TL Davis: Cannibals At The Gate

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You don’t have enough ammo, food, and hard-hearted friends.

Keep at it.

13 responses to “TL Davis: Cannibals At The Gate

  1. watching the obese, ignorant, and helpless murkins squirm with anxiety as they are herded into the chute for termination amuses me. they just don’t have what it takes to remove themselves from the line-up at the slaughterhouse. their impotent and worthless god has forsaken them- yet, they still believe. i take pleasure in knowing the end result- the total extermination of the idiot masses that inhabit the Fusa. no worries, the bolt gun stuns before the slashing and bleeding -out of the product. i often wonder how a father could just sit back and watch as their hopes and dreams for their chiles future are systematically filleted and thrown in the gut pile of history. some parents you murkins are… hey! how about that sportsball game last night? have you been to the new club in town yet? BEER! you should see the morons who spend their minuscule dollars on “another beer” at the bar. i hope with all my might that i live long enough to witness the total destruction of such a useless people, culture, and society. i’ll be enjoying my wealth, solitude here on the island, and free time unhindered by the bonds of debt, misery, and the anxiety of what the future holds in store. i simply do not give one fuck about the plight of the millions and millions of unprepared losers. the sooner they die the better off the world is.

    murka is toast and their fake god is a joke.

    • A.B. Prosper

      tfA-t , look I think the idea of God or Gods is a distinct maybe but God granted rights , especially ones that seem designed for Anglos is risible at best.

      I’d still rather fight alongside people who believed in some religion than not. The upcoming festivities are very much a religious war, the other side follows either Lucifer or the religion of Progress , a kind of Protestantism on crack

      Without a faith on our side we are going to lose as no one is going to fight for a whole lot of nothing.

      Now I don’t care if you believe in Jehovah or Odin as long as you have a moral code and fight

      In this fight, there will be damned few Atheists like you in those proverbial foxholes but there will be a lot of Christians and maybe a few others too.

      Just don’t go unarmed physically or spiritually.

  2. But…but…but…”It’s for the children!”

  3. “The middle American is on his own, abandoned by elected officeholders at every level of government, hamstrung by every government apparatchik from the beat cop to the governor.

    This is an extinction level event for everything decent the world has yet produced and while there might be a few months of relatively normal life before those cannibals at the gate break through and consume them, they are on the menu.”

    As they used to say back in the Sixties: “Up against the wall, mother*****!”

    It’s coming.

  4. All experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

  5. Another thing about the red flag/ ERPO is how it will embolden and likely become a tool or rather a weapon of the bad actors (muslims/communists/socialists/psychotics/sociopaths/manipulators/narcissists and we now there are certainly no shortages of these types of immoral actors within) in positions of authority to use the red flag law in such a way that it will make it much easier for them to use coercive means against people of whom refuse to give up their rightfully owned property i.e. farms, estates, land or property that some government gangster wants to take from someone for their own personal benefit or contrived benefits of the state (think UN A21)…they just red flag him/her say he’s crazy throw him/her into the gulag and take what they want. You see, these things may sound like they couldn’t be possible, but this happens to people every day especially the elderly because the elderly are generally easy prey for government predators. With that said this is a total denile of due process and they will be setting a precedence that no due process is needed for the courts and government to do whatever they want to people, (As if they dont already) but it happens on a daily basis in the probate courts all across the country…most people do not realize that these things are happening to people every single day. The media does not report on this at all.

    It is indeed probable to have goon forces seeking out people in order to steal property land, farms, estates etc just use the red flag law as an easy way to label somebody crazy to disarm them throw them in the state mental hospital / gulag, they appoint a court-appointed state-sanctioned power of attorney, insist the person is mentally incompetent to manage their own finances, and then liquidate the person’s assets) Sound straight out of communism in the soviet union? That is because it is… and these things are already going on, but the red flag laws will just embolden the bad actors in positions of authority and give them more leverage against the general public and make this sorts of communist tactics much easier for them to abuse people and get away with it.

    Take the Bundy’s for example, if Americans wouldn’t have made the trek out to Bunkerville, Nevada made a big stink about it in the public eye through the media this is similar to what would have happened there to the Bundy’s and their private property red flag laws make these kinds of things much easier for corrupt criminal actors in positions of authority.

    Red flag laws are a political weapon. The powers that be are slowly incrementally fundamentally transitioning the USA over for the takeover of the New World Order and all these gun control laws are a part of that takeover.

    For liberty,

    Boo West

  6. Yeah, in regard to the Bright Shining Lines idea, here was a good one…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’ve posted this too, and you know what? Nobody gives a shit, from gun owners, to the NRA and politicians, they’ve all seen the illegal use of power by the left and not one person has challenged this yet.
      And we ask how it is that we got to where we are today. Nobody gave a shit 35 yrs ago, why bother today. And nobody will give a shit in another decade or 3.

  7. Were not going to change who they are. I work daily on improving myself, my position. Living on a mountain has added value. Nothing changed here yesterday. Well another 1600 .308 arrived.

    TL , thanks.


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    Watch and grok.
    Why the right-wing always looses…