf? Take those back home, we don’t know you, and you were never here. Even in a place like Jersey City with a rabidly anti gun mayor it seems unlikely to occur. The cops there got jammed up a few years back for having threeper patches on their uniform . In the rural NW counties things are more like PA than the rest of the state. Nonetheless plans are in place in my AO if necessary.

  35. Consider the following: Is it conceivable that this scenario, if true, is designed to position him as the candidate for POTUS who is battling those eeebil owners of proscribed property? Such a scenario will put him at the top of any field of socialists as the most energetic, willing to go to the mat for progressive policies of disarming and by extension, dekulakization. He would be the only candidate fighting actively against his own residents. Think of the propaganda opportunity, his face would be on the news every night, the rest of the pack would fade into obscurity on name recognition alone.

    That said, the organizational design of 100 pipe hitters reporting direct to El Jefe is unlikely. Think of it in Infantry Company terms… 100 is a Company (-, seriously minus)
    (see fig. 4-8 on page 4-7 of
    Each sub element has a head, which coordinate through other echelons so that the man is not overwhelmed with 100 people calling him. He wants executive summaries, not a cacaphony. There will be a team lead, his deputy, an admin group. No idea of the truth of the report, but think of the requirements of how such a thing would hypothetically operate.

    A closing thought, from the scriptures according to Sun Tzu: “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  36. And yes,I know a cloth patch by itself means nothing without the requisite intent and a resolute will; but the same can be said about anything on offer from 144:1 as well. It just gives you a little insight as to the thinking of a generally closed and close knit group as long as you don’t read too much into it.

  37. Old Gray Wolf

    Nut cuttin’ time in NY. They either will or they won’t. Much as I hate to say it, I suspect most Americans will sit on their hands until the agents are coming through their doors. The few who fight will die, and take none or very few of the agents along for the ride. New Yorkers are against the wall because they have not put a stop to this shit when and how they needed to. It will likely be no different anywhere else. Folks are pretty gpod aboiut writing great literature like the Gulag Archipelago after they spend time in a camp. They are less competent at avoiding the camp, and thus having no book to write. This thing will likely go one of three ways, nationally.

    1.They will do the raids everywhere, one place at a time, and people will die or go to prison one at a time.

    2. They will start the above process, and a few wise souls will turn their industrious nature to a proactive strategy, choosing to act before the agents come to them, which will likely degenerate into a civil war before it ends.

    3. Some national cataclysm will negate the entire issue, and folks will be far too worried about eating, drinking and not freezing in the winter to concern themselves wih stupid political systems and their foibles

    Personally, I hope for the last option. We gotta shed a lot of dead weight, and a disaster that smashes the current system and requires some measure of self-sufficiency to survive will not only remove a lot of people, it will mostly remove the right people. The last option, however, is somewhat of a lottery, so I will likely be stuck with option two. Option one is just not something I can accept. I just hope I am not the only one who feels hat way. No matter, we will be finding out, methinks.