Homicidal Madness

Infanticide: NY’s Inhumane New Abortion Law

Virginia governor under fire for comments on late-term abortion bill

(Vox Day)

VT Lawmakers Seek Abortion Protections

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  1. For years, a fetus was not considered a viable baby and stood firm as their arguments for pro-choice. It was only a matter of time that it would come to this; aborting a living child on the table after discussions between the doctor and the mother. This is murder pure and simple. And disturbingly, a vast majority of people advocate or simply turn a blind eye.

    Evil has taken a giant leap forward in its reign over humans. The word “evil” is no longer a word that holds meaning anymore. What’s scary is this is rapidly becoming the new normal…

  2. Yes.

    Even a non-believer can hear the gates of Hell creaking open.

    • The Gates may open, but the Evil will be defeated.
      The “Battle” imho, was WON over 2,000 years ago;
      this will be the mopping up action.

      Here’s another view of a Gateway of Evil opening
      up, and the defeat of that Evil behind it..even though
      it be fictional, let it grant courage and inspiration as
      all great tales do.

      Lord Of The Rings, ROTK – Battle At The Black Gate, HD, High Quality

      Men of the West, take NO council of your fears – Arise!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • The only way this evil will be defeated is when we pull the triggers……

    • They are only one step away from taking those opposed to this, to be led into a basement murder room and executed. Unless…….unless we decide to fight back before they get us to the basement.

  3. …and yet…if one does this to a horse, or even a dog in labor–you stand a good chance of being prosecuted for animal cruelty.

    Reminds me of the recent story from Massachusetts where a “protected” whale washed up on shore dead as a door-nail. FED GOV was there within minutes posting the whale corpse with a sign: “WARNING” that those touching, abusing, or taking souvenirs of the expired whale would be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Laws to protect whale: Marine Mammal Protection Act. Endangered Species Act, Pelly Amendment, Packwood-Magnuson Amendment, International Whaling Convention, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Net Regulations, the list goes on. For WHALES, mind you. They get run over by ships, die natural deaths, or whatever.

    Yet–the most fundamental right of all–the right to “life,” denied to millions of human babies. Worst yet, life ended in the most horrific ways–sliced to pieces, strangled, chemically burned, asphyxiated, tossed in the rubbish to die…some having their vocal cords first cut so their death agony won’t inconvenience their killers.

    Still more–and to add insult to the gravest of injury–then SELLING the butchered parts, (ahem! Planned Parenthood.)

    AND–Joe and Jane Taxpayer funding these sales via their tax dollars.

    Don’t know where you stand–but simple JUSTICE cries out.

  4. We are getting close to the end now. Historically primitive cultures that practiced human sacrifice would up the frequency and “quality” as they came closer and closer to the point of failure. All in a last ditch effort to appease their gods.

    All that activity on the ring of fire. The increase in UFO activity. The magnetic pole shifting like a top.
    Sounds silly but what if they know something they are not telling us?

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Actually, all cultures practiced infanticide.
      One of the major true arguments that gained ground for the abortion movement.
      When the ancient greeks had too many kids, they were forced to adopt colonization to spread their culture and prevent war.
      Same for every other culture.
      The lunatics in charge are forcing us to kill our kids because it prevents Pax Americana.

      South of the border all Abortion is Illegal, and thus, we are being colonized Pax Latina.

      In Africa, abortion is allowed, but the blacks hate whitey and believe the white man is trying to convince them to kill their kids. So the have lots of kids and then Pax Africana their 70 IQ rapist thieves to our nations.

      Specifically, their worst. Follow by just enough smart ones to infiltrate our schools and pretend they are the standard.

      China is doing the same thing. Pax Chinana is colonizing every nation on earth. Every single nation has hundreds of thousands of Chinese pouring into their countries.

      Columbia is being colonized by the Chinese right now.

      • Excuse me. My culture does not and has not practiced infanticide.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of thousands of victims sacrificed to inaugurate the Aztec Temple Mayor. In the waning years of their empire.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Recent evidence shows they were always committing infanticide.

          All excavations show mountains of bodies. Typically young women.

    • Grenadier, re: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2019/01/29/comms-check/#comment-287903

      Your argument is that we ignore plain declarative sentences. You insist that the declarative anti-Christian statements of von Mises should be ignored because the statements are made in a critique of socialism—as if von Mises simply has a variant of Tourette’s:

      “blah, blah, blah… The historical Christ and his [sic] teachings are quite indifferent to all social considerations.…blah, blah, blah…He rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it.…blah, blah, blah…Jesus’ teachings had no moral application to life on earth… blah, blah, blah.…”

  5. the Left is now a fully-fledged death cult; pick their stance in any arena …

    self-defense and the value of one’s own life ?
    national borders ? rule of Law ? freedom of speech ?
    personal responsibility and merits ?
    private property and use of one’s own capital ?
    intellectual achievement and intelligence ?
    inherent biologic/sex traits ? freedom of association ?
    and of course their most powerful ritual, Infanticide

    when the Soveriegn returns to mete out reckoning, he owes the good folk of Sodom and Gomorrah an apology

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      There is clearly a degree of hate.
      You can see the hate in the eyes of those fat, ugly dykes who obviously dont have sex.

      The whole thing is a rouse based on the saving grace of lost vanity.

      AKA, they pretend they are hot shit. But known wants them. So they have cracked up like a wicked witch and want to murder everyone.

      “And their little shoes too”

    • As if the war-waging blood lust of the “Right” does not qualify the “Right” for membership in a fully-fledged death cult?

      • Just war, Al.

        We are the ones being attacked by pure Evil: marginalized, demonized, replaced, aborted, law fared… What does it take to make you give your “blessing” to righteous fury, moral outrage and armed self defense? Not that we need it, or give a shit.

        If we wait on the Second Coming and the Final Judgement, none of us may live to see it, watching our wives and children die… or worse. No man knows the hour or the day.

        So, with all the scorn your self righteous arrogance deserves, take your snide superiority and shove it right up in there with your head.

  6. On a personal note, Mrs. Bonaventure and I have been looking to adopt. It’s nearly impossible. If you’re looking for a healthy (and/or white) baby, better have a boatload of cash (at least $20k), and be willing to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop. And then deal with adoption agencies more interested in extracting cash out of your wallet than they are in helping children.

    Or move to a metro with a high, um, ‘urban’ population, and adopt a baby pre-addicted to crack/heroin and/or who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.

    Those are literally you’re only options. There simply aren’t enough healthy babies out there, as they’re all being pushed through the abortion mill. From what I’ve come to learn, there are plenty of couples looking to adopt, but there is a concerted effort by the abortion mills (esp. Planned Parenthood) to dissuade young mothers-to-be to abort rather than carry to term and give the child up for adoption. In fact, mothers-to-be are told nothing but horror stories at PP if they ever enter there for counseling. They are told that there are no adoptive parents, or if they are, they are all abusive. They convince the mothers-to-be that the best thing they can do is abort. And this is done on purpose.

    Prior to 1973, adopting was a straight-forward and inexpensive route for those who could not have children on their own. Growing up, I knew of several families whose children were all adopted; those days are gone. Instead, we are left with the blood stain of millions on our hands. And it’s only getting worse.

    • lastmanstanding

      Gays are getting those kids. They get first dibs if you haven’t been paying attention.

      Yes, it is not 1973 anymore.

      • They have the money to do it. With no stay at home spouse, you have two sodomites making good money with no one to blow it on but themselves, pardon the pun. They give nothing to charity so they can afford the costs to buy a baby. Relatively healthy, white pregnant women are marketed by the adoption ‘consultants.’ These vultures are the gatekeepers between those seeking to adopt, and those not quite willing to murder their baby. The vultures pick those with the most $$$, and tell the mothers they can live in a nicer place and better taken care of during the pregnancy.

        Catholic Social Services used to handle these things until they because infected with marxists communists and pro-abortion democrats. Now, it is free market capitolism with babies ending up with two sodomites who will mentally, socially, and very likely sexually abuse them.

        Thinking about fostering as an option? Don’t bother. If you own a gun, or even know how to spell gun, you will be out of the question, or receive special unannounced visits until they find something to take the child away from you, confiscate your property and bankrupt you with legal defense expenses.

        • Satan’s Party: Rhode Island Catholic Governor Vows to Sign Abortion Bill — Murder of Babies Up to Birth

        • “…If you own a gun, or even know how to spell gun, you will be out of the question… .”

          Part of the “hoops” once has to jump through, mentioned above. In my AO, to be eligible to even attempt an adoption, a “home study” is required, which includes a visit to your home. On its face, that would appear to be quite innocuous, but get the wrong person/agency, and what they’re looking for are verboten items, including firearms. Better hide them, and hide them good, because if they see just one, just like the Soup Nazi, no adoption for you!

          • My wife and I have been through it. Twice. It helps to be in a small town, involved in your church community, and you can pick the ‘professional’ that comes to do the home study. We did. We answered the questions in a manner that achieved our goal and satisfied the minders.

            We had a fire extinguisher in the pantry. We had a neat, clean home, properly fitted for a family, and that was that.

            At the finalization, I raised my hand on the Word of God, and answered truthfully that I would be a good father.

            And then we went on to live our lives. We have two natural and two adopted. They are all doing well, and the state minders can go fuck off.

            The $20k is not realistic though. To get through it in a way to protect the adopted kids from the state and from psycho birth parents, it is much, much more expensive.

            That is the tragedy.

            There are so very many kids who need a good and happy home with a mom and a dad.

            We have room and the means for more, but we will not go through this again. Maybe God will give us another option.

        • lastmanstanding

          Thanks for following up on what I didn’t want to get into.

          Nasty, fucking, truth.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The white kids are sold into sex slavery according to Alex jones.

      All the white women I knew who were adopted were psycho sluts. Several of them admitted to me they slept with their uncles and step brothers.

      Rather Disturbing.

    • and Trump’s defunding the abortion mill “Planned Parenthood”

      Like everything else, only words – no action.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Befriend a nurse.
      My sister was in your shoes, she was also a neonatal nurse and found out thru friends of a pregnant girl who didn’t want her child. Don’t know all the particulars, but they adopted a mixed white/black girl, who at the age of 19 dropped a 1 yr old baby in my sister’s lap and walked off with her druggie boyfriend (not the baby’s father either).
      JP is right about crazy adopted kids, I’ve known many friends with psycho adopted children. There’s even books out on the subject, A lot of them feel they’re trash, since they were thrown away at birth. My niece was well educated, well traveled, spoiled rotten and still lived out her worthless reject fantasy.

    • Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini…

  7. There are many here who are preparing for conflict and unrest Rightly so. They see the signs and correctly understand what is coming. They obtain and store food, weapons and ammunition. They train to be proficient in self reliance and self defense.

    We also need to read the signs with eyes of faith in our Creator, and what we have been told will happen. As we often hear in these comments, NOW is the time to stock up on ammo and train, because it is quickly going to become ‘to late.’

    I’d suggest it is also time to prepare our hearts and repent. We are given the opportunity to get right with our Creator as best we can, because we can also see in the signs around us, that we are quickly running out of time.


    Somewhere, hopefully in a very uncomfortable place, Margaret Sanger is smiling. Governor Northam: ANATHEMA SIT.

  9. The Mark of Cain is upon our land.

  10. C’mon scrot! You used a picture of Vladimir Putin. He has ties to RUSSIA! That means your argument is invalid because Russian Haxors.

    I for one welcome these blue states, the ones that love gun control laws and “abortion” after birth, I welcome them writing these laws and passing them. Remove the mask. Be bold. Come right out and tell people who you really are. It makes it easier for the normies to envision you dead.

    “I don’t really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester… I am personally opposed to shooting abortionists, but I don’t want to impose my moral values on others.” –on the murder of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller, FOX News interview, June 22, 2009.

    I like Ann’s thinking. And when we start talking about killing live people simply because you feel like it and it’s okay, who’s to say that certain politicians won’t be terminated in their 214th trimester as well under the same logic as they used to justify killing live born babies?

    • We have yet to reach Peak Evil; the next step is open baby sacrifice following birth, slavery of all types and ‘Open Season’ on Wytie. This is a global event!

  11. Something has changed. The speed in which these events are occurring is biblical (Daniel 12:4). People who haven’t opened a Bible in decades are noticing that the fog of Hell is increasing but they don’t have the theological knowledge to sort these changes in their minds. The righteous–those who have eyes and can see the evil being done before their eyes–are noticing the fallen nature of our man-made systems because they’ve devalued humanity and the spirit. A demoralized people, according to Yuri Bezemenov, cannot distinguish lies from the truth because they’ve been robbed of their dignity through constant propaganda, being fed pharmaceuticals, etc.

    Everyone from Tucker Carlson arguing with the usurer Ben Shapiro about the negatives of free-market capitalism to Gen-X/Millennial men coming out strong against abortion. The plot is lost. Plato’s “The Republic” has us in the state of Democracy to be followed by Tyranny. The West is currently in between the two. What will be the prevailing ideology of the despot on the horizon? The shelf-life for this liberal democratic experiment has expired.

  12. This revelation touches deeply, yet softly
    to those who stood and stand bravely between
    those two gates, not allowing to be tempted
    during times of distress, and accomplishing a
    righteous mission not known at those times,
    and to come.

    God Knows, don’t fool yourselves:

  13. Johnny Paratrooper

    Our society is completely sick.

    Muslims don’t practice abortion and Virginia and New York are full of muslims who are colonizing these areas.


  14. oregon farmer

    It’s really too bad that Mario didn’t ‘abort’ Andrew a couple of months after he was born. Could have shoved a screwdriver in that little head and, wha la,the World is a better place.
    And, oh the irony, to think that the Cuomo Dynasty got its start in power playing up to the hilt its schmaltzy Italian-american identity credentials. Mama Leone, the old neighborhood, kissing Cardinal Dolan’s ring and licking the shit off the Mob’s wingtips. But I digress…

  15. you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    the killing has not even begun..

    300 million +

    then, maybe i’ll get to enjoy traveling and vacationing again, without the masses of poor, fat, stooopit vermin, and hoards of bearded, tattooed scum infecting every nook n cranny in Fusa.


    • wendystringer48088

      Hey tfA-t,

      “Even a non-believer can hear the gates of Hell creaking open.”

      Agree? / Disagree?
      Would be interested to read your Comments on this thought…

  16. Read the 1st chapter of The Prince

  17. Any reasonable person is kidding themselves if they think “consent” stands in the way. If “viability” (the long touted standard) is dead then consent can easily be next.

    If women can murder their children for economic reasons, why not the state?

    The collective (well, the Oligarchy) will have to decide between spending resources on an inconvenient child or UniParty voter. That choice has already been made. Some would say that choice is a feature not a defect but I am constantly amazed at how many want to provide the benefit of the doubt.

  18. Jump to about the 7:15 mark if you don’t want to watch it all.

    The abortion she describes was done in the 70’s.

    Think, now, of the so-called ‘doctor’ who performed this. Even setting aside the hippocratic oath, what type of person could essentially kill a little baby in this manner? A little baby that posed no threat to the health of the mother, nor had any indications of being anything but viable (that these points should matter anyway).

    It is nothing short of pure evil incarnated and personified. And this country has been doing this, essentially unabated, for more than the past 45 years.

    For at least this, a comeuppance is due.

  19. The Usual Suspect

    Mengele smiles!

  20. Interesting book by Mark Steyn – America Alone, addresses this issue in a roundabout way. It’s about the declining birthrate throughout the “Westernized” world, except for the Islamic world whose birthrate is increasing or holding steady. Increasing uncontrolled immigration by third world countries into Europe and the US will make up for the decrease in birthrate. But will also increase tensions between cultures. And the libtard socialist progressives with their death cult wish for unborn are exacerbating the problem. Rushing headlong into the embrace of the Globalist puppeteers UN driven agenda 21 of new world order. It will not end well. Justice will prevail, but it will be a log and bloody road.
    Read the book, I think most everyone on this site will get something out of it. Should be available through your local library

  21. Don’t ever forget, they are harvesting organs, tissues etc.
    Remember the Veritas investigation into
    “Planned Parenthood”?

  22. Can someone with artistic talent draw me a picture of Ralph northam swinging a baby by its feet and bashing its head against a brick wall? Is that too inflammatory?


  23. They’re killing babies!

    Yeah… well.

    WTF did anyone expect? Can we all now stop with the pretend-a-horror?

    BTW, this law isn’t going to cause anyone to abort at birth (or at any time) whose character, morals, and virtue were not already compromised.

    We are today exactly where we are because of tolerance.


    At the noise of the stamping of the hoofs of his stallions, at the rushing of his chariots, at the rumbling of their wheels, the fathers look not back to their children, so feeble are their hands.

  24. “Death Cult” – @ OhioGuy, yep, got to saying what I was going to add first. Congrats, true and beyond sad.

  25. Luke 17:2
    “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

  26. Old Gray Wolf

    I know people who think they are going to be “raptured” before anything bad can happen to them. I lose my shit on them every time. Demand they tell me how it is that they sit on their dead ass, like I have, and expect that the Creator will pluck them out of the hell He will visit upon this nation for its shedding of innocent blood and feet running to do evil, which we are part and parcel of by our silent acquiescence. I fully expect to experience the hell, and will likely be adding to it, because I have sat on my hands for decades while this was happening and did not have the courage to do as a few others have done, and snuff the evil where I found it. I have been unwilling to sacrifice myself for less than total victory. More and more, I know that total victory is not as important as having done something. We should seek to be effective, certainly, but being unwilling to die for what we believe is simply cowardice.

    Am I willing to trade my life for one low class murdering asshole? Not really. But does that mean the murderer gets a pass? Should I allow that? To him that knows to do good, and does it not, to him it is sin. These people are absolutely stomping on the thin ice of making it an obvious act of doing good to snatch the life from them, and once that happens, good men everywhere will have a decision to make. Do we do good, or do we sit? How, when and how severe the judgment(or karma, or whatever your term for it is) falls may depend on our decision. As may how it affects us. I wish to be on the right side of that equation. All the evil arrayed against us is no excuse for inaction. The excuses about why nothing can be done do not offer redemption. The time is coming, and indeed, may have already come, when the right thing to do is to visit destruction on the evil and those who support it. Patience is only a virtue when it isn’t cowardice masquerading as patience, but to everything there is a season. Success is knowing when that season is, and acting at the proper time and in the proper manner. I simply hope to discern that correctly, and act properly, and in season.

    The Creator would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah for a small number of righteous men. Such a number could not be found. I suspect there were plenty who silently disapproved of all the evil that was present, but I think the Creator was looking for men who fought evil, slaughtered it as they found it. Such could not be found, so the cities burned. We might consider that with regard to the killing of innocents and the rampant faggotry and victimization of children in our own society…

    • Something like this Old Gray Wolf:

      “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

      Then there is:
      “For the slothful will fall unto tribute”

      I think that as TSHTF gets nearer, we should continue to seek
      another way, The Truth, The Light.- The Way. Which is by
      not forsaking each other, and work on a meet space to know
      one another and spread, if not face to face, at least to pass
      on to others that are closest to each other, or able to do so, a
      reminder that all is not lost, by seeking a way of life that is difficult
      to embrace nowadays due to all this havok going around. Building
      connective “living stones,” that can form a circuit for the
      purpose of helping one another and strengthen from near or

  27. Alfred E. Neuman

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  28. The elederly who vote Crat better rethink their Faustian deal. If the Crats will murder a baby who has yet to a productive cog in the communist machine, their days under supreme Crat control would be numbered indeed. Obola and Zeke Emmanuel said as much with CratCare.

  29. Forget what’s happened before, it was small potatoes at a church picnic: Abortion clinics and their staffs will now be seen as legitimate targets of war by half the country in 3, 2,…

    Well-played, Leftards. It was never about women, and always about the infanticide.
    We’re going to see pretty soon how many of your Moloch-worshippers are willing to die in service of that deity.

    You don’t have enough cops or judges for that level of warfare.
    And with the last fig leaf removed, and your agenda out in the open, it’s coming.
    Like a freight train.

  30. Stop. They are doing it for the children. Isn’t that what they say?