Bracken: Covington, CW2, And You

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  1. From the Prophet Bracken. It’s coming. It’s inevitable. Be ready.

  2. Disturbing AF reading that.

  3. The people who ran the murderous 1918-19 Spartacist Revolution in Berlin, the murderous 1918-19 Bavarian Socialist Republic Revolution, murdered 60 million in Germany’s neighborhood—all while Germany was trying to fight World War 1, a war funded by the same people financing the war against Germany—the same people who brayed globally that Communism was theirs (until the death toll of Communism was widely known and then they pretended that they had nothing to do with it), and the same people who conducted and finally declared global economic starvation war on Germany in 1933 were PERPETRATORS, not “scapegoats.”

    I calculate that they are damn lucky that only 300,000 OF THEM DIED IN A WAR THEY STARTED, a war that killed over 60 million of us.

  4. [sigh] Posting while multi-tasking is fraught with peril.

    Correction:” —all while Germany was trying to fight World War 1 against opponents funded by the same people’s bankers—”

  5. Accurate read, the truth can be a mother fucker. Nothing on my mountain will change today.

    Tic Toc.


  6. Sorry for the OT but this one caught my eye. Read the part about ole Mad Dog’s punt to the governators.

  7. robroysimmons

    Mainly it is about a Boomercon coming around, but the last few paragraphs are where the gold lies. I have read a million CW or dystopia stories and not once was the power cut off to the wonderful people of the Bluetopias.

    Even good old Colonel Kurt in his series has them long lines of electrical power just seemlessly providing for the luxuries of the walled off elite. Never once a trickster malcontent taking potshots at insulators or even transformers.

    • Matt Bracken

      Every pissed-off farmer with a scoped 30-06 is going to have a veto against the power flowing down into the blue hives.

    • Riddle me this:
      The Metcalf sniper attack was a “sophisticated” assault on Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Metcalf Transmission Substation located in Coyote, California, near the border of San Jose, on April 16, 2013, in which gunmen fired on 17 electrical transformers.
      12:58 a.m. – AT&T fiber-optic telecommunications cables were cut not far from U.S. Route 101 just outside south San Jose.
      1:07 a.m. – Some customers of Level 3 Communications, an Internet service provider, lost service. Cables in its vault near the Metcalf substation were also cut.
      1:31 a.m. – A surveillance camera pointed along a chain-link fence around the substation recorded a streak of light that investigators from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office think was a signal from a waved flashlight. It was followed by the muzzle flash of rifles and sparks from bullets hitting the fence.
      1:37 a.m. – PG&E received an alarm from motion sensors at the substation, possibly from bullets grazing the fence.
      1:41 a.m. – Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department received a 911 call about gunfire, sent by an engineer at a nearby power plant that still had phone service.
      1:45 a.m. – The first bank of transformers, riddled with bullet holes and having leaked 52,000 US gallons (200,000 l; 43,000 imp gal) of oil, overheated, whereupon PG&E’s control center about 90 miles (140 km) north received an equipment-failure alarm.
      1:50 a.m. – Another apparent flashlight signal, caught on film, marked the end of the attack. More than 100 expended 7.62×39mm cases were later found at the site.
      1:51 a.m. – Law-enforcement officers arrived, but found everything quiet. Unable to get past the locked fence and seeing nothing suspicious, they left.
      3:15 a.m. – A PG&E worker arrived to survey the damage.
      Military experts said that the assault looked like a “professional job”, noting that no fingerprints were discovered on the empty shell casings. Seventeen transformers were seriously damaged, requiring over $15 million worth of repairs. Both PG&E, the company which operated the transformers, and AT&T offered $250,000 rewards for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of the attack. No one has ever been suspected, charged, or arrested.
      If that can happen when we are not at war, when there is no civil disturbance, when the water is running, cars are whipping down 101, and the upper echelon is safe within their walls of security-what the hell happens Diego and Somali John get the party started?? I’m thinking that the Blue Hives losing power will be the least of their worries.

      • Now….imagine it happens in Boston this weekend and the Patriots fans don’t get to see Cheating ass Tom Brady win another Super bowl. …

      • Stealth many moons ago I shared a police story I was involved in here in Malin Oregon.

        The NW high power line from BPA transits thru this area, down into the Sacramento valley. Lots and lots of nasty land. Every now and then PG&E and BPA have to,down load the power into a switch yard and reboots the poser out. Lineman perhaps you could explain it.

        Anyway. I got a call one day in the middle of winter, a power worker called saying he had seen several sets of foot prints going up the side of a rather steep hill, overlooking this power station.

        It was winter around 20-, and nobody was hunting. I watched from across the canyon for awhile, say nothing odd, so I drove down to the bottom and saw the reported footprints.

        I got out and eventually followed the foot prints to a rather well worn hide, in the rocks. Odd place, no hunting, and I was looking straight down onto the power structures.

        I discovered lots of cig butts, cardboard on the rocks, which had been rolled and cashed in the rocks to keep dry. Somebody had spent a great deal of,time to prepare what I recognized as a snipers hide.

        Kinda creeped me out. I sat game cameras, but never caught anybody, note did the power workers ever physically see anybody, in the area.

        BPA and PG&E were notified along with a host of three letter agencies. They just blew it off. FBI, told me if it wasn’t the Mt Shasta BottledWater factory it was not considered a TT.

        Didn’t change the fact that bad shit was happening on my turf. I thought and though about how to catch or spook these fuckers. And I came up with the simplist of plans

        The next day I returned to the hide, I I layed 25 of my deputy sheriff business cards on everything, in sand which bags, in cracks, in their cardboard. While I was their I recognized that whoever it was had in fact been back.

        After I dropped my Leo cards, I didn’t go back for awhile, had a lot of other stuff happening, and all the big dogs didn’t seem to give a shit.

        I finally went back, and I brought my shoot buddy along, ex sF commander, 26 year army Col. He just wanted to see what I was describing. Actually it was his idea, to drop the cards.

        All my cards were gone, and nobody had been back to the hide.

        Mission completed. I checked the rest of that winter into summer, nobody ever came back. John and me did walk the rock cliffs multiple times looking for other hides, never found one.

        The bad guys are not always the most obvious choices. I had lunch with the line guys yard workers their in !alin a year later were we talked about this. One old guy eat and said nothing. After lunch, he quietly told us he had seen a govt SUV several times the previous year.

        He thought they were security folk. I never learned any further outcomes. But to this day I thought John’s recommend,endarion of leaving my Leo cards their sent a pretty strong message.

        I think John was right. That was in 09/10 I think.


    • good point. We won’t be able to starve out the cities; esp. the port cities. In fact, (((they))) – (((who))), incidentally, own most of the grocery chains – will be the ones trying to Ukraine, i.e. terror famine us.

      but we can cut off the urbanites’ linear power supplies, and keep them cut.

      dark and bloody doings will quickly ensue.

  8. Nathan Phillips appears to be nothing more than your average wino. Snaggle tooth variety. He says he lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. There is a Nathan Phillips registered at 5900 Bridge Rd. Apt. 901, Ypsilanti, M. I haven’t vetted that info. At 64 and unemployed, he’s probably on SSI and getting rent subsidies, Section 8. I don’t think he’s worth a bullet.

  9. Could it be that Bracken has awakened to the onslaught of anti-white activities, funded by Jews? Until he admits that, I’m going to doubt that he’s fully awake.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Matt is wise, as his writings show, but he somehow still turns a blind eye to the actual cause of our troubles. Constantly blaming the Muslim for the work of the Jew. The Muslim is merely the tool.

    • European American

      Hear, Hear. That’s a hard pill to swallow from many or most Christians. They just can’t get their head around “The Chosen Ones” as anything other than that.

      • They can thank the Scofield Bible fraud/heresy
        for’s what energizes ‘useful hasbaras’
        like pastor Hagee and the rest of the ‘christian
        zionist’ flock so they continue to pay tribute
        and kneel before the ‘chosenites’ and their
        terror colony, israel.

        Like the old saying says, “shitty shepherd, shitty sheep!”

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • He just want to sell books. Fear porn is still selling like hot cakes. Side gigs with Alex Jones give new listeners to that freak show a chance to buy a book. He is covering all the bases for sales. He will never call out the Jew.

      • Matt Bracken

        “He just want to sell books. Fear porn is still selling like hot cakes. Side gigs with Alex Jones give new listeners to that freak show a chance to buy a book. He is covering all the bases for sales. He will never call out the Jew.”
        And what the fuck have you ever done for the cause, keyboard kommando, other than bitch like a one-note retard JOOO JOOO JOOO JOOO!!!!!!!!!?????

      • (((Ron Unz))) certainly has.

        and I still have hopes for Bracken.

        in any case,

        not everyone on the otherwise woke Right

        has to “Name the Jew”.

        there’s plenty of us doing that now. And

        Bracken has other, operational virtues.

      • Have you not yet noticed that MB regularly sets his Amazon books at $0.00 for a Kindle version? It’s not about selling books.
        BTW: you should read the “Foreign and Domestic” series, and note the year of publication and how many of the bad things are happening now and soon. Speculative Fiction isn’t about predicting the future so much as observing the predictable obvious behavior of people in interesting situations. Peeps gotta eat, and they will do the obvious thing, or the thing that worked before, to try to keep eating. It doesn’t matter what disaster you prepare for. You will be approximately correct, at least if it’s a long-lasting one. I like Earthquake, Richter 8.7 in the Willamette Valley. Everything wrecked, too many survivors to effectively loot to live (Just In Time grocery stores). No one is coming to help you, although you can help others nearby. You Are On Your Own.

    • Matt Bracken

      JOO JOO JOO JOO!!!
      What is it with your simple mind that distills everything in world history from Adam and Eve to Convington down to JOO JOO JOO JOO!!!
      (It makes you sound like a one-note retard.)

  10. Him,
    he appears to be a full blood Indian. I’m almost certain he receives monthly stipends for being a poor old war vet, errrr tribe member.

    Actually I’ll bet you he gets VA, and tribal money.

    After all Refer repair was high on the danger list. Per him a ” special ops, Refer Repair mans” the Elite, of the Elite!.



    Calizuela is a fitting description of the former Golden State. Here’s the rub: Sooner or later and probably sooner, the debt buck empire will collapse and who or what will sustain the legions of “homeless”, grifters, crooks, gimmedats, “students”, “foodies”, and assorted non-productive dreck these Amerikan Communists have created, nurtured, and sustained? Aesop touched on that awhile back when he analyzed the unbelievable and permanent state of affairs in LA County.
    They may have a Marxist agenda, but who will advance it? Cops? They will be running for their lives. .mil? There aren’t enough of them and they rely too much on vulnerable technology. The Bankster (((Puppet Masters))) and their useful idiots in (((Hollywood))), MSM, and Mordor-On-The-Potomac will be heading for their sanctuaries overseas or their bolt-holes in the American Redoubt.
    Do not misunderstand me. I am not being flippant and I take the potential of CW2 very seriously. The Blue Hives will burn and the landscape will resemble the Hollywood classics ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK & ESCAPE FROM LA, with a little OMEGA MAN thrown in. Let them rant and make cartoons about feeding the Covington Lads into a wood chipper. Their dance cards are all filled up.

  12. Johnny Paratrooper

    I just had my first Class today.

    Right out the gate the teachers are trying to smooth things over.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      My point being. I immediately heard Criticism of China and Venezuela today. Within minutes. We just started class.

      • JP, any talk of our US Democratic Party members down in their helping the Venus, sort out peace. Debbie warserman shultz is down their helping.

        I about thru a rod, when I read that bullshit.


    • wendystringer48088

      “Right out the gate the teachers are trying to smooth things over.”

      You got them worried about you? 🙂

  13. Matt, I’m disappointed by continuing to find ridiculously self-refuting statements like this among patriots: “The other and greater protector of our liberty is the Second Amendment, guaranteeing our God-given right to keep and bear arms.”

    Also, general weapons confiscations have already started. They aren’t being announced as General Weapons Confiscations but you can call them red flag laws or scurrying pine martin laws, it matters not. First, they ARE coming for the “crazy” people. Who could be next? Apparently the patriots in Florida, California, Washington, Oregon, and New York aren’t studied enough in the history of commie takeovers because general weapons confiscations are well under way and nobody is doing anything about it. Thousands have had their weapons and ammunition taken. It will be ten thousand by late spring. Nope, nobody is going to fight back against the American Communists. Many supposed patriots still think trump is on their side. Enjoy the camps.

    • Dear Fred, thousands? Really, here in Oregon.

      I’m listening.


    • Fred, I’m aware of widespread activity in Calizueala but do you have a SITREP on NY State or any intel you could pass along? Asking for a friend.

  14. A slightly different view assuming a NWO like emphasis —

    I would suggest Matt reconsider his 2nd Amd bright line assessment. By all measures the proposals being put forth out of Albany already qualify in this regard. The reaction from the other side has been muted by all accounts.

  15. Matt has a crystal ball. Forget that at your peril. More preps and more training is needed.

  16. European American

    Has there ever been, historically speaking, a population of citizens so well armed as what we see today in the United States of America? And which side is armed to the gills? The ONLY way I see the armed masses disarming themselves is if our present technology for delivering high speed internet service is upgraded to 5G across the country. If we allow that to happen then we can’t stop them from getting into our heads, manipulating our thoughts, and basically having the means to disarm us with the push of a button. Don’t think that this is not possible? If you think that statement is far fetched, then their preliminary programming is already working.

    • You know they say tin foil will block out that 5G signal. Might want to add a few more wraps.

      • European American

        Ahh, the quintessential example of Normalcy Bias. Thank you, thank you very much!

  17. Very good article by Bracken because it covers the subject extremely well and sums things up nicely. Here are a few additional points to add to the mix:

    1. The hard Left is well schooled and indoctrinated in using aggressiveness in many forms to intimidate, humiliate, dominate, and subjugate their opposition. It’s extremely telling that the Right, in general, still comes off looking like a deer in the headlights when they’re confronted in almost any manner.

    2. The Right, in general, still wastes time and energy debating the Left, as if they (the heritage American) will be able to debate their way out of the gulag. There is no way to win a debate if the other side will not give an inch—no way.

    3. Is it not amazing that–Trump or no Trump—we have no idea what the federal government will do from one day to the next?

  18. but is correlation causation?

    Nobody gives humans stone tablets declaring the ultimate truth of causation on a subject. All humans have to guess from is correlation. If we find a correlation, and we can’t make it go away by isolating it, then we declare that sequence of events to be cause and effect. It’s not ultimate truth, it’s just the best guess. Credit ratings correlate with zip codes, but nobody thinks a system of postal addressing affects credit behavior. A correlation which you know isn’t a causation can still be very useful for predictions.

    “Calizuela” is not due to lots of immigration, it’s due to not holding the immigrants to the peaceful and productive behavioral standards of Whites. Anyone can mop a floor or drive a vehicle for a living; learn to change tires, pump a septic tank, cook, weld. There are scholarships now for many of these jobs.

    The map of CW2 will split all the way down into families, just like CW1 did. The map will look similar at each resolution scale of human grouping size; it will be fractal.

    The mainstream media in the US was controlled by Jews when they smeared Lindbergh in 1944. But before that, mainstream media was controlled by WASPs, Midwestern religious reformers, Puritans, various Christian sects in Europe, all the way back to the Council of Nicaea promoting the world’s first multinational corporation. Dissidents to the mainstream media back then had to hide their writings in caves near the Dead Sea. Jews are only 2% of population, they don’t have the votes to control anything. You should wear a t-shirt to the Wyoming BBQ reading “I’m White and I keep falling for Jew lies, such as Global Warming, Marxism and the Bible”.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Matt isn’t going to fly or drive all the way across the country to hang out with a bunch of rednecks.

      I mean he might.

      If he does, Maybe I should try to get Eric Prince and Asherman to tell me SEAL bro stories over a steak and some beers.

      Maybe Ill try to get Ted Nugent to come out. He used to be hunting buddies with my uncle.

      Regardless. I’m going to assume anyone preaching non-stop jew hate is a FED.

      Period. Keep that shit away from me.

      Ya’ll can’t see the forest through the trees.

      Islam is the problem. Always has been.

      • @ JP

        Re: “Islam is the problem. Always has been.”

        Yep, the Mohammedans are not only the biggest and most-prolific takers and traders (buyers/sellers) of slaves in human history, they are also the most-prolific killers in recorded history, with an estimated 270-280 million deaths of (mostly) non-Muslims (infidels/kafirs) laid at their feet over the last 1,400 years. In what may be history’s biggest single act of genocide, the Islamic Maghul/Tartar empire slew fifty million Hindus and other non-Muslims in what is today the Indian subcontinent – during the 1500s.

        Hitler, Stalin and Mao – as bloodthirsty as they were – come off as mere amateurs in the business of serious mass-murder – in comparison to the soldiers of Allah. And they didn’t need any Zyklon B or other 20th-century technology to do their dirty work; most of which was done with the scimitar and other edged weapons (along with a few primitive firearms and artillery pieces).

        Historians generally credit the Armenian genocide circa 1915-1921 – as the first “modern” genocide. And although the Turkish government in Ankara would very much like to pretend that it does not exist, there is a photographic record of what happened.

        Although once somewhat rare and obscure in the days before the internet and the worldwide web, it is easy to find these images online. Perhaps the most-famous photo from that time a century ago is one of a row of dead Christian girls hanging, crucified, from large wooden crosses erected in the desert. An unspeakable act of evil.

        As the late Iris Chang, author of the award-winning book, “The Rape of Nanking,” once said, “Atrocities tend to occur in pairs – first, the actual act of violence, then the cover-up.” To this day, it is illegal in modern-day Turkey to even speak of the event, let alone call it genocide.

      • That’s not Jew hate, that’s don’t scapegoat Jews for something most of your Christian neighbors are doing. Identify the actual enemy. When you shoot an Islamic terrorist in America, who puts you in a government cage? Islamics don’t, your Christian and Jew neighbors do. Islam is a joke, don’t be distracted.

      • European American

        Be careful, someone might point out you could easily fit the perfect Zionist (minion) Bitch profile. In fact, one might deduce that you could be the perfect FED mole, with all that (over the top) exaggerated bravado and swagger.
        You’re slip is showing, sweetheart.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          I’m not a Fed.

          The Feds are all braindead wannabes.

          They would never hire me.

          ISLAM IS TRASH!
          Some Jews are commies.
          Mexicans are Aztecs.
          The Chinese have no personality, and no soul.

  19. Old Gray Wolf

    I think, whatever his views about the jews, he does see how this is likely to play out over time rather well. I also think his timeline of around the bend is optimistic. There are a sizable crop of youngsters who are stocked up on enough hate to want to kill all their opponents. Some of them will make it into the government and genocide will follow. Who is better at it will be all that is left to determine. I think it will come in my lifetime, if something else does not upstage it first. I think perhaps all the hater younguns might wanna consider that they do not have a monopoly on hate, in fact, are relatively new to that game, and most surely do not have a monopoly on the means to kinetically project their hate. I been hating the other side for a few decades now, and spent all of that time stacking supplies and accumulating skills to project that hate effectively. Have not purchased a trackhoe or a morbark yet, but it might be a consideration. Piles lying about brings bad things, no doubt…

    • If you live near me , I will assist in backhoe/morbark therapy. Hyundai HX 480L chugging away with the screaming whine of a Morbark 3036 in the background. Brings a fucking tear to my eye.

  20. for argument’s sake, lets say we have plans a – f on paper and gamed out so they are ready to roll out in whatever sequence becomes obvious on “the day”. only one question lingers, i.e. will general lemay’s theorem – “if you kill enough of them they stop fighting” – hold true in 2024?

    • A millennium of Christendom following the “Roman” persecutions weakens LeMay’s aphorism.

    • The answer to that question is always: “YES!”, even when enough is “ALL.”
      Remember Wallace/LeMay for POTUS? That was a different America.

  21. For one side it will.

    Which side is TBD.


  22. wendystringer48088

    Respectfully, one thing that continues to bother me – quite a lot – is the historical fact that the Communist Revolutionary Government in Russia was able to deal with the problem of people who resisted and were living in the countryside – where the food was grown – and eventually consolidate all power.
    To my understanding, they used military forces to put down any armed resistance and had famine / genocide programs such as the Ukraine Holodomor of 1932/33 to eliminate portions of the population they wanted to eliminate.
    Why will it be different this time around in this country?
    Seems future Communist forces would use gang-bangers given government authority and weapons as mercenary ground troops.
    Just seems to me that without a unified cohesive geographical and political region / entity to call our own any resistance could be eventually destroyed in detail over time .

    • Why will it be different this time around in this country?

      In Germany, the to-be scapegoats complied with laws to disarm, relocate into ghettos, give up their occupations, and get on the boxcars. Whereas in America, nobody is complying with laws to register or surrender guns. I expect those other laws would be laughed at, including tax collection to the point of food starvation like the USSR did. Some years ago, OSHA declared it was going to regulate and inspect the home office. After a week of being laughed at they withdrew that proposal. The biggest bad law Americans are making the mistake of obeying is Obamacare, which banned the affordable major medical insurance.

  23. Wendy, you have to stop thinking.

    Just get aboard and come on in for the Big Win.

    In the name of all that is Derp, all we have to do is convince the People Who Are Currently Winning that rifles, blades of grass, and steely-eyed rugged individualists are out there as a force-in-wanking, just itching to yodel Greenwoodian tearjerkers before galumphing into formation for the Victory March and the immediate Restoration of 1789 ‘Murka.

    Any discussion re the need to whack Commies at the local, neighborhood, and family tree level is just some far-right nut jobs looking to catch a red-flag order from the Honorable Warthilde Goldenberg.

    WWMD (What Would Mitt Do)?

    • Na, the tree of liberty will earn it’s keep. Tic Toc.

      Why are all the Jew haters bustin Brackens balls? I don’t even know a fucking Jew? How are they gonna take over, drop em out of the UPS truck?

      In fact I’d like to recommend we have Bracken as one of our guest speakers at Cody. I don’t always agree, but find him to be a thinker, very much like Bill Buppert, over on ZG. FYI. Buppert would also be a fantastic guest speaker.


      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The Jewish groups at my school support the World Workers Party, Palestine, and the Islamic invasion of white countries.

        They also protect all the drug dealing blacks and forced us to bring them into our schools. Who destroyed our women.

        I don’t hate Jews. I love Israelis. Many of my favorite ex-gfs were Israeli.

        Lovely People. Very smart and hard working. Very American, and Very much ready to defend their countries from all enemies. I have personally trained several of them.

        Whatever these fucks in our country call themselves; it doesn’t matter because some of them ain’t our friends. Simple facts.

        I showed our Host a serious of photos and promoted content from my college. Which I think is one of the reasons why he allows “jew hate” content on this website.

        Something funny is going on.
        I don’t know exactly what though.
        I am certainly not willing to yell “IT’S THE JEWS” like a future/former inmate would.

        • JP:

          “Hate” of everybody is allowed here.

          The term “Hate” is a weapon used by the Reds and their allies to silence dissent.

          Fuck them all.

          This place stands for dissent against those who would constrict the freedom of good people.

          It is the only reason that WRSA exists.

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            Roger that.

          • lastmanstanding

            I don’t hate anyone. There are many that I just don’t trust. I don’t care for what they stand for. I don’t want them in my life. That is my right.

            I also don’t want to pay their way, whoever they are unless I chose to. I want to support those who come to my aid and be supportive of them in return.

            I want to be able to choose who and what is in my life. I will not bother them. I don’t want them bothering me. Seems simple.

            Life should be and is what YOU make it…for yourself and those that you share it with.

    • 1789 Paris.

    • <–Made my day, maybe my week. Thanks.

  24. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  25. High points scored for stumbling blocks today:
    1. Adam and Eve (Gen 3:15)
    2. Stone tablets with all truth (Exodus 20)
    Man I love this site. I love Matt’s writing too! When the time comes we will all shoot, shovel and shut up (Exodus 2:12)

    a bibleater, writing from Antarctica where the NWO has created global peace and harmony and we worship only NASA

  26. wendystringer48088

    Oh, ok.

    “All politics is local” as the saying goes.
    “The first one is expensive, but they’re all free after that”, also as the saying goes.
    Guess the best course of action is to just keep getting prepared and waiting for the party to get started.
    Guess we’ll know when the party does get started.
    Until then, every day above ground is a good day, and every night spent sleeping in a warm bed is a good night…

    Also, being smart enough not to wind up like these guys is important too:
    2 militia members admit role in attack on Minnesota mosque

    • These guys were not “a Militia”. 5 counts of Dumb-Ass from a rented truck do not a Militia Operation make. Then their buddies who “knew or ought to have known” about the plan also are railroaded into prison as rats. Not good. Which one was the FBI Inside Handler?

  27. Johnny Paratrooper

    How quickly will the police and military split?

    From my understanding, We can expect fracturing along the lines of the Spanish Civil War very quickly. I expect those lines to exactly follow the 1936-1937 splits.

    Specifically, the Communists distancing themselves from Anarchs-Communists and the Catholics/Christians not being able to pick a side as a whole. The Nationalists and Military were basically just trying to protect the industry, roads, and ports during the Spanish civil war. Everything was a disaster and everyone was keeping everyone else very busy, or ignoring them entirely. Negating any effect.

    Our strengths live in several key areas.

    1) We have fall back positions. They are no “Secondary Lines” for the Blue Hives. Their only hope is to hit the Rural Areas and seize farmlands. But they have to fight and die in the suburban killing fields first. Which will eliminate their best and baddest. Unless they burn everything down. But then there isn’t anything to seize is there…

    2) We have optimum stand off distances that require armies of undisciplined mentally ill lardass wannabes to traverse over. Not easy in an Area like Maryland. Which has micro and macro terrain everywhere. You can cross 5 streams in Maryland and only one is actually marked on the map. This is extremely confusing for new guys(ButterBar IT diversity Hires) and Illiterate Gangsters who are unfamiliar with the AO.

    3) We can, and they will, be shitting outside. Which will contaminate all streams and waterways within a week. Seriously, that shit(Literally) FUCKS YOU UP. Montezuma’s Revenge is real. Your ass will be tired from turning your guts inside out. Ibprophen helps with the grommet cramps and the ab cramps. It also dries you out a little(Less Squirts)

    4) When the lights go out, It is gonna get REAL DARK OUT. As dark as a mountain in the middle of Wyoming. Which means that only once every 28 days can you bet on full moonlight without total cloud cover(Maybe this is an average guess) Consult a lunar calendar for potential days of attack. I recommend a full ready(Everyone in fighting positions) on full moons.

    5) Good Order and Discipline is required to effectively fight any opposing forces. Whether that is a lone wolf or an entire Battalion, you still need Thousands of Soldiers to effectively route them. It’s just the way it is. Those rules don’t apply, and never have, to the home team. We are the Home Team.

    6) We are right; They are wrong. We have truth; they have lies. We have hardened Vets, They have homeboy who got an Article-15(UCMJ) and was dishonorably discharged. Of which there are hundreds of thousands of military washouts(Be Careful)

    7) We have HIGHLY effective Camouflage; They have Adidos tracksuits. (I have two Ghillie Suits(Summer/Winter) that make me look like “Mossy McBigfoot”)

    8) One man with an AR-15 and 1,000 rounds of bang-bang has the fire power of an entire 1775 era Battalion. Remember that.

    9) A scope rifle is an AMAZING weapon for the targeted killing of radio operators, key leaders, machine gunners, or any alert and wary troopers who look more dangerous than the other guys he is standing next to.

    10) A reliable semiautomatic handgun, and 10 mags, can wipe out multiple gangs and/or scatter an entire mob. A semiautomatic handgun turns you into Superman compared to ants(Handguns are banned in most countries; but you can still buy a shotgun or rifle, so consider that for what it’s worth)

    11) Despite our flaws. God is on our side. And we have been very, very patient.

  28. Matt, I’ve read every one of your books and most of your shorter posts like What I Saw at the Coup, but I have to say this article is the best thing you’ve ever written. Excellent piece. I’m just mad I didn’t think of “Calizuela” first so I could have printed up hundreds of t-shirts and dropped them out here behind enemy lines in Calizuela. Oh and after 11 years here I am planning on moving back to red state America in a few months. This place is too far gone, as Matt ably demonstrates in the article.

  29. .Assumptions and appearances may be deceiving. Intelligent people,well trained and disciplined do not announce their intentions,capabilities or weaknesses.
    Back to basics. “All war is deception.” Sun Tzu

  30. christians are MAJOR CUCKS. they WILL NOT FIGHT.