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Common caliber (and gauge) specials that you know, with links.


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  1. Been doin’ B.L.O.A.T for some time now. Had to get the M/C carbide-coated with all the deals/rebates floatin’ around.

    Trick now–gettin’ some dat .50 cal M2A1 cans for storage. Refuse to pay $20 per can; need dozens. Had on-line deals (Blackhawks) last year @$7 per including delivery. Seems to have dried up.

    Local “Fun Show” ones beat up pretty badly and price too high.

    The Tractor Supply ones–don’t even bother. Bought a few dozen, brought ’em home, filled a random few up with water, closed the lid, and inverted them topsy-turvey. Waited about 12 minutes and saw all the water leak out! Yeah–great seals there (NOT!) Returned all.

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    Caliber: 9mm Luger
    Grain Weight: 124 Grains
    Muzzle Velocity : 1140 Feet Per Second
    Muzzle Energy : 358 Foot Pounds
    Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
    Rounds: 1000

    $220.00 Shipped in a sealed ammo can.

    Good stuff. All my Subguns, Pistol Caliber Carbines, and Combat Style Handguns eat it up.

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    Federal XM193LPC120 M193 5.56 Nato 55Gr 120Box/5Case FMJ Mini Ammo Can This 5.56 Nato Ammo Comes In a reusable Injection Molded Polymer Mini Ammo Can. The Ammo Can contains 600 Cartridges And Has a Weight Of 55Gr. It Is Lake City Made Ammunition.

    Caliber :223 Remington/5.56 Nato
    Bullet Type :FMJ Boat Tail
    Bullet Weight :55 Gr
    Muzzle Energy :1270 ft Lbs
    Muzzle Velocity :3165 Fps
    Manufacturer: Federal Cartridge Co
    Model: XM193LPC120
    SKU: SS_90754

    600 Round Ammo. Plastic Container.

    These things are lazer beam accurate in my 1/9 twist Delton-16.

    As good or better as my high end gun with match ammo.

    • JP, did Lake City ever switch over to low flash powder? They used to have one of the brightest flashes at night. PMC uses low flash powder.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        I don’t recall. Flash is important.
        LC is military grade ammo.
        So I would assume it is low flash.

        My experience with flash has more to do with the device on the end of your barrel(or rifle type) rather than the powder.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve never seen a primer like what PMC uses in 5.56. Pop out a used primer and the pocket is shiny clean, fukn amazing.
        And then stuff like Winchester looks like they still use black powder.

  4. China mart is selling Remy thunderbolts for 1458 per 500.

  5. Don’t forget R.L.O.A.T.


    • I’ve found has very good deals on a wide variety of calibers and shipping is free when buying by the case. They will take orders over the phone AFTER you’ve registered an account on-line. They ship via UPS Ground. People who live in the vicinity of Conn. get their shipment in One Day, usually the second day after placing an order. As can be expected shipment times stretch between mid-Nov to New Years.

      Their sales deals run out of inventory quickly and they are hard pressed to keep 5.56 Lake City in stock.

      Disclaimer: I have no association with other than as a satisfied customer. YMMV

  6. Have to agree with JP on XM193, and must admit that all AR’s really like & do excellent justice with it (even the one in a different role normally fed Mk.262).

    One thought occurs to me beyond BLOAT for the common battle arms. If you or someone in your circle has a POS-but-functional gun lying around, maybe an old odd-caliber wheelgun or something that has more value at a buy-back for the coupon, stock a little ammo for that one as well. Go find a few rounds of that odd-caliber so that EVERYthing in the safe can fire & then be forgotten if needed. Never know when you might want to do a Godfather.

    “Leave the gun, take the Cannoli.”

    • Badger, sage advice, why have a gun you can’t feed.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I have a .380 Pistol. My old grand dads SigP230.

      I am not a fan of .380, but I picked up 500 rounds of FMJ anyway.


    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Bury the gun wrapped in a dozen ziplock bags in a safe location.

      Why abandon a perfectly good gun that COULD come back to haunt you anyway.


    Select your ammo and view list of ammo types along with price/round, box/case, supplier.

  8. I KNOW I am unworthy and a sad little person for not shooting plastic poodle shooters, and I am repentant. However, I already made my choices and investments and you fight the apocalypse with what you have. So, for the other unworthies out there, Midway USA has a great special on 303 British in brass cases, 45 cents a round ( order more than one 3-pack and get free shipping ).

    • Thanks for the .303 update.

    • Prairie Fire

      I don’t think there’s any reason to feel unworthy for your choice to stick with .303 British. The round speaks for itself: “The .30-30 of the African continent.”

      So do a couple of the rifle models that shoot it. Back 105 years ago a British sergeant got 39 hits in a minute on a 2′ bull at 300 yards, prone. That’s six reloads with his No1MkIII iron sighted rifle. And the No4 rifle was only an improvement.

      With that gun, shooters learned how to bed it so that it shot smaller MOA groups at distances beyond 600 yards than it could at distances less than that. Compensation, an interesting topic. Has to do with how differences in muzzle rise and differences in muzzle velocity find a symbiotic relationship as they travel downrange together. Bedding has to be right. They did it with screwed-and-glued wood shims. We have Acraglas Gel.

      I used to work with a South African green card weapons design engineer down in NW Arkansas. As a young pup, he joined a horse-mounted constabulary unit and got involved in rifle competition using the issued No4-type rifle. As time went on, the other services who they were competing against acquired SLRs, FALS. But he said that his people were still able to keep up well enough on whatever course of fire it was that was shot, with their bolt guns.

      Then came the adoption of the last service version of the No4 rifle. It was chambered in 7.62 x 51. He said that all of a sudden, his team’s bolt rifles could no longer keep up with the SLRs. A small part had to do with increased muzzle rise, but he said the biggest problem with the caliber change was that they could no longer manipulate their bolts as fast as before.

      The difference was case shape. .303 British cases are very tapered, their pressure obduration to the chamber walls requires less force for a fast hand to break, plus relaxes quicker than does the straight case wall of the 7.62 x 51. This engineer attributed the perceived reliability of the .30 cal AK as much to its case shape as to its being overgassed.

      There was a guy who wrote a book about shooting bolt rifles in competition twenty years ago or so, might have been David Tubbs. A memorable quote from it, was along the lines of “I don’t have to wait on a gas system, I can run the bolt as fast as I want.”

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve got a beautiful No4Mk1 with a S. Afrikan Navy stamped buttplate. Has a target aperture rear sight with about 6 pinholes in disc.
        Used to have about 5 .303’s, down to 3 or 4 now.


    Price shops multiple places for best price.

    Some of the best, if not THE best prices.
    Family owned/operated, and quick shipping.

  11. I make monthly visits to SGAmmo, good prices and outstanding customer service, family owned. I think that WRSA turned me onto them.

  12. thesouthwasrght
    Know it, use it, love it.

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