GoV: The Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

She seems nice.

Nice and crazy, that is.

The Davoisie want you all silenced, robbed, and culled periodically when the groundling population grows in excess of their child-sodomizing needs.

Never forget that.

38 responses to “GoV: The Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

  1. robroysimmons

    If you cannot drive a bus full of females like her to a muslim refugee camp while providing a case of cheap vodka to the reception committee you are probably not ready for the future.

    • lastmanstanding

      Yet no mention in the article/her speel of the corp giant’s like Monsanto/bayer whatever it’s called now and the overhead aerial spraying by those whose main interest is huge profit or death from above.

      They have been laying waste to my AO all winter. Yesterday, big grid in the sky again.

      Soon, all the corp giant’s will be restocking their shelves with all the latest, greatest improved liquid and grandular products to sprinkle on the earth.

      At least her family is going to stop eating boxed pizzas.


    So, how many infantry divisions do these mooks have? Like I have posted before: They can huff and puff, rant and rave, etc. When they start getting serious, they will have to face their own version of the Yellow Vests. Or worse: The Henry Bowman Memorial Award.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And when will all these divisions be deployed?
      Western man has been cucked into subservience already, there will be no divisions of able bodied soldiers to come to the rescue. By the time all the metrosexual males pull their heads out of their cell phones, it will be over.


        Good point, sir. Given the most recent article by Z Man and my comment to it, I stand corrected. .mil coming back to the FSSA will need something to do. The collectivists will have big plans for their Orc and Orcette army in CONUS. Disturbing.

      • are you kidding?

        it’s already over.

        just listen to the comments here.

        not much more than a huff n puff from the stockholm syndrome victims.

        for the life of me, i just can’t understand the inaction the murkins demonstrate on a daily basis. at least i put myself on the extreme outer rim of the Fusan toilette bowl and am not actually ‘in it’. will someone please push the lever down and flush… my plan is to wait till most die-off and then i’ll help sweep n clear any lucky-loser murkins who managed to avoid death or the camps. the slate really must be wiped clean… or they will just pick right back up where they left off- and start electing more leaders and supporting another gang of pooplice to slave master over their worthless lives once again.

    • What do you think the EU Army is for, Nationalist Parades?

  3. “They are taking babies out of the incubators and tossing them on the cold floors…”

    Or something like that. But hey, the cucks believed it before, so they should go along with it again.

  4. Indoctrination has a new face. The fake-media complex is now faceborg by other means. All that is missing is the Media Hogg neo-bolshevik Forward! salute.

  5. She has a scary full-on brainwashed look to her.

    • How many of these PPL are legit MK Ultra’d ? I’m beginning to think that all of the (Porn Industry) is populated by it’s victims

    • No shit there!

      The GOV piece, with translation, will make you raise an eyebrow too.

      Fucked up doesn’t even begin to cover the issue; the girl has emotional problems, self-harms, doesn’t eat and refuses to use artificial lighting.

      It’s just like Billy Beck said years ago, They can all freeze in the dark.

      And they’re doing it willingly.

  6. Joseph E. Postma

    It’s flat Earth theory disguised as modern science. It is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in science, or in human thought. Really!

    And it forms the basis of leftist thinking and leftist political goals…and they DO NOT CARE when it is pointed out to them. They DO NOT CARE that the mathematics is wrong, that the physics is wrong, that the predictions never manifested, etc. They don’t care that it can be directly and easily shown to be based in flat Earth theory, right from grade school up to the level of the Dean of Science at universities, etc…they just don’t care.

  7. As I stated on GOV-this is the result of crazy/zero parenting. The girl needs mental care for a lifetime.

  8. wendystringer48088

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    “A St. Louis police officer charged in the fatal shooting of a fellow officer as they played with a revolver loaded with one round made a court appearance.., with his attorney calling the incident “a tragic accident.” ”

    “There is no evidence, nor will there ever be, that this was anything more than a tragic accident,” … Alix was off duty at the time when she arrived at the home, and Hendren and Alix were allegedly “playing with firearms” before she was shot … Hendren “produced a revolver” and allegedly emptied the cylinder of the gun and then put one cartridge back into the cylinder, spun the cylinder and pointed the weapon away and pulled the trigger, and the revolver did not fire.”

    “Alix took the gun and pointed it at Hendren and pulled the trigger and it did not fire, and then Hendren “took the gun back and pointed it at the victim pulled the trigger causing the gun to discharge,” according to the probable cause statement. Alix was shot in the chest.”

    “She was rushed to a hospital by the two other officers where she died,.. The other on-duty officer who was there told the pair they should not be playing with guns and reminded them that they were police officers, according to the probable cause statement. That officer was uncomfortable and left the room, but before he left the apartment he heard a shot and returned to find Alix sho,..”

    I guess she still counts as a fallen hero…

  9. This is WHY children are NOT allowed to make
    important decisions – they are not mentally competent
    to do so on their own (the normal brain doesn’t reach
    full maturity until about 25 years old).

    Greta, you don’t get to ‘decide’ anything for anyone anymore than
    this fellow mental patient…

    And worse, Good Morning America actively pandered to this mental illness!:
    The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid ‘Desmond is Amazing’

    I don’t know which is more of an abomination..the crowd and hosts
    cheering on this mentally ill child, or the parents who ‘approve and
    support’ such utter madness.

    Here’s another young mental patient that is encouraged to run amok:

    Lactatia Feeling Her Fantasy at RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2017

    Make no mistake, the enemy IS using children in it’s assault
    against Western Civilzation..whether it’s to teach the false religion
    of human caused ‘climate change’ or the destruction of the
    traditional family by encouraging and supporting mental illness
    and outright degeneracy!

    Getting back to the topic at hand; M.S. King has written a
    great book that chainsaws the entire sacred cow of ‘climate
    change’. Someone should get a copy into Greta’s hands..
    the cover alone might be enough to make her curious to read it.

    Here’s a link to download the book in pdf format via bittorrent:

    It’s past time that the Men of the West arise and speak
    out against all of the above insanity and evil that is
    working through children!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Hell NorthGunner, their parents haven’t reached maturity, even at 45 or better, it’s highly doubtful any of this up and coming of age generation will ever in their lifetimes reach maturity and be capable of making any sort of sane decisions. The majority, not to be confused with all of them.

      • If you watched the linked video about ‘Desmond’ you’d
        be both pissed and pukking after seeing his ‘parents’!

        The other boy from Canada..his parents are no better!

        Child abuse and outright madness!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


      “…and woe to those who give scandal to these little ones. Better a millstone was tied about their necks and they be drowned in the depths of the sea.” I am paraphrasing Matthew: Chapter 18, but you all get the idea. There was a time, when I was a Peace Officer and the USA was another country, that those adults who promoted this abomination would be criminally charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. We are truly Berlin in the 1920’s. The only thing missing is the Weimar meltdown. Stay tuned.

      • Amen Brother, I hear you loud and clear!

        Children WERE prostituted by the (((chosenites)))
        in Berlin during the totally decadent ‘Weimar Republic’
        on top of all the rest of what they were pandering and

        How anyone could concede that that hive of scum and
        moral decay was decent is beyond madness!

        No, the only thing missing so far is a new Friekorps to
        thoroughly clean such degeneracy out once and for all!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • What kind of ‘Father’ allows his son to be
        around a homosexual who’s both a convicted
        murderer and drug abuser in the form of Michael Alig?

        What kind of ‘Father’ allows his son to dance ‘Bacha Bazi’ style
        in front of openly homosexual men for money?

        What kind of ‘Father’ allows his son to be near drag queens?

        There’s only one word for all of this…WICKEDNESS!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Joseph E Postma

      Unfortunately that book misses the point of, and the actual mechanism of, the actual greenhouse effect found in a real greenhouse vs. the climate alarmist alternative and fake greenhouse effect from which climate alarm is then created. The diagram he shows early on, “explaining” the greenhouse effect, is in fact the fake greenhouse effect that does not actually exist. It’s the lie which I explain in my own book.

  10. Someone in the comments section provided
    her speech here:
    About 6 minutes

    That “12 year doom” sounds familiar

  11. Climate hysteria has a long history.
    Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs and so much more, the elites always demanding sacrifice.
    Sacrifices which they would not be (al gore?), that would be left to the little people.

    Apparently nothing new under the sun.
    And, as always, weather & thus climate is driven by the sun.
    Yet rather than sun or rain worship the recent iteration orbits about hate
    of an element, carbon.
    Of which there is no more nor less than at the time of creation.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      In the early 1900’s we had our last Global Warming hysteria, right along with the other crazy moonbat movements. They run in cycles, just like actual climate change.

  12. Just wait for the C.F. when the “elite” decide for us all that it’s ok and smart for 16 yr olds to “Vote”.

  13. (((climate change)))

    let’s translate this Jewspeak

    into normal human language:

    “hand over the money, ‘ya stupid goyim sheep”.

    awhile back, someone did a study of the dozen or so professors and professorettes using lawfare to silence Climate Truth:

    8 of the 12 were Jews.

  14. WTF is that across her face, a shadow or a saber scar?

  15. The ‘Cult of Doom’ (Malthus) continues to slime it’s way on…..

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  16. Christopher Monckton lays the truth out here:

    Updated with Slides – Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking in St. Paul

    and here:

    Lord Monckton on Climate Change

    Greta and her fellow podlings can go to their
    bedrooms without any dinner!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. I say good. All of the stupid kids should boycott school so that my smart kid receives more attention and resources. I’m all for it !

  18. Those kids have been mind raped. The 16 y.o. girl looks like she wants to LARP as Ilsa, she-wolf of the SS or as a re-education camp leader in Cambodia, pulling glasses off of “intellectuals”.
    The “Desmond” character….. sweet Jesus.
    The future does not look bright for either of them. These are children! Whatinhell are the adults around them DOING????
    Looks to me like they are the modern Horst Wessel analogues for today.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. This bitch is two sandwiches short of a picnic before she even opens her mouth, and sending her out as your spokeshole shows they know they’re all completely full of shit, or else they’re all too crazy to see the obvious themselves.

    Some people are a waste of a bullet, and others are simply a perfectly fair trade.

  21. Well according to the “Officials”, the BBC reported last night that this polar freeze is being pushed down from the north pole because the north pole is warming up.

    Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

    And I bet the last ice age was caused by cave man campfire smoke and methane from dinasour farts.