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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Sent email for Drone strike as I couldn’t get the comment form to come up. Two of us are traveling for all three events. Have local family whom we expect will participate; one-three more for each event.
    Wish Remus could come.

  3. It would really, really, help if you would summarize or even highlght a few points from the Woodpile.

    Drink Me is from Alice in Wonderland. I’ll pas.

    • So you want a synopsis of an aggregator’s weekly post?

    • Jesus follow the link you lazy fuck. You might get a good exposure to some fine art and learn a thing or three.

    • Prairie Fire

      Some would say that one picture says a thousand words, such as the pic of the surplus M1 carbine at that price. Does not that pic and price jolt any neurons inside your skull to actually learn something sans spoon feeding?

      Think early ’60s, Klein’s Sporting Goods and $19.95 Carcano rifles. Some even got sold with indifferently-mounted scopes on them.

    • wendystringer48088

  4. M1 carbine?…

    No thanks..wish I had a ‘way-back’ machine!

    Those were the days….can be again to when we
    decide it to be so and do what needs to be done!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Those were the days….can be again to when we
      decide it to be so and do what needs to be done!
      Amen on that Brother…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Many yrs ago in the Boise Class3 club one of the guys had a Lahti 20mm, he used to shoot it end to end thru old cars, the big old American ones. From the rear differential up thru the engine, what a blast.
      First time I got to shoot a TSMG M1921, and I’d just bought a Powder Springs MAC-10 ($200), boy did I have some envy for that typewriter.

      • By your leave sirs 🙂
        Still thinking about boots and in between’s…

        Some of you will find this worthwhile. I did, as
        I’m finally getting my foot back in gear:

        Heh, when I was a Squad NCO, I knew everybody’s
        foot size, plus some.
        “Know your men”

  5. usual good stuff from hillbilly, and then some low comedy via his entry on

    “Jew hatred”. It seems the hardLeft is conducting a veritable anti-Jewish pogrom within and without the precincts of the demoncrat party. And all, because

    “no matter how Leftwing they are, Jews are White”:

    “and successful”

    who knew?

    • Many Jews see a possible Warsaw II on US soil, many are totally unaware. But the key thing is Jews are a cunning people to have survived all these centuries so take a clue. In the coming festivities keep something in mind — would you prefer the Jew on our side plotting the downfall of the Left cunning and all, or on their side doing the same to us? That too is in the cards when the curtain goes up.

      Ability trumps creed.

      • my preferences – and yours – on this matter are

        irrelevant. Individual exceptions aside, both

        the (((Zionist))) racial-nationalist warmongers and the
        (((Marxist))) revolution-mongering tikkun olas

        are deadly enemies of everything White, good, and decent in the world.

  6. robroysimmons

    Boomercon material top to bottom with a hint of awakening to the end of the American Empire and the nonsense of the blank slate theory we all bleed red everyone is an American just waiting for some mystical thing called “freedom.”

    Too bad about the jews I know you Boomercons dream sweet dreams of liberating jews from the camps, so grow up, please. All of the jews save about a dozen or so righteous Hebrews helped sell us into second class citizenship as we are non-protected class citizens. They did this by assuming “leadership”, it’s quite a scam.

    We can end that.

  7. My uncle a forward artillery observer in Korea with a couple silver stars talked me out of purchasing these. Said he woke up in the bottom of a hole, with a bunch of stunned Chinese.

    His carbine wouldn’t penetrate all their cold weather gear, so he just killed em all with his Kbar. I followed his advice.

    For what it’s worth, these are the perfect chick gun. I did purchase a couple many years later. The wives present really enjoyed shooting them, even commented about us guys keeping them around for the girls.

    I didn’t, much better rounds available. Mine were Universal brand.


    • Dad and both Uncles fought in Korea. I know the Carbine had trouble in the cold (One look at the gas system will show the likely cause), but I’ve come around to the little gun recently. The M4 Carbine is a better fit over all, but in truth I consider any 5.56 launcher to be in the “carbine” class.
      Had purchased one for Bride but went to an M4 for her before she ever shot it.
      Just ran into a bunch of SP ammo in 30 Carbine. Overrun from an Israeli contract.
      BTW one of those Uncles was also wearing a Silver Star as an Infantry company exec.