CARVER Refresher

Read all and think.

The Reds want you and your family silenced, plundered, and exterminated.

That is what #WhiteGenocide means.

Embrace the horror.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. most useful. Most interesting:

    “How to Pay for Sex in Tokyo”


    What the Reds want and what they achieve are two different things. They can huff and puff. They can advocate the murder of those young Catholic boys from Covington. They can drop all kinds of F-bombs and insults directed at the POTUS, his family, etc. Can you imagine the blowback if some ANTIFA skel walked up to one of those young men and whacked him?
    These Reds are not stupid. The day the kickoff starts, Ayers, Dorne, and many others especially the (((Hollywood))) types will be looking over their shoulders and running for their lives. The lyrics of SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN plays like an endless loop in my head these days. My other voices are not amused. And yes, I am making lists.

    • “The reds are not stupid.” They are also cunning,evil,manipulative predators. I say they are morons, for embracing and advancing a political and moral cesspool of thought and action. Losers,shitbags,dreggs,parasites,victims and preachers of hate and filth. That is good. Makes it easier to terminate.
      Listen to your voices. No one else does.


        Sir: There are more than enough folks in my A/O listening to the same voices. Not mine, per se, as I am very gray in public. But, I see them every time I go to the range, which is at least once a month. The clans are gathering here in Rawles Land. I will have plenty of back-up when the fiesta starts. Big gun show this weekend at the Greyhound Park. I will be there gathering as much info as I can. We are in the starting blocks. Plan accordingly for the race you are about to run.

  4. Excellent

  5. CARVER is a more important tool than most realize. Start playing with it until it becomes second nature. This helps you answer that all important question of “okay, I’ve identified the threat, now how best do I destroy it?”

  6. The assessment matrix looks very much like the it security analysis I do. Small world.

  7. Was thinking, regarding the situation in Venezuela, that
    at this stage of this operation, advanced parties must have been
    there doing their thing for this moment of declaration.

  8. Hop and pop no fuckin prob. Done it many times will again… Targets all ready assigned…..embrace the suck…..

  9. Jesus loves you , but I’ll take your soul……

  10. This very scenario put into practice may be the reset switch that kicks SHTF off nationally. For a change, Mexico and Central America would have to contend with mass influx of immigrants from it’s Northern Borders. Urban areas would cannibalize themselves before completely killing each other off that would make Rwanda look like a high school show choir ensemble. There would be ample blood letting in the rural areas as well.

    But overall I think the types of people that helped build this nation up to greatness would still be the ones around to rebuild from the ashes. In fact, I would give that possibility a Carver rank of C-5.

  11. Okay, details and common sese. David vs. Goliath would have got a shitty score.
    You are either blessed or not. You either believe or not.
    Read the Word then make your chart.

  12. These things are tools, use em, with no shit Intel, no shit, solutions come out the other end. While it may Not bear fruit today, it’s something that may in the near future.