GVDL: The Post-Totalitarian Greengrocer’s Window

Your Saturday-morning thinkpiece.

Followed by this Solzhenitsyn reflection on lies.

And one’s duty to resist.

No matter what.

11 responses to “GVDL: The Post-Totalitarian Greengrocer’s Window

  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    That’s a sexy ass format for that flyer.

    And I know flyers.

    • lastmanstanding

      Black and white…lol! How I live…but scrutinize the gray areas heavily.

      If I see a sign like that (never have), total boycott.

      My due diligence has already been done and I know these places whether a sign is posted or not.

  2. freeillinois

    Let me guess we are equal and welcome; unless you’re a young white male from Kentucky wearing a MAGA hat or just a dirty white Christian male that clings to his guns and his bible.

    When we get to the ALL “Religions” part is that before or after we convert to Islam?

    Just ask-n

  3. Well you know what they say about fish in a barrel…

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Since anyone who would patronize such an establishment is already established as part of the problem, a fitting analogy you put forth.

  4. I first saw the flag sign in a neighbor’s house while I was cat sitting the elderly siamese. The neighbor is nearly as old as the cat: LIBERAL, one daughter married to a black man with 4 kids, and espouses every SJW bullshit slogan there is. I imagine that in 1964 this chickie was an early free love advocate at Bezerkly-her alma mater. The neighbor pays well, but I want to point out to her that she lives in a mostly ALL WHITE community, in a mostly ALL WHITE city, and that other than the son in law, her acquaintances are ALL WHITE. It’d be amusing if it were not so insane. This woman would be crying and screaming if a government entity took her house to shelter Juan and Doneta and their 12 babes. People are capable of incredible delusion. I’d patronize any business with a sign that read: We love guns, we eat red meat, and we use cash.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      There is a cafe in Ranchester, Wyoming you would like. Right on the main street in town. Good breakfast, too. Be nice, all the help was packing last time I was in there,

    • Stealth, had a neighbor who used to live in the town next to ours. He was always pushing for integration. Well, the town he used to live in became non-white. And he moved to our town. I asked him why he had moved out. He replied, so his kids could go to a better school. The school they were going to, in his last town, used to be a good school, until it became non-white. He just couldn’t understand. And he still doesn’t.

    • wendystringer48088

      “I first saw the flag sign in a neighbor’s house while I was cat sitting the elderly siamese.”

      They are just virtue signaling. They don’t really mean that.

      They won’t live in a majority black area, they certainly don’t want that quality of life or level of drama in their life..

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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