Comms Check

Those who have asked what happened to the NC Renegade:

Short answer is hosting fugwittery. Fix is in process, but the key lesson per the site owner is to control your own comms, from send to end.

The enemy of trad Americans is out there, and prevalent in the IT biz.

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  1. The tribe tolerates no dissent.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Good to hear..

    Off topic.
    In a recent conversation we had face to face a group of folks and I were discussing food. Got me thinking about how the forefathers did things.

    If you have not seen this fellow and you have the same questions have a look at his videos.

    • I used to make ships biscuits for long rides, camping and hiking. Recently I have been buying them from the bulk section of the local store. The store bought one’s have less protein and more salt but they are good.

      I used to like warm broth in a canteen cup and mix in the biscuits on a cold day. Thanks for the video I will check out his other stuff.

    • Re:

      Weak. As if declarative sentences are meaningless??? When they can’t disappear ’em fast enough, they try to explain them away. They even try to explain away “Kill even the best of the Gentiles”
      The above page was not only disappeared from when it gained wide attention, but the archived copy was also disappeared from

      I think that Michael Hoffman nailed the “context” ploy—and your “cherry picking” ploy—with this:

      “‘Context’ is everything for the defenders of the Talmud. Fair enough. But by ‘context’ they do not mean taking into account the surrounding text, but rather submitting to Judaism’s own narrative about itself, which includes how it presents problem texts to non-Judaic audiences…. The rabbis even deny in many cases that there is a plain meaning…. It is enough that [the rabbi] states it and gentiles believe it; anything else is ‘antisemitic.’ This pattern of intimidation and thought control is repeated with monotonous effect, by thought cops and apologists for Judaism. It is a stock response intended to frighten off the opposition, premised mainly on the moral authority of the declarative sentences used by the ‘expert’ on Judaism. Debate (‘polemic’) on the part of informed skeptics is not permitted, since it constitutes the ‘misuse’ of a scholar’s knowledge of rabbinic texts. Debating tactics and polemical tools are reserved solely for rabbis and their allies, along with just a dash of permissible dissimulation to leaven the burden of swallowing the pottage. And when deception and ‘out of context’ statements serve to advance Judaism, they are all well and good….”

      Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit. ISBN 13: 9780970378453 pages 137-138

      Hoffman’s book was among the hundreds burned by Amazon last year.

      • You are presenting an economic text from the “Austrian School” as if its a Jewish plot to undermine Christianity and the west. Its not. It was an entire refutation of the concepts of Socialism.
        It is a sound support for the foundation of Western civilization (private property).
        The specific chapter you chopped up the quote from was on Christian Socialism and the effects that it has had on YOUR church specifically. It did a very good job of warning against the very thing that has happened to your church specifically i.e. being taken over by Socialist.
        It was not a “context ploy”.
        You lifted short passages from larger paragraphs in an attempt to demonstrate the Von Mises was condemning or being critical of primitive Christian practices. He was not doing that.
        I presented the entire context of the paragraphs that showed the text was simply explaining the situation at the time. There was no overt critical assessment. The Primitive Christians didn’t do X because they didn’t need to. You picked out statements that didn’t present the entire context of the passages.
        As a result of your hack job. The reply to your post was “so much for the Austrian school for me” which tells me that someone didn’t read anything beyond what you quoted……which was wrong.

        Not the first time you have shit all over libertarian or classical liberal philosophy because it does not suck up to or bow down to your Pope.
        Which you don’t even do yourself because you cant stand him because he’s a Commie.
        I know that’s Jew plot as well so its not your fault. Just saying.

    • Townsend’s is an excellent site. Useful and entertaining at the same time. They had a series on bushcraft a while back that was very good.

  4. That is the truth, I have been working my way into the IT biz for over a uear now. There a great deal of analysts and enigineer that are trad but the structures are not.

    The companies are wieght down with a kinds of leftist crap and every conference us becoming an inclusion show.

    The time is not far away that hosting and dns server access (they translate into routing directions) will be fully restricted.

    At a recent conference a speaker change the topic at the last minute to creating internet black holes to trap white separatists in while searching the internet. The idea was to send us to deviant porn for reeducation.

    I wasnt in that session but heard about it at lunch, my session was taught by a dude that thought he was a chick (i think), was about threat modeling. Every example was leftist.

    I am not sure what to do with all that????

  5. Hope he’s well. I HAVE been wondering…..

  6. Old Gray Wolf

    Not surprising. Reference gab’s recent troubles as an example. It would be remiss of the enemy not to attempt impairment of our comms. Or even propaganda(it can prove useful). Plan accordingly.

  7. Walter Sobchak

    The internet is the current battleground of the cold civil war/agitprop war. I do what I can. There’s not a lot of options for those of us with limited time, IT experience and equipment. I’ve tried to get Gab and freezoxee to work with what I’ve got and I just can’t get it to work. Maybe one of these days we’ll upgrade and I can get them going. Limited funds are better spent on food, water, gear, ammo, comms and other essentials vs. a new computer. If the enemy decides to ban me from twitter or ban my blog, oh well it was fun while it lasted. When things go hot my immediate concerns will be in my AO and I definitely won’t want to have any government tracking devices or be hooked into their web in any way.

  8. “Bring back defenestration.”

    Finally, a masthead I can fully stand behind!

    Question: When/why did it ever leave?

  9. Another sort-of off topic here relating to the polar opposite in meatspace: A few years ago I bought a copy of “A Failure of Civility.” I have always thought about getting a few more copies for friends/family so I did the search the other day and… $1000 used any place a copy can be found! WTF? Does anyone have thoughts on that? Did we in this community drive up demand, or are there many from the “Adventures of the Guy Who is Just Waking Up” crowd that have bought them up? Or fund conspiracy angle – .gov vacuumed them up to prevent distribution?
    Anyway, wish I would have bought ten copies back then…

    • just proves how pathetically dumb the murkins are.

      99% can’t even make fire… much less pay for a home with cash.

      300 million- see ya!

    • A lot of times people inflate the price on their listings because they don’t have it in stock. They don’t want to take it down and put it back when they get it in stock later so they just make the price really high so no one will order it.

  10. Patriot sites owners and users should move to a peer-2-peer file/information sharing network, analogous to non-centralized file sharing protocols like gnutella2.

  11. Short answer is hosting fugwittery. Fix is in process, but the key lesson per the site owner is to control your own comms, from send to end.

    True Words there.

  12. I hope that NCRenegade will be up shortly. I will be detailing what happened at Godaddy and also at Epik. The issues at Godaddy have been ongoing for years: hosting on a slow server, extra charges and “it works on my system” for technical support. The bottom line for now: it you don’t know how to backup and migrate your site, you don’t control it. And if you don’t control something, we all know what happens because we see it every day.

  13. Full spectrum dominance of the flow of info is their goal. Total control of the opinion forming process. The techno version of the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”