SLL: The Unprofitably Incompetent

Those who cannot do, demand.

Until that doesn’t work.

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  1. “The demands for retribution are simply another naked money grab.”

  2. “The people who make America go could bring it to a shuddering stop simply by stockpiling their resources and walking off their jobs for a month or two. An added turn of the screw would be withdrawing their funds from the banking system”

    did this almost 2 decades ago. i will never work again. i will however, ride, starve, use, and abuse this horse named Fusa till it dies of exhaustion. what do i fucking care? i don’t have any dumb rotten kids futures to fret over.

    YAA! Giddyup!

    Faster Faster Faster

  3. And part of that parasitism that Robert mentions is the
    system that continues to feed and give cash as a bribe
    to those who have shown no incentive to work or look
    after themselves.

    This lady confronts the issue in her own, straight to the
    point manner..and boy does he generate some fine laughs
    doing so!

    Trump Cuts Food Stamps? OMG Boxes???

    Welfare Queens Get Ray Ray Out Yo House!

    “Profit propels civilization. When a producer can make an item or provide a service at a cost lower than a customer values that item or service, and the customer has the means and the freedom to buy, the difference between what’s paid over cost is profit. That profit is the producer’s incentive to produce, and in turn funds the producer’s consumption, savings, and investment, which creates other producers’ profits. Profit is the necessary prerequisite for consumption, savings, investment, and consequently, progress.

    Many of us profit every day. We offer services and provide goods, supporting ourselves at a cost that is lower than what we’re paid. We’re profitably competent, engaging in honest production and peaceful, voluntary exchange. The only alternatives to profitable competence are living off of someone else’s profitable competency via inheritance or charity, or criminality—theft via fraud or violence.”

    Without meaning to, Robert has (with the exception of the Balfour Declaration Scheme/Swindle) covered why chronic drunk and warmongering
    monster winston churchill and others in the Brutish Empire felt it necessary to destroy upstart Germany in both world wars – Germany was rapidly surpassing what the Bruitish were able to produce in quality goods and services and at a lower price. And since the Rothschilds criminal banking family owned the Brutish since the defeat of Napoleon, this simply wouldn’t do!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. James Mitchell

    …and Atlas Shrugged. Rand was prophetic.

  5. That image reminds me of some hard facts. When I was in my late 20s I could swing a framing hammer with the best of them, I’d learned how from my father who always had tools around.

    Then I discovered tendonitis when I assisted a friend in putting up a privacy fence around his back yard swimming pool. It took me lots of aspirin and a week to get over that.

    Now, I use either pneumatic or airless nail guns to do that sort of work. I even have a pneumatic staple gun that can drive a 1 1/2 inch staple flush with the wood. Great having power tools. I can load up a generator and the air compressor in my lift gate equipped truck and work anywhere on my acreage.

    • A great number of people are doing more damage to their elbows than they know simply by choosing the wrong hammer. Most notably, the steel shanked variety (such as Estwing, which also extends to their hatchets), which have very little ‘spring’ when striking the nail/object. The first two years of my carpentry career were with Estwing framer and cabinet; so was my first elbow exray. At suggestion of the rehab specialist, I sought a wooden handle and chose a Ruger Titanium for framing and finish work. The combination of light-weight head (14 oz for a full-size framer, 8 for the cabinet) and 14 inch handle was amazing, not only for my elbow(s) but for driving ability. Yes, we employed air nailers and compressors, but there are places/instances where a hand nail works more easily and is faster. Such as when the air nailer is on the next island and you’re in the rafters on an island two miles away.

      Apologies, I got carried away on a whole different topic.

  6. Those who can, do.
    Those can’t, teach.


      And those who can’t teach, teach teachers. And here we are. Sigh.

    • Let’s try this again;

      Those who can, do.
      Those who can’t, teach.

    • BlueMntCeltic

      Actually, those who can, teach best…. because we know what the deuce we’re talking about and can show how it’s done.

      • correct. i don’t recall too many un-qualified morons teaching infantry skills in the army.

        publick skrewls- being a 22 year old moron is a requirement.

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