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  1. Johnny Paratrooper


    As soon as Trump had that “record shutdown”, I guess he lost interest.

    Hard to say why we need brain dead non-essential personnel.

    • And “Presidents”.

    • Johnny, having never seen the Church as it was, you are at a disadvantage in assessing what your schooling missed that is Catholic and what was added that is not Catholic. I say again, Steve has done the heavy lifting and he can be a great help to you now and eternally. Why not seize that advantage?

  2. First-round hits are never out of style.

  3. Imagine that…..Trump caves…kiss 2020 goodbye….

    • The only possible way Trump is POTUS, is as a direct result of The Great Fuck You, in others words a resounding and true representation of the will of the governed, by a margin of honest votes our enemies failed to counter by margin of vote fraud.
      So in a sense disparaging him as a man and a leader is akin to shooting ourselves in the foot.
      He is also literally a Man alone, surrounded by the most vile actors of treason imaginable to us.
      I dare any of us to claim they could do more than Mr. Trump has, or be as honorable in carrying out at the least efforts to make good on his promises. Name another politician who has been as faithful.

      Under the circumstances the act of resistance by us “Deplorable’s” which put Mr. Trump in the oval office, by our will alone, which is incredibly profound in itself, eclipsed only by the almost unimaginable organized relentless systematic sedition and treason committed by the “deep state” to nullify our withdrawal of consent of the despoiled central government. This betrayal of our will and the utter disdain and contempt of our mandate and will, for us as people in no uncertain terms, has nothing to do with Mr. Trump other than he is the symbolic representation of our most legitimate and rational desire to protect our borders.
      We put him there against the undeniable tyranny we put him in power to defeat. Don’t we owe a minimum allegiance and honor to a guy who has yet to completely fulfill his term of office, hence time to fulfill his promises?

      Its is insane, and an act of cognitive dissonance worse than the useful dupes of the leftists, in these days that come to us, to cry Trump is a traitor because he hasn’t snapped his fingers and everything goes back to whatever good old days we dream of.

      I say let all who claim resistance is futile and Mr. Trump is betraying us, back up their gloomy gus comments and defeatism, with constructive criticism or ways in which we as who voted for the god emperor to begin with, or not, to provide comfort and aid that assists President Trump, instead of undermining him politically, (he has enough enemies already don’t you suppose), in assisting us to realize our will to overcome the most important issues of our time as we the governed see and demand.

      Is the insanity of the three human extinction movement rubbed off on you naysayers? Not for nothing, who needs enemies when there are those among us, acting in good faith or not, who do the enemies work for them by discouraging unity and solidarity. Which if you have not figured out yet is the one thing our enemies in everything they do, place absolutely no limits on undermining, otherwise known as divide and conquer. The oldest trick of tyrants usurping power over others in the book.

  4. Any window licker could see this coming. There won’t be a wall. He said in this speech “we never promised a concrete wall”, setting us up for repairs on fencing and “artistic slats”. The other problem for Trump from the start was linking up with Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. There’s undoubtedly Democratic Party equivalents to these two shysters but the Deep State has made it clear with their FBI raid with CNN at their backs that the Washington Generals will never get a win. EVER. Z Man is right about citizenship being dead. There’s the Administrative State versus the 40% that slaves away just to give it back to their overlords to divvy up amongst themselves and their third world minions.

  5. Man some of you MAGA fans called it. Trump is the Leroy Jenkins of serious underwater chess moves. Impressed.

    • Especially at 1:23 fwd for the battle cry…

    • wendystringer48088

      It’s just God Emperor Trump playing his 4D chess game. 🙂

      1. Achieve longest government shutdown ever.
      2. Open just long enough to process payroll and tax returns, in effect bribing everyone.
      3. Shut it all down again in less than a month.
      4. Use emergency powers to build the wall, knowing Congress and the Courts cannot do anything about it.

      • no, Wendell.

        a “bipartisan committee” is being formed to “study” Trump’s once-and-future “Wall”. And that’s the end of that.

        if Trump attempts to invoke “emergency powers” to do an end run around Congress/Courts, he will be impeached, convicted, removed w/in a week. And he knows it. In any case,

        Trump never intended to build a “wall”, or “drain the swamp”, or “expel the illegals”, or “rein in the Fed”, or do any other of the populist promises he got elected on.

        he’s a performance artist, A scammer. And his scamming days will soon be over.

    • wendystringer48088

      Donald Trump caved. And now the government is going to re-open.


      “…The parameters of that deal are this: The government will re-open for three weeks — until February 15 — so that negotiations via bipartisan conference committee can begin about how much money should be allocated for border security and, specifically, for Trump’s wall…”

      In all fairness to President Trump, perhaps this will give him a chance to give his State Of The Union Address, get the government workers their back pay, get the tax returns that have been submitted processed and the tax refunds that are due to be sent out, and some other things cleaned up.

      Then when negotiations via the bipartisan conference committee do not produce a solution, he can say he tried before the government is shut down again in three weeks.

      Maybe then Trump will use emergency powers used to have the military secure the southern border (troops + build and man the wall).

      Sometimes the battle doesn’t go the way we think it should. This is all happening way above our pay grade. I say let’s wait it out and keep doing what we are doing on our own.

      Maybe nothing will come of it and we will all (including myself) be disappointed and Trump will be a one-term President. But I for one am not willing to give up hope yet.

      • who fucking cares about his state of the union address?

        it’s an abortion about to thrown into the trash bin.. there. there’s your state of the union… murka doesn’t even exist anymore. i have more faith in me taking a dump right about after i finish my 2nd cup of coffee. too bad, i was just getting used to the extra couple thousand of tax-free $s a month provided to me from the fleeced murkin sheep.

        may the murka be wiped from the pages of history along with it’s peepul. the world anxiously awaits its final demise…

        oh, and good riddance.


    So, he’s finally caved and thrown us under the bus. No surprise. A massive False Flag followed by an omnibus AWB is just around the corner. Plan accordingly.

    • No false flag is required to obtain an “omnibus AWB”. The legal protection of the (God given
      birthright of self-defense by any means) Second Amendment is wholly neutered, and
      the Rule of Law is long dead in America.

    • Hate to say it, but you’re 100% correct.

  7. Watch and learn people,watch and learn.

  8. Would you like to see what it is like when it goes sideways? here are some vids of Brazil as it fights criminals and degenerates galore:
    You can find it here: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/201057879
    Viva Bolsonaro!

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  10. Deuteronomy 32:35
    “Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
    Their foot shall slip in due time;
    For the day of their calamity is at hand,
    And the things to come hasten upon them.”

  11. Getting my old ass as fit as I can, training recruits as available, spent the day as above.

    It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

  12. I honestly thought for a second he was going to throw his prepared remarks out and declare an emergency. I don’t believe this is a cave as much as its an outward view of the conflict that is going on in the administration. Trump is hell bent on building the wall. The people in his staff are not. Trump was late to deliver his release its entirely possible that he was still in the oval office debating with staff on declaring an emergency.
    The other side of this is he wanted to deliver the SOTU with Nancy sitting behind him. So is this a set up? Open the government for a couple weeks so Nancy will have to agree to have the SOTU in the house. Then he gets in front of the country and Nancy and declare the state of emergency early and that hes building the wall.
    Can you imagine the look on her face?

    • Matt Bracken

      Great clip. What war really looks like. From MGs to rocks.

      • Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale literally Real Seediq or Real Men; Chinese: 賽德克·巴萊; pinyin: Sàidékè Bālái) is a 2011 Taiwanese historical drama film directed by Wei Te-sheng and produced by John Woo, based on the 1930 Wushe Incident in central Taiwan.
        Warriors of the Rainbow depicts the Wushe Incident, which occurred near Qilai Mountain of Taiwan under Japanese rule. Mona Rudao, a chief of Mehebu village of Seediq people, led warriors fighting against the Japanese.

        And fuck you too, you trinket shilling cunt.

  13. if you want some comic relief,

    go over to http://voxday.blogspot.com

    and check out the thread re their “God Emperor”.

    some of them think “Barron and Melania have been kidnapped by the Deep State…that’s why he did it.”

    basically, Trump finally cornered himself on his bogus “Wall”

    and Pelosi whipped his fat ass.

  14. freeillinois

    Want to listen to like minded people then go to


    Listen 4- 6 pm CST third hour 7 pm CST

  15. Nobody gets the story right in the first 36 hours.
    I wouldn’t be quite so hasty to bet the farm that this shutdown was Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg…yet.

    Least of all from the same guy that hilariously cancelled Queen Alzheimers’ junket less than a week ago.

    The Democrats have promised all along to “negotiate in good faith” once the government was reopened.

    That bluff has been called.

    If they don’t do exactly that now, they have no leg to stand on if Trump simply declares an emergency next month, noting they got everything they asked for and still refused to deal, and starts building the wall they said they wanted time and time again, before he was president, by going right over their heads, when they turn out to be the same lying sacks of shit they’ve always been.

    But don’t believe any of that. Revel in the presumed joint victory of the Deep State and NeverTrumpers, who’ve been your friends since, oh, wait…never in recorded history.

    And just for giggles, take a minute or two and list for the class all the times the media and the Democrats have gotten the best of Trump since 2016, alongside the list of all the times CNN and MSNBC have gotten anything important correct over the same timespan.

    I’ll just wait over here while you tally that up.

    For the brighter lights, some light reading:

    But what if, contrary to all historical evidence, Trump ultimately folds?

    This was his “Read my lips…” moment, and you can start planning for him to get ousted in the primaries, if he doesn’t simply resign and hand the whole shitball to Pence sooner. Or get impeached, tossed out, followed by cuffed and stuffed by the FBI Obama Holdout Brigade. Because I don’t see them letting him pull a Nixon and retiring to a quiet life of writing books and playing golf. They want his head on a pole.

    Which means you have, at best, about 700 days before President Shrillary/Biden/Kamala Harris gets sworn in, to get all your crap in one bag.

    Either way, by the end of February, you should know beyond any doubt whether shit just got real.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      You are one smart son of a gun.

      I am glad you are on our team and I hope you make it to the DRS

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      End of February makes sense considering the Pagan lunatics who worship and ancient gods like “Jupiter” (see France’s Neo-Napoleon)

      Beware the Ides of March…

      “Caesar’s death was a closing event in the crisis of the Roman Republic, and triggered the civil war that would result in the rise to sole power of his adopted heir Octavian (later known as Augustus).[23] Writing under Augustus, Ovid portrays the murder as a sacrilege, since Caesar was also the Pontifex Maximus of Rome and a priest of Vesta.[24] On the fourth anniversary of Caesar’s death in 40 BC, after achieving a victory at the siege of Perugia, Octavian executed 300 senators and knights who had fought against him under Lucius Antonius, the brother of Mark Antony.[25] The executions were one of a series of actions taken by Octavian to avenge Caesar’s death. Suetonius and the historian Cassius Dio characterised the slaughter as a religious sacrifice,[26][27] noting that it occurred on the Ides of March at the new altar to the deified Julius.”

      From Wiki. Meets all the sources I have sitting on my bookselves.

      The crisis of the Roman Republic refers to an extended period of political instability and social unrest that culminated in the demise of the Roman Republic and the advent of the Roman Empire, from about 134 BC to 44 BC.

      The exact dates of the Crisis are unclear because “Rome teetered between normality and crisis” for many decades.[1]

      Likewise, the causes and attributes of the crisis changed throughout the decades, including the forms of slavery, brigandage, wars internal and external, land reform, the invention of excruciating new punishments,[2] the expansion of Roman citizenship, and even the changing composition of the Roman army.[3]

      “Modern scholars also disagree about the nature of the crisis. Traditionally, the expansion of citizenship (with all its rights, privileges, and duties) was looked upon negatively by Sallust, Gibbon, and others of their schools, because it caused internal dissension, disputes with Rome’s Italian allies, slave revolts, and riots.[4] However, other scholars have argued that as the Republic was meant to be res publica—the essential thing of the people—the poor and disenfranchised can not be blamed for trying to redress their legitimate and legal grievances.[4]”

      From Wiki; Matches all my other sources.


      • Libera Res Publica – Free from things Public

        Polybius believed all democracies fail.

        “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; [1] and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder,[2] until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.” [3] Polybius saw the downfall of the republic a 150 years before the first Emperor of Rome and 175 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.
        In its entirety here:

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Tiberius Gracchus was a good dude.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Rome’s internal political situation was not peaceful. In the last hundred years, there had been several wars. Since legionaries were required to serve in a complete campaign, no matter how long it was, soldiers often left their farms in the hands of wives and children. Small farms in this situation often went bankrupt and were bought up by the wealthy upper class, forming huge private estates.[5]

          Furthermore, some lands ended up being taken by the state in war, both in Italy and elsewhere. After the war was over, much of this conquered land would then be sold to or rented to various members of the populace. Much of this land was given to only a few farmers who then had large amounts of land that were more profitable than the smaller farms. The farmers with large farms had their land worked by slaves and did not do the work themselves, unlike landowners with smaller farms.[5]

          According to Plutarch, “when Tiberius on his way to Numantia passed through Etruria and found the country almost depopulated and its husbandmen and shepherds imported barbarian slaves, he first conceived the policy which was to be the source of countless ills to himself and to his brother.”[8]

          When the soldiers returned from the legions, they had nowhere to go, so they went to Rome to join the thousands of unemployed who roamed the city. As only men who owned property were allowed to enroll in the army, the number of men eligible for army duty was therefore shrinking; and hence the military power of Rome. Plutarch noted, “Then the poor, who had been ejected from their land, no longer showed themselves eager for military service, and neglected the bringing up of children, so that soon all Italy was conscious of a dearth of freemen, and was filled with gangs of foreign slaves, by whose aid the rich cultivated their estates, from which they had driven away the free citizens.”[8]

          In 133 BC Tiberius was elected tribune of the people. Soon he started to legislate on the matter of the homeless legionaries. Speaking before a crowd at the Rostra, Tiberius said, “The wild beasts that roam over Italy have their dens, each has a place of repose and refuge. But the men who fight and die for Italy enjoy nothing but the air and light; without house or home they wander about with their wives and children.”[8]

    • LeaderOfTheBanned™

      Uh huh. And to what end? You are operating under the premise that Trump has anything to gain by proving that the Dems are liars. To who? Who is he going to persuade that he is the better man and who would care? The lines have been drawn, the camps chosen. Nobody who voted for Trump would be offended if he declared an emergency now and started building. Likewise, no Marxist Dems are ever going to change their mind about “Orange Man Bad” and see it his way – so what difference does it make? All Trump has done now is demoralize his base by signaling that he is weak. Even if he does “win” this negotiation ploy, what has he gained that he didn’t already have? It is a devastating tactical error.

      You keep giving Trump unearned praise by telling us how strong and successful he has been. At what? Simply unclogging the drain, so to speak, so that the econmony can function as it is designed? Yawn. Low hanging fruit. He washed your car and your giving him credit for a new paint job. He was elected to perform four tasks, and so far hasn’t accomplished a single one – not the least of which is to build the fucking wall. No one who voted for him gives a flying fuck how he gets it done. He hasn’t done it in two years, when he had the House and Senate, but now, somehow he’s a “master negotiator” and he’s going to show us all how awesome he is? In three weeks? “5D chess!”?? I guess we’ll see?

      Meanwhile, I’m going back to DEFCON 2.

      • Elections aren’t won by the committed at either end of the spectrum.
        They’re won by swaying the confused and low-information folks in the middle of the road.

        Ask Shrillary if she’d rather keep all the moonbats in Califrutopia and New Fucking York, or whether she wishes she’d flipped 6000 votes in Michigan, 12,000 in Wisconsin, and 24,000 in Pennsylvania in return for a million fewer limousine liberal in Manhattan and Hollyweird.

        Then tell me how you’d feel if the last two SCOTUS appointments had been any two of the commie bitches from The View, and the SecDef had been Maxine Waters, or the next Secretary of the Treasury was Evita Guevara-Castro.

        If Trump was elected to perform four tasks, you’re not only S.O.L., you’re pretty hazy on any four Articles of the US Constitution, starting with who does what.
        Two years in, he still hasn’t gained control of the Department of Justice, let alone any two other cabinet agencies. And with both houses of Congress for two years in his own party’s hands, his main backstabbing opponents 24/7/365 were the exact two leaders of those bodies, plus lifelong PITA RINO asstards like the dearly departed (hallelujah!!! R.I.H.!) Sen. Brain Tumor McCrazy

        How many votes did it take the GOP to repeal (and not replace) ObozoCare?
        Trick question, they haven’t.

        How many times did the GOP House allocate funds to the border wall since Jan. 20, 2017?
        So, didja figure Trump was going to build the wall on his own nickel…?

        So, did he come out yesterday and say
        My bad, Nancy and ChuckU Schumer were right, and I’m very sorry for being such a pig-headed jackass, and shutting down those wonderful government workers, and not granting amnesty to the 40M illegals already here, so I’m signing those bills tomorrow morning.”

        When has anybody, anywhere, ever out-negotiated him on anything?

        Nancy Alzheimers is about a good three-minute speech from being declared legally incompetent to direct her own affairs, let alone those of the House.
        ChuckU Schumer couldn’t find his ass with both hands if they were Krazy-Glued to his own buttcheeks.
        98% of the media still get a weekly stipend from the Jerry Lewis Telethons for mental handicaps.

        And that collective Volkswagen full of assclowns is supposed to have bested him on the shutdown, which he was winning by a country mile, 24/7/since it started, just because he just kicked out the last leg they were standing on, by re-opening the government and holding them to their own lying promises??

        Stop, please, my sides are hurting.

        And you should have been on Defcon3 since 1993, and should be there until this gets resolved permanently, one way or the other.

        All the people cock-a-doodle-doing about “ZOMG!!!Trump caved!!!!” are the exact same fucktards, both amateur and professional, who’ve been telling you breathlessly every week he’s a fraud, as he notches up victory after victory over everybody who shorts his chances for the last three years, inclusive.

        Maybe you want to be posting on George Will’s website, and over on Twaddle giving Kathy Griffith and Alyssa Milano thumps up for their inane tweets.

        This is not the Soy-Boy Beta president. And loudmouthed twats like Anne Coulter are about learn a lesson in sawing off the branch you’re standing on, and earn their jackass diploma summa cum laude from the Wile E. Coyote School Of Supergeniuses.

        It doesn’t take granting Trump any unarned credit to note that the methods of a man who beat the entire Dem/Media machine, runs a corporate empire, and is personally worth more than the bottom 50% of the entire Democratic party may be a bit brighter than the peanut gallery, even on this site, gives him credit for.

        He’s never been flawless, exactly like every other president ever to hold the office. I flamed him for cause within a week after he was elected.
        But since his inauguration, he’s governed more conservatively than any president since Coolidge, and he’s a bigger badass than any president since Andrew Jackson. (But it’s still early in his first term, and I keep hoping he calls out Jim Acosta straight up, challenges him to a duel, and shoots him in the face during a live press conference. I’m pretty sure he’d beat the impeachment rap on the first vote, and absolutely certain he could award himself the Medal of Freedom for the act, and 80% of the rest of the media would even support him at that point.)

        So, just maybe, take a breath, stop setting your hair on fire, and see how this pans out. It’s never too early to act like a grownup by not leaping to conclusions and throwing a full-blown pants-wetting diaper-spackle-flinging two-year-old’s five-star WalMart tantrum hissy fit.

        Not saying anyone isn’t free to do that, just that they might want to wait for a more opportune moment, and have some explanation ready to hand for why they think that’s either intelligent, or productive.

    • Matt Bracken

      You nailed it.

  16. “Cease Fire” and “Time to Remove Wounded and Sick” are communist metaphors for Re-Arm and Refresh/re-enforce Forces. You were just about to WIN, and you retreated to enjoy a fine lunch. Start again at the beginning, without the enthusiasm, lives, and wealth expended getting to “almost-winning”.

    “Bless his soul”, in the same way Grandma meant it.
    “Lord help us” in same way Grandpa said it.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    How Donald Trump could become the best President ever
    Trump should have Chuck and Nancy over to the White House for tea and cookies.
    End the government shutdown and pay the non productos whatever their agreement entitle’s
    them to.
    Have the State of the Union address in all it’s pageantry, let the Democrats make a mockery of the entire
    proceeding, protesters in the gallery and all.
    At the close of the SOTUA, march in a couple of companies of Marines in full battle gear and arrest all of the
    protestors, all of the Democrats and any Republican who sides with the Communist/Socialist/Progressive,
    vermin,scum and transport them to a Federal holding facility.
    When the Capitol Building is cleared of all the traitorous scum President Trump would them inform America
    that the United States Government would begin seizing the assets of all Americans deemed traitors, begin
    Nationalizing all Corporations, Companies ect that have acted contrary to the Constitution .
    That includes all Silicon Valley Corporations who have monopolized the free expression of speech in the USA,
    The financial corporations that are rightfully owned by the citizens of the USA because they were too big to
    fail, the automobile corporations bailed out by same.
    The entire communications industry, including every entity licensed by the FCC, arrest every person employed
    by such corporations who have conspired with the Communist Left to destroy the USA, by fabricating lies about
    the current administration and spreading disunion among the citizens of the USA.
    Root out, arrest and imprison every Federal, State, County, City, Township or Municipality official who have
    violated the the Constitution of the USA.
    We would also have the military help Homeland Security round up all 25-40 million illegals of any race, creed,
    color, religion and deport them forthwith.
    Regardless of how extreme the enclosed is perceived the United States of America as we know it is dead and
    will never return unless we purge the USA of all those who hate it.
    If we don’t do this now, when the left regain the control of government they WILL DO IT !
    If you don’t think so, your a idiot and part of the problem.

    OK, OK, OK admittedly this is a highly sarcastic take on what has become a very serious situation in this country, as Americans we have been
    largely shut out of how our country is governed, our political class has an agenda that will destroy this country as we know it, if things don’t
    change drastically.
    Just look around the world, One World Government and it’s no borders agenda has just about destroyed some ancient European countries, and
    we are next.
    We are teetering on the edge of armed civil war, a booming economy is being aborted by the deep state, the whole world is on the verge of a
    catastrophic financial meltdown and half the country wants to thwart the will of the people and remove a duly elected President,consequences
    be dammed.
    Now I know that some of you have recoiled at this post because ” thats what Communist Governments do, Americans don’t do this, were better
    than this, your crazy ” !
    Yeah and as we argue over how we respond to a terminal virus within the body politic that is on the verge of strangling the life out of protest
    against what we see as unjust, the folks on the left smell blood in the water and are fixing to destroy our President by any means necessary.
    We are loosing our country before our very eyes and can’t even agree that it is indeed happening, let alone what to do about it.

  18. Oh well, one more strike.
    2020’s going to be a shitshow

  19. It’s all Kabuki theater.
    Riding tall on a short horse.
    16″ battleship gun with a roll-out flag that says “Bang”

    Nothing, no-thing, I tell ya. Keep prepping, training, planning and staying healthy and fit.

    I keep shaking my head. If anything is going to happen, it’s up to me. I’m tired of waiting. I’d rather be breaking shit, kicking ass and not taking names. I’ve made my peace with the Lord. He’s watching my six.

    Most of youse guys are gonna roll over and play dead cucaracha.
    Please, if anyone here is saddled up and ready to move out smartly, let me know. I’m packed and ready to roll.

  20. Seeing all this resistance in all their excellent formats is excellent for a myriad of excellent reasons. Nothing like BFYTW.

    Only thing certain is nobody is coming to save you. Yeah…TINVOWOOT.
    BFYTW & TINVOWOOT are the ultimate positives, if for no other reasons than to face them squarely the remedies are crystal clear. The only way out is through. And in doing so you take the ultimate path of self determination, which all things considered is the highest form of resistance possible, everything freedom and Liberty stems from this essential state of being. Without self determination where are you? Slavery I believe. Remember resistance begins in the mind and the heart, starting with each of us before it is Legion.
    With this ultimate truth of ourselves as Freemen in mind there are no surprises or disappointments. No ambiguities, no doubts to as the path to be taken. That “fork in the road”? You have passed it.

    The dirty stinking commies have given the manifesto a dirty name, but that is OK because it gives a personal manifesto a lot of credibility because in one effect it is Alt-Agitprop. Keep in mind, they weaponized it, from Marx to Ayer’s. There is no more non violent effective tool than turning our enemies weapons back on them. They are after all, the ultimate masters of projection unto their avowed enemies of the very things they are guilty of. Turning their weapons back on them is akin to standing up grabbing the table flipping it over and saying Fuck This Bullshit!
    And if there is two things the dirty stinking commies cant stand, it is the truth of cold hard reality and the indomitable self determination of the individual Freeman. This is the right resistance, it IS fertile because it cuts to the basis of the issue, cuts through all the lies and dissimulations.
    This is part of your membership in The Honorable Resistance of the dirt people and brother Deplorable’s, in which you have a very dangerous Legion of people who will not submit nor bend a knee.

    The Honorable Resistance is transformative, as self determination naturally is by nature and thinking. Resistance to all this tyranny and other craziness happening indeed begins within ourselves before it becomes insurgent, and obvious as that is upon stating it, it is not always clearly grasped as the paradigm in thinking and acting. And as a great small infantry combat leader once stated, it is action that counts, nothing less.

    So with this in mind I have this epiphany that the personal manifesto is everything stated above in regards to resistance and individual self determination.
    If we who are correctly perceived as “the enemy” of tyrannical collectiveness being foisted on us, totalitarianism in a word, well yeah, be that enemy, be a fearless indomitable enemy, before we must pick up our rifles and use them in defense of ourselves, our family, culture, country, civilization, way of life free thought and faith.
    As my manifesto states about myself, and I would hope your manifesto states in solidarity, yeah, I am that enemy, I have every right imaginable to be that enemy, that no shame exists, but every honor to be that enemy, as a badge of great honor befitting our White Christian Greco/Roman Western culture, we are with phenomenal hatred, malice and forethought seen as such an enemy the intent is to eradicate all vestige and history, every symbol and truth about us.
    If that isn’t a honor of inestimable worth, to be such an enemy.

    Here’s my fucking manifesto:

    If each of us published our manifesto’s, talking millions, possibly tens of millions, the effect would be to create that Legion of the Honorable Resistance which would resound across the world. Such an act of individual self determination is naturally insurgent, leaderless open source, literally free for the making, it combines the utilization of the immense strategic value of the world wide web, through individual, and then collective tactical use of the viral element of the social medium so long employed against us at all levels of waging war on us and our culture. It flips the table with everything on it over on our avowed enemies. Shoves it right down their throat and up their arses.
    Best of all, it is the opening of waging leaderless 4th Generation war on our enemies.

    They are already watching us, scanning us like a colonoscopy from hell. You might think it is this great dark mysterious entity, nobody can win against. They sure don’t dissuade any of that illusion.
    What it is is the ultimate conduit of messaging, it is so big now, they can not shut it off no matter what they which, its Hobb’s Leviathan and Orwell’s Big Brother wrapped in an all seeing all knowing beast. So what do you do if your the mouse that roars? (remember here, the mice that roared under that overpass on the Bundy’s ancestral grazing lands, a mere few dozen sent a message, they would not back down, and our enemies heard everything, seen everything, know everything, and they balked, and they stewed, their retribution was severe, yet for all its might and all its power, they lost totally. And how many here has forgotten Randy Weaver’s wife and boy, LeVoy Finnicum, 76 carbonized woman and children burnt to a crisp in Waco Texas? Our enemies surely not have forgotten, for who, of all who could be advanced by our enemy of our self determination do they send, all this time later? Barr, the fixer, one of the highest made men, kept in reserve, for who would remember his role in cleaning up these historical egregious acts of totalitarian power?) They are watching, they are listening. They are now running Fusion Center Op’s at the State Police level, down to watching and attempting to intimidate 66 year old ladies who question treason between city mayors and musloid operatives in Charleston West Virginia. So yeah, there is this great resource, it can not be shut down or selectively censored nor shadow banned as is done on Faceborge, Twatter, the control of the media news cycles of the fake press.
    Its right there just waiting to be turned on its users, the ones who fear us Freemen most, their ears to the wall, their eyes to the keyholes.
    Why not use this mega billion dollar comm’s resource, and send the fuckers a little something. Something to give them something to really fear.

    Because I guarantee my right fucking testicle, a plurality of us publish and post our personal manifesto, those sonofabitches will hear them, and it will haunt them in their dreams, like a splinter in their minds they will always have this nagging doubt in their minds, we are not to be denied.

    Its the cheapest most effective form of defience available. Invest some introspective time, 5 minutes on the old key board, one click, and Bingo.

    Here, I be the first. Go check it out, I’ll wait:

    Plagiarize me to your hearts content. Create your own. One things sure, there’s a shitload better writers than me, I can not imagine the hilarity and mocking snark that will ensue. To each his own right? But lets make it viral. Its not difficult of political rocket science. Its not complicated. Speak plainly, honestly, the time to be afraid of standing up as Men is over. Whats to be afraid of but an out of control elitist organized crime syndicate with ideological underpinnings bent on our destruction already? What are they going to do…heh…come for our guns already?
    It simply stating facts already known about each of us in the files they have on us. I been on WRSA long as Good Ol’ CA started it up, all of us but you trolls and agent provocateurs are on particular lists, if anything WRSA is still online because its so convenient a draw of free thought people in one place wouldn’t me it be classified is a national security threat to the deep state.
    So why not make it official. Surely the fuckers have plans on coming for us and or our guns anyways. Why not give them the kind of warning nothing says BFYTW, come and take em’, like you be sticking your dick in a fucking meat grinder, or wood chipper, to try us, as a million personal manifesto’s will say. Remember we are talking about self determining action here. The basis of all personal freedom and Liberty.
    Lets be that vanguard here, the viral linkage starting out from our scrum is the manifest kind kind of power of live free or die.

    Its as free to do as choosing to be free.

  21. Despite legal authority that shouldn’t be, past 24 months have proven Trump unsuccessful in accumulating enough power to revert (THE UNITED STATES) to (These United States) thus far.

    POTUS 45 is surrounded and being squeezed without support by political enemy today.

    If WRSA readers believe Trump’s end game goal is These United States (2.0), Southern Men must immediately organize (off matrix) and act because POTUS 46, 2020 ain’t gonna keep this crack in the door open after inauguration day.

  22. 1972. A professor at Harvard,told me that politics,voting,the constitution and all associated government window dressing would be of no consequence in my life time. The world would be controlled by 500 multi-national corporations. He also said one of the key players in a new world order would involve the Kurds of northern Iraq and Turkey. They would become the barometer of the betrayal of a people in favor of profit.
    He called it forty seven years ago. The only thing of true worth you have is your capacity as a moral and righteous man. Your word is your currency. Use it wisely.

  23. This is really sad – there are a great many good men and women who had hope – real hope and faith in this loser. He’ll lose some, but most will still hope.

    Not because of a love affair with a serial adulterer and liar, but because they love their country, and want to see it put on the right path. It is a gentle, sincere, yet naive hope that makes me truly and deeply sad for them. I used to be there, but long before Trump.

    No one is coming to save them, and no one is going to ‘fix’ this.

  24. Charley Waite

    Hilarious listening to Hannity trying to spin this as a genius move. “Trump now appears to be the reasonable one.”

  25. The 2 cowboys seem to have the whole shootin’ match rolled up into simple English.

  26. Old Gray Wolf

    As expected. We hire some guy to bust heads and toss the scum into the street, and we get this patty-cake, can’t-we-all-just-get-along twit. I knew when I voted that this was what we were most likely getting. But I would not by my lack of action allow the Mao-wannabe into that office, so I said hire the dolt. It bought us more time to acquire knowledge, training and supplies, and bought some time to awake and at least begin to be ready to do something when the time comes. All it got us is a few years, because the next round will most likely cement the civil war into our future. 74% of registered Democrats polled say they would vote AOC for president. Think about that. Think about what that will mean. If we make it that far. I suspect we won’t. Fine with me. Enough with the being at war but not fighting it. Everybody just needs to drop the masks and let’s just slug it out. At least then whoever wins can live in peace. Tired of these cads acting like they matter, and tired of us letting them think it.

    • Tired of these cads acting like they matter, and tired of us letting them think it.
      Well we know why they think that it’s because we have no unified force against them… So they do what they do knowing there will be no consequences…Sad That…

      • religion is what is causing non-unity.

        religion MUST be outlawed and the followers put to death.

        if the useless fucks can’t prove they even exist and have supernatural powers, why would any intelligent person give credibility to that ridiculous fairytale. are people supposed to ‘believe’ because slaves were forced to build temples honoring them? didn’t the greeks, romans, aztecs, egyptians, et al. do the very same? they all ended up in histories garbage can.

        i know, this time it’s different…

  27. mistermisfit01

    Understandable knee jerk reactions. Patience, wait and see the long game. As always keep the course, train, prep and make ready for the taking of heads. Nothing has changed. More Kabuki theater for the easily distracted. Remember peace was never an option.

    • “Long game”.

      Hahaha. Yeah. It started over 100 years ago, mate. You’re not at the beginning of it. You’re at the end.

      Trump’s opportunity was to flip the table. He can still do it but the table got a lot heavier these last two years. Losing less is not the same as winning.

      • second. I am not certain if enough states will turn blue enough to make 2020 impossible for trump, but certainly by 2028 enough will flip to make the white house and senate majority near impossible for the gop to win forevermore.
        either, the usa reverses now or it assumes the decline that great empires like England, Greece and rome before it have traveled.
        segue. will be interesting to see what the democrats do on the border once they have permanent majorities. we’ve seen with crazy eyes cortes that the natives can be hard to control once they’re in the house with you.

  28. Well.

    Trump, the fraud.

    Who could foresee this?

    Surely dirk, aesop the wise et al have a 4th dimension spinjitsu explanation for all the unlearned to be taught.

  29. Long game! 2,000D Leagues Under The Sea Chess!

    You’re not getting your Wall. And even if they gave Trump what he wants, you’ll get about 250 mile give or take Wall at that.

  30. European American

    Wow, what a pathetic bunch of fucking traitors, turning on YOUR Commander in Chief, like that. You are the ones that need to be fragged. First sign of “perceived” trouble and you hightail it, exit, stage LEFT. I can just imagine you selfish fuckers turning against each other the moment things go medieval in the street. Scary (Hillary Lovers) bunch, here.

    And when some of you, those, one up notch from Neanderthal, start to finally catch on, realize the cunning strategy and tactics behind his every move, well sorry, too little, too late, you showed your true colors.

    Fuck you traitors. Your crimes, against the republic, have been etched in stone, in the archives at this site. You can’t delete your traitorous vile stupidity. Are when the war in YOUR neighborhood heats up, you’ll turn on each other like jackals, creaming in your pants at the thought of playing “lone wolf army man”. What a cast of silly “macho” characters here, where “toxic masculinity” truly does reside.

    • lastmanstanding

      The ability to assess the character of an individual is critical to survival.

      Being a bit skeptical will also help in the long run.

      Only a few people have benefited by being long trump. It certainly won’t be you or any of us.

      Stick that use of the word traitor up your ass.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I would get together a pile of Commando Bros.

      Except in my experience they talk to fucking much. And I dont have the time to teach them everything until they come to me and say “teach me everything”

      Besides, Shit happens. Throughout history. We will be OK.

      Unless we end up like southern Mexico around 1810.

      When the Aztecs and Blacks killed all the whites.

      And then the Aztecs killed all the Blacks.

      And now we call southern Mexico El Salvador, Guatamala, and Honduras.

      Nicaragua was resettled by a wannabe black independence movement that quickly turned into a joke wrapped in a negro riddle.

      • If you’re going to use sharp dialogue from movies, have the common decency
        to include thr clip, instead of feebly
        attempting to pass it off as your personsl wit.

    • Wow, what a difficult choice to make, deciding
      who is the dumbest free running Harambe, you or XDoubleDouche.

    • Initially you appeared to engage in sarcasm.
      Then I realized you actually are that stupid.

  31. The Deep State has created the ultimate pool of whiny bastards, all waiting for the signal to attack. Just keep in mind I will not be in the K-zone when you get there. Time to wave good bye!

  32. They wont stop, until you stop them. They play for keeps.

  33. Cardio via snow shovel done for a couple days. Meander down the road to gunshow to peruse & probably buy nothing. Coffee & chat with other men. What happened on the political stage yesterday changes nothing here. Disappointing, but not at all distracting or earth shattering, nor totally unexpected. Not like I’m sitting on thumbs waiting for the “next great genius chess move” from these petulant little pricks.

  34. The stupidity of you stupud bastards knows
    no bounds.

  35. Secure the border. Land mines and free fire zones. But who would do that to civilians? Chechen “volunteers”. I have a dream.

  36. Like it or not, this is going to happen.

    Over 200 years of infiltration in the 3 branches of your government.

    As far as Trump is concerned, let us just say he is sincere. You really believe that he is going to restore traditional America all by his lonesome? It’s like all the Founding Rebels telling their men, “Go home men, we got this.” Or, are you waiting for the super-duper Q secret signal? Meh.

  37. Trump Airlines: Failed
    Trump Casinos: Failed
    Trump Vodka: Failed
    Trump Steaks: Failed
    Trump Magazine: Failed
    Trump Ice: Failed
    Trump University: Failed
    Trump The Game: Failed

  38. The Usual Suspect

    Oh well if it all goes south here, and probably will we can always invade
    Tfattass’s idyllic self supporting island.
    Crucify him upsidedown so all the shit still in him will surge forth.
    Cuddle up with all those beautiful Canuk Princesses and live out our days
    in chilly comfort, drinking that piss they call beer.