Piss Earth, 2025

Argue with the date if you must.

The ruins of FUSA beckon, nonetheless.

11 responses to “Piss Earth, 2025

  1. To Hell with “PissEarth” and any who promote, proclaim, predict, contribute or acquiesce to such abomination.

    By Fire Sword and Gun shall such be destroyed, with righteous fury by men of honor.

    Damn any and all who shirk this calling.

  2. re:

    “Argue with the DATA”?

  3. Old Gray Wolf

    Well, that was interesting. It may happen, but I am unlikely to see it. Wish there was still someplace to get away from all this, but there ain’t, so I just plan. And cache more stuff.

  4. A$$hole Ambush

    In the mean time lets push back and have some fun!

    By now every one has seen videos of people wearing MAGA hats being abused, beat on and cussed out. It’s at the point that people won’t wear anything that supports Trump of even America for fear of some type of reprisal.
    Hell I don’t know anyone who would put a Trump bumper sticker on there car. The ones that have find there vehicle has been keyed or the back window smashed. I read where one man had his pickup burned for a bumper sticker.
    Most people are smart enough to see as a lone person with a MEGA hat would be at a great disadvantage. But………….just say you put together a group of say six people, 1 the bait with a MEGA hat, 1 to shoot video and 4 as back up. It would be easy enough to troll the fast food joints. Here’s how it would work.
    1 decoy should be the oldest, smallest of the group.
    2 video person only job is to record the event!
    3,4,5,and6 are insurance only.

    Here’s how it plays out the group filters in as singles.
    Decoy gets cup of Coffey and sits in a conspicuous place maxim views.
    Video picks spot with good view of decoy.
    Insurance team sets up as close as possible..Make sure there MEGA hats are tucked out of sight.

    When the asshole starts shit with the decoy….The decoy with out using any profanity try’s to get the asshole to leave them alone. This could go on for awhile depending on how good an actor the decoy is or if the asshole is more aggressive.

    If gets to the point the asshole wont take no for a answer the decoy gives a signal….it could be stands up or what ever the group decides.
    At that point the insurance team stands up puts there MEGA hats on comes over and asks if theirs a problem!!!!

    This video would go absolutely ballistic!!! A few of these video ambush’s and these assholes would think twice before going after people! The lefty s would $hit there pants watching the video!!!

    • This is where I start thinking that right wingers are a bunch of tards.

      If every car that has a Trump bumper sticker on it is targeted for destruction – then the solution is simple:

      Get a bunch of Trump decals – go down to your local mall – find the tards who still have Bernie and Hillary stickers on their cars – and paste a Trump sticker over it.

      Find your local town that is full of left wing tards – and randomly apply Trump stickers to the back of their cars.

      And then enjoy the resulting fires.

      A couple of years ago I was really enjoying the beatings that the lefties were taking as resurgent right wingers beat them about the head. Watching Shia Lebouf get chased around the globe by 4Chan autists really made my day.

      Unfortunately that seems like it might have been the last gasp before death – as the right wing has settled back into cucktard mode again.

  5. Darryl Van Horne

    We are becoming unhinged at the urge to destroy competes with the urge to suicide ourselves

  6. Timothy McViegh,Christopher Donner,Ted Kaczynski. How many thousands are waiting to unleash a reign of horror upon the elite oligarchs and their minions. The situation will not unfuck itself.
    “Oh boy. Is this great?”

  7. substantially accurate, re now and then, but with a couple issues; e.g.

    it won’t be “tech companies” that have all the power, it is now and will be:

    the (((banksters))) that issue and control the debt of the tech companies.

    @ “piss earth is the (((Morganthau))) Plan”, he got it right.

    just to make that easier to understand, in 3 words:

    the Jews win.