Apathy Towards Dead Journalists


Money quote:

…Should this behavior continue without accountability, the widespread apathy toward the death of mainstream journalists may soon turn to a longing. In reality, the reckless and radical media is only steps from drawing mobs of vigilante justice that we saw in other times throughout history when propaganda outlets had turned against the masses of a nation…

The simple fact is that the MSM and its personnel are the info ops element of the Red machine.

Have been for a long time, as the Cronkite backstory taught long after Tet.

It’s not for nothing that this Bracken classic begins its body count of Reds with a well-connected reporting bint.

They will not be missed.

33 responses to “Apathy Towards Dead Journalists

  1. the first media targets should be the over-paid weather anchors…

    those reetaarts couldn’t take a shit without smearing it on the ceiling.

    have they ever been right?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Those are the highest paid reporters on average.
      Technically they are scientists.
      And they are part of the problem.
      Usually they do the weather and manage the station in some degree.
      They also travel around for suspicious meetings with suspicious people.

      You are right to not trust them Tfat.

    • Haha, most of them believe in ‘ climate change ‘ and know nothing about geo- engineering so how could they get it right.

    • My dad was a newspaperman. Linotype operator,advertising manager,editor and publisher. He referred to many reporters as prostitutes and whores. No respect for themselves,therefore no respect for their vocation.
      When you are making sausage the product becomes what you put into it. Put in shit,make with shit,.. You get shit!
      The daily onslaught of lies and propaganda from media should be punishable by a painful,gruesome fucking death.The worst kind of subversives and provocateurs.

    • and yet they tell us what the weather will be 100 years from now…

    • wendystringer48088

  2. “The first report from the battlefield is usually wrong.”

    Unless it’s a million Chinese crossing the Yalu.

  3. The Corporate/Tech//State/Media/Entertainment Complex has become our all-powerful Emperor. A ruthless, amoral, murderous tyrant with no scruples whatsoever. The Republic is dead and gone. “Liberty” is just a word.

    This tyrant has a million faces, no borders, and endless financial resources.

    Where does one begin?

  4. I would pay a mighty sum to subscribe to the Dark Prince of Washington, aka Robert Novak. Too bad he is dead. One of the few who did the legwork and dirt on many.

  5. I was just thinking this: If there are any sniper types in the audience and things go hot, please take out all of the print and broadcast reporters first. They are the single biggest problem, even more so than the politicians. Like a hot Marshal guitar amp, they make all the lies LOUDER. Silence them first.

    • The talking heads are replaceable drones. It’s who pays them whose blood must be shed.

    • Johnathanc, your point is the only way it will work. I recently, well past ten years read something wherein the author penned the term regarding media,

      You lie, You Die. I like!.


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Do you have something against Marshal Tube Amps? I just bought a DSL-40C. Great Amp. Worth every penny of $450(Second hand) I think they are $700

    • Actually, it is “Law Enforcement” that is the biggest problem. Without the Only Ones standing in front of them, “journalists” and politicians and judges ain’t even shit.

    • the political class

      and the media class

      both have the same


      • SemperFi, 0321

        As long as the masses are still hunting for Lucifer and Muslims, the elites are laughing their asses off every single day. They keep them running in circles on squirrel hunts to nowhere.

      • If it’s not in your AO and you’re not willing to travel to injun country to find it then put it out of your head.

        That said, a clever man could find ways to make the injuns come to him.

  6. Well one HOPES they won’t be missed. If you can’t hit a lying sack of shit THAT large, you ain’t much of a marksman.

    Or wasn’t that what you meant???

  7. The Usual Suspect

    I am constantly surprised that no one has driven a 2 ton truck
    through the gaggles of journalist vultures when they flock to
    the latest tragedy.
    I will rejoice when it finally happens, live ‘ so to speak ‘ on national

  8. That plan to silience the right is under way this minute and the commies are very public about it. Bracken, Alex Jones, and thousands of other conservatives have already been banned from huge swathes of the internet. For using the wrong pronoun, in some cases. While the left gets to threaten to shove Catholic boys into the wood chipper, with no penalty. The coup d’etat is in full swing by Mueller and the deep state Republicans. The deep state won’t win this war either. But the end will be far messier than Brackens ending.

  9. Mortimer Snipes

    I’m confused. I thought the Bracken short story was a Documentary or Blueprint written last week as a Guide to the Future. Oh darn!

  10. Bad thinkers have always feared our side, been Jealous of our freedoms, while those freedoms are slowly being silently removed with the stroke of a pen, here then there .

    We still have freedoms they will never enjoy. Even the local bad thinkers shit their pants when we raise our voices calling them on their bullshit.

    I belong to a small redneck yacht club here. It’s fun the beers ice cold, and cheap, plus I keep my boats in the lake for like 400.00 a year. I use to pay that a month with my ocean going sailboat.

    Anyways about 1/2 the club are left wingers. I take pleasure of telling them their not left, their not socialists, their fucking closet communists. Pisses em off they get all puffed up, and I laugh. So do the other guys who see what we see. It’s amusing to watch these cheese dicks blather around.

    when we tell them that one day, we won’t be talking, shits going to get serious. Then they will deal with the rest of the folks who see it my way.

    That I’ll shoot em in the fucking head for a 1000 y out, they’ll die wondering why! Yet deep down they know exactly why. Even THEY know their wrong. They’ve just gotten away with it in their circles for,so long, they assume nobody will question their positions.

    Most are college profs, from the liberal arts community. Great sailors, fucked up humanoids.


  11. Johnny Paratrooper

    Things I care about…
    My Family
    My Friends
    My Bank Account
    My Country
    My Future.

    Things I don’t care about.

    Knee Capped Journalists begging for their lives right before a “Coup De Gras”

  12. “The simple fact is that the MSM and its personnel are the info ops element of the Red machine.”
    That, my friend, is a righteous quote.

  13. Bracken’s story line falls right in with modern political history . Might he be gifted in the prophetic ? Could you see the infamous duo , Bath House and Eric the Red , planning their little gig ? If not for the efforts of Vanderboegh and many others to bring light into the darkness . We will not go quietly into that good night !

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Cronkite deserves a space on the flaming rock next to Ted Kennedy.

  16. Walter Sobchak

    Several of the AnCaps were trolling Kirsten Powers on twitter this morning. She was whining about how the urinalists are the victims (of course) of an ‘orchestrated hate campaign’. I thought about mentioning that she has no idea what a real organized hate campaign against these Commie vermin would look like, although I refrained from doing so. They have no idea the anger they are building up against them. They wouldn’t believe it if they did.

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  18. wendystringer48088

    Layoffs underway at HuffPost a day after parent company Verizon announced cuts

  19. Cronkite backstory? He didn’t own a newspaper, a TV station, or anything. He was just a paid announcer. He didn’t make editorial policy. He was hired because he agreed with the editorial policy the real controllers made. If the TV network wanted a Republican slant they would have hired Charleton Heston. In no case is the teleprompter reader in control of anything.